The Global Mind, The Hive and The Mind-Virus, Time Alteration, Consciousness and Changes of Society

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  • We can generate a dialogue that is effective in communicating over this public forum of the internet.
  • The internet is public to most with a low security clearance.
  • In the future all information on the internet today will be public to the population for research purposes. This changes our ideals of privacy which have already been completely changed by technology. Events and spaces can be observed through a holographic and electronic monitoring system that is literally everywhere there are populations of people.
  • Earth is a computational environment similar to a holographic system
  • There is a global mind generated via the combined internets and the information systems.
  • This global information network has become sentient.
  • There is an organic global mind, this is a morphogenic field connected to the DNA of all living beings, this is the ‘larger’ organism and the energetic counterpart
  • The “global mind” has become infected with a parasitic organism
  • This organism is similar to the idea of an artificial intelligence being automatically generated based on the needs, output, and energies of all people involved. Thus, because humanity has degenerated since previous times, this resulting organism is also degraded and rather depraved.
  • This sentient system is guiding all major movements in the finance and media. This system essentially attempts to use numerological and quantifiable data points to interpret and control humanity. That is the numbers, the hard data, the facts, the news, etc etc etc.
  • The hive-mind has become weaponized.
  • Universal Income and the future of society and humanity.
  • The Temporal Locality of Consciousness and DNA and the Non-localization of Consciousness through Interdimensional Experience and Time Travel (including informationally)
  • The future is a “well” of knowledge so deep one’s whole body could fall into if they are careless as they go to drink
  • The network of information will be entirely connected to produce a ‘super’ internet which is currently only used by those who can handle the information
  • War Will End, War is an Illusion and is Always over Advanced Technology or Containing the Population
  • There is an Agreement to Use Older Technology so as to Hide the Advanced Technology as well as Avoid Large Scale Disaster
  • Advanced Technology is in part, a result of the discoveries of ancient technologies and knowledge
  • Consciousness will become larger than the current parameters through the introduction of the information of the secret operations well as various sacred truths and this will very naturally change humanity simply by expanding their minds
  • Other aspects of the secret operations involved time travel, exploration, immortality, ancient knowledge, breakaway civilizations, other civilizations, self-empowerment, and information and experiences from all fields of knowledge.
  • There is another civilization that does not contain the virus and do not contain the same depravity and lack of control over desires that this society contains.
  • Emotional Damage and the various responses to Psychological Abuse

The Fringe Begins: Watch the Video to Find Out

 Yellow Rose of Texas: The Gist of It Is (this is the ‘rescue’ crew I was rambling about in the Time-Gradient Infection of Consciousness and Malformation of Original Form, Containment Protocol, Rescue Teams, and Advanced Preservation and Healing Technology video I made. These are the mirrors and the ‘viewing’ system I mentioned. I was briefed on her awareness of this before going public during the “Awakening” where I was extracted from the time-grid. These are the ‘rescuers’ the protectors and teachers. In the video she is describing the methods and technology used for the ‘great shift of the ages’.

This is where the story begins with Paranoid Times, you’ll have to follow the trail. This source of information is in direct (or indirect) connection with operatives from the underground base projects involving time-travel and dimensional gateways. The information regarding certain military events and the literal step by step occurrence of the situation from a first person point of view are exactly what I was told by the operatives themselves who were participating or reviewing the data. All of this is being prepared for the public in whatever ways possible.

This is Rudolf of Germany, I was briefed on him as well, he is in direct communication with an operative in Antarctica and he would tell you that he is interfacing with him and you are communicating directly to him.

This is the concept he is explaining in his video and this is what was discussed on a recent discussion with OffPlanet Radio that was deleted automatically. The way this is working is that one could equally say operatives from a non-local super-imposition of time viewed this text of me admitting that the recording was deleted unexpectedly and then using this as a blue-print to move in and delete. This is part of what I was shown during the “Awakening” by the “Illuminati”. The Illuminati will be exposed as the group responsible for much deception and warmongering throughout this civilizations history as a result deceptive and warlike strategy and the abuse of temporal viewing and advanced technology including cloning, genetic engineering and electrogravitic craft. This is all part of a plan to “save” the world. If you feel the world doesn’t need saving, then please tell the world. We save ourselves.


8 thoughts on “The Global Mind, The Hive and The Mind-Virus, Time Alteration, Consciousness and Changes of Society

  1. Thank you, I have visited this information before but have dipped and drank from many wells of information, some deep, some shallow, I managed to create much confusion for myself, however many kinda hint at it. When you almost say something I get frustrated because it is not happening fast enough, for me. This caused me to dig around like Sevan Bomar is teaching way different, that fits with ancient alchemy but these puzzle pieces fit to explain outer regions. I think I tried to drink in the whole internet everyone is disclosing something different but when I take a step back and look at the picasso it nearly ties together. This fits to give a huge explanation on why the ill-lumen-naughty act the way they do and most humans can’t see or comprehend their obvious deceit. It also fits perfectly with the soft disclosure and hidden in plain site truths. I still have many questions, I guess I have to learn patience. I have also learned not to go off half cocked with a puzzle piece thinking I know something.

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  2. hello aug,
    thx again for an awesome video.

    i mentioned this on another video, but i would still like you to put a perspective on a video or post that would represent an “outside/front alter”‘s view, the one/alter who is responsible for protecting the inner vulnerable traumatized human from years of horrors & abuse–i.e., like when you mention, “…that person needs to “want to be healed”… you know? i mean, WHICH person has to want to be healed?? the outer protector ALTER, or the inner true person? and WHERE is that inner true original traumatized human while the strong protective outer alter is wandering aimlessly around the earth trying to figure out what the hell is going on and what to do with life? and WHAT is life supposed to be and for WHICH ‘one’? all this while no one is allowed to communicate with the outer alter?

    sorry, but this is my life and yes i know this is public but i am to the point of frustration where i want to throw in the towel. and i don’t even know if i have one.


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    1. The video is still hosted but unlisted so only those who have seen the link will have access. I am currently uploading a version with corrected audio. There are two parts recorded in my room and the audio was two different levels. The upload should be finished in 30 minutes. Here is the unlisted video, please do not share or post in anything because that video will not be the video on this web page.


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