John Titor – 177th Time Travel Division – A Possible Future Extinction Level Reality

This is one of the possible realities we saw.

Who are you?

Why are you here?

I don’t agree with everything here, but again, this is one possible reality we saw.

John Titor is another operative that I was briefed on.

Sure, I could’ve been given, but what does it look like? And just to clarify here, visited this world. It exists. The disinfo possibility is just that this is not OUR future world. But this and all other realities already exist.

John Titor: Chaos in 2050

I am frequently asked to describe what things look like then for mankind. Many people can’t handle the truth. Some of the people that accompanied me to the year 2050 developed something like PTSD. They could not handle the reality of what they saw.
In 2050 the environment is toxic, air pollution and water pollution have taken a toll on the planet and those species that once lived here. A small animal called krill in the oceans died off, and the water fall affect caused the species that ate krill to die and the species that ate them and so on.
With fisheries all over the world dying off the people that depended on them suffered famine and death. This destabilized local government then governments of countries. Escalating food prices also destabilized governments. Food shortages all over the world impacted daily life.
Pandemics like Ebola, zika, cholera, typhoid, small pox began to appear. A sexually transmitted disease like HIV aids, zika, syphilis, and gonorrhea was also out of control. The medical infrastructure around the world had imploded. Only the very rich received medical care and sometimes even being rich wasn’t enough to get treatment.
Where local governments were not in control gangs controlled by crime lords were in charge. Very nearly everyone carried some type of firearm. Those that didn’t have firearms suffered death by those who did. The rich had private security that carried the latest firearms. Most lived in heavily guarded communities.
The very poor, the middle class were for the most part in a position of just trying to live. Sometimes bodies would be stacked in the streets awaiting someone to pick them up. There were a few supermarkets that were heavily guarded that operated. Shopping malls were mostly just used by homeless squatters. Mankind on this planet is coming to an end.
Off-world colonies were expensive to get too. Many people could not afford the price of a ticket. Those with criminal records are not allowed to migrate to off-world colonies. These colonies have their pitfalls. At first, they are supported by space freighters that bring necessary goods to keep them going. The key is self-sufficiency some are self-sufficient but are tightly controlled by administrators and government. Those colonies, not self-sufficient will of course die.
It is a documented fact that by the year 2100 all life on the planet will be dead. It will have been poisoned by mankind.

John Titor II


4 thoughts on “John Titor – 177th Time Travel Division – A Possible Future Extinction Level Reality

  1. We ARE already on a positive timeline and critical mass for exodus migration towards higher consciousness has already begun!!! Prime Creator decree this and it is on the divine pathway – other timelines are being phased off!!!


  2. I think this could be a possible timeline for those who don’t raise their awareness and don’t treat all life with respect. Maybe those that live within those frequencies might find themselves in that future timeline.

    Liked by 1 person

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