Forethought: INACTION can be the most powerful option.

Repetition or Intensity

What you do repeatedly or with great intensity empowers you and defines you. These are two pathways to creation in the actual universe. We are in a cascading set of reflections and gradients. What you do in one moment literally reflects not only into the other moments forward but backwards and into possible realities where you did and didn’t do one thing or another and this lead to one or another outcome that you may or may not experience here and now.

This is literally the basics of a multi-dimensional reality in time and consciousness, everything is POSSIBILITIES.

Repeating Concepts, Different Expressions

The possibilities that you COLLAPSE or MANIFEST into a REALITY extend in time and mind and recreate themselves in your experience. What you do repeatedly or with great vigor carries more impact and thus can influence more around you, in you and through you than that which is done unaware or without intention and will-power (heart).

That is all there are, POSSIBILITIES extending both ways in for as long as one can possibly see. That is what this reality is made out of and the possibilities are directly connected to your observation of them.

Physical Reality is Consensus and Concrete

This reality is concrete and collective, meaning someone can pop up and slap you without you observing it first. However, what you achieve and overcome in any sense of your existence is dependent on your observation and awareness of your ability to do so, that is the point.

The Sine Wave and The Parabola

What are they depicting? What is the flower?

I’m telling you.

When they used technology to view the entire universe, they thought their equipment was malfunctioning because THIS is what they saw!

The last one is a doozy but that’s how things begin to look when viewed from beyond the confines of the singularity biologically limited perspective of the slice and diced time-stream the brain has access to.

We think the brain is perceiving the single world, it is generating it out of a interference patterns. In reality, there are every other possible interference pattern in existence that we are NOT tapping into which is what is generating this reality, NOT the mere generation of this reality. It is the singularization of a multitude of potentials that this experience is manifested from.

That is directly from the underground bases.


One thought on “All is POSSIBILITIES

  1. Wow… I kind of knew something like this is what is happening. I think the ‘whole’ is represented or focused in or playing out some cosmic drama in and through ‘our’ reality. I think it is a stage upon which God displays ‘everything’ as well as a mechanism through which he is proving or testing ALL. Jesus entered as a test within a test as well as a salvager after ALL have judged itself.


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