Belief, Venturing into the Abyss to Save Your Cosmic Family

“Let’s believe that the collective consciousness is going down the path that will break us free of all of the negative timelines. That the galactic pulse will purge the hive mind virus.”

This is called a “Deus Ex Machina”. The greater and more creative or substantive a belief is then the more the belief can influence.

Get the picture?

“Yes. Breathe deeply when you feel your emotional state teeter tottering in the wrong direction. Ground yourself in a positive thought.”

This is actually what is required of us now. This is required down in the moment, into time, in the height of an emotionally, spiritually, mentally or “dimensionally” impactful experience. The idea is that there is a basic curve of response from the ability to cope and reason to a complete inability to cope and complete autonomy and replication.

The point is that those who are ‘so far gone’, who believe they are ‘too gone to be reached’, and have ‘no hope’ of ever returning, people go deep into the abyss and reach towards them, touching them and pulling them away from the edge of destruction.

The edge of destruction is, too, a non-linear curve based on your own perception and observation. So those so far over the edge that the darkness has curled up around their vision extinguishing all connection to reality can be approached and dimensionally ‘curved’ against with the presence of reason and light by those who ‘dare’ to venture into the dark waters to find this person entangled and enshrouded in darkness.

That’s the point, the darker a person is, the farther gone they are, well that is the measure of what is required by those who will come forth to save this person, to pull them out of the abyss. This is happening for humanity, this is what occurred in the underground bases, the secret operations, it was discovered that our entire civilization has literally been on ongoing process similar to this throughout what we perceive to be history.

There are actually teams of competent individuals who can monitor when a person is ‘teetering over the edge’ and ensure that they remain equalized within this universe for the ‘time’ being.

All of humanity is going through this “point of passage” where we are literally moving across a temporal bridge with the complete depth of the abyss on either side.

On the other side of this passageway there is an area where we are more secured in existence instead of bouncing back and forth from civilization to civilization. A ‘longer-term’ civilization awaits.

We are that civilization, and, we have to create that civilization.

This is confusing, but it’s just how it is and so is the rest of your existence.

We have to find those who are on the edge, here, now, today, and find them in relation to that edge, whatever and wherever that edge may be in relation to them personally, and pull them back over it.

Of course, some people enjoy cliff diving, but that’s another situation.

And yes, everyone has to learn on their own, however in those cases where people are ready to accept assistance, then that is what we are to offer.

This is difficult because there are even experiences where we are pushed over the edge as training, and this is, more or less, ‘normal’. However, this is not what I am referencing and even in society as people are being ‘tested’. This is about those who are passed the point of the test.

Very specifically, this is about those who have forgotten that they have any say in the matter and are past the point of their own ability to control the situation. That is what this is about.

And yes, this is a test!

Or is that just what we are expected to believe?

5 thoughts on “Belief, Venturing into the Abyss to Save Your Cosmic Family

  1. Brilliant stuff. Reminds me of “soul retrievals” discussed in some astral projection books. People can learn to go into lower vibration realities and help free those who are stuck there. Lots of dark places, people in limbo in dream like worlds. As above, so below. There are those willing to help us out of this mess as well, if you can believe it so.


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