An Important Aspect of Disclosure 3

Important Aspects of Disclosure

Important Aspects of Disclosure 2

The Modalities of WAR:

The Alien Agenda

Full Disclosure: The “aliens” are within the subconscious and brought in by the people who witness them. So if a person has an “alien” problem, they have a subconscious awareness problem and the “aliens” are actually an interdimensional representation of their own consciousness brought into the collective universe.

People who don’t know this will seek to rally everyone up, to get guns and bombs, and to go to war and this is a plan to have the majority of humanity wiped out by those who just can’t seem to find those darned aliens after murdering nearly the entire human population.

Psychotronic Warfare

There is also technology to materialize hallucinations as well as created or hybrid beings that are part animal and part man so there are a variety to possible situations.

These psychotronic devices can make people seem to want to commit the atrocities or even receive them upon themselves. These devices create the perception of those signals within the brain from an external device and this is then projected into the brain and body of the targeted individual.

They’re in everyone’s subconscious, depending on the frequency and personality of the individual. This is why if powerful scalar psychotronic devices were activated across a civilization then an “invasion” could be experienced which would technically be accurate, but the explanation or understanding of how this occurs physically would be an illusion.

The Holographic Universe

The mind and body reflect unto the universe and the universe reflects back. If people seek destruction, death, terror, even for the “right” reasons then they are going to attract that very frequency of experiences back for themselves.

The other end of this is that instead of reacting with outright terror and self-annihilation, we must act with complete docility and submission.

Both are the extremes of the duality and neither lead to the true reality where one is liberated from the illusions of mind-control.

The frequencies of the bio-emissions that we emit and participate in through action and belief correlate to our experiences.

Collectively, what the masses believe generate experiences across the entire realm. This is akin to the generation of the parameter sets that define this reality.


In such, the majority of people are heavily mind-controlled and so will create a reality of damnation for themselves. As a result, those who choose the higher path will have to do so while others around them spiritually degrade into that of a sub-human personification. Some say this is because there are actually only a certain amount of original humans on the planet and that during a timeline alteration ‘extra’ humans were introduced and these are part animals and part humans; ‘hybrids’.

Spiritual Degradation

What can only happen, is that these hybrids will degrade. People do not evolve, they degrade and so these hybrids will eventually begin to degrade and spiritually devolve back into their animalistic form until they return to their previous form.

Those who are destined to co-exist as the surviving human civilization will have to remain strong and true while others seek to cause war and degrade humanity to weaken the genetic foundation and draw more vessels into a hive mind system which is literally a form of artificial intelligence soul matrix that these hybrids belong to as they lack the requirements for an organic human soul matrix.

The “Other” Aliens

These are parasitic, microbiological entities that attack the physical biology, primarily the brain and the immune system. They have energetic counterparts which are considered “etheric” parasites. These are related to ‘entity attachments’ which are like subconscious parasitic qualities of one’s internal environment. These can be magnified or sustained via advanced technology which permits the ‘feeding’, transfer, or even generation of these subconscious parasitic entities. These aspects are both microbiological whether of tiny parasites, viruses, fungi, toxoplasma, or weaponized bacteria, or of smaller energetic organisms that feed on the disharmonious bio-emissions of sentient beings.

More will be written on this last part, read the previous “Important Aspects of Disclosure” posts above. The universe acts like a holographic reflection of mind and bio-emissions. By informing people and putting this into the collective conscious these aspects are being brought into a reality.

Create your Deus Ex Machina, funnel your belief around all threats and additional knowledge towards a supreme existence of harmony and centeredness.


10 thoughts on “An Important Aspect of Disclosure 3

  1. Of the 84 off worlders which have an effect on us, or on our planet, both negative and or positive, those which have their “boundaries” as the western hemisphere are the negative. They run the clones, the leaders, the money system and the artificial intelligences. Encompassed under that canopy are the subconscious memes spoken of in this article. Of the 33 different greys (which affect us, there are over 220) – many are with the Elohim Alliances trying to protect the gem our planet is – and that is because we are NOT the only ones who need Her.Those under Antarctica (a triad) are the same which are under Mt Shasta fooling gullible humans and are also infitrating the U.N.


  2. Wrong. And I come from many of the same programs you do. There are physical races of ET aliens as well as interdimensional parasitic type ones. Some species are a mixed bag like humans, with some friendly some not. Others are aligned with antimatter/inverse or anti life energies in more of a unified hive mind way. Abductions can happen to completely innocent and loving children from happy homes with no predisposition to morbidity fear etc. Abductions are not conjured from those kids’ subconscious any more than a mugging victim should be blamed for being mugged. Many are targeted due to their genes, intelligence and psychic abilities. Abductions for many like me have been both physical and at other times happening in our energy bodies. I like your stuff Aug but alien species have and do live here and visit here. I have met some and they were completely physical. And not from around here!


      1. I don’t care one way or another if they are in physical form as long as they aren’t hurting humans ( as so many of them are.) The two races I observed while going about my daily business weren’t negative seeming but definitely did not have human physiology. Is there a place in your evolving cosmology for alien non human beings who are simply walking around on Earth? Not talking about secret space programs, off dimension bases or anything…just running into Et’s at a gas station or while walking around as a tourist in NYC…where do those real world encounters fit into your cosmology?


    1. They’re in everyone’s subconscious, depending on the frequency and personality of the individual. This is why if powerful scalar psychotronic devices were activated across a civilization then an “invasion” could be experienced which would technically be accurate, but the explanation or understanding of how this occurs physically would be an illusion.

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