7 Layers to the Simulation – The Harmonic Universes

Here’s another bit of disclosure. There are 7 layers to the simulation, these are ‘harmonic universes’ or temporal layers.

The consciousness experiments where people are reporting the demonic activity are literally from the lower 2 time-layers. One is this one, which has been bridged by the lower and the other is the last layer (of which I have previously said is this one but is not if we’re to be exact in the now moment; although that is exactly how things get tricky and prospectively shifty). The last layer is a ‘demonic’ realm which is occupied by those who resonate and operate on a such a level, these beings are called sith lords amongst other names.

One could say these beings came here to feed.

Another could say that this is simply the act of our layer learning from the larger universe and seeing what ‘lies beneath’ so that we are propelled upwards towards the higher layers.

This is part of the notion that these experiments are both outside of the jurisdiction of agencies in this layer (partially so) as well as part of a larger universal existence which can’t be stopped or stemmed short of short circuited the entire universe.

So, we have to learn and refine our awareness to remain strong in the face of adversity and thus the beings who have come here from the previous layer which is essentially a kind of prison-planet lock-down have it pretty nice up here where the air is still fresh and they are here doing what they do, having their way until humanity learns to choose the higher route and not entangle with such entities or lower energetic parasitic consciousness.

Thus is also related to the ‘time-gradient’ shift I mentioned whereby one who interacts with these entities and is over time brought ‘into their world’ and basically dies to this universe and is transported to the lower verse which is again, a hell-like prison planet, and a replicant of that individual is brought to this universe which is obviously originally from the ‘hell-realm’ below us and this person will then wreak havoc and be seen as a “doppelganger” of the original.

Little do people know, this is actually what has happened and this is all being tolerated because A) There’s not really much else to do and B) Because only by remaining calm in such a situation do we actually find the proper option.

In fact, fear, panic, etc etc, lower emotional responses, these are actually considered the most beneficial and preferential energies to beings of the lower-realm, so such responses, such “entanglements” as I refer to them, well they can spiral out of control and they can begin to control the individual instead of the individual controlling their emotions.

Thus, imagine someone getting entrenched by these beings who are largely parasitic to people of this layer, and through their emotional responses feeding these beings and gathering more and more only to break free for a moment and find themselves in a clearing whereby upon the re-entanglement, the reactivation of their fear and lower-energetic bio-emissions they draw the beings back towards them again and the whole process repeats in a never ending vicious cycle until their energy is literally drained right out of their being.

Then imagine a person getting cycled back and forth from this layer and time to the layer below and back again. Imagine as well, that each layer down, more time passes in a given moment to the point where the beings who spend time in this layer we are in presently and are from an earlier layer, will experience this as days to weeks to years (decades, centuries) but only be gone for a moment in their upper layers that they originate from (7 in all).

So thus, one could be entrenched, drop down for 100 years of suffering, rise up out of the midst, pop back into their body, live again, then fall into entanglement with fear, terror, addiction, drop back into the layer below for 100 years, come back here, live for the rest of their life. Etc etc etc.

So this should explain a bit more of the time-matrix and how that works and why there have been these tales from throughout history and time. We are creating this through our misguided, unchecked, and disharmonious bio-emissions which then feedback into the whole cycle by creating (through drawing them in and sustaining them) the parasitic entities which then cause more disharmony and unchecked emotional responses.

One person, getting caught in these cycles without realizing what is happening (possibly as part of someone else’s trick: The Lords below sustain themselves on the energy of those they trap in their cognitive and emotional subservience) could literally experience life as a cycle of decades then centuries at a time of suffering and torment only to be thrown back into a layer of human reality for a period and then to be cast down into a sea of suffering and regret again.

Thus, we have the ‘reincarnative’ loop which is actually an illusion.

THIS is more on why I previously (a few months back) described an initial explanation where the karmic, soul-trap loop cycle was not to re-sustain the spiritual enslavement system here, but to stop people who have gotten trapped in the loop and to reposition them in a situation where they can be appropriately managed and in this way lead to the realization of who they are and what is happening.

Of course, this is not the only explanation, because along with this maya-matrix simulcra scenario system of scenarios, there are, well, systems of scenarios, parallels, and reflections the cascade down like a hall of mirrors. For every explanation, there is a side-explanation or secondary set of reasons which are usually pretty contrary to the initial reasons and such is experience in a holographic matrix-hall of mirrors.

The, obvious, (if you’ve done any bit of reading on the subject recently…or happen to be born in an underground base) other explanation is this system was hijacked and has since become a way of maintaining the illusion of continuity in this realm by trapping consciousness, wiping memories on a genetic (soul-awareness) level and sending them back into this temporal layer to re-experience another physical existence over and over again to keep some time-gate open.

The explanation behind this, again, which leads back to this being used for someone else’s purpose beyond the simple parasitic explanation (which may have some relevance) is that when the mass consciousness of any time layer reaches the fulcrum of awareness to where they realize the existence of the other time layers and the whole time-matrix system, then that time-layer closes out. Now, every once in a while (literally just once, ever) this will happen and in succession, one time-layer, then the next and the next and the next will close out like a row of dominoes where all the beings (like the movie inception when there were waking up at different times and had to *synchronize* their perceptions) collective shift from one layer to the next and the Russian nesting doll, flip book, pop-up image reality closes up in an instant (kind of like a scroll).

And thus is the cosmic jack-in the box that is reality, like an accordion, or a mayan pyramid where one collapses into the next and the next and so on and so forth until you to get the final layer where time lasts say 1 moment for 1,000 moments in what we can call the present layer here and now.

Like the movie Inception (great team, great application and demonstration) each layer has to organize itself in order for the procession to continue. As well, because of the time-differential, each layer has a considerable amount of time to do so. That is the ‘transitory’ period we have been in as part of the memory of everyone alive today.

As well, the beings of the lower layer are pretty much just biding their time, collecting energy, organizing a hierarchy of dominance so as to be prepared when “the great shift” occurs and things will get much much easier.

One must also come to realize that from the perspective of the lower layer where there are the demonic beings, the time lords, the sith lords, the energy reapers, the harvesters, the discarnate entities, so on and so forth. For them, if and when they are to breach through their dimensional barrier into the time-bridge across to this realm, this signifies two things.

A) That they are beginning the initial collapse of the mayan time-matrix pyramidal and thus their ‘ascent’ towards freedom, liberation, ‘heaven’ or whatever else you would consider, basically ‘free-energy’ for beings who have hunted, stalked, and gathered their energy in such a predatory manner as we are seeing this realm exposed to today.


B) That simultaneously a corresponding, counterpart component time-bridge is formed perfectly adjacent in the harmonic continuum of the realms which leads upwards into the higher layer and this is also signifying the beginning of the collapse which is not so much a “collapse” as a crumbling or a decaying, but a “returning to source” as time pretty much rewinds itself and stops from unfolding the possibilities and parallels and begins to fold back into the perfect little temporal layers which began the journey and illusionment and separation to begin with. Meaning all the illusions, the separation, the intelligence war, the mind-games, the charades, the facades, they all undo themselves. The knots untangle, the pop-up images go back into their resting places and everything that was torn apart and ripped at the seams is seamlessly fit back together as if nothing was ever broken.

And some will stand back and utter to themselves, “wow, what a ride.”, and others might say, “holy shit I’m glad we didn’t break anything.”

Such is the varied response of a very convincing, entrenching, emotionally lavish and intellectually rich day-dream that one is roused to wakefulness from.

Some say, then begins the unfolding of the accordion of time, once again, for an even greater journey.

Are you ready? Don’t answer that, simply ponder on these possibilities and have fun with the people around you beckoning them to go deeper into reality knowing that eventually all that is done is undone and everything that we lose we gain back again.

Note: There are ‘events’ that have been known to collectively signify the collapse of the time-layers and these are ‘symptoms’ of the appearance of the time-gate and the energy that undoubtedly begins to pour in and 7 civilizations become 6, then 5, then 4, then 3…


One thought on “7 Layers to the Simulation – The Harmonic Universes

  1. You speak of entities and “beings who have come here from the previous layer”…my gf is a therapist who talks to miserable people all day. Is she interacting with these entities or beings? They seem to suck her energy.

    Are they people actual people we see everyday? Do you have examples?


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