Cloning Stations, Non-Human Entities, Earth Jurisdiction, Quarantine and Underground Bases: Interdimensional Frequency Hopping

Here’s the situation with the corruption and various operations that have gone on.

There are

A) Parallels networked throughout the universe and these are actually possibilities that are actually growing outward like branches or roots. The universe is actually a huge network of bubbles of time and possibilities that are causally connected through probabilities, awareness, and knowledge. Information and experience connects each bubble to a network and each network to another, larger or parallel network.

These networks are being mapped by those prepared to handle the task. This is something one must be prepared for because as far as we have seen, this doesn’t end. IE: It just keeps going, and as I have written in the first chapters of “The Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge of the Ages of Humanity” if a person is seeking to find fulfilment and clarity (or closure) from the answers they’ll receive then they’ll literally go insane with the spectrum of new questions that will be born out of such operations.

In these parallels, there are different versions of you. This is highly confusing as there are so many one would not be able to place the “real” you, or the neutral or central you within the sea of possibilities.

So one method to define a reasonable scope is to provide a base level measurement or a baseline from which to produce an extrapolation of one’s DNA and consciousness to locate the other “yous” in the possible parallels. Mind you this is highly dangerous and if you were to so much as witness the information of another parallel before you were properly prepared through a specific set of fairly sacred processes you would likely go insane to the point of no longer being able to function in society. And this is a fundamental nature of time and consciousness limited by the biological perceptual system. Basically, if you were to see these parallels, this would be like a mirror looking at itself and one would forget which one is the real one and possibly instantly “flip-flop” between one another as the possibilities intermingle and threaten to distort your perception of the original or causally connected ‘base’ reality for you.

This was exploited and experimented in the previously described experimentation and that is also part of why such has been allowed. Mainly, they wanted to know, and secondly, we’re all already in a cosmic experiment where no one knows how we got here and nearly the worst has already happened or threatened to occur for centuries now. Time for answers? Or at least order.

So with this, there are processes to find one’s ‘baseline’ reality and throughout this to position them on a trajectory in the larger universe thus mapping out their possible networks of ‘time-bubbles’ or realities connected through hyperspace throughout their journey in the universe.

The other aspect of this is that one ultimately runs into the ‘negative’ factor of the spectrum and this is where one or another warring timeline resulted in a version of you that is pretty much the most undesirable possibility you could imagine. Technically, it is literally the most undesirable version of you that you could possible conceive of and then some. That’s the point. DNA is powerfully complex and people survive in all kinds of harsh situations and purposely put themselves through equally as much difficulty as the random possibilities of the universe.

Then there is

B) There are multiple temporal layers to what we can call the “central” collective universe and these are likened to successively more complex and temporally compressed realms or civilizations of experience that are nested within one another, superimposed, or layered within concentrically.

The large portion of the current control system and ‘ownership’ (if such can really even exist other than through concept) is part of a branching of the lower layer harmonic universe, which is essentially a prison civilization, towards this harmonic universe in an effort to parasite the energy and consciousness from this civilization and the human race.

Thus, the reason for why I am releasing this in particular. The experimentation, the disclosure, many of the events and memories are not of this plane and are of a layer beneath this one.

However this isn’t to say that none of the ‘hell-bound’ activities that take place in the realm below are also happening on the present layer.

Although, the whole idea behind energy systems, frequencies, scalar nets, fields and ritualistic scenarios is literally to open up portals to the realm below and therefore that is why what goes on in those frequency grids that are opened are literally outside of the jurisdiction of the human race and those from any of the higher layers.

So only what happens here can one be held accountable for unless those ‘players’ come to the higher layers where all is brought to light or are caught in the act participating in such events in the undisguised, open air frequencies of this current civilization.

As such, there are underground bases, and so-called “cloning stations” which are interdimensionally held through a balancing act of spreading them out over time by ‘frequency hopping’ the signals they are contained with in to various values like an encrypted signal.

Thus, much of what is ‘disclosed’ is actually another ‘plane’ of reality and the people involved have no idea of this actually works.

And yes, this could be a form of disinfo, however this is all true. There could simply be a cover here for events that are actually taking place in this realm. As well, there’s the idea of “what does this even really mean”, are people actually moving to another realm to perform these crimes, are they disappearing and returning, is this like a dream, are they still in this universe but in some kind of overlay that is now being explained away as another spooky dimension where all these crimes are “ok”?

No, but questions are valid. Just don’t expect any definitive answers before being faced with more challenges to overcome. Ultimately, we are to overcome our own intellectual and emotional imbalances as part of adhering to higher-morality and reasoning as these are the fundamental aspects of creation, harmony, truth, power, compassion and self-awareness.

4 thoughts on “Cloning Stations, Non-Human Entities, Earth Jurisdiction, Quarantine and Underground Bases: Interdimensional Frequency Hopping

  1. Ditto to the woman above. i have to admit since you entered the scene Aug maybe its a combination from New Year where i opened somehow something inside but since then I have been drawn to read your stuff. you are the only site i subscribe to without hesitation. Some memories or connections of a few traumatic dreams are coming up as I read this and realise maybe they are memories from this lower level prison plane which really makes sense to me. Thanks Aug! I think you are bending time eh?


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