Millennials | Episode 3 | Revealers of the Aquarian Age – Humanity Remembers

The Age of Aquarius has returned. It is a revolutionary and revelatory time when humans remember who they truly are. It is the complete awareness that humans are creator beings themselves and as emissaries of Source Creation, that they have all the attributes of their parent source within them.

This lively discussion revealed honest issues affecting the Millennials. The main problems were revealed by the Millennials themselves. Miraculously, the SOLUTION came forward organically. Find out what “the solution” is within this video, because, as you will discover, it IS the same solution that can work not only for the Millennials, but…for all of humanity!

With this solution in hand and offered now, more so than ever, the realization of humanity’s full potential may be realized. The time to act is now. Do so with pure intention to aid your desired outcome.

5 thoughts on “Millennials | Episode 3 | Revealers of the Aquarian Age – Humanity Remembers

  1. In this lifetime i would say that all of the collective that are awoken from the illusional reality as of now should make a difference not just the MILLENIALS per se! There are spirits that incarnated on this plane way b4 this aka millennial generation arrived here! Other than that we have ALOT OF WORK TO DO COLLECTIVELY!


  2. The “Age of Aquarius” has around 900 years more and less, yet to arrive.
    One reason being we are NOT in 2017. Not by at least one thousand years.
    Quite apart from all those “scholars” who have been saying each age is 2,160 when none of them are.
    That has always been just the average age (12 into 25,920)
    None of the “ages” are the same as each other, one example being Leo which takes the sun twice as long to traverse as it does Aries constellation.
    Quickest proof is the dated letter found recently under the floorboards of a “Tudor” Mansion Knole House under repair,
    This letter shows the date of i 633. The ” i ” stands for “in the year of our lord Immanuel” and was replaced by a numeral one around 676. when the A.D. was added. H Mead-Parks. Hidden Texts of Nostradamus


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