Safe-Passage; A Temporal Rift

Humanity is being given a through-way, a safe-passage to a more secure area in terms of the particular threats, disharmonies, and disturbances of this locality. This is literally a passageway protecting one aspect of the universe, the cosmic mind, from destroying itself in order that the awareness may reach a place of fulfillment or a local-environment for ‘fruition’ where a new phase can be reached. Again, this is both difficult and outlandish.
Everything moves in growth phases and cycles, in order to move into the new phase as we see it, the signal of the DNA-the conscious mind to body link must be boosted in strength just as with a repeater and an internet signal. We are in a time where the clarity, conductivity, and all required elements are fading out and reducing thin. Primarily, as a way to sustain ourselves, like tissue building up around a scar, there is a connective process forming which is ‘transcending’ the rift of the scar tissue. This is literally a time-rift, a temporal rift where two civilizations formed where there should be just one. In order to find the solution, the information and energy of the two must be abridged. Yes, this is related to what could be considered a parasite that is literally absorbing the energy in a particular area that would actually render each civilization one continuous existence.
The energy of both civilizations combined is required as well as more than enough to sustain the unified field, however changes occur because the resulting civilization is not more than was before but a more refined version of the two.
This is like the projections for two “galaxies” colliding where there are initially bursts of bright light and energy releases and then everything cools down and revolves around a smaller yet more condensed and refined center than was once held across two separate galaxies.

3 thoughts on “Safe-Passage; A Temporal Rift

  1. To me this sounds wonderful. Would really like to get back to my real self.. lies deceit and deceptions from both sides of the fence are starting to drive me insane… and still I’m staying true to myself.. and will be able to do what I was put here to do… I do appreciate what little assistance you are giving me.. keep showing me the way and I will do my best to follow that path.. remember I’m just now starting to remember… and if I had to do it again I think I would I have changed my mind and stayed on my own Planet minding my own business… love and light you have a blessed day Tarzan


    1. Yes, we must be aware of the possibility of false-hope and the purpose of satiating the population’s desire for pleasant illusions.

      So I don’t want to be the bearer of such false-hope, or hopelessness. The truth is neither, we are in a bind of a situation in a time matrix but we are destined to survive.


    2. … good 4 u tarzan, that you are able to begin remembering.

      i am still waiting for that time … i think.



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