The Cosmic Initiation

In reading this all the way through, this may confuse you. Enjoy.
When asking yourself how to deal with certain losses or issues, the short answer is to simply keep moving to carry on with what you would be doing if something external wasn’t taking your time and attention away from the real growth.
If the same issue arises or if the proper acknowledgement was not given then one must confront these issues directly and make the decision to keep them in the reality ‘sphere’ or to kick them out and let them go forever.
What’s slightly humorous in a cosmic giggle sort of way is that ‘growth’ here is then correlated with the overgrowth or overcoming of certain obstacles, emotional vampires, leeches and the like.
So then, would humanity be, without these vampires, a great prospering society where growth is unabated?
Or would humanity still be in its infancy, learning how to walk and take care of itself?
Obviously, the parasite would like the host to believe that the parasite is a ‘necessary’ way of life and this is perfectly synonymous with the way a yeast or candida fungal infection will pass on the cravings of sugary snacks, beer, breads, refined or packaged foods because this is literally what backs up in the system and creates the perfect glucose-rich environment which it can then ferment in and further plunder the immune system possibly until the point of breaching the intestinal walls and putting holes in the epithelial (learn the many types) so that undigested chemicals can leak into the blood (including the yeast-candida overgrowth).
So, we are in that exact situation where there is a huge overgrowth of some kind of infection which is re-organizing and modifying tissues and biology to suit its dimensions and priorities.
Remember, this can never actually overcome the original biology or the being, that would be a complete mutation and there are certain safeguards such as the ability to reproduce and the required congruence in the DNA.
However, the changing of the human species adaptability to certain parasites both biological and mental are evidence that the organism is being weaponized and used by one aspect of the society to essentially drown out the other half for their own benefit.
So humanity has two options. To carry on with what was focused on before this ever occurred, or to turn and confront this issue whole-heartedly. This is an interesting time because change is both inevitable and productive.
Either humanity will adapt to develop autonomous functions which eliminate the fungus, similar to how our immunology and prepared to handle other invasive pathogens, or we will learn to consciously and directly speak on the level of these pathogens and the cellular biology and the etheric micro-biological functions to clarify and realign our energies directly. To put it bluntly, the option where humanity does nothing and nothing changes, doesn’t actually exist.
How this actually plays out is yet to be seen. How does one wake up from a dream? How does one transition from one realm to the next? From a linear, numerically consistent trajectory into that of quantia, colors and whole spectrums? We don’t have an exactitude, no one knows exactly how the dream turns into a reality or reality fades out and the dream world is born. There is most often theorized a literal fizzling out of the two realms as coherence patterns between ones awareness as the point of congruence or reception for these patterns shifts and as such the awareness of the realm changes.
What is known is that there are methods and advanced technologies in place to make this shift as reasonable so that people are not necessarily “caught off guard”. However, do to the unique time-constraints as far as the temporal-rift, a parasitic invasion, a false-light matrix construct the size of a complete holographic universe which recycles soul energy, etc etc etc, there are some explanations that this will all begin very quickly and will be the literal ‘rising up’ out of the graves and the bodies of the individuals by the souls of all those who are from the original generation of life in this realm whether by trap or by choice.
Regardless, there are teams that are capable of making the transition effective and I was informed, as one of the only other individuals talking about this (that I know of) has said (although this has all been written and all been wiped out) that war entirely out of the question at this time.
This is related to the explanation regarding why the ‘supersoldier’ ‘satanic’ takeover was avoided in terms of an overt rising from the underground bases. Because the spiritual equilibrium has reached a maximum point, just like a critical mass or a ‘tipping point’ then the realm will burst off explosions of higher-awareness that are polarized towards one or the other feature of the universe. However, some believe this is still part of the holographic containment system and part of the production of energy for the ‘controllers’.
The idea is that once the energy reaches such levels, then an automatic trigger is activated. An event that tips the realm over like a bowl or barrel in order to release what has been built up. Such an act is the “production” of “eternal” life on the next plane of what we call reality which is outside of this holographic system.
Another way to see this is as if there were a universe within a block of gel and the only way for the people of that universe to get back into the real world is to remain where they are and build up enough charge by making specific repeated motions and aligning their energy in one direction or the other (like a magnet), that when they release all that energy (from creative quantum potential into actual kinetic release) this energy can be used to propel them, just like a seed or a sperm out of the depth of the dense, through the barrier between and towards the destination.
This is thought to be an act of ritualization or ‘initiation’ that every soul in the universe takes, and this is a journey, a transcendence from the point of origin to the destination which is beyond the concept of any previous point therein. A true “rebirth” out of the void and into glorified existence.
Of course, it is also assumed that this may just be another void, and that this is again a clever method for the universe to, more or less, spiritually masturbate itself into having a cosmic orgasm. We are, essentially, being ‘hazed in’ by our ancestors who came before us to prepare us for what is to come.

Post: Connect this with current events, all the hooplah about this race and that race, or this parasite being and that and this technology and that.

So this all, already happened. It’s all in the ancient past. This is why we have two hemispheres that communicate effectively and operate in unison to effectively lock us into a tranced state of reality and being. This is why there is an upper and lower system and latent and active aspects of the DNA.

This is also why the entire realm is here, why there are other species around, and how life even exists in the first place.

Regardless, that act of masturbation, is the actual production of life in the larger universe and this layer of existence is beyond the confines or limitations of all the previous layers.
An interesting part here is that since this is a transdimensional kind of parasite which we notice as symptoms of memory loss, a temporal ‘rift’ between timelines and civilizations, the way we ‘supersede’ or ‘overgrow’ that is by literally, literally imagining how we would exist if we had already overgrown in. In doing so, we literally recreate that element as a foundation of our past which moves into the place left by the parasite or the ‘rift’ and thus the rift is filled.
The big shush about this is the fact that one group or another wants sole proprietary ownership over what the rift is filled in with, IE: the next phase of civilization. However, if this becomes too, parasitic, then that goes into the rift with the rest of them. So this becomes a kind of event horizon of a black hole-quantum collapse sequence where the next potential phase of existence is thrown up into a probability set which then fades and degrades, exposing itself as another false-construct of the previous crumbling system and is pulled into the abyss. This happens until we find the real reality, however, people get tired and like the march of various people’s to and from by an oppressor force we could very well be running right into the hands of weakness or a guided self-destruction by one faction or another who has foreseen all of this and plans to be on top, even down to the quantum probabilities that are being spit out into existence every nanosecond.
Now doesn’t this all seem like a very extravagant, and very convincing cosmic reality TV show?

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