The Entities of the Subconscious; The Parasitic “Memes”

The Subconscious IS Powerful, A Time-Matrix of Repeating-Recycled Consciousness

Yes, the entities from the subconscious can still influence people, this entire realm is likely within the subconscious of a much larger organism that we are just a part of. Still, we are the complete image of the creator as a whole. We have to respect that and live up to that rather than degrading the original. Anger, resentment, all low frequency vibrations take power away from the internal presence of self and replace the original or draw it away to be used elsewhere. All of that is an illusion and part of the vampiric game. It’s an energy game within an energy construct comprised of false-leads, trap-doors, and shadowy pathways.

The Requirements of the Deception Increases as Awareness Grows

The requirements of such deception continue to increase, and as such the original blueprint of the creator to live and know and grow continues regardless. So, eventually one will have to give. As a result, they created a false-matrix construct, literally a series of temporal and etheric consciousness grids all attached at specific nodal points across Earth. These act in part of the process to literally recycle the consciousness energy of the individuals into the same scheme over and over again. They have made themselves the “gods” of this realm and they use advanced technology craft to literally get people to worship and the more fear, submission, lust, cowardice, worship, reverence etc etc etc they can get from people then the more their little bio-etheric-pseudo-dimensional environment is nurtured and they can literally power their journey for thousands of years.

A Soul Harvesting, Advanced Technology, False “god”-System

The souls of people are used in order to ‘worship’ and revere while they are simply being duped because in their hearts they know they are acting out of fear and blind belief. Thus, systems have been designed to awaken the population in the easiest and yet most direct way as necessary and possible.

Remember, since this is all a play on subconscious, on etheric energies that we produce, aspects of latent genetics and DNA entanglement in previous ages, the more we focus on a given aspect then the more it is brought into the light.

Rising from the Dept.(h)

So as the corruption and the true festering rot of what has become of some groups begins to show in an expose that has waited for thousands of years, the beast begins to rise from the dept realizing it’s been caught. This is part of the occurrence of the “multi-headed” monster that rises out of the ocean or the depths of life itself. This is because in this time, the beast is being acknowledged directly and this always nullifies the parasitic process.

The Parasite Must Be Starved

A reminder here is that the parasite must be starved. Only after this can more specific action or remedy be applied which can directly “tell” the parasite to leave. This can only take place once the parasite has begun to starve.

Simultaneously, this is that time and this is for two reasons.

Too Big To Fail = Visible and Hungry, Imbalanced System = Collapse of the Parasitic Organism

Once a parasite gets too big to fail this means that it will require MORE energy to sustain itself than ever because after all, it is supposed to be only a leech and not bigger than the organism its leeching from.

Since it’s now requiring more energy than the organism can sustain, the presence of the parasite is no longer subliminal and we see the signs and symptoms popping up all over and in every industry and media. This is actual etheric format, in an etheric medium, that our minds are connected to, that is being displayed through these industries and power struggles.

So as the parasite is too big to fail and inevitably requiring more energy than can be obtained without rousing its host, this comes the time of the great purge. When those who realize what is happening begin to starve the etheric parasite from all its vampiric attachments to emotion, drama, ritual, presets, consciousness entanglements, algorithms, addictions, habits, trauma and so on and so forth.

As well, there are those who wait until the last moment and this is when such a parasite, pulling such an astronomical charge of energy from all around it would quickly suck the life out of these people who are behind the learning curve.

Teams of Individuals to Protect and Harbor Safe Passage

There is an idea that this can be avoided however this would not be easy and is being handled by a collection of teams of individuals who want to see humanity prosper with the least casualty and suffering by the parasite.

The idea that suffering may have a stimulation effect on growth is true, however, if that is due to the parasite sucking energy like a leech sucks blood, then no, we do not want to get better at working and producing more blood for the parasite. That would only make the parasite stronger and make our job, in the end (the beginning), that much harder.

Affirm and Reaffirm,

“State and demonstrate your sovereignty.
Self-willed respect is reflected back.
And the frequencies must be cleansed or cleared so that the message is clear.
Putting up a hand-painted or written sign that says, “I claim this personal space as sovereign and I break contracts or all agreements conscious or unconscious regarding my body, my DNA, my personal space, and my, soul and my energy.”

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