The Three Fundamental Layers of Reality

Note: This is a conscious, co-creative, collective reality.

Then there is the personal internal subconscious that each of us has uniquely portioned within ourselves depending on our conscious experience of life.

And then there is a cosmic or collective unconscious that contains all experiences therein.

Do not confuse one layer for the other, however they are all connected as one representing itself through the other.

These are like the masks the universe wears at a cosmic wardrobe party to present itself to itself, in different angles and emotional bordereaus as if a dancing around in front of a three-way mirror.


2 thoughts on “The Three Fundamental Layers of Reality

  1. YES THIS IS A GREAT IMAGE THANK YOU! As dancers we play with our focus and cultivate it, bounce it around ,mold it with our hands in the air let it roll in our bodies, feel its essence and then shape and form it into our choreographies:)


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