Host Behavior, The Psychological Fallacy and The Power of Perspective in the Cosmic Game (Cosmic Power)

The host will always seek to avoid the action that is threatening to the parasite. Chemicals, perceptions, cravings, inhibitions, irrational fears, memory disturbances, personality disorders, etc etc etc are all used to protect the ‘damage’ of the scar tissue which is the emotional and mental rift of the psyche that this ‘parasite’ exists. This parasite is literally the false-persona that develops when one does not heal properly or unify and ‘merge’ the various discordant aspects of behavior and mentality into one congruence or wholesome and beneficial pattern.

Another note here is that a quick way to determine whether one is in control of their own domain is to see how that individual responds to both hardship and mishap or errors.

If they look at psychological errors with a kind of “woops, so silly of my stupid ole me” attitude, then they are literally welcoming this kind of parasitic nonsense which is just a clever organism that figured out how to subsist on the excess psychic emissions when we are not properly aligning our energies or correlating all our component forms into a unified whole. This is literally no different than a mosquito existing to literally subsist on the excess blood that flows around the fleshy regions of mammals who’s skin is exposed.

As well, those mosquitoes have been known to carry parasites and these are like a larger aspect or function of the primary parasite themselves.

Then hardship and suffering is another. If a person is capable of taking hardship and suffering and working this into a model and result that is beneficial to the individual then this person exhibits power and self-control over that which seeks to subvert and subjugate his or her energies.

A concluding note here is that, just like in certain experimental therapies were a virus can be modified or even engineered to serve another process which protects the body.

So, what was initially degrading, damning, destructive to the whole can be observed and re-integrated through knowledge and self-awareness towards something that promotes healing and harmony instead of destruction.

Effectively, with the proper application of intent, possibly advanced technology, and know-how the circumstances can be altered (even by PERSPECTIVE ALONE) so that the once debilitating oppressor is retrofitted to perform a reversal of its previous role and heal, unify, and point out any errors or areas that need attention.

Focus on this with particular emphasis on the notion that by perspective alone one can create one from the other.

By merely changing our perspective we can realign to create something positive and beneficial from something that is seemingly inherently negative and destructive. We are the one’s who choose whether the polarity game works against or for us in the end.

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