Original Morality, The Time-Matrix and the Holographic Universal Simulator

If there is a morality that is primary to the basic survival instincts we have within this contrived time-matrix reality then this indicates that this is not the original reality and there is a fundamental underlying true reality that is corresponding to our true morality and the fundamental importance of this morality to our overall progression as living beings.

The first four chapters of, “The Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge of the Ages of Humanity: The Secret Space Program”


4 thoughts on “Original Morality, The Time-Matrix and the Holographic Universal Simulator

  1. This could be a rough draft for your creative story or screen play..! Its so unreal that its real! Like you were saying in the Millenials chat… well, here you go. What is funny – who/what is the real protagonist? chicken or the egg.. :)


  2. This resonates with what I have been thinking and feeling and my inner knowing. Ready for the next phase, staying in balance and neutral as possible. Refining and examing where to seal off possible entry points of the inverted. Feel my knowing where I came from is validated, a much more pure and ethical realm which I feel will be accessed again. I enjoy your movie references but I have a hard time watching. Great share, thank you.


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