The Latent Capacity to Overcome

The most difficult aspect of the current system, for most, is that the invasion has already occurred and the war has been raging for so long that there are two distinct groups in this civilization.
One is empowered through the subjugation of humanity through advanced technology, cloning, AI, and mind-control on a multi-dimensional layer that equates to spiritual enslavement within a time-matrix.
And the other is protecting humanity, securing and and promoting a future of prosperity and self-empowerment beyond the multi-dimensional time-matrix mind-control system.
The idea here, the difficult part, is that this society is actually the buffer system for a more pronounced spiritual enslavement system that extends from the previous “temporal layer” or harmonic universe of the entire creation.
The goal of the lower layer is to take over this layer and the next and the next until they have taken over the entire universe.
This would literally be a complete modification and reworking of the original plan and this could destroy the entire system or render the system “null and void” as if the file-system of the universe would produce errors and eventually a ‘kernel panic’ where the entire system would have to be wiped clean and reset from the beginning.
There are notions that this has happened before and has been happening for 6 cycles now and that we simply have ‘ghost’ memory traces of such events. The notion is that if this occurs for the 7th time, then the background processing systems and the latent “RAM” memory that would be keeping the possible “deleted data” would also be wiped and reset drawing all of the power from the system momentarily and there would be absolutely no way from a human perspective to ever regain the genetic, conscious, or experiential information of this civilization and the previous civilizations.
The idea is that there are ‘checkpoints’ where the energy and information is saved as if to be secured and saved on a secondary server system or in a much more secure ‘hard-device’ storage system. This is only after the civilization has ‘earned’ it’s keep by producing continuous harmony through which the information of that civilization can be continuously emitted and recorded across 7 ages of history (small cycles within the perspective of the whole, large cycles from the perspective of the individual civilizations) and thus with this sustained effort towards producing a coherent identity which requires self-control, discipline, self-awareness and ultimately a cosmic balancing of the internal and external energies, only the can the collective energy of a civilization be ‘aligned’ and ‘merged’ with the overall ‘hard-device’ storage of the larger universe where there is only such information of equally harmonious and completed civilizations and individuals.
Some say that the individual’s can make such a process, some say that if the individuals survive between civilization ages this provides some degree of temporary permanence however if their originating civilization dissolves then they dissolve with that unless they bridge to a more permanent and harmonious civilization.
Some say that humanity as a whole or smaller groups of collectives can make the bridge towards more harmonious civilizations who have achieved a link to permanence but this also introduces the possibility of pulling those civilizations into collapse if we do not handle our energy properly.
Our priorities, our ins and outs, the energy debts and productions, the literal individual bio-emissions, the collective impact, our interpersonal relationships and knowledge of the self and energetic atonement, all of the possible variables for change and growth must be met for the civilization to be said to reach “completion”. That is the point, if they are not met, that is not “completion” and thus there is still learning.
What they found in the bases is that each civilization has a specific window of time, kind of like the degrees of a clock, where that civilization has access to the possibilities required to initiate such a level of higher-awareness thus a shift from the lower, energy consuming and mentally and emotionally degrading or parasitic qualities of existence into one of universal harmony and self-awareness. With knowledge comes power and so power must be handled appropriately with respect and dignity.
Thus, there are some who have persisted in this system, even existing outside of this time-matrix, who have made a profit from collapsing civilizations and selling the remains to ‘harvesters’ that exist in a hyperspatial fashion jumping between realms and timelines deceiving and denying civilizations by providing the permitted levels of resistance and using deception and coercion to convince the civilization into destroying itself.
The ‘permitted’ levels are simply the levels that can possibly be applied without that civilization coming to full awareness of the complexity and deception within that situation. If they are not made aware and the deception and distortion runs under their perceptual ‘radar’ then that is permitted.
Thus we have a dumbing down and inebriating of this society so that the highest forms of degradation and energy imbalances are not only permitted but welcomed and enjoyed, even propagated by the elements of this society that stand (or fall) to suffer from such toxicity and deception.
Those people are the uninformed and they end up dissolving if they don’t have a ride out of here. Of course, all of them are promised a ride out, when we all know that isn’t true.
The only real ride out, for anyone of this society, is to propagate enough self-awareness, harmony, truth, balance on a multi-dimensional scale that we can tip the odds in our favor and pull off a ascent towards self-awareness that leaves all the ignorance, self-pity and degradation behind.
This war has literally been raging for thousands of years, and the difficult aspect is that is what happens, every time, in a system where the ‘duality game’ is the preset for the civilizations ‘parameters’. This is determined by the unique format for biological consciousness, the polarity or contrast in the energetic, perceptual and intellectual systems that create such trends and patterns that one must strive towards higher-awareness to gain control and advantage over in order to achieve multi-dimensional completion or success which is simply true awareness of the situation outside the perceptual boundaries and deceptions that serve to take one’s energy and degrade.
In other words, the natural tendency of energy is to progress and enhance with order, and so the natural tendency of such a civilization is to progress and order itself to produce higher and higher order and higher and higher awareness and self-empowerment. This coincides with latent abilities and functions of DNA and consciousness which enable when the proper requirements or catalysts are met. These catalysts are related to the so-called ‘spiritual journeying’ that people partake in order to ‘find themselves’ or ‘find the meaning and the answers’ to life and the universe.
To do so, we must be conserving our energy, just like a mother producing enough energy for the child growing within. In this process, we grow the self-awareness that is capable of superseding the mental resistance, the time-trance delay and decay of consciousness which entrenches one within layer after layer of false-reality, false-sense of self, perceptual boundaries, contrasts and polarity games, and essentially intellectual, energetic, and emotional processes that serve to starve one’s whole being of energy and truth, while enabling another to profit from one’s damnation and ignorance.
So to recap, every civilization grows and progresses and there are latent processes in the DNA which enable higher functioning that heal and push one’s awareness beyond the confines of this reality and all the distortions and boundaries that contain us within perceptual illusions and biological vulnerabilities that must be overcome.
The reason we have not overcome this as a species is that there has been a battle raging where the downfall of our civilization has become the profit of a civilization of parasitic ‘pirates’ who’s business is literally to profit from the downfall and subjugation of civilizations.
This war has raged so deeply that every layer of this civilization and all power structures are involved and either assisting in the protect and promotion of a prosperous future for humanity or are selling humanity out and gaining in one way or another in the process of the downfall, whether they know the truth or not.
However, along with the great attempts and efficacy that the deception and destruction has reigned, there is also a kind of feedback effect like a rebound from the natural tendency to adapt and overcome challenges and this is within the DNA itself from the beginning of time. The key is in the DNA, the future and the past and the true origins. So with that, there has been great destruction but as well the simultaneously generation of a cosmic vacuum where some one, some where, MUST produce the solution to the distortions and resistance to growth as that is the very NATURE of life and DNA. In other words, with whatever given distortions there are, there is simultaneously the latent capacity for DNA to adapt to that degree of resistance and OVERCOME.
One must simply apply themselves and direct their energies towards this goal and that is the result that will be seen as the enrgy must organiz


4 thoughts on “The Latent Capacity to Overcome

  1. Hi Aug, this is a great article! Ty! We need to see you speaking at the universities. There must be some that see what you are saying. Since both groups are involved in everything. Even if not directly.

    Shining unconditional love,


  2. We were granted assistance by the Creator to gain access to the Path or Way to freedom. The legal issues were dealt with on our behalf. Yes we have to overcome and take control but for humans it has become a bridge to far. So we become co workers so to speak but the merit goes to whom it is due and has to be acknowledged, otherwise we remain in cycles of irrational and obscene pride. To think we can escape or overcome without the groundwork being done is a sad fallacy. Overlooking Grace is willful stubbornness. A multidimensional ‘chess game’ is playing out with infinite possible ‘moves’. The One who is capable has brought it to check mate in all possibilities. It’s just futile to think we or a light faction can do it. The 7th reset is it. Just because ‘they’ know it doesn’t mean they are not deceiving.


  3. Boundless Absurdity and Depravity: Cosmic energy emits implicit permission to carve up and sell off parts of a person (as well as entire civilizations of persons), as long as the person/civilization being carved up and sold off remains anesthetized and unaware. GIVE ME/US A BREAK.


    1. There is an energy barter system taking place. They trade in energy that they solicit from us. I saw and heard it taking place 2 nights ago. It’s all going to end soon.


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