Secret Space Program Full Disclosure Sgt. Pattie L Brassard, Karen Lucyk MacDonald, Aug Tellez – Galactic History of Earth and Humanity

Be aware of the holographic matrix that we are in, this is an artificial time-dimension construct. This is made, engineered through advanced machinery to mimic the true universe. All beings claiming to be from “elsewhere” are liable to be frauds attempting a deception for the own personal energetic harvesting agendas.

Be aware of the artificial ascension agenda, the savior races, the hive mind AI, and other agendas.

Technically, I am not condoning anything with this text, I am telling you that this is what I was shown and this is what is possible through advanced technology. The future is what we make of our own energies and creative capacity, I hold no intentions towards technological ascension, ascension of any kind, the true physical creators (instead of the ONE SUPREME CREATOR – A Force of Compassion, Creation, and Strength), I do not condone the harming of any souls however I do condone the protection of innocent life at all costs to ensure that innocent life is not harmed by predatory intelligences or intentions.

Truthfully, what I want to say here but haven’t yet, and should’ve made more apparent and openly voiced in the chat is that I am not claiming the exact picture that is being presented here is the absolute truth. For instance, there is an agenda over the division between flat Earth and the empty space model of the universe. I feel the universe is reflected within as the inner cosmos and that what we experience externally depends on this interal configuration. However, I do believe there is some collective foundation or universal ‘blueprint’ that realities generally branch from or revolve around. I feel many of the stories regarding “star-races” are distractions from the way the universe functions close to a computer simulation in which the entire external cosmos is projected and extrapolated from the very mental energies we are producing right here on Earth. Earth is, then, the center of this “holographic” projected realm. Again, there are agendas abound, even the ‘holographic’ theory is part of an agenda whether true or not. By teaching people that this is a holographic realm they often react in predictable ways tending to attribute new ‘rules’ to reality because of the new information. Anything that distracts us or takes our power to create and filters our creativity is an agenda.

What does this mean about the true reality? That consciousness is reflexive and feeds back into experience to generate change and expansion and that there is an original blueprint and creative force that we as humans (people) did not initiate.

Enjoy the discussion.

Secret Space Program Full Disclosure Sgt. Pattie L Brassard, Karen Ann Lucyk MacDonald, Aug Tellez – Galactic History of Earth and Humanity

I am looking for people who would like to assist in creating the transcript for this discussion. This information is pertinent to the origins and survival of the human race.

If you would like to assist in the transcript, please make a list of whatever topics you feel are definitive and note the general or exact time.

Anyone who wants to make a full transcript of a section of time, please comment with the specific section of time that you intend to do so such as from 15:00 to 30:00.

Everything we discuss as far as what the “dark faction” can do, technologically and spiritually is direct information. They have designed computer systems that can warp temporal and gravitational fields (nearly the same exact concept). There is cloning, mind-erasing, hybridization projects, supercomputer consciousness transfer, atmospheric weaponry, solar weaponry, artificial genetic lines, non-Earth lineages, contracts between non-Earth beings and bloodline elite groups, these contracts have been broken, they are no longer legitimate and were not truly legitimate previously but original bloodlines could not step in because of free-will.

If humanity expresses their free-will then they can break the already broken contracts completely.

There is an ongoing war between the forces of darkness who operate to subjugate and destroy humanity and the forces of light who defend and secure humanity’s future. Humans must express their free-will.

  • Advanced Technology
  • Secret Space Program
  • Underground Bases
  • Celebrity Cloning
  • Mind Control
  • Alien Interdimensional – Interdimensional Mind Parasites
  • Light Faction
  • Dark Faction
  • Illuminati
  • Time travel
  • Soul transfer
  • Hybrid Humanoids
  • Cyborg Soldiers
  • Nazi
  • Full Disclosure
  • Plasma
  • AI
  • Quantum Computer
  • Vril
  • Mkultra
  • Black Goo
  • Solar Warden
  • Advanced Technology
  • Breakaway Civilization
  • NAZI Cloning Programs
  • Eugenics
  • Consciousness Transfer
  • Blood Types
  • Bloodlines
  • Contracts for Earth
  • Right to Learn
  • Cosmic Intelligence
  • Secret Operations
  • Hybrid Races
  • Psychic Hybrids
  • Scalar Weaponry

Cloning Stations, Non-Human Entities, Earth Jurisdiction, Quarantine and Underground Bases: Interdimensional Frequency Hopping

Underground Bases, Celebrity Cloning, Trauma-Mind Control Cult, Immortal techno-gods, Illuminati Sect, Political, Royal, Secret Space Program, Disclosure – We Created The Time-Matrix

The Cosmic Initiation

Belief, Venturing into the Abyss to Save Your Cosmic Family

The One Supreme Creator

Original Morality, The Time-Matrix and the Holographic Universal Simulator

Check the facebook link for the comments of others who have chosen times to transcribe:

As of now the first 5 hours seem to be committed along with the last hour from 8:00 forward. Thank you all for the assistance.

Here is the transcript thus far:

(will be added to)Transcript for Galactic History of Earth and Humanity Discussion: Sgt. Pattie Brassard, Karen MacDonald and Aug Tellez

11 thoughts on “Secret Space Program Full Disclosure Sgt. Pattie L Brassard, Karen Lucyk MacDonald, Aug Tellez – Galactic History of Earth and Humanity

  1. Mindblowing 9 hour chat which I keep returning to! Pattie Brassard is a serious intellect and force and one after the other things he says………its incredible to hear he and Aug chatting away about the Projects and higher dimensions in the relaxed immediate way we might hear …..2 everyday people talking about their work and things they’ve been involved in.

    Also Nibiru got a mention: Yes, its been, and gone. We can relax. This is an Adjustment Bureau hyperdimensional controlling group situation. I think its happening all the time in big and small ways. HCGs coming from Hyperspace, the ”Substrate”, some kind of out of phase quantum particle relative to this reality, and turn up

    I don’t remember where on this video he said it, but Brassard SSP operative says that prophecised Nibiru, whatever it is, ( I have doubts its a spherical spinning sphere and spinning sphere planets generally) has already been and gone. The Hyperdimensional groups stopped ”Time”, sometime after 2012 I don’t know what year, I have a feeling it was 2015 or 16, paused everything and everyone here in this dimensional Plane. Dealt with Nibiru and the destroyed Sun. Yes, there was 3 days of darkness, or maybe even 10. They’ve put in an artificial electrogravitic sun instead and the circuitry can be seen by those with special telescopes, filters, trained on the sun.
    And then they restarted Time and here we are. Thomas Williams on his Spreaker show said 2 weeks ago, their Nibiru stunt agenda has failed, the 3 days of darkness thing, has failed. Not going to happen.


  2. I can transcribe. If we are just choosing, I will do from 29:40 where Aug says, “I want to talk about Gaia and the layers of simulation…” until 1:00 or a good stopping place.


      1. Aug be careful and take care, somethings going on.

        65 people like a post in your group Truth, Honor & Integrity ~ home of Thomas Williams
        Kristie Adams
        August 28 at 3:36 PM

        Be Aware, Thomas is under attack directly by Rothschild and their minions. This is a confirmed report, not a speculation. They will try to contact members, associates and family to discredit, etc. Please members give him your support. I suspect this is why there are so many problems with members lately. This “campaign” was launched about 48 hours ago due to the Rothschild run RV not happening and…See More


        1. Yes. We are all under attack. As the true beings here are less and less and the more we come forward, the more the attacks will increase. Nothing new. It happened over and over since this creation trap, but especially prevalent now as the system is in self preservation mode. As soon as Yeshua came forward to challenge the system…all the negative false beings around him showed their true colours…hence why only a small few were willing to walk with him. This time though…it’s not the Love energy that is being worked on but the Truth energy and with the truth comes the fire that will burn anything away that is false ;)

          They do fear it. It’s like an animal that’s wounded and lashing out at anything that it perceives to be a threat. Your physical shell is like a car…or clothes, they can damage it but they can’t touch you here. Pain is also only an illusion even if it seems real. Connect to your highest self and see the glory of the True Light God within. It left a little bit of it’s spark within all those who still resonate with goodness. We may not be gods, but we are God.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Inspiring writing providing steadfast guidance written with direct higher self connection out through your fingertips. Laura Walker of Oraclereport says we are leaving the Kali Yuga powerfully now it’s a 2015-2020 process. 5G roll out is the lashing out desperation of them I can tell. I expect spikes of and rising curve of illnesses and deaths with 5G but the decentralised voices now online and Free Minds that can’t be dampened will make enough noise and sharing evidence and waking 5G victims up to what’s going on, ”they ” will not be able to stop the outcry and backlash and class action lawsuits and the truth if 5 G and much much more will get more widely known and this is the End Game for ‘them’.

            Jack Kruses Facebook posts on 5G are powerful ammunition for us to SPREAD SPREAD SPREAD SPREAD RAISE AWARENESS.

            Jack Kruse writes well and, like Aug and Pattie Brassard and Randy Maugans, his mind and intellect is on a superior whole other plane he’s much needed during these times.

            It’s not just coincidence they’re pushing the ‘pedal to the metal’ with 5G now when the Satya Yuga era fully gets kicked off in 2020.


            Dr. Jack Kruse
            July 12 at 6:04 PM
            NYC now showing signs of the coming 5G nightmare. No one seems to realize how jump conduction works in wireless. These neighborhoods in NYC is where I went to HS and college and they are very close to both 5G airports in the city. The symptoms have begun. Stray electric current has been found to be causing copper pipe corrosion on very short timescales. Since bone uses two copper atoms as dopants to keep calcium and appatite on the collagen backbone what do you think the effect of jump conduction will be on people’s bones living in these neighborhoods? What will be the effect of calcium flows in the melanopsin/retinol mechanism controlled by calcium? What will happen to mitochondria which uses calcium as a second messenger to control the type and amount of free radicals the mitochondrial matrix makes? These are a few of the collateral effects coming to many cities in the USA in the next 2 years. Be ready for it


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