The Creative Power and the Organic Reality, the Projected Hyper-realities and the Time-Matrix

Awareness of the Situation influencing the Possibilities through the Quantum Field(s)

If you and many others develop that perceptual ability as a result of realizing where they are and who they are, they can’t fulfill their plans. That would create interference.

The Time-Matrix and Physical Interaction

On top of the energetic interference then when people are producing harmony and belief in truth and love (real like this writing with the ups and downs) then that literally produces a connection to the temporal layer (the future and parallel possibility, the literal possible reality) where humanity is strong and separated from the false-reality control system. And through that. THESE beings, the future or parallel possible humans, then can PHYSICALLY interact with and “handle” the problems or issues of the false-matrix beings.

People can’t really fight them now, but it’s THOSE humans that we CONNECT with, and in that way CREATE, or create a connection TO, by producing those beliefs and bio-emissions or consciousness polarity or charge, that then, unabated, leads directly to the creation of THAT possible reality, out of this one.

Temporal Battle, Quantum Possibilities and Projected Hyper-Realities Viewed through Advanced Technology and Soul-Knowledge

This is literally like a battle of imaginative realities, of possibilities in higher dimensional projected space, and this is within each individual as well as in the electromagnetic fields around Earth and in the cosmos.

Self-Generating Projected Realities Via The Human Creative Potential

Which means that through our belief and imagination, the dark gets people to literally believe and in produce the peoples’ own damnation and create the future possible reality of hell on Earth and then these dark people time travel and dimensional shift their reality bubbles into these future possible realities and live THERE while interacting with Earth in the now ONLY to maintain that imbalance to keep that projection generated and thus keep that channel OPEN for them to play.

So it’s a WILD mental-exercise to even comprehend what is happening and what they’re doing only through the use of mind manipulation and advanced technology, but that is why they see themselves as gods.

If Actualization Occurs; The Destruction of the Organic-Base (root reality/organica/original and future healed Earth) Time-Field

The Organic Harmonic Existence Paradox, Autopoiesis-Self-Generation

The issue is that if those false realities become ACTUAL and created from this one, then the human race disappears forever because the plan of the universe, the blueprint of the race is to MEET themselves in the FUTURE of harmony. IF that gets disrupted then the PRESENT and far PAST does NOT get created. Meaning all of this is ERASED from time including the dark forces. They know this.

The Balancing Act and the True Human Potential; Borrowed Time in a Destabilizing Artificial-Time Construct

So they play the game of extending time and balancing the scales just enough to make everything work for themselves without entirely wiping out humanity. But if people ever wake up then all bets are off because it throws off the predictable probability matrix which they use to make all of this secure. The people creating feedback loops of self-awareness and higher-awareness from the present moment into the next creates that literal INTERFERENCE, energetic, consciousness interference that I mentioned.

So just to clarify, because maybe that will make a little more sense, but that is the information we are speaking of here and this will go to the public soon.

The Watchers, The Non-Human Stalkers and Time-Matrix Prison Guards

The Temporal Stream, Extrapolation and Interference Traced to the Present Society of Humans

This is why those beings appear and follow people when they get out of line. Because in the future society, where everyone exists, they can look and see and say, “hey this person of “so and so” bloodline is starting to shift, they’re getting stronger, smarter, more resistant, they can see what we’re doing.” And then they go back in time, to the present moment here, and they find that individual and they see them researching ancient history, they see them working with detoxing and herbs and some useful singing bowls and harmonics and healing, they see them waking up. So they send the beings that can travel through hyperspace, the little interdimensional, lab-created alien programmable lifeforms and then that person is harassed wondering “what have I Done, why did they find me” and then sooner or later they realize and catch on, “I have woken up, I began to see the truth, this is matrix, just my thoughts alerted to them that I have begun to alter the possibilities” So you see, we’re literally in a reality matrix and that is how it works. When they see people waking up in the future, they know it’s because in this time things were changing.

The Potential Use for this Technology and Knowledge

This is amazing but they are so oppressing, they could make galaxies. Instead of raping people, they could literally use this tech to make a world, in a world, in a world. Instead of hells, they could literally make people gods. Not gods. But one with the Goddess. Like creators that love and care for the beings below and around. Instead, they use them for fuel and food and fun. Like delinquents.

Humanity is the true creative force the oppressors can only mimic the creator and the human creativity. The One Creator can’t interact in this level everything would over charge and mismatch the power levels so we must accept the creative power to heal and take the initiative to dismantle the projected realities by aligning our mind with the true organic reality that we are destined to produce and experience.


2 thoughts on “The Creative Power and the Organic Reality, the Projected Hyper-realities and the Time-Matrix

  1. The Creator does interact and has, without disrupting the order, not that He has to answer to anyone but He is good. The watchers and guards are not interested in the people eating herbs and studying history or using healing bowls etc. this is just another rabbit hole. They are more (desperately) wary of those who have been secured and clothed in the Light of the Life of humans. Especially those who are starting to see the bigger picture, although they were secured in simplicity. You are helping us understand.


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