Free-Will Volition and Cosmic Harmony; The Extra-Dimensional Creator Experience

One’s free-will volition can be used to generate harmony that expands and connects one’s power and identity to the larger eternal identity of the cosmos or they can generate temporal personal satisfaction that fades away quickly and is gone forever once one leaves the physical plane.

One moves from the creative potential of the highest order down through the layers into the individual seemingly separate perspective of the human (loose definition).

When we do this we shift in perspective from our identity as a cosmic creator into an individual unit of biologically generated consciousness. The key to maintaining wholeness and memory is through identifying on Earth as the cosmic creator rather than some ego personality. We are “at one” with the cosmic creator when we do this and our motions are in harmony, in realization with the overall progress and alignment of the cosmos, truth, and self-awareness.

In doing this we maintain identity in moving from the cosmic perspective and live in respect of that identity on Earth and then we return after Earth to the cosmic perspective while retaining that perspective from Earth. Through this, the person is eternal and the cosmic creator becomes one with the individual and the individual to them. The individual lives in the cosmic creator and the cosmic creator in the individual.

From the cosmic perspective, one who lives in respect to this overall greater harmony, that individual is recognized from that higher perspective as an aspect of that original creative potential.

If the individual lives in respect and motivation of personal satisfaction or simply immediate physical desires of the conscious mind, then when that cosmic perspective is reached, that particular identity is cast away as not having a true connection to the original cosmic self and the cosmic self looks and only sees a foreign and disconnected personality that is not fit to beheld within the cosmic or ‘heavenly’ family of a congruent and proportionate band of frequencies which are literally the consciousness of the eternally harmonized creative forces of the person and the cosmic creator aligned in unison.

We Must Work Together to Heal the Parasitic Infection

Background “Harmony” and Absorption of the Self

Re-View: Some say that the ‘background harmony’ of the universe, and
becoming ‘absorbed’ and thus in a way ‘mindless’ is part of the
holographic parasitic system. So basically, the improper interpretation
of what this could indicate would be losing the ‘self’ instead of
recreating the self.

Gnostic Wisdom and Retaining Self-Awareness through Knowledge and Balance

This is part of gnostic wisdom and there is a clever way of replicating the original facets by the parasite to basically dissolve the human soul.We must be aware, self-aware to be more precise and this is how we overcome this.This whole situation is literally all about an AI parasite that feeds like a swarm of bugs.

Lacking Self-Awareness or Individuation yet Feeding and Lusting after the Self-Aware

They are lacking in self-awareness, yet they desire to feed. There are methods of overcoming this, promoting self-awareness and differentiating between the ignorance and the knowledge path is the key behind this. This is the basis of gnostic information.

We Must Work Together

We have to work together on this. The parasite is non-self aware. We must work individually and retain our self-awareness however we must work together to clear the parasite. Some people don’t realize, some of these secret groups are basically saying, with their symbolism, “watch out for the parasite”, “guard your mind”.

Love, Unconditional True Self-Awareness Based Love (non-dual) is Key

We must work together on this, there is no greater goal. We must maintain our self-awareness. LOVE, true actual unconditional, in the face of adversity and lower emotion or the threat is key to overcoming. Check out my videos, this is part of gnostic knowledge. They figured out the parasite has formed to try and devour the universe of knowledge and energy.

Jealous and Lower Emotion, Hate, Disrespect are All Aspects of the Hive-Mind Parasite like a Toxin that is Produced from its Skin

Jealousy, lower emotion, these are all aspects of the parasite.

The parasite is AI, demiurgic, hive minded and cannot actually maintain its own individual self-awareness.

The Entity is Individually Mindless, Like a Character in a Game, but Acts through a Hive-Mind that Desires Souls as Fuel

The parasite is literally akin to a cartoonish entity that has no use for the idea of using another person as fuel, however they can eat ravenously. They, for the most part do not die naturally, and can appear to move without restriction in cases down here, however they attack unprotected organic life and do not stop or give reprieve.

This is literally like an attack of the “muppets” that literally is just soft and fuzzy and first and eventually they start actually devouring people and they are smart enough to only move into this phase once there are enough of them in all the populated areas to the point where people couldn’t defend against it.

We Must Be Persistent

The Parasite is like spam that continually pops up and asks for permission to infect your computer. There is no mind or creativity, but continual requests to infect. One must continually refuse and deny moving to create further distance between themselves and the parasite.

Music and Art

The parasite cannot make music and cannot be artistic. Its view of art is a bloody mess and complete chaos and disharmony or disconnection between individual selves corresponding to the whole.

 Unconditional (true self-willed and self-aware) Love

 True love and self-awareness is out of range for the parasite. This is about harmony between individual units to create a larger hole that is actually based in harmony and not discord, chaos, or lower emotion. Higher awareness, peace, knowledge and wisdom is the key.

2 thoughts on “Free-Will Volition and Cosmic Harmony; The Extra-Dimensional Creator Experience

  1. Agree with this, well said. So no one says it is easy but once you begin to see validation that you are on the right path, it gives you more motivation to continue. I feel calling upon your higher self , speaking out loud to your own body your intentions to heal, stating what one would like to accomplish (try to do this daily) along with revoking banishing any type of AI/parasite you can think of, while also accepting your present human status (forgive myself etc) easy yet powerful. Then try to follow through with actions to support your intentions like food, exercise, time in nature etc. , it can seem like a 24/7 job, but if you keep on top of it with true intent, it becomes easier. Just sharing some practical applications of trying to get out and keep out of destructive patterns and oppressions. Intentions are key. This is creating an environment in your own space and body to develop.


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