It’s all a show

They collect over 3 trillion in electricity bills in the big cities every month! #staywoke

Think about this. There’s no such thing as a deficit, they make 100x’s the amount of money that is needed just by taxing you. They come up with ways to waste to produce a deficient mindset.

They make the money to begin with, they print it out of thin air.

And they have zero-point energy and replicator devices so that they can manufacture (and do) all the materials, tools, craft, etc etc etc that they need, while people are basically stuck down-here.

It’s all a show.

All our bills are prepaid for. We need to take our straw man back
This is what I was told. They said it’s all “on account” the rest is a deception and a joke, they are getting away with it and plan to end this civilization or flee to another environment.

3 thoughts on “It’s all a show

  1. I caught this on your Facebook as a comment. I tried to retell what you wrote to my brother while playing with his RC truck outside in the desert. This blog is important, it would make a tremendous MEME with the right artwork. I would paint a van and park outside Duke Energy protesting. Just saying….anyone Cincinnati?


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