Public Affairs and Temporal Field Alteration, History Manipulation, Future Probability Calculations and Viewing

Public Affairs and Viewing through Time

The situation with public affairs is this. If any person of power seeks to change the system, not only is there personal pressure but there is literal temporal viewing technology that allows the power groups to see what will happen in the near or far (less accurately) future. The situation with public affairs is this.If any person of power seeks to change the system, not only is there personal pressure but there is literal temporal viewing technology that allows the power groups to see what will happen in the near or far (less accurately) future.If a person of power decided to make change then this would be picked up on a monitor and they would approach that person and send him a nice letter or note saying, “If you do what you are planning on doing, your family will not live to see Christmas.”

Then the person stops planning, stops thinking ahead and stops resisting the control system.

Spontaneous Behavior

The only way to actually do something in one of those situations would be to literally, absolutely, spontaneously lose control at just the right moment. This also takes the format of choosing to speak out, then stopping, then pretending to, then being serious and really playing with the “reality spectrum” at this point. The probability matrix goes haywire, however if they do not need that individual, then they will just remove them from power or from the picture entirely because even popping that reality “in and out” of the spectrum of possibilities will still show up on the radar.

Then, there is another layer of this. That is how if a person actually does succeed in making an event, a change, etc then there is another measure of control.

Temporal Field “snapping”

If they cannot stop them before hand, they can make sure that person only has access to spaces and methods of communication that are controlled using advanced technology. If there are specific generators that are located in the areas of say where a public speech would be given, at every single event that something like this could happen (very easy with “guarded” individuals, when they are providing the ‘guarding’) then these fields can literally be used to operate a spatiotemporal distortion which acts as a literal fold in temporal frequencies around every living body and material interaction of such emissions in that location.

These are then activated at every single time a person is public or communicating with others. Thus, if something does actually occur that wasn’t seen before hand, these fields can be utilized to literally re-attribute not only the consciousness but the literal electronic, atomic structure of each individual and material in that field back to the exact representation in the universe from before that event actually occurred.

Rewinding Time

Not only does this actually make the individual feel as if they’ve snapped backwards in time consciously as well as turning back any physical effects or damages of that ‘snap period’, but this literally erases that event from the temporal stream for all individuals outside of that temporal field system.

All people who would have heard that “speech” or whatever it would’ve been, would literally be ‘severed’ from the original flow of history where that event took place and that individual gets snapped backwards to the moments before that occurs or they can simply “snap” and remove that event and bounce the person back forward to the present day. They would simply look out, expecting to see people talking about that event, they may ask others, and maybe one or two people across the entire civilization would actually be strong enough to sense those temporal fields and pull any experiential recall into their reality-stream or consciousness field.

This makes it as if that event never even occurred, even though it actually has.

So they can influence events before they occur by seeing them before hand through viewing technology that operates not only through calculations from behavior and the mind, but from the temporal fields of the body and the universe, but they can also influence events retroactively and erase them from time by ‘editing’ them out of the recent past before too much change has occurred.

Disabling the Temporal Viewing Technology for the Solar Cycle

These technologies have been disabled (at least one format) as a result of the solar energies that are streaming in at this time. By the end of this year the technology will be enabled again and this is because they are enabled because of a civilization-wide decree to disable at the threat of inadvertently destroying the entire timeline or universe.

We have the opportunity now to move forward and even later there is still possibility.

Nullifying the Temporal Distortion Tactics

That is because then, only those who have a temporal field system already projected around them are capable of nullifying the effects of this technology. In other words, through the use of their cloning technology they can cheat death and reposition themselves on the timeline or erase a lethal event from history.

However, the same technology can be used to project the temporal information back into an area so that they effectively can’t erase that event from history. It would be like erasing it, then having it beamed back instantly, then erasing, etc etc etc and those who will protect humanity have more interest in doing so and expending energy doing that while those oppressing humanity MUST expend energy in feeding on the soul energy because they do not have the power to sustain themselves on the natural energy of the universe, IE: they lack regenerative power through the DNA.

The Advanced Technology Situation and the Energy Harvesting Races; The More Desperate, the More Exposed

This is a little bit on the complexity of the situation at hand, the power of the human mind, and the objectives of some operations. Humanity has a powerful future however we must get through this difficult portion first. Sooner or later, they will run out of energy anyway as they have continually shrunk this entire cosmos ‘system’ so that they can run on lower and lower power because they keep getting power hungry and no one can keep up with that because they would literally have to go to the Creator and beg for more allowance so they can eat people which isn’t likely. However, if they continue to trick people, then that is one way they pull energy from the original timeline and the original race.

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