The Next Phase of Existence; Energy Healing, The Mind, Body and Universe

This society is currently lacking a public venue for the required information of the mind, energy, consciousness, the reality of the soul, the interplay of biology and consciousness and many topics regarding psychology, physics, the true shape and design of the universe and all the mysteries which are currently coated in disinformation or distractions.

The direct knowledge and practices of understanding the body and mind and operating on a higher scale of communication and self-awareness is the next phase of existence and the missing aspect of this society that is causing civilization-wise suffering, abuse, and delay on all levels.

Because of the inefficiency of this control system and the delay of natural progression, the natural elements, the psyche of society, and the changes throughout the technological and biological fields will build up and create a contrast between what is hidden and what is public and will create a distortion between what is to come and where we should be until something drastic happens and change occurs very rapidly in a variety of ways that have been previously constrained.

Our focus now should be on mitigating these rapid contrasts to produce beneficial and steady change that can be integrated on a civilization-wide and personal scale that will not result in shock, over-reaction, fear, or other problems that recycle and re-initiate the causal feedback loop or vicious cycle of low-emotion, delay and negative reaction.

This is the time of great change, the shift of the ages, and this will take as long as we want it to, or will occur as rapidly as we can safely advanced and learn to balance our mind and body, our emotions and intellect and come to terms with our thought patterns and perspectives to analyze and intuitively sense what is happening and how to neutralize imbalance and recollect our energies and focus.

This is just a simple monologue and a more definitive expression of understanding on the mind and body interplay and the process of healing emotional trauma, energetic distortions, inhibited self-awareness, attachments, and etheric psychosis through the application of energetic atonement, harmonic resonance therapy, emotional resonance, alignment. Free-Will is key.


Questions and Comments

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