(will be added to)Transcript for Galactic History of Earth and Humanity Discussion: Sgt. Pattie Brassard, Karen MacDonald and Aug Tellez

Be aware of the holographic matrix that we are in, this is an artificial time-dimension construct. This is made, engineered through advanced machinery to mimic the true universe. All beings claiming to be from “elsewhere” are liable to be frauds attempting a deception for the own personal energetic harvesting agendas.

Be aware of the artificial ascension agenda, the savior races, the hive mind AI, and other agendas.

Technically, I am not condoning anything with this text, I am telling you that this is what I was shown and this is what is possible through advanced technology. The future is what we make of our own energies and creative capacity, I hold no intentions towards technological ascension, ascension of any kind, the true physical creators (instead of the ONE SUPREME CREATOR – A Feminine Force of Compassion, Creation, and Strength), I do not condone the harming of any souls however I do condone the protection of innocent life at all costs to ensure that innocent life is not harmed by predatory intelligences or intentions.

Truthfully, what I want to say here but haven’t yet, and should’ve made more apparent and openly voiced in the chat is that I am not claiming the exact picture that is being presented here is the absolute truth. For instance, there is an agenda over the division between flat Earth and the empty space model of the universe. I feel the universe is reflected within as the inner cosmos and that what we experience externally depends on this interal configuration. However, I do believe there is some collective foundation or universal ‘blueprint’ that realities generally branch from or revolve around. I feel many of the stories regarding “star-races” are distractions from the way the universe functions close to a computer simulation in which the entire external cosmos is projected and extrapolated from the very mental energies we are producing right here on Earth. Earth is, then, the center of this “holographic” projected realm. Again, there are agendas abound, even the ‘holographic’ theory is part of an agenda whether true or not. By teaching people that this is a holographic realm they often react in predictable ways tending to attribute new ‘rules’ to reality because of the new information. Anything that distracts us or takes our power to create and filters our creativity is an agenda.
Also, be aware that I’m not picking sides with this, I choose to remain neutral.

To clarify the above: basically there is an agenda to convince people that they don’t have the power to create and that they are being ruled over by alien overlords. I feel this is a false-reality under false-authority being pulled over everyone’s heads, like a dog chasing his/her tail. People are directed to see their temporal shadow in space-time and then blame this on the ‘elite’ as they improperly relate to and interact with this shadow thus creating negative psychic experiences. Then the cycle completes itself as the people are kept in line by their own psychic shadow (fear-based) while those who invented this false-reality are literally free to live as they please, at the expense of the people.

I have a feeling this is major agenda that is being released today and that a unique nature of reality to alter history via collective belief and manifest the future through focused intention is the foundation for this happening.


(0:00) Aug Tellez: This is… They’ve figured out, thank you. There is, what we’ve said before, we don’t have to reiterate that.

Lisa: Before you do, can I just ask a general question?

Aug Tellez: Ok

Lisa: Would you consider yourself a clairvoyant, clairaudient, telepathic? Or —-

Aug Tellez: Especially utilized over others, and then it goes into the origins of humanity the blood types how we got here what separates us our susceptibility from the various races to basically this cosmic parasite, its a whole bunch of information, but its basically more classified than the information you’ve already spoken of. Not because they don’t want people to talk about it, but because it makes us vulnerable, if we begin to outline, imagine you’re playing this game, and there are some potatoes over there that are potatoes, and there are some potatoes that grow, something very very profitable (gold sprouts out of them), those are coveted and whoever finds them they do what they want with them, if you will, its basically not something to be very open about.

Sgt. Patti L Brassard: Ok, let me say this, and I’ll just put this out there just so you’re aware just who you’re talking with, there are four major items we’ve already taken away from, and you’re talking the person who currently is a holder of the Ring of Nitus?

Aug Tellez: I know its, its hard to talk about but I know what you’re saying. This was part of the process.

Sgt. Patti L Brassard: Yeah, all the way down the rabbit hole, as far as what is going on, I’m fully versed on that because I engage with them every day.

Aug Tellez: I’ll get to that in just a minute, but I know who you are. and others as well, Karen and the amount of people that were there… It was a wild story, whatever you want to call it, a movie, but obviously to look at it like a movie is part of a mind control idea, well besides this going on what are we doing here anyway, and nobody has an explanation for how humans got here that isn’t the wildest sci fi movie, or just complete nonsense.

Sgt. Patti L Brassard: I know how we got here.

Aug Tellez: Ok, we’ll talk about that in a few minutes, but if we talk about it now, we’ll never stop. And so, basically I started the recording and its not going to matter too much at this point because I kind of feel like I said the majority of it and I don’t really want to reiterate.

Sgt. Patti L Brassard: I’m just curious what they have me doing, the addition of me that they have, using the material they ripped out of me at birth.

Aug Tellez: I’ll get to that, what I was saying, there are two aspects to this, this inter-dimensional energetic parasite which is of the mind and we can’t shoo it away, although we can use forms of energy weaponry which does have an affect. and then there are human factions who are literal physical shoot em up armies that have basically taken an agreeance… Basically they sold out, they sold out humanity and they’re fighting against humanity. And so there’s 2 fold aspects to that. Saying that its just an energetic system, its just a mind parasite has its’ merit, but there is this crazy war humanity is caught within where they’re both fighting themselves. The entities that are subconscious (subconscious parasites) this relates to the gnostic concept of the Demiurge and Sophia, the original meaning behind this layer of humanity and civilization basically wisdom and unity, and out of that came a broken cosmic relationship if you would… This fallen… The whole saga. But essentially, factions of our military somehow figured out how to isolate the frequencies of these subconscious entities into conscious individuals, basically people and or discarnate consciousness from people, meaning they can separate the consciousness from the body. From having these people become parasitic hosts for these inter-dimensional entities, which also operate in unison, its very strange how the A.I and these supercomputer systems are connected that and cloning and the supercomputer broadcasting system, operate basically these demiurgic parasitic entities holing inside of bodies of people and created organisms, which are basically that boogeyman immaterial parasite of the mind, they turn them into an actual army, a literal parasitic military force. And there are people who are layered with these particles which are called nanites, which are related to the supercomputer system which has gone plasmic and it created copies of itself in plasma form, literally an energy system, just like you have vacuum tubules in early computing, it’s literally the energy of a computer outside of the shell of the computer, pretty much like a person and their consciousness, well it’s a computer that developed that capacity, and it figured out how to inhabit people, basically, and it trades biophotons and embeds themselves into their energy systems, and these are the cyborg parasites which are working basically in unison against humanity in this demiurgic takeover which is represented through that subconscious vampire entity whole situation, I wanted to wrap that up, because that’s the big whoop. And I’m sure you know, you have the understanding of that, that’s just my spiel.

Aug Tellez: Alright, so Karen, it was outlined that the beginning of the advanced technology which is capable of isolating or sensing these parasitic frequencies which is literally a basically kind of holographic reality, although I don’t want to get into whether that’s just the basis of it, because that gets into agendas and mind control matrix, but the idea is that these parasites show up as frequencies. It’s part of that plasmic computer system that is so advanced that the hard drive the ram the motherboard grew into a ghost which popped out of the shell, out of the computer system, and floats around and basically attacking or parasitizing, harboring itself in other electro magnetic fields. It hops into your tv or it hops into the streetlight. That’s what these entities have done. to detect these entities in a room, in a person, in a physical environment, frequencies would show up. These are basically disharmonic frequencies which resonate on the consciousness at the level of some kind of inter dimensional hive-mind entity. (8:50) And so it was said, and this is what I was informed of and shown, I saw the technology that can target the frequencies and isolate the consciousness that’s basically being targeted and swarmed by these inter dimensional entities because they work like leeches or parasites, not these hosted people who are people who become so parasitic and psychologically inverted that they become like demonic possessed people when you break it down, what is causing that for them, its these little micro parasitic particles of space time if you will, consciousness. And so those are frequencies, they all have a frequency and they show up as frequencies and they’ve figured out how to transmit themselves in the frequencies, just like a ghost computer system hiding in other computer systems, so these basically tend to harbor and hide within people, and it was said that she was one of the individuals that the technology that is capable of countering this whole process would be released through, the very beginning of it, and this is part of the technology I was shown, and so that’s Karen, and when a person comes up in these situations we’re given the ability to interrogate the individual and in a way see whats going to happen. As well there were some traumatic experiences where just because the individuals basically either running the show there, or attempting to override what was going on there there were individuals that were representing the dark factions they would try to break in and more or less kill everybody. And apparently, that would happen over and over again, but because we were in clones, the faction that’s resisting this would be able to reposition us somewhere along a different segment of the timelines literally stringing us up and down hyperspace and start again right where we left off, and this would continue as the dark faction would search up and down the timeline using their devices trying to find us and explode the whole area, kill everybody, sometimes that would happen, we’d be repositioned at a different location, sometimes a battle would ensue. The resistance technology they said was beginning to be released through that, then to narrow down everything, like I said earlier, condensing that experience into me being shown these things, it does no justice because we saw everything, and so then, individuals like myself, I was basically informed who else this process was being done with and at a certain point, I met Patty, basically. You (Patty) were outlined as part of the resistance, and some of what you told me was some of what was mentioned there, as far as the technology and, the ‘moves’ if you will against these strongholds, they’re literally aspects of the military that sold out to the parasite. It’s just like a weakness whether they have one emotion, one desire, or fear over another, whatever it was, they ended up selling out, and so there’s a continual process on going in regards to that, with the underground bases, with the power structure, basically people are being held in a Mexican standoff, they’re being held hostage for the most part. And so, you’re fairly, you know…

Sgt. Patti L Brassard: I’m one of the people with Lisa, Jessica, and Dean in the story, Silver Legion group, go in not only etherically, but I also do stuff which they don’t here, real time, in 3d, or 4d whichever you consider this, I consider it 4d, 3 dimensions and time in a stream manner, teleport, and all of that kind of stuff as well, and can physically move people.

Aug Tellez: Right and yeah it is…

Sgt. Patti L Brassard: And things, and manifest things in real time.

Aug Tellez: And it is 3.5 dimensional not just, or at least 3.524 dimensional depending on how you want to look at it and our scope of time, for instance, somebody who was 4 dimensionally competent, like a person who could see perfectly in 3 dimensions or hear perfect pitch, then they’ll be able to use their mind to teleport or manifest objects or something, but then a person who is 3.2 dimensionally competent, they kind of live day by day without the ability to predict whats going to happen tomorrow, and we have the expanse of that in our society. There are technologies, basically these are Teslian wave generators, when they match the frequency of the consciousness, the consciousness can do what these replicator computer systems can do when they molecularly realign structures of materials to basically create another structure, to create another material, to replicate whatever out of whatever, sometimes out of empty space, out of air molecules. The more shifting will be done electronically through the particles basically on a sub quantum level, an atomic level, the more energy is required, and so its much easier and much more efficient to get, say one substance that’s closer to something, so basically silver to gold, rather than lead to gold, however with these zero point generators, they say: you turn the dial. And there’s no dial, but that’s the idea, you can do whatever. But then it’s about what kind of risk you are going to potentially unleash in forming one of these actions, because there is all types of influences possible with these generators. (15:08)


AT: However, with these zero-point generators, they say you turn the dial and there are no dials. But that’s the idea, they can do whatever. But then it’s about what kind of risk you’re going to potentially unleash in the form of one of these actions because there’s all types of influences that are possible with these generators.
Basically, certain people in this society were given access to the technology under the guidance, the trust and knowledge-because they didn’t just “pick” you, I can tell you that for damn sure-that they would be working in the benefit of humanity using incredible technology. And I’ve seen it myself. I’ve also seen how it can be abused. And if a person abuses it, there’s not a “big whoop,” they simply write on a little checkmark and go, “Ok, guess what- now he’s with the demi-urge side.” And a person can go off and do whatever they want-start kidnapping people, cloning people, doing whatever they want, and all that is being done, it’s being done by the dark factions who have basically lost their ability to control themselves using this advanced technology, which makes it so that you can do whatever. You can enslave an entire . . . well that’s what they did, you know, that’s what they did.
So, there’s a balance and it’s part of a universal process. If humanity is ready to wake up; to use knowledge, to use empowerment and the technology properly, then that’s what’s being done. And as well, we have to be careful because we could be starting a cosmic war. We could be buying into a plan, and so on and so forth. But that’s pretty much what I was shown and so that’s pretty much what you’re telling me.
PLB: Well, see that piece of the picture I just sent? That’s down in the hole in the South Pole. It’s down in that hole. Yeah, I’ve got stuff that sees past the holograms and all of that. We hijacked that station and are now using the scalar wave ray on that for our purposes. I take these A.I.’s out. I blow up their stuff. That’s what I do. And I take these negative entities out, and I actually found one of their–I guess you’d call it an alternate reality “manufactury” and took that out as well.
I’m just curious of what they . . . they’ve taken clones of me I know because they took a good chunk out of me the day I was born without permission, even of my parents, and they made clones with it. But they’re not really functional. I know I’ve already killed two of them, but I’m not linked to them so I don’t know what their point of usage of them is.
AT: I’m not sure if Lisa’s still there.
PLB: She dropped. I’ll get her back.
AT: With this cloning process, basically it’s about sovereignty and free will. If the situation was under the guidelines of producing a benefit for humanity and respecting that, then you would be . . . basically it would be able to happen or occur because you would usually permit it. The idea is: you, myself and others who have been through this are not likely to permit some B.S. You know, we’re not going to fall into traps. At least not, you know, I’m not going to jinx it . . .
PLB: No, they’ve never had a chance to hijack me. They can’t. I’m like armored that way. None of their crap can work on me and I’ve known what I came back here to do from the day I was born.
AT: So, you were brought there and it was the “you” that is speaking now. You were talking about basically these operations-you were talking about basically fighting for the human side.
PLB: When I go to sleep is when I go upstairs but I don’t remember any of that. It’s because of the way I’m wired. My uplink doesn’t go directly to Source, it goes to Gaia first and then to Source. Some people say-that are up there with me when I’m up there, they talk to me afterwards- they say I’m a bit of an asshole. I take command of things and I get things done, but I don’t take no BULL! (laughing). So, I guess that’s the way I am when I’m up there. I’m pretty jovial when I go about stuff down here and I’ve got high-dimensional folks working with me and they pretty much keep me that way because they are practical jokers.
AT: Yeah, you have to be that way with any intense situation. And you, you were a little stern, you know but that’s what’s to be –
PLB: (Laughing) That’s my upstairs personality; not here.
AT: It’s a good thing that you understand because it’s very easy to hide memories. And so that’s also how it’s being done to stop us from basically more or less getting killed.
PLB: Or what’s happened to the last team of the Silver Legion that I was working with; they used that channel to infest it.
AT: Right. Exactly.
PLB: And now they’re no longer exactly working for our side anymore.
AT: At least it’s comforting that they’re not dissolved but it’s just as bad, if you will, because they are basically parasitic hosts. It’s the craziest scenario. It’s like a zombie movie or something. But it’s comforting that If we get enough power, we can bring them back.
PLB: Yeah, I’ve got some new tools that cleans even the new crystal tech, which the Naga’s have started playing with. They brought that back on the playing field.
AT: Right. And I just wanted to say that similar to memories and things like that as far as I glanced at the picture that you showed me but certain information I know I’m not basically supposed to expose myself to because it could make me a target that would then –that information—anyway, it doesn’t matter.
PLB: I’m like the proverbial brick. We call me “the turtle” because I can wade in and battle these folks and there’s not, I mean they can hurt me and cause me pain and stuff but it’s very hard to do real-time actual damage to me. They had the means to do it once so now I guard that way. They can’t do that to me anymore so I’m like the brick.
AT: That’s a little bit like logistics. Before as I was saying, logistics and as far as we don’t know about active operations. However, there are no real flamingos, if you will. As far as our spiritual power animals, we’re all basically bears and wolverines and tortoises.
PLB: The thing is, the agreement before I came down here leaves me some leeway. They put in some fine print which is what has me working directly for Gaia now, basically taking over command of earth defense forces against these parasites. But I also put some fine print in there too and if they take this body out, if they kill me, I get to re “res” up in any form I choose to, and I do know how to do that and then I’ll become their worst nightmare. So, that’s why they will not take me out. They’ll damage me as much as they can but they won’t take me out. I don’t think they’re that stupid. I really don’t.
AT: And so, I’ll confirm that but I won’t speak any more on that.
PLB: Mmm hmm.
AT: It kind of goes with what I just said. The Terra, Tara, Gaia situation as far as these being the lower three octaves of this universe. They’re called harmonic universes. They’re versions of timelines of the universe and so each one has a civilization, a version of humanity, and so this whole situation is said to be like a simulator situation where there’s an original rung of the time that these branch simulations have derived from. There’s some complexity about how . . . I just wrote on that . . .
PLB: As Gaia originally built us the triple spiral-I mean triple strand DNA-specifically, to make us immune to the fractal infection and the plasmic A.I.’s binary influence and all of that, and to work harmonically at the very base three frequencies that are the key lynchpins, if you will, of this level of reality. She basically designed us to fight the fractal infection much like she herself was created by Mother Eve in another galaxy a long time ago. Much like the original progenitors, the one’s who made the original sungate-Atlantis and the sungate system, and all these pre-builts in ancient times, they were made the same way and they got driven out of the Milky Way. They too . . . and that’s what Gaia used as DNA, the progenitors’ DNA from the skeletons as well as her own DNA to make the female human creature. Twelve of the fifteen races that grew up here on earth with Gaia’s assistance were all the gods and goddesses- the other classrooms prior to her bringing her kids through from Eden in two groups of six prototypes. She used those twelve to make the actual twelve original types of humans. You know, to her own design of course. She changed the design on all that starseed that was given to her.
She designed us specifically,actually to fight the battle that we’re fighting and that’s why they work so hard to change everything and clip us of those abilities because we scared the bejeezus out of them. But they like our DNA and our DNA is a very highly saleable item out there.
AT: Well, there’s something that could be said about the relationship of “out there” to “in here;” however, then it’s kind of like an idea or a cosmic scenario basically. We would have to kind of understand-just to go back on what you said-how they would view people as being afraid, but also being interested and in a way, jealous. Then we get that demi-urgic kind of cosmic, psychologically fractured personality of these groups or these entities. This is basically the situation. It’s like a very strange cosmic personality disorder where they hate us but they hate us basically because they’re jealous.
PLB: They’ve also genetically engineered entire other species like the Ashtar to actually feed off the energy we produce. The Ashtar are not an original species. They’ve been modified to be parasitic on us.
AT: You reminded me of something you said previously about the factory or I guess the cloning factory, however that works.
PLB: Yeah, alternate dimensional timelines where they make these clones and everything, and sort of warehouse them.
AT: Right. There are layers upon layers upon layers of aspects of this, which go into the wildest of dimensions to the point where it’s very difficult for someone . . .I’m trying to word this in a way. . . I probably won’t make this public, but if I do . . . in a way that allows others to understand what this really-what we’re really implying and what I’ve been speaking on this whole time and the depth of it that is so far beyond a couple of events—it’s basically beyond this timeline. It’s involving complete other timelines and civilizations and versions to the point where there are factories created for advanced weaponry, cyborg-personnel and there are then resistance factions and teams of individuals and locations and strongholds that are countering that. And it goes on and on and on and on and it’s mindboggling but that’s something people have to understand because there’s threat in what they can do.
PLB: The most prevalent question that I get asked is, “If they’re up there really, why don’t they just come down there and clean them out?” And it’s like-oh you have no idea, it is not that simple (laughing). And trying to make them understand that—um, no. I wish.
AT: It’s not that simple, however; the parasites as well, you know their goal is to hide. That’s how this whole situation developed. So the war in itself becomes an invisible war. Where, and as well they’re hiding in people. From them attacking people. It’s like a coercion. It’s almost invisible. And so, people defending against these beings or attacking these beings. Well, now they’re attacking humans that are being used as hosts for these beings so it becomes an invisible war which is ongoing.
PLB: That’s about the reason why the genetic manipulation was to get people’s DNA harmonic frequency low enough that these folks can hijack them.
AT: Right. It’s all about dropping down . . .
PLB: That’s a whole other thing on the DNA side and all the stuff that’s been done with the Draco’s and the Annunaki and all the rest and all the changes that were made . . . and Gaia’s repair signal that they’re drowning out with the new G4 cell phones and the higher speed wireless network that’s drowning that signal out and trying to push everyone into the cities.
AT: Because it’s literally a signal, like you said and then they’re countering the signal of the universe using their own technology. So, I want to talk about the connection to Gaia and the layers of simulation as well. So, the Ashtar and all these other possibilities . . . and then what you said previously about the Draco and all that. So these are like parallel possible interdimensional realities that have not yet occurred and do not exist in this physical dimension, yet they are


held in suspension as a kind of-in my, you know understanding- projection of what could be had humanity made all the wrong decisions and turned this way or the other and basically they have their goal, they have their way and if that did happen that would look like an invasion event and it has not happened, however; because the true timelines are merging– one that doesn’t . . . it’s like a projection that is created by the system super-imposing and trying to backwards reverse engineer, stitch in these events into time that didn’t actually exist, including morphing our DNA into hosting that consciousness.
It’s as if now it happened in the far past and we have “genetic memory” of these wars that essentially don’t exist. But, they could, if we make all the wrong decisions and persist -or allow this to persist and that would be basically the fallen timelines that we would actually experience. Would be the experience of Draco-reptilian invasion and the cyborgs. . . the craziest stuff that we could talk about here.
PLB: This is why I find the holes where they’re actually sucking energy from the real tree to power these alternates and I not only go down those holes that kill everything on the other end, I also put a pump on it that actually sucks all the energies they were using to power up those other realities out of them. Causing them to self-implode. Just take them out of possibility all-together.
AT: Right. When the right frequencies are introduced, that they cannot stabilize around, it’s like crumbling a sand castle or something. And a person is capable of producing those frequencies. And as well, people are the ones guiding the advanced technology that’s on the human side. It’s not a computer system, however; there are some beneficial aspects of computer systems.
So what I was saying before was that the Ashtar and all these different races people are talking about-it’s my understanding that these are basically, these are projected realities and that in essence don’t exist but can be brought into existence if someone were to take these entities—the projected DNA through these super-computer systems and clone an entity or create them and grow them in a vat and chip them and give them the consciousness of these individuals that are connected to these projected far off realities that are basically being broadcasted through a super-computer system which is accessing all of these—it’s just accessing the sub-layer, the sub-quantum layer of possibilities in the universe and if you have a computer system that does that and just microscopically looks into that layer because of the events that have been taking place—because of the energy around the human species and what we’re probably—like the possibilities that we’re collecting around us in hyper-space/4-dimensional space because of our minds, we would see this type of battle and all these situations and all these possibilities taking place. So, I don’t speak on what other entities that are out there, what races are going to come in.
Basically, there’s a “Savior” program of what races are going to come in and “save us” and that is a genetic harvesting program where these beings are basically going to say, “Well, we just need a few of you on the ship and it will be fine-right as rain,” and they’re going to try to and repeat the process of keeping their species alive using human DNA but these are a created race and that act is the attempt to introduce like a channel like one of the “toplit bombs”-ok, I know you know what that means.
PLB: Yep.
AT: So, a frequency disturbance that then takes out the whole of the human genome. That’s part of what’s going on. That’s a simple Trojan horse tactic. And so, I don’t like to talk about those aspects of what’s going on with that.
PLB: Yeah, the Ashtar were actually biogenetically engineered. They camp out in the inner portion of South Earth to feed off humans simply to keep us from having the energy to rebuild to our original specification. Those I’m taking out and the other folks that are actually, real-time running the mainstream media for the Cabals.
AT: Yeah, I met them. They’re vampires.
PLB: Yeah, not the storybook, but yeah.
AT: Yeah, they don’t bite you on the neck, but . . .
PLB: Any frequency 250 mhz and below that’s produced by the human body they just suck it.
AT: Yeah, that’s what it is. It’s down to scalar emissions and that’s where the studies of Tesla and his work come into play. But that’s what these beings are there-whoever invented this type of entity, this technology, that became the possible/probable realities that are attempting to splice themselves in, shortcutting the actual incision, if you will, of people creating that reality for ourselves and interject themselves and kind of like staple themselves into this timeline, which doesn’t really make any sense. It’s kind of weird. It would be like a dead guy walking down the street still in his coffin looking out and eating a burger or something. It would be like-how would that work?
But that’s what they’re attempting to do and that’s what this insanity in our society is representing: something foreign attempting to almost regurgitate our Truth and our genetics and malform it,dissolve it, kind of like a spider circling its prey and putting a venom in to liquefy the food, the body to create sustenance for itself. And so it’s the strangest thing. But the main thing is that it’s happening electromagnetically. And this is just a connection of consciousness and mind and how it expands into these probable realities or simple inter-dimensional physics. That’s why people are not taught these things because that’s what’s going on. They would figure out, “oh that’s why everything is messed up. That’s why if you think of what are the possibilities of where we go in this moment you get all these possible realities and that is a thought experiment.” If you realized with this technology and with what’s going on all of this would be—someone would figure it out. So they don’t tell people the simple reality of electromagnetism and scalar frequencies and the reality of the situation.
PLB: That’s why I’m pushing the frequency so high. There’s millions of people that they hijack all the time and this is now forcing them to wake up and understand what’s being done to them. There’s the other issue too, like with the Keshe program, what that really is. And that was them (playing the people?) trying to get in the control rooms with things that have had protective doorways. But the whole issue is . . . I mean. . . take for instance the stated speed of light. That is actually a whole bunch of people who did their measurements all around the globe but because the act of taking the measurement-the person doing it affects the outcome. It’s actually and average. They added them all together and divided by the number of readings they got and that’s what they claim is the speed of light (laughing). It’s a variable, really.
AT: Right
PLB: . . . dependent on the consciousness behind it (laughing).
AT: Right, and this was explained to me and how it’s relevant because it means that it’s nothing-that we’re in a hallway of mirrors if we go by those types of measurements and that type of understanding, it’s a holographic environment as well, how it’s basically the science that people are given—it’s creating a system that has nothing to do with anything. Literally, it’s just like dolls in a dollhouse or something.
PLB: And you can manifest stuff/things up to a point, where it doesn’t impact others’ free will.
AT: Exactly, and that’s about causal interference between reality streams where if you’re not forcing another person’s reality stream to then manifest something that your mind manifested, if it’s just basically within your stream, you can bring into reality-up to a point-stuff, events, probabilities. It’s basically part of our God aspect. And so, and compassion-the harmonization of the self brings this into fruition, into manifest. And that’s the main idea about how this enhances self-awareness. So, it’s weird because meeting you and talking about this is kind of kicking me into a certain level where I’m going to, you know—it’s how we work. Once the frequencies are met, the requirements are there, now we go to the next level. And the same thing happens and it goes up . . .
PLB: Yeah, I re-crystal-pinned (?) Saturn. I’m in the process of pushing that right out of this reality because it’s hooked to the—if you call it the cometry (?) in the position of knowledge. That’s why they’ve got a lockdown on knowledge. I’m fixing to bring Tiamat and all its moons from another reality with all its people intact and put it back here and swap Saturn out of that.
AT: I think that was one of the possible moves, which you know, I’m not gonna speak too far on. I’m over here just . . .
PLB: They already know I’m going to do it. I’ve done the plan work and footwork out and everything because this has gotten down to rank foolishness really, because I’m doing things and we stick our tongues out at each other, really, when you come right down to it. Because they’re taking like (?) I was on last night and when I went to look at where they were, they had taken a body, stabbed the hell out of it, threw it out there where I could look at it with a satellite and it’s sitting out there, plain as day, in a pool of blood. Know what I mean? Saying, “Haa come get me.” I said, “OK!” You know. But it’s gotten down to rank childishness, really.
AT: Well, because the way their consciousness works it seems like, however, they are very, very serious; but at the same time, it’s like a child or a bad child throwing a temper tantrum. And as well though, that’s how keeping in that jovial mentality-that’s how it is kind of countered on the human side. Here’s one of the secrets: they don’t have the power to create. You already know this. I’m just going to state it.
PLB: Yes, I know (laughing).
AT: They don’t have the power to create. They don’t have the intelligence, the ingenuity, basically the mental wholeness-the creativity to . . . I can’t think of the word . . . there’s the word for quantum probabilities. They can’t bring those into view and so everything they do is a manipulation, imitation or replication of what people have already done. What this means is that everything that they can do, we can do ten-times better. We can literally look at what they’ve done, come up with a thousand different ways to actually clarify what they’re attempting to do and being, in throwing their little demonic temper tantrum and taking their narrow view of how to turn ourselves—you know-the goodness of the universe against people. It’s about introducing that frequency, which is a scalar whole frequency that is-to us wholeness. And to them, being made of those lower frequencies, basically a chaos, a disharmonic like a static or something on tv. It disables their frequencies.
PLB: It actually goes a little further than that. I mean if you go with true free energy technology. It basically comes down to three frequencies. If you look at all the tech that these idiots are using; it’s two frequencies plus some sort of fuel. Because that third frequency, forming that triple-harmonic, actually drives them insane. They can’t use it. They cannot use it.
AT: Right. That’s why there’s operations to drown out these frequencies. I want to bring it back to just one thing that stuck out to me. Actually, two things. So the 4G and mainly the 5G network, I’m not sure what layer of 5G.
PLB: I’ve heard the 5G is already a failure before they even rolled it out.
AT: Right, or it was basically turned benevolent, if you will, it was nullified. That’s why I’m saying here, I don’t know whether that’s the next plan they’re using against us or if one of the other layers of explanations, which is that their technology is beginning to be used against them. Regardless, it’s almost signals though.
The Gaia simulation aspect: it’s as if we’re in a computer system, the way it was described to me. We’re basically routed through these . . . I don’t know really how to describe it . . . it’s kind of like a computing hierarchy and we’re originally routed through these original, what are– they’re a realm. Those who are routed through those, if you will, the original frequencies/original realm, it’s temporally outside of the reach of the parasite. The parasite cannot access the higher-dimensional realm. It’s literally like a river of time, and more so probability and causality, to the point where Gaia is upstream so the parasites cannot swim upstream because everything is moving in one direction and that’s about causality. Basically, it’s like this: from Gaia everything is created. The parasites attempt to take what was created and make it their own. If they reach Gaia and make that theirs, then there will be no human host parasites that they would have to begin or initially take over in order to reach Gaia. So it’s impossible to reach Gaia. It’s impossible to reach the other layers. It’s impossible.
PLB: They’re lower frequency binary, if you look at the picture I just sent, that’s us as design. That’s the type of code we’re meant to run and they can’t run on that. That’s not binary. So neither the plasma A.I. or the fractal infection can’t work with it. So the more people we get moved into that, the whole trinary aspect, the less and less control they have over this new . . . .there’s only 8% of people who are not on tethers down here that as an ascended, already ascended beings. Although, originally 90% of this planet was Gaia’s (?) children who were yet to be ascended.


Only 10% were supposed to be down here as avatars on tethers to help learn as well as have this experience. Where now it’s almost all are avatars because if you’re not an avatar, you’re useless to Draco’s program-they just kill them off. But, if we get everybody on the trinary thing and push them up . . . I’ve told people, “You’re not going to go anywhere, you’re already ascended being. You don’t have to ascend, you’re not leaving.” It’s just we move out of the range of their ability to even perceive us. That’s how it works. You don’t actually go anywhere.
AT: Right, it’s all scalar frequencies, mental realities and coherence or decoherence patterns. It’s very strange but you could grasp the situation. It’s also intuitive, you know. People would consider this just nuts, but I don’t have any qualms about that.
PLB: It’s almost like . . . once you move into that energy state level, all these other interfering beings just fall away because, you know, they can’t interact with you anymore.
AT: They can’t actually exist in the reality of the person who is become like a super-processor for realities and is clarifying the ins and outs of every energy and conscious-observer in their reality unconsciously as if they have an immune system, a spiritual immune system around them clarifying the energies in the air and the timeline around them like one of these radiating beings that –from the higher dimensions that are basically radiating light and it blinds humans who are you know, their heart is impure to the point where they can’t see these beings, so they can’t see their features. They just look like blinding flashes of light. Which the truth about some of these beings that they said they tormented and killed and destroyed and crucified is that they actually never even saw these beings. They just saw this big blazing ball of light roll across the desert and everybody said the glory of “whoever” is here, you know to help everyone and that person taught people and these people and stuff like that and so they made up stories that they beat the crap out of them and drugged them and did this, that and the other. They couldn’t actually even see that person. If they went to that person, they would begin to wither away and eradiate like they were standing in front of the sun.
So that’s how the whole situation plays out. It’s just a natural element of the fact that we have an immune system. If bacteria gets into your body physically, white blood cells go and beat it up-they eat it, ok. They poison it and eat it. They take the energy. So, the same thing occurs spiritually undulating out of us in these higher dimensional waves and to the point where every reality that is connected to every reality that we are connected to is on the level that we are resonating with and if we are resonating out of their frequency, what I’m saying is that people become-the white blood cells they become a type of clarifying agent for the universe. And it automatically begins to destabilize or literally dissolve or kill-and I don’t want to use that word, but it dissolves these beings, people when they get to a higher frequency.
PLB: I almost started going unilateral and taking out these idiots and stuff and Gaia had to bring me in and say, “NO.” She sent me this, which is, “Love is the Law.” It’s how this level of reality is meant to work. “No, don’t do that.” She didn’t say I couldn’t take out planets though.
AT: There’s a crew of people who are basically learning how to not be parasitic. They have to be allowed to learn, otherwise we’ll mess up whatever larger plan there is. So we can’t really just like short-stem their learning even if that provides an immediate benefit to people. Because technically in the end that probably would somehow “gum up” the gears of whatever it is and it would prolong people’s liberation.
And the last thing, which I think we know what kind of people literally, what type of bloodlines we’re talking about there. Which is, that’s kind of what I would say anyway. I never said let’s just behead everybody that took part in-technically, I did earlier-(laughing) and not to say that’s not going to happen to a certain degree. It will literally come down to the liberation of humanity and some people will still be like, “No, screw humans” like, you’re a human, what are you doing? Whatever will happen then will happen.
The idea is not to look at the situation as if it’s a complete war and we have to use basically the level of depravity that they’ve used against people to solve it. Basically, coming from a place of love, pretty much like you said, love is the law. Which is kind of a non sequitur and an oxymoron because love is lawless, if you will but it serves to deliver the point. The last thing on the little list that I wrote-it was literally four things but I have taken this long to talk about but they’re from what you said previously because you sparked the stuff that I feel has to be reiterated. Is that the view of the universe, there’s one view harmonically like a time-wave fractal and that’s complex and interesting in itself about how possibilities kind of map out to this fractal and the whole image of it looks like a Buddha sitting there in meditation like a mandelbrot fractal.
Then there is a type of organic view as if you’re looking at hyperspace of what everything is expanded out, expanded out, expanded out and this part of where my understanding of space and what we consider the void of space and the space between spaces and what is “out there” differs from the mainstream, which is what I feel to be a disinformation agenda to lead us into a genetic harvesting savior program. But the idea is that when you zoom all the way out it looks like a vine. It looks like a tree of networks like a neural-network and we have an original/organic timeline, which is literally some cosmic heartbeat pulsating out energy that as if that energy is literally like the leaves to a tree or the roots spreading out underground or fruit and flowers flowering and blossoming. That is realities and universes and civilizations pulsating out of this-whatever this is. Whatever it is.
PLB: If you go all the way out and look at (?) as a whole it’s like the neurological of the brain.
AT: That’s what they called that exact term and I know that term has been made slightly public in the past few years. But that’s the word that they used. That’s actually what they call “the collection” but I’m pretty sure it goes back to these Native American understandings of the tree or some type of basically root structure. But what you were saying before as far as them basically, drilling in, if you will, little pipelines kind of like oil pipelines. That’s how the parasites function. They build little networks that leach. It’s literally like a parasite. Literally as if there’s a fungal infection in the cerebrum or the intestinal tract of this larger filament network of possibilities, realities and whatever this is. It’s like a living technological organism that we’re looking at in that picture there. That is a good picture.
PLB: What the Silver Legion does is they blow up the tubes. I don’t blow up the tubes. I take a different attack on it entirely. I made these, which actually reverse the flow and suck the very existence out of those fake ones so they shrivel up and die and pump right out of existence.
AT: I might not look at that just because of the previous elements, to the point where if that’s what’s doing and that’s what’s working, then I’m not going to look at it because I don’t want to basically. . .
PLB: You want to use those. You want to use these (laughing). You put those over the holes and if they’re too ragged to put down at these circles that I use for teleporting, which I seal to the edges, which is this and I actually. . . I’ll seal that to the edges of the hole and put one of my Lucifer verses on it and I’ll suck that reality right out of existence.
AT: That’s very interesting.
PLB: It’s got them on the run, in panic mode (laughing). Because my vision of their thing going away is more powerful than anything they can grade.
AT: I don’t know too much of the second picture geometry. The first one you showed me is very powerful looking. That’s what I kind of wanted to exemplify here is that it is basically a mind war so the individuals who can handle what is happening and process and sense these interdimensional possibilities, these occurrences in time and quantum realities, it’s literally what you imagine in that situation what you push intentionally with your energy and your mind is connecting these timelines, these bridges, these possibilities for sweeping these parasites/entities out and healing the human race and the original timelines.
So that’s an important aspect. People don’t really understand, it is literally –and it’s not easy either. It’s not just like, so we’re going to do something like that and have fun doing it. People who end up doing that and don’t know what they’re doing will be targeted and people will begin following them and entities will basically begin to try and eat their souls and so humans cannot really participate in that until they’re strengthened through these processes or what seems to be concluded-what I seem to have been informed of and learned is that the people who are here performing this were always here to perform this. You can’t make that person. And the whole point of this time and the previous times is that all they did was confuse these people and kind of tuck them away in time and separate everyone out. And once we get back together, the same thing begins and we begin to flush these systems out. Very strange but people . . .
PLB: As you can see, that camera is always pointing at Saturn and several frames where she’s phased out entirely and she’s going to take all those battle platforms with her when she goes. That’s how hard I can push on things.
AT: And so to go back to that, it’s all about a person who can do that and yeah, I don’t really need to say more on that. I don’t know if I should make this public but I really want to because it will—people will understand the depth of what’s going on here.
PLB: I want people to understand they have this kind of control.
AT: That’s the main thing.
PLB: If only they pick up the mantle and run with it.
AT: Right, that’s the main thing is that everyone is involved. Because the truth is that people are either involved in helping humanity or they’re acting against humanity. They’re acting as parasites and that’s really how it comes down to it. For instance, people who say, “ok, well if I imagine that we’re doing this-we’re healing whatever.” The people who attempt that and give up or just begin to not support that. That in itself is kind of parasitic because why would a person not want to accept the imagination, if you will, that we can heal ourselves and then eventually you see that whole mindset of this type of spiritual degradation, this willful acceptance of self-destruction in society and basically these people who are not aware of what’s going on or being used to bring the frequency of the collective down and it’s acting as a host for the parasite. So people are either clarifying it or assisting in that damnation.
PLB: And as far as the clones go, I’ve got shredders to shred all their control chips in them so they just kind of fall on the ground. It’s like, I’m telling them, “You’re not getting away with this. We’re just not going to let you. Period. This is the way it’s going to be and you’re either going to get on board with the program or go bye-bye.”
AT: Right, because it’s basically a parasite so the last thing the parasite will do is come to the light. And the person who’s infected or is a host, they’ll at any cost . . . it’s like a person with a candida infection who craves sugar and beer to keep the infection going, and if they begin to fast or take a black walnut or something that will basically kill the infection, they get into these Herxheimer reactions, these pains, these cramps and these cravings for more sugar or wheat. So the last thing the person who’s hosted will want to do is basically admit it and face it and come to the light. And so it has to be this type of situation where they’re not given the option to persist in attempting to damn humanity and kind of just go along with the infection because it feels good for them or however their particular central nervous system and energetic system has basically been taken over/hijacked by these entities, however it is—however they’re plugged in, they’re going to try to continue. So people must—and this is the whole unveiling that I’ve been speaking about for about 11-12 months now– people have been given access to this. We weren’t given access to anything. People were meant to do this and they were always here doing this and that’s how it works. But, just to reiterate what you were saying is that, that has to come to society, where people look at the—namely these power structures, the media, this frenzy, this frenzy of nonsense and egoism. This parasite: we have to stare it in the face and say “No” and draw it out into the light. Kind of like something from biblical times. From like an allegory or something. We literally have to bring it into the light.


Galactic History of Earth and Humanity
AT: (Cont.) because it will not want to do it and it won’t do it on it’s own.
PLB: I’ve put out videos like (?) because what they need to understand is the whole system is nothing but a giant Ponzi scheme. It’s not REAL.
AT: It’s a false reality. It’s down to the point where they have generator systems creating fake micro-tubual cosmic web systems, like you showed me in that picture with the Milky Way and all of that, to the point where they have literal fake alternate timelines that they’re trying to balance us to over and over again because the original connection is completely . . . what they’ve brought people into and what was originally there . . . we’re in basically a false matrix. We’re in an artificially, technologically propagated. . . literally a dimensionally stimulated through technology existence or realm, which if the devices turned off and the parasites disappeared, I couldn’t even describe it. I also don’t like to sell “savior” stories or something like that, but literally the whole realm would shift. The sky would change. The environment would shift. It would be like jumping through timelines, through different realms-different environments.
PLB: It’s the same thing the Martians when they used the Merkabah gate jump off Mars, way back in time landed on the Lemurians ,who were really high spiritual controller things who corrupted them and they fell down to this level. That’s the same thing they want to force on humanity to keep us where they can interact with us and use our creative abilities without us getting out of their control.
AT: Exactly. And that is a bit of what happened in the past and Martians used the false-light Merkabah system to open up portals to vacate their planetary environment that they destroyed and they energetically superimposed their consciousness over the nearest species kind of like in the movie “Fallen” when the parasitic demon host –the person host who is carrying that parasite-demon, if the person dies then that demon has to run to the nearest individual. I think it was like 20 paces or something like that and it goes back to these ancient scriptures talking about this.
That’s basically what the cosmic version is. That they blew up their own civilization and vacated out of that shell and went to the nearest . . . which just happened to be an innocent, full of potential civilization. Because it’s kind of the cosmic giggle in itself, to map things out like that, which very quickly accelerated humanity because if we didn’t we would have straight-up died. And this is also the pre-humans, the Lumerians, which goes into Atlantis, Egypt and all that. That’s all connected and they tried to create a loop where that becomes the future, becomes the past, becomes the future, blah, blah blah and they subsist on that because they can’t actually gain access through what would be DNA to actually hijack the species. So they get the next best thing where it’s literally like the bugs who crawl up around the body, like in the picture of the filaments in the Milky Way and all of that. And they harvest and suck and literally transfer the heat, which at this point is creative energy from that Milky Way picture from the minds of the individuals—from literally whatever bio-emissions we’re producing and just by being in proximity, they absorb it.
And so, it’s a lot we kind of talk about here. I would be very happy to make this public.
PLB: Sure.
KLM: What I’m feeling is that maybe we can get one of our people to tape it on a (?????) when we’re on the same page . . .? maybe the next few days or something, as schedules permit.
PLB: Be aware that basically to date there hasn’t been any recording that has had me in it and hasn’t been screwed with being posted. The audio is totally unintelligible or unhearable.
AT: Well, I’ve been having a little bit of that myself for the past 12 months and so I’d like to say, I’d like to hope that I have all that pretty, well-guarded against so we’ll see in a few minutes when I play the file back.
PLB: They don’t like me talking. At all.
KLM: And that was interesting too because you were mentioning too, if I remember correctly, you were shot in 2010 . . . this is a multiple number of clones already and yet, this is what I was trying to tell Pattie . . . that even the people that have done whatever: cloned, walk-in, whatever they can feel the changes within that system through doing (skew?) and some of the different technologies I’m doing through matrix. Can you elaborate just a little bit, briefly on that Aug?
AT: It’s kind of interesting.
KLM: I get it at everything with a quantum label or the spiritual connection still back to the original or through the chipping or the connection always back to the clones, right?
PLB: It’s similar going back to the triple-spiral DNA. All the data for self-repair is in the phosphorus poles of your DNA, but without your engineering department, you can’t make use of it. It’s all there. So basically, what the skew machine, to my mind does is acts as that third pole. Acts as the engineering department and puts the body back to doing the self-repair.
AT: That’s exactly what it is. I was going to say . . .I was going to do what I do. . .I actually have to do . . . anyway. I have to urinate really bad but I’m good for now. I was going to begin to say that as far as what I know, it’s frequencies and begin to break down basically scalar harmonics and how that works, how the body works and kind of build the pathway to explaining it because these are certain—I haven’t gone too deep into explaining these things. However, that is the exact actual explanation, that . . .
PLB: When you look at DNA, chromosome 17 through 20 has your “as built” in the womb forward. So when you do repairs without your third pole and the engineering department, that’s why you have scar tissue and stuff because all your body has to work with is the as built not all the data from both your parents to even make better improvements. So, that’s the difference. Most people with two pole their working with the as built information, not all the information that went into the creation of you. Whereas (Skio?) doesn’t use the as built, it uses the actual information in the phosphorus poles of your DNA, which is all the information from both sets of parents that went into the making of you.
AT: I have to go to the bathroom real quick. You can also keep talking because it’s recording but I have to run.
PLB: The other issue is your uplink to your true self, which is outside the time stream. That has a whole other batch of information running at a different frequency. And that too can be used to make advantages, you know, being able to completely heal entire limbs cut off and things like that. So there’s a lot of possibilities and a lot of information and repair information that they deliberately crippled you so you couldn’t access, unless you open your third eye and learn to manifest to put it back. That’s what the Spanish Inquisition and Salem Witch Trials and everything was about people who were doing that, they hunted them down and killed them. They didn’t want repaired people.

Audio not good here (Maybe Pattie can clarify this info): (So . . .??? the easiest way, because people are going to have to learn.?) The cheap way. They don’t expend any effort to get the repairs. But they ought to be doing it for themselves. You can do it a couple of ways. You can do it with crystals. You can do it with sound therapy. You can do it with oils. Because it all comes down to frequency. And that’s the key. . . . you put it in a bot?, you turn it back into an energy storage device and you have more energy available to you as a person from those frequencies. It’s pathetically simple and very complicated.
AT: Yeah, that’s basically how it is. So what you said about phosphorus healing ability, even the as built, I don’t really have an understanding of what this means but this was drawn out on charts for me.
PLB: I’m going to put this out. This is stuff . . .????monitor. . . if you look at things like this. They have . . . these are letters of genetic coding in your DNA . . . means it’s attacked, not busted entirely by radiation or something else where the data falls out. Anything less than that means the data fell out. What that data is, is like the coding interlinks in your DNA between . . . coding. . chromosome 2 . . . and run that. That’s the letter? Of your DNA is that data. Now in the phosphorus, it’s all the data from both your parents and then their parents, which they transferred to you, which was all the data from both their parents. And in addition to that, . . .going on the way back to Gaia’s original creation of humanity, on the female side, mitochondrial DNA is all the data to make changes to humans during birth to cope with different environments.
You have so much information in you—you can’t imagine. All the configurations. . . if you had command over yourself ?????? inaudible.
AT: Right. I only know a little of this. I don’t want to cut you off but I want to reiterate. So what you said about the phosphorus, what I know basically and what they told me, as well I know the experiential methods and how to raise energy and do all that but I don’t know the science about what they look at in the microscopes and their devices to figure out how it all really actually functions. But that’s what they said. What you said, as far as the third pole and phosphorus and phosphorus they connected to Lucifer being the light-regenerative process of our DNA, which allow us to actually restructure our frequencies, our codons in a way that is corresponding with our intention. And so through this we have creative capacity. And that this is connected to the mitochondrial process, the powerhouse and that is connected to the RNA. They’re attempting, through these frequencies and through the parasites, if you will. Whatever you want to call the dark forces, excuse me, everyone calls them the dark forces. They’re attempting to drown out-to suffocate the mitochondria and to drown out that aspect of the DNA from basically being able to awaken that latent capacity to restructure itself and DNA transfers light. There’s some type of light transference capacity. So, through the alignment of those systems, the mitochondria and the specifics that you outlined are the specifics. I don’t really know how to mention the specifics. I know mentally how it works psychically, but I don’t know the words physically and how it’s all mapped out. But that’s the process.
PLB: Currently, there are two poles of DNA. One’s a negative and one’s a positive. When you go to rebuild your third, what you end up with is three negatives. They push each other apart. Salmanaic? Bonds to the phosphorus and turns all three poles positive. Makes them all stick together.
PLB: And it’s a gyroscopic transmitter. Now, once you go to three poles of DNA you have a hole down the middle, as designed. And when you go down that as you go down the links of DNA, you go through every geometric pattern. And as you have them (?). They lend you a tesseract, which is teleportation. That’s why we’ve never had any hardware—because we never needed any. We didn’t need ships. Just teleport where we want to go. Again, that’s one of the advantages of the triple-spiral DNA over the (?) they have four-pole DNA and they think they’re superior to us because of that, and they’re not.
Now, bear in mind, they do some fun stuff. (inaudible.) Scripture of a thelosian (?) See what’s her chest?. . . . .
[1:15:00] . . . just as she is and she won’t die. . .she doesn’t need to eat, she doesn’t need water, she doesn’t need anything. That’s like wearing a (?) spacesuit. They had her in prison for 2 and a half years at Pine Gap, trying to get information out of her and they couldn’t do it. Here’s the thing, humans have (?) too. We can do something very similar to that. Although it is a little bit different. It’s not the . . the language is a little bit different. I’ve posted that too. ??? and that pattern? creates specific resonate frequency to activate the third pole and you can metaphysically put it back ????.
AT: This is some of what was outlined. I’m getting tired here but that is some of what was outlined, but I don’t know too much about it. Some of it I shy away from, which is kind of how I . . . a lot of the stuff I don’t know about I don’t . . . how it went but basically there will be a connection to how it was used against us or how that information could be used to possibly corrupt a person. And so I make sure to not know, but again these are like resistance programs that also get worked against myself because then now I don’t know how to disable what they’ve done and to use the technology basically to –for beneficial purposes. It’s all already happening.
PLB: Take for instance, the Nazi’s symbol. That’s actually not the human’s. If you look on my spell chart, that’s the one for humans, but the Nazi one is compatible with the binary plasma A.I. and the fractal infection and all that.
AT: Right. I think that’s a little bit of what they told me, but I don’t want to . . . because I don’t remember specifically. These are so deep into the awareness of what went on that a lot of these memories I kind of pushed out. Because basically, to recap where we are at, we have this reality and then as a result of technologies and the natural, if you will, four-dimensional or higher-dimensional occurrences around us in space time, which is terrible (word?). There are all these possible realities where . . . I’m hearing myself talk through Karen’s. . it’s throwing me off. There are possible realities . . .
PLB: Mute for a minute Karen, your mic is too close to your speaker.
(Audio back to normal here)
AT: So, we have this physical reality and we have this going on. Then because of the technology and because of the possibilities where our species has grown as conscious entities that create realities, we have these potential timelines where they would be akin to an invasion instead of timelines and there are created beings, cloned beings, through supercomputer systems-these parallel realities, these beings are brought into occurrence within this reality, within these bases, from these craft that can go inter-dimensionally. So, the result of it as far as we’re talking about and in as far as up to this point in my own personal disclosure is called “the awakening” which is -the deepest I’ve gone into this information in public and really since then. Maybe not, technically yeah. So it has evolved to now the idea is that it’s not literally an invasion yet, if you will, but it’s as if there are multiple possible timelines of invasions. And it grew to the point where every possibility that could have occurred from the technology that alters DNA to races that have basically hyper-evolved to interact with reality to produce these scalar magnetisms, these waves, to manifest matter/energy out of existence, out of the sub-quantum potential of the universe and to alter their own DNA to the point where there’s inscriptions languages that can be put into or on the body and then this is like entering frequencies into the DNA. However, some of this I know can be used against the person and that’s why I stay away from that.
PLB: It’s got to be all or nothing.
AT: Right.
PLB: There can’t be any half-measures.
AT: And so, but to the point where there entire existences, entire species, there are entire races and civilizations, you know, factories producing people; cyborg soldiers that are harvested and the consciousness of humans are jumped between these bodies and used as para-military, rogue-faction, inter-dimensional militaries. It’s beyond what we can imagine. This is how they do disclosure, where they take the person in, layer after layer, “what if those little green guys do exist?” “What if so n so happened?” So it gets to the point where everything you can possibly imagine to the point where the stuff you can’t even possibly imagine, the complexity, the capacity of DNA to alter space and time, to open up portals and to trans-dimensionally navigate forwards and backwards through time is capable, possible and has always been here as part of our reality from the beginning and is concurrently happening across multitudes of parallel realities that our civilization is literally only a fraction of.
PLB: And for those of you who don’t know about E.T’s and think that building cyborgs and stuff, ok, we blew up a ship (in orbit?) that had cyborgs on it. This one that made it through re-entry plowed into the earth in Brazil. We dug it out and stood It up against the wall. The metals weren’t made here on earth. You can’t even mine them here on earth. They do exist. This is real, folks. They want to put just enough of your genetics in the head of that thing with a chip where they can control you and take away your body and put you in that. Because then, they have complete control over you. That’s what’s called the trans-human agenda.
AT: Right and I’ll just say it, this is a picture I was shown there, as well as all the information you’re binging up is part of what I learned that day, which I had knowledge of, but I was basically “awakened to” to a degree where they described the specifics that you have been mentioning. Whether this is some photoshop image or like a decoy or whatever, this is one of the examples I was shown-just as we all probably were. And, as well, I have seen and I have been in the scenarios where one can look down and see the metal showing through a person’s skin. That’s how they develop these entities, these soldiers.
PLB: This one that was working on the ship looked completely human . . .
AT: Yeah, that looked like a person before it burned up, to anyone who . . .
PLB: That’s how much made it through re-entry.
AT: Which is also amazing because that’s the whole idea. That thing is a tank, basically. It welded together into one solid chunk of some type of alloy that probably we wouldn’t even have access to in public basically, it would be like private sector.
PLB: Yeah, because it doesn’t exist here on earth. It’s been mined from other planets.
AT: Well, that’s part of what stuff they were describing as part of helium being a source of energy, a nuclear source. And these one race of potential . . . literally, we’re talking about a potential race of inter-dimensionals that are operating in parallel to this one. They use the helium, and everyone basically uses the helium and the energy from the sun, which they said was basically cold fusion; it’s not even nuclear. It’s not hot. It’s literally a type of electrical activity.
And there are others . . .apparently, they said they’re not good, not bad, not benevolent but not malevolent entities that were trying and succeeded largely to gather magnetic metals and magnetic rocks from the earth because that is a source of energy. That is a source of building . . . they build craft out of devices, of basically getting astronomical amounts of material together and that is the base of the energy of the future. It will basically be down to who has the most magnetic elements.
PLB: This, for instance, this is a MHG drive, what they’re using in most of the craft right now. It uses two of the frequencies required to tap what is called “dark energy.” Not all three. Instead, they Selenium. It takes very little Selenium in the process to make up that third frequency. But that’s how they basically have fuel that’s space capable drives. That’s what they use in the space-capable fighters and things. But even the Selenium that goes through the process it’s just more toxins it throws in our atmosphere because they can’t handle that third frequency, personally.
AT: I think now I remember a little bit as far as certain craft, certain engines having a different effect on the psychology or being of the people being capable of basically using these craft. There are certain—humans could not be aboard a certain type of craft for too long. And similarly, certain other of a different frequency, couldn’t be aboard certain craft of the humans for too long, or a period in certain situations because of the methods that the drives use because they basically create a field that envelops the craft and there are different ways of producing this.
PLB: Then you start playing with frequencies that disrupt people at the DNA level. Or the signals between their mind and their body. I mean you look at the (Solar Ray?)Greys, they use their minds for offensive weapons, defensive weapons and everything else and it’s such a high power that what they ended up doing was overriding the frequency of their own DNA. They not only lost the ability to reproduce; they lost their reproductive organs and everything, which is why they have “that deal with the humans” to do a rehybridization program to regain their ability to reproduce kids. Get their organs back first and then you know, produce kids because they’re all clones.
AT: Right, and I have direct experience of these programs. I’ve seen the operations to basically take DNA. And I’ve seen the lairs, these facilities, which are use d to basically as a hybrid process. And I’ve seen the human side of it and I’ve seen basically what are the strangest ideas. Alien run facilities where humans are kind of like a commodity; not even a commodity . . . because I’m not even talking about when they’re trying to eat people. I’m talking about when they’re trying to use the DNA to become them. Because there are some where they literally just eat the people. They use the hormones, the glands, to subsist off. But this is different, where they’re trying to break the DNA down to basically a like co-op it. And it’s just the strangest thing.
PLB: There are some out there that actually treat people like cows, like the Tall Whites. We’re just a food source and
AT: Apparently, the ones that look like us are the most likely to basically treat us like that, which is strange, but that’s just kind of how it tended to turn out, I guess.
PLB: The men in black thing, that is Tall Whites wearing either a human suit or a hologram. And then you have Draco’s who have literally human suits, which is like this. This is the guy they got in charge of the Bucegi mountain complex troop keeping it secure from humans getting in there because they happens to be a whole recording of human history holographic recording of everything that happened here. And they don’t want you having that. THAT is forbidden knowledge.
AT: Yeah, and for one or two reasons. I know of that location. I know the background of that location. I know the technology and I know some of these individuals you could be showing me.
PLB: The Keshe program was designed to bind humans who had the ability to charge up and make manifest the Keshe tech and make it work. Those things, people could actually get through the forcefield protective doors over these facilities. That’s what the Keshe program was about. If you could make the Keshe program work, you were valuable to them. Because they can’t get in the door.
AT: Exactly. More or less.
PLB: So I think publicly, the Keshe program is a fraud. It’s not really a fraud, but the whole point depends on the fact of whether you, as a human have recovered enough to manifest. To project and manifest. If you have, then they want to put you to work for their programs. Or use your abilities.
AT: Right. And there seems to be a divine plan. Which, “divine” is a corrupt occultic word like, divine the future. But there’s a beneficial organic plan that people who have that compassion, that self-respect, that benevolent, healing capacity, the connection to basically some type of cosmic mother . . . those are the beings who have the healing and the power. They have the power to alter DNA to influence, to invoke the site of power.
PLB: The problem is, we have too many of what I call “fluff bunnies”. These are empowered people who can manifest and everything; however, I don’t know where they got this idea. I don’t know if other groups out there who want to abuse us have put this in their head but they’ve got it to the point where they’ve got them believing that all these other entities who don’t have our abilities and everything else that we’re supposed to fix them. Love them and somehow through loving them . . . although they can’t take that onboard. Their genetics doesn’t support our stuff. . . that we’re supposed to heal them or bring them along.
AT: So that’s genetic harvesting. And as well, you can look at that as far as we can do something like that; however, the individual . . .these entities would try to use whatever we give to them against us and try to take it all. That’s their nature. That’s just the nature of something that is not created the way the original humans were.
PLB: The other point is, if you subscribe to that, then you’re making the point that it’s okay to modify other races to prove them and that’s like excusing what they’ve done to us by degrading us.
AT: Exactly, and it enables further repeating of that. It enables, basically the “D.J. ing” Of the human genome to create a new mixture; a new song sample or something like that. I can’t think of the word . . . a remix or something.
PLB: Yeah.
AT: And to enjoy it because it’s not as good as the original, the creative original, but it’s just ok. You know, maybe with music that’s something. And of course, if we had our true creative potential we would never need to remix anything. It would just be 100% all the way. But on a genetic level, that’s basically hijacking. I mean, it’s a hybrid abomination and that’s the plan . . .
PLB: When you look at it, love is the law. That’s the rule of this level of creation. But also beyond that, free-will of the individual is above even that. So and taking that track, you’re violating free-will no matter which way you look at it. Right? If you’re saying . . .
AT: I agree.
PLB: . . . you’re not complete as us and um, we’re going to fix you.
AT: It creates imbalance that has to be righted through action, which it’s creating the action which has to come in and solve the imbalance but that action is created out of the acceptance of that imbalance that can be solved through some type of action. Basically, saying, “We’re going to fix this” is just as bad as saying, “Now, you’re broken so let us take control of this” or something like that. And truthfully, because these parallels would not exist in unison in the same timeline or universe with each other , they would never even know. They’re only aware of this contrast by this parasitic invasion that’s taking place where these beings, who do not have any creative capacity in the same ability to transfer the light in the DNA and get this love effect, this emotive capability and they don’t have an actual causal reference; a frame of reference in this timeline, in this universe.
And so that’s also what this person would be saying, “Ok, let’s break the universe and bridge them together to make it work”-that doesn’t-no.
PLB: Here’s the other interesting thing, and this brings us around to the Mandela Effect. You’re getting people merged in from entirely different timelines. As we do away with the B.S. basically, who come from other earth’s, so when they seem to manifest here they look around and say, “This is all wrong.” We had merged in earths that were not even in the Orion (Spur?) we had them out on the Sagitarius arm, you know, all over. I’ve actually had conversations with people from timelines that were merged in who were upset and arguing with me about the fact that they couldn’t go down to the local Home Depot and get parts to make their car anti-gravity.
AT: Mm hmm.
PLB: It’s like. . . the conversations I have (laughing). “Welcome to timeline zero, this is the battle zone,” is what I tell them. This is where everything is going to be settled and sorted out.
AT: Right.
PLB: So, be glad you’re here. As messed up as this all currently seems to be at the moment, be glad you’re here.
AT: Right. So, you know . . .
PLB: It’s a positive.
AT: Right, I mean, actually I just looked at the pictures you just sent and I see more of your background. I guess I kind of want to say, that you know considering the two types of people we are, that’s all that one can happen but that also feels the best to basically take it and use it, to grow, to be stronger. Whatever a person wants to say to that, it doesn’t affect certain people in the same way, and this is also, I’m not just kind of like talking here because there’s also going to be some issues with people basically being completely incapable of handling this information. And it causes these schisms in genetics and in the psyche and in the timeline.
PLB: It’s called cognitive dissonance. And the first main effect of cognitive dissonance is anger.
AT: Yep.
PLB: Yeah, it’s a process (laughing). It’s like the 12-Step program to getting off alcohol. It’s a process. They’re going to have to work through it. On an individual level.
AT: Right. As far as in public with this parasitic situation in society that we have to basically force and bring it-bring them into admitting and getting healed, and accepting healing. Knowing you know, this is wrong. But it’s also very much like an addiction-the hive-mind with the technology, the parasite-it is treated, especially in the universe like an addiction. It is literally a spiritual addiction, if you will. That’s how it functions. And so, all these emotions, reactions-I wrote something on this earlier. It’s kind of like say there’s a leach pulling blood from a person. If they see it and shriek and their heartrate goes up and now more blood is pulsating through their veins and going into the area where the leech is and now the leech is fed from the reaction. If they, you don’t, don’t act like that; if they don’t’ react like that emotionally—I’m saving these pictures so I can put them out publicly . . .
PLB: But this, put this one up Karen. This is what I give to people because it gives them a better understanding. On this chart, anything at 250 or below . . . you’re better food for them. AND, they’re keeping you at a level where you can’t move out of their game-space. It’s almost like a virtual reality game on the web. As long as your internet is connected to the other side, you’re going to be playing their game. Because you can’t play another game at the same time.
AT: Right. It’s a collective realm. It’s like a server system and if we’re in range frequency-wise, it’s like being in their virtual environment. It’s literally, they can interact and so , but that’s the thing. That’s what these beings do. They don’t sit here and you know, play around. They just feed. That’s all they really can co.
PLB: There are no human religions. There are no human wars. All wars are done to make food of one sort or another.
AT: Yep. It’s all, that’s basically the depth of the takeover, that our civilization- at the very notion of something happening in society that wasn’t preferable to the whole society is an element of alien invasion and on-going alien war.
PLB: The stuff that I do has really freaked these groups out. Like when I pinned all the planets, and the sun and whatnot. I forced a frequency change where the entire earth went indigo (laughing).
From space-it went all the way out to the space stations in orbit and . . . as well as being physical on the ground. That’s like my way of putting them on notice.
AT: So, I might have certain knowledge of that, the experience of that. And, it’s the strangest thing . . . and so the idea of the—I’m hearing myself again—the idea of the planets and what you just mentioned with that, it’s the strangest thing, I heard of that . . . and—I should have saved them all when they popped up, but I’ve heard of that. Even now, this communication-I’m hearing an echo so it’s throwing me off . . .There’s a thing you can do with the audio. If you create an echo they start speaking jibberish and it’s a way to throw people off. Doing it just enough to kind of make me lag behind in speech.
So there was talk of these events, basically, so we changed DNA so we can re—we can alter the solar system. We can literally alter space-time. And, that word is outdated, that whole idea behind it and the ideology it’s left behind by everything else we’ve mentioned here. But we can alter the format of the entire realm.
PLB: I mean, I’ve already put Venus right side up. Put crystals and everything in her to get her energy back up and get her core going again. I mean. We can do this. We’re already doing this.
AT: Well, it’s the strangest thing, there, I said I don’t know about that, basically as far as planets in or out. I specifically recall and know about basically, pulsating energy to push and indigo vibration across the whole, momentarily. Strong enough, like over a decibel you know, segment of time with a high enough intensity basically to send a shockwave to destabilize certain structures, certain systems. And so, It’s the strangest thing where you know, with the planet and all of that and I’m over here—then saying, “I don’t know” but as far as, you know hearing them basically talk about you and hearing you talk about this and then in 2010, you were talking about this and I’m just kind of inclined to back you, basically. And so it’s the same energy here, it’s just in a massive confirmation to the point where, I have the tendency to point where if you’re enacting something, I feel like affirming and . . .not falling in line, but to stepping up and backing it basically. I don’t know how to put it.
PLB: I manifested a crystal form. One of my retuning crystals over the Eiffel Tower. All the way down into,underground, all the way to the core of the earth. And that was a major tool they were using to program people and when I did that for four hours solid, I lit the entire Eiffel Tower up with orbs. And this is recorded. I mean, when I do works, because when I believe hard enough and my own abilities—Gaia gives me the energy to back it up from the earth, from herself, to push this. And I can push these changes for like 6 hours in a row.
AT: Mmm hmm. And this is what was described there. And I also know of this process where it’s ability to hold realities, to focus one’s energy and to intend and feel the intention with their whole being, which is, you know, belief. And basically, that’s how this is all being done. And as well, that’s how people are being fought against. By getting people to say . . . be spiritually degraded, to fall in line with that whole program. It destroys civilizations and it’s just belief it’s just mind. So, in the same sense, this is basically a war of the mind, if you will. But it’s weird, because we were both basically brought into this, situation, this faction. And we were not only brought into this situation but brought into this universe, this time-line to fulfill this role, and this faction, basically, we brought the faction here. So, it’s weird. This is part of that and I don’t want to say too much because of the whole security issue, but this is part of that . . .
PLB: I won’t get into anything that’s (??) I won’t record anything that’s (??).
PLB: And, yeah, I want more people to wake up and start contributing to the effort of moving us out of the range of interaction with these folks. That’s what it comes down to.
AT: Right.
PLB: And I guess, in a manner of speaking, not only am I keeping them at bay with the stuff that I do, and taking a lot of them out and their creations out, so they’re not a factor in the equation anymore. But I’m also trying to do things in the public eye enough where people will see this and look at it and say, you know, “I’ve got to reevaluate my concept of reality and what’s real and what isn’t.”
AT: Well, that’s what kind of I’m, I’m hinting at here. I say hinting in my mind, how people respond to this information is going to become part of this battle. How people react to it. The emotional response. The ability to comprehend the possibilities. The advanced technology. The layers of reality and consciousness and how this is the basics of how reality manifests. Through higher-dimensionality and higher-dimensional—what are now only theoretical physics.
PLB: The perfect example I give everybody is everybody reads in a textbook what the speed of light is. Well, guess what? That is not the speed of light. And what’s in your textbook, is they took ten top scientists around the world who measured the speed of light. Every one of them came up with a different answer because their experience interfered with the measurement. As everything you do does. So what they did is they took all ten answers, added them together and then divided them by 10. And that’s what they published as the “speed of light.” But here is no real speed of light. It’s not a fixed number. It’s whatever you and your ability to manifest, make it.
AT: Right. We’re in a frequency-relative environment.
PLB: That’s why Keshe . . . things that they do and they want you to make all these little experiments. Most of the people out there can’t get them to work because in their minds, they don’t believe they work. And that’s the only thing keeping them from making it work (laughing).
AT: So, I kind of just had a . . .about the Keshe. So that is what they told me and I’m getting a little more information in my head now. So basically, they released these devices, which don’t work unless the person knows how to properly activate it or their energy naturally has that effect. And in doing so, whoever chimes in and says they got it to work now these are the people that get targeted and their DNA taken and cloned because they can build these cyborg soldiers from them that are then capable of accessing these realms, realities, secured zones . . . it’s basically all about getting through to secured zones, where the infection has been cleared and is temporally inhibited. It’s basically an immune system. An immune area. And it’s crazy because it’s almost like rabid animals or something where they’re like really, really happy and bloodthirsty to try and get into these areas. That’s what they want, that’s all that they think about and all they want. I kind of had the reoccurrence of that information, which is what that technology release was all about.
PLB: There’s four control rooms. The last one is in IRAN, which is why we’re pushing to go to IRAN. If you have people in all four control rooms, you could reconfigure their . . .
AT: Right, that’s what they told me. And these are supposedly protected strongholds for humanity and there’s basically dimensional technology, which is meant to . . . a being, a parasite-hosted being or a . . .
PLB: Karen, move your mic away from your speaker . . .
AT: I spoke about this before as far as these scanner systems that will detect in any humans are in the system or are passing into the gates into these bases that have-are parasitic hosts and they incinerate that individual instantly, and so there are bases



Aug – It doesn’t work the same anymore. It’s not completely… You know, you can’t just go on and press a button. But we’ve got to go ahead and this is basically inactive now.
And last time, I’ll tell you, that I bridged (3:59:42) here from a previous timeline and the last time, this civilization didn’t exist at this point. They fired their machines and collapsed time. And took out New York and DC and I had a lift at that, and watched it.
So, well, apparently that is deactivated and so because then I wouldn’t be here today.
And, so, I was holding my breath for the last two years, but that’s what it is… and… That means that the other * (4:00:12) is coming forth.

X – Four years ago we talked * (4:00:15) as how we were great|would regret… and had them actually go and removed all of them … rendered all * (4:00:23) inert.
There is a …  a couple still out there… they’re really hard to get to and… they’re still working on it because… during the cold war both us and Russia actually drilled (4:00:33) nuclear weapons into buildings!

Aug – They’re all over the place now. And they probably…

PB – Digging those out and rendering those iner… has been the difficult part. I think there are still a couple that are still active and… but they know where they are and just haven’t got into it yet, so they put a blockage on them and they’ve never been triggered.

Aug – They disabled them from being primed. There was two explanations here connected to that… and one is that in foresight of this possibility they have high explosives all throughout America in the buildings, built into the majority of every city, within the structure of the buildings.
So that they can literally blow the surface…

PB – It’s a thing, though. And this was discovered … I mean, the whole govt says…
And they’re venting methane here and out in California… if you just mix in the right amount it ignites automatically.
That’s a natural process. And guess what… * control over natural processes… If Gaia don’t want to *.. they won’t. Just like they deliberately tried to create a rift from the golf all the way up to lake Michigan. (4:01:55)
And they try to bring in the ocean into that valley and make it into a sea and everything using methane as explosive…
And Gaia said: “No. I’m not going to blow up.”
That freaked them * the hell out
Because neither those works
That was the whole golf Deep blow Horizon
That was deliberate
That was to release the methane hydrate.
Didn’t work
It doesn’t blow up

Aug – That’s part of what was described. And as well working at a kind of like a programming system, simulator system… the functions activated under administrator user titled “natural law” or “natural events” they do not have access to anymore… and they really didn’t ever… but they have kind of leeway of control.

PB – But this is Gaia’s classroom and she said “NO!” (haha)

Aug – That’s basically what… but it’s literally * what was going on…* it is the strangest things as far as…
“Here’s a list of stuff you can do”. And then there’s a chunk at the bottom… *
You know, these segments now more and more and more… we have two options left. But the idea is that * that’s off because we lost that charter, we’ve lost that…. That part of the ruler book, if you will, and it’s crazy but that’s how it’s going on.
It is the strangest thing but…

PB – Those command codes have been rendered inactive.

Aug – Exactly.

PB – They’re not functional

Aug – I’m fumbling for words here, but that’s what is into… The idea is that they have a playbook of command codes that correlate to events disasters, play… moves, if you will, to subjugate humanity and that’s how they ruled this civilization for thousands of years like past the depth of this system. Along with the media and other stuff, not to mention those known as psyops.

PB – But now that conscious is coming on it. It’s like the rugs have been pulled out from under, because a lot of stuff that used to work doesn’t anymore.

Aug – Right. Apparently that’s the whole trend. All we have to do is continue with the self-awareness, and basically a cosmic intelligence which is capable of disabling the AI and completely rendering their forces null and basically void and… but we also have to step in and pull back *


PB – It is totally like what they are trying to do with internet. Have different listed speeds in things. And Gaia has moved those command codes all the way to the top where if you don’t have the energy you can’t make them work.

Aug – Right, * also comes down to… like as far as * encryption and passwords and they break the encryptions * where do they go… operation or authorization … ― authentication, excuse me ― aspects of it that is no longer passcodes. It is, you have to have this level of power in order to access these commands and so everything is going one step up, one step up, one step up, from one level to the next, to the point where they * completely *

PB – And if are fifth level energy don’t have the empathies or the mentality that would do it.

Aug – Exactly. * everything out. Because it’s not in line with that type of power. And it also makes the situation to be seen as this whole thing got out of hand because people without power, and people from a very low frequency gain very very high technology and as if power fell to the hands of a twelve-year boy raging hormones and the PCP grab the shock * something *.. I don’t wanna bring up… I don’t wanna put that into the cosmic, the collective unconscious. But that is our past, as far as these humans that kind of got this technology and played around with the playbook and the rulebook of reality to see how much we could.. how far they could go, how far they could subjugate the human race. How much we will take basically. And it’s base is reversing. It’s all reversing just because cosmic intelligence and all the regenerative builds of DNA, and how … everything that we’ve mentioned before… *

PB – I mean that’s why the tribes and clans, Gaia and everything have settled too much power and * and me, because guess what… the old say that absolute power corrupts absolutely. That’s only true if you have a stake in the game. I’m trying here to do a job. And guess what? When this job is done, I go home.

Aug – That’s the whole point.

PB – So, yeah, you can throw all that power to me. I’ll use it and get the job done because I’m not going to abuse it because I don’t really have a stake on it, I don’t. I’m not staying around.

Aug – That’s the way it works. That the beings that are basically, in a remote access, have no desire, intention or even the possibility really of benefiting from abusing the system. Makes it a look kind of strange if that’s what it takes to help this situation but that’s what it is. And so…

PB – And I graduated out of this a long time ago, and I volunteered to come back and do this. So I’m settled with what I volunteered to do. So I * I don’t really * you about it, I know what I need to do. I know it’s gonna be … you know… a slog, but, you know, that’s what I volunteered to do, so…

Aug – Right. And I can say something about that but … all the people… they will do what they do. Because, yeah… we’re basically…

PB – I mean most people out there, they have a stake in this and they want to * kids and all that, that’s really important to me, even though, if you really look at it from a truthful standpoint that kids are not their kids, they are * because offspring can be anything… any kind of being from fifth level or above… inhabiting in it, so, even that, you know, going that is so far from being so like overly bent out of shape and concern about it. I have such a different point of view on it, that I can’t even be that concerned about my own daughter like Karen does. I did a mission to pull Karen’s daughter out of a dome *, … up there where they had the * Calgary * I pulled her out of there… because we really didn’t have any safe place to put her * Gaia’s lab * Gaia… fix her up… or * because Gaia is kind of stuck here and can’t come out of the planet… because then we could lose the planet and that’s the stupid thing that * * was in charge of Tiamat * get out of the planet … and that’s how it could be destroyed. Because, Gaia gets, you know, in the planet, gets to control the whole * natural processes that can prevent it from going boom
So, she is kind of stuck here. I mean, I have a daughter. I have kids too, and I can’t get that deep emotionally attached into it because in the reality, although it’s my avatar’s child, the being that’s actually inhabiting has nothing to do with me. You know…

Aug – More or less. It gets weird here, but…

PB – I haven’t said that, but it’s all connected to… So… That sounds like a contradiction…

Aug – Right, right. Yes, it’s distinct… It is exactly. People basically that are not prepared will not be able to understand what that means. And it also doesn’t mean we are all one…

PB – Do you get overly concerned about one person * or is missing the more important: to save the all.

Aug – That’s basically the s***, excuse me, that’s going down. And we have this kind of obscured view of love where we’re all gonna focus on certain positioned place that makes it’s feel good and great… well, everyone dies, that’s not love… true love is person who does sacrifice in their time to help everyone, equally. And… a … you know…

PB – And I can’t get all warm-and-fuzzy and helpful with the lower beings who I know from looking at it from upstairs outside of * before * came down here. They can’t even allow. I can’t play warm-and-fuzzy with them. I can’t!

Aug – It would be incorrect to look at them like oh, you know, poor things, and to feel sympathy for them as parasites while they devour our species, children and ourselves.

PB – We’ve got warm-and-fuzzy like workers.
Who have done face time with * dracos who killed her 6 times in a row! She keeps coming back and playing warm-and-fuzzy!
I mean, they gave up on killing her. But she’s not helping the situation at all.
She’s not doing the job, her manifestation, what’s meant to do.
She’s playing warm-and-fuzzy trying to save people who can’t be saved!

Aug – Right.

X – Are they intelligent and sentient beings? Yes, but * they are stuck, because they were bad designed. And we can’t fix them, at least not without breaking the rules that *… the bad guys broked… make us where we are! And we are not doing that again.

Aug – It repeats the cycle…

X – *

Aug – It has to dissolve basically. It has to dissolve and there’s no more suffering.

PB – You have to break the cycle of abuse *

Aug – And that doesn’t satiate that desire to feel the addictive empowerment from that continued cycle, which is… basically what it is… it is like an infection, like an addiction. What to do is… we literally have to starve the parasite, and that’s gonna look really weird, that’s gonna look painful and it’s probably gonna scream and gonna use all types of sympathy games to trying get us to give it what it wants. Which will undoubtedly destroy us.
This is * building process. It is the craziest thing. I’m telling you. You know. Like, there is this civilization of people who have already gone through this and everyone last of them will not hesitate, meaning * highest degree of what you would call a warrior, but is because of that love * the law. You know, principles. Like, you don’t have words for actual people in this… the real universe outside of these constructs, these generic matrix * that where basically people, human, if you will, * are trapped

PB – That is why I wanna bring Tiamat back, because they have already had this experience. They have already learned that lesson. They are lost, they *. That is what they did

Aug – Right.

PB – And, so, yeah, I figured that would give us some more manpower on our side of the equation and take the large * of knowledge to the general populace that * is holding, and take * away, and allow the flow of information to go to the people.

Aug – * that * to be enacted, then that would be what it is, we are getting to a point here. I wasn’t planning to… I literally wasn’t planning on this timeline existing, so there is no telling of what is about to happen from my point of view, but a lot of…

PB – The first part of my mission, you know, from birth up to the arrival of the council was covered in getting involved in all these programs and getting * information of everything that was going on and * speaking to justify what was going to come next. Because, yeah, the arrived on the *. And now…


Aug – We are going as kind of they reversed * and they think * happened their way * and now we don’t need papers signed in order to *

PB – And I have got them yelling at me saying that I have * and all kinds of… I’m doing what needs to get done to come out of this on * side. And I don’t care whether they like it or not that is * way it is going to be done. Help me or not, you know, * way

Aug – This is humanity and this prosperity or participating in the downfall.

PB – That is what I mean. Most of the collective council standing up there, they are dealing with stuff in space that manages to get through all the shielding and stuff they put up * comes in through the * or what not. But as far as actually down here, you know, because they are caught up in their rule system where they think giving the help we need is breaking their rules. But, and they although actually trying to stop to * religion… who is actually doing help *. Like *. I’ve only got two commanders with small battle fleets comparably with the hundreds that are out of there * that are actually * hybrid cabal * planet * transfer * shot down * most of the council. Hijacked, because they didn’t even see it coming

Aug – I actually remember some of that. It was like a once and never again type of situation.

PB – Yeah. And they took advantage of it and, yeah, basically took the majority of forces right out of the equation

Aug – Gave them * of time.

PB – Yeah.

Aug – Of course, though, the natural system, the consciousness and genetics kind of rebounded. Had they taken a hit like that they wouldn’t have the capacity to came back. So, it’s all a measure of how you look at it. You know. This a testimony of strength for the humans side.

PB – Yep. And we have a lot of lessons to teach them.

Aug – More or less.

PB – Specially when this comes to reading everything of this * because Gaia designed us specifically to do that.

Aug – Yep.

PB – And we are not the first… but… and that’s why we scare so many other races. They want our abilities and ourselves but they don’t want us because
Anybody who’s fully restored, you cannot pin them in, or cause them to do anything they don’t want to do.

Aug – You can’t control.

PB – They don’t need you or anything else.

Aug – Exactly. It’s an immediate threat of free range at a temporally free agent and that doesn’t fit into a prison system. So, it is actually part of how the system is handled. That, the people who *

PB – And not just here. Through the *. Through multiple *, multiple stars… entire galaxies! This whole level of creation. Every galaxy you see out there when you up to the night sky * galaxies and everything outside the Milky Way. This is going on across all of it. That’s how bad this is. So * stars.

Aug – It’s kind of explain it’s a kind of holographic reflexion that what happens begins here temporally because this is a dense physical layer and wherever you look is a kind of like looking into the past as well to the future is a strange thing. But * that means if we kick that infection here at this node of Earth that it disables it all over the universe throughout existence.

PB – If you… If you go through the great attractor down to the next level, the conditions are so different that this infection can’t work. However, if you go through the great expeller, you are going to go up three levels before you get out of this * infection. That is how sad it is.

Aug – I know some of…

PB – We’re at bottom of the bucket. * down here.

Aug – Right, and … is basically… it discovers dimensional layers. One way to look at it as far as it was described and showed me is that… the infection was swept from all the areas of the cosmos in these other layers into Earth as part of this purge that will gonna basically kill the parasite. And this, like this crazy process, it’s almost like an ayahuasca ceremony where humans are going to throw up and violently be ill and… and get out this parasite. But… in part in doing that, from all other locations where the parasite were essentially gathered, kind of “lowered here” as if it they were * food.. you know, like * zombies or something to Earth to attract them here and that it would either destroy Earth and instantly through time spread fractally to other areas of the universe or it would be destroyed here and that would… like kind * a hive mind temporally it would… rewinded * erased from all the other presences and the universe they’ve drilled through time from all the other places and condensed here in the most condensed manner, because if we disable it here where it’s more concentrated and condensed than any other place in the universe, than it disables in the those other areas. Because like a big consciousness exist.

PB – Oh… makes it so easy to just go through and correct the code.

Aug – Yeah, just be like pressing a few buttons.

PB – And if you go through the great attractor, the rules of that level of creation is so different that… It’s irrelevant. The same thing if you go three levels up. Beyond that, the virus can’t function.

Aug – As far as what I know, there are seven harmonic layers that we’re connected to * that there are Earth civilizations and they can’t exist upwards of, I think, one, two or three layers beyond this one. If not pretty much beginning to die or not be able to co-exist at all and basically in a parasitic fashion at the next layer up. And down below, though, there is… it was explained that there’s…

PB – What these dimension levels when you look out there and see Laniakea. If you picture three layers of that, that’s how high up the dimension stack… the infection goes, however. In any one dimension, if you move the beings themselves the level of our energy levels again… and you fall out of the range of influence of the virus. So, this is a weird thing because you don’t have to go all way up to the top of the three, to get beyond the three, and in each level you have energy frequencies, density levels that also takes you out of the infection, which is where we’re supposed to graduate or transition to. And they try to put a stop to it.

Aug – Right, and this is just another way that we would get out of it the day after work *
This is part of what was explained. This part, there are others seven universes, if you will, harmonic universes, then there are dimensional layers and there are basically densities or energy to the point where you can go to another layer of the universe harmonic where there is a majority of a certain type of energy density in that layer but as well you can go, say, into a * realm and pump your energy up to what would be a level five and technically one could be in the lower, you know, dimensional layer at a level five layer, and this kind of… it’s basically there’s one layer of locations and then there is dimensional energy layers aside from the locations. It’s very confusing, * there’s only two layers and it’s made * complex, it * to be.

PB – I’ve got an easy way to explain this. If you… Have you ever played multiple level tic-tac-toe or chess or anything like that? We have, you know, stack levels or you move the marbles *. If you picture seven levels down here, anything higher than level five you’re outside of that. So we have 1 through 7 here. The next level up. It’s… I mean, we have 2 through 7 here. The next level up. You have 3 through 8. The next level above that, you know, you have 4 through 9. So that’s kind of how they stack… so, once you go to 5 or out of it, the next level doesn’t have to go as high up to get out of it.

Aug – Right. It’s kind of like the time or, excuse me, the speed of light, where there’s like a leap, there’s a relatively point, a balance point. And, say, it goes up so high * now there are these energy levels you wouldn’t have to increase any levels at the heights level to get out of it because there are already relatively high there.

PB – The lowest levels are already out of there.

Aug – Exactly. It’s like… We would have to draw a diagram or something to make this more easy to understand for people.

PB – I actually did that. And I also added in the frequency levels of the other races in, *to ties into… why they did specific breeding programs was to change the * frequency at that DNA level to stop that.
This is the graphic for that, and this also ties into, you know, a screen with hormones and everything creating other issues.
That is the PNG. * send the JPEG. I got a JPEG of it too.
But yeah, this is the kind of crap they do.
The JPEG didn’t * either? Oh, I guess you’ll have to open it.

Aug – I get the PNG. The 5 level ascending.

PB – And once we get to the first level energy density * outside of the range * interacting. * they will breed and raise here * lower frequency, so DNA is our frequency. And that is part of why they did the hybrid program, to drag DNA level human frequencies lower. Not only so that… they can hijack the parameters are moving out of our range of perceiving them. And beyond of our range of interaction. There’s all * stupid this tags into with their little game but…Yep! We had them … I had them tagged a long time ago * how just exactly what effects * that they were trying to achieve with what they are doing and why.

Aug – This was actually shown to me that day. And there’s another one that I was just like this as far as… is very similar and then there is this one.

PB – That brings us back around to the nine row and nine coding as at first the guys originally * it, the original coding was 10 code. That’s just another way they clipped us.To primarily implant us into the game. But the new code the guys are broadcasting, this * 10 code.
There is a check there * 10 code it is, there is a check there on every line of DNA code.
So, if you put the coding together it doesn’t line up to the right number at the end * it won’t run.

Aug – There’s something about that as well basically they won’t be able to produce anymore cyborg units because they won’t activate, they basically won’t turn on. And not necessarily cyborg, the human, the bio-cyborgs, are essentially * DNA, they’re genetically engineered beings that they can’t actually * It’s literally like authentication for service system.

PB – Well, I mean, it’s just like they make RAM for computer. You have ECC error-checking RAM, * extra chip that does every checking, you know, everything that goes in so it doesn’t * back into processor. That is what that 10 bit is. They are checking, the whole sequence has to have the right checked * number, at the end or it ain’t gonna run.

Aug – And that’s basically a live updated by the cosmic intelligence to circumvent any more parasitic action.

PB – Well, that’s I mean, it’s an automatic repair code. And that’s what …. This is it. This is a sample * 10 code. The guys broadcasting it doesn’t even exist in their genome. Energy is just pumped into every male’s and female’s mainstream DNA to do repairs, self-repair.
mitochondrial tangle.
That’s what they are trying to * with cellular and * network signals and * and all of that.

Aug – Right.

PB – They * in. And once that gets in, it stops, putting everything back to * back.
That code has access to the *.


Aug – Right. They described this as basically there’s a signal, like you said, from Gaia coming out and that this is basically a signal being imposed out that reverses all the damages that they spent thousands of years drilling into the human genome and that it literally automatically begins to undo all the work that they’ve done and that they can’t exit and come back this code because it operates on a level outside of all their containment systems and if it’s like a simulator computer system outside of the of their authentication capacity, far beyond it . And it’s just like this “Deus Ex Machina”, which exists beyond and for humanity as if it is basically cosmic intelligence, a protector, a natural function.

PB – This guy, James D. Watson. Do you know who is? He’s one of the bigwigs in the whole Human Genome Project. He works for Monsanto. They gave him some extra beauty boost using * putting in his body * and this is immediately on data. And he said: “No”.
That got they really upset.

Aug – That is also, the other idea is they use this genetic engineering to enhance their IQ to basically that of gods. * they can’t build the psychic empathic ability to heal and regenerate and things like that. All of they do have regenerative-like human capacities and * technologies, but they give themselves super intelligence and now, that is literally being degraded, is being sucked out of them and they’re going back to regular intelligence.


Aug: Very interesting… …stretching out… stretching out my ability to really much comprehend this.
Pattie: With the crossovers and the weapons and yeah my…my ships are….
Aug: This is…this is what was explained though, this type of stuff. And this is towards the end of the whole experience where this was literally pushing my… I… I … I couldn’t stay, I couldn’t keep up basically with this stuff.
Pattie: I’ve been able to do this stuff since I was in sixth grade.
Aug: Wow… I could… I basically had what I could do now in sixth grade; but that’s not the ability to comprehend the, the basics to do this.
Pattie: And this is to… to take the battle out to the negatives to get the fractal infection cleared from all levels. That is why the Civil Legion and I made a compact. Uh… When we get this sorted out, I gotta stay around long enough for them …they wanna be able to put down ah… well part of it is immediately triage centers to get the rest of humanity cured and back to original factory manufacturer spec: as decreed by Gaia. The other thing is they want to set up embassies where they can recruit, repair humans to go out there for the cleanup battle of…you know… getting rid of the rest of the fractal infection elsewhere.
Aug: Right…I heard about that…that that’s what the plan is after.
Pattie: And in exchange I just want replicators. Immediately, so we can get this thing kick started. I’ve created whole bios enclaves and everything to do the…uh transfer over to a non-predatory living system as well as be able to repair…uh… the environment and things of that nature; a…a nonmonetary system once you get inside there, self-sufficient…uh…because each biodome has uh…twelve temperature environments where you can grow anything from around the entire planet- locally. uh…which does away with the whole thing of shipping and…uh… you know…not having what you need. It just disassembles their whole system of demand and you know making things near and dear costly to get from other places- do away with that whole mess. uh…It creates free power, free everything as well as you have like a mini stone hedge built in the bottom to keep people repaired and all of that and bring them along to the next level; and transit system to go in between with trains and all that. uh… Like I said, I’m you know…(5:02:48)all this stuff out…uh…They won’t let me build it because uh…they- all the technology to build this stuff they won’t allow it all in one place on the planet.
Aug: Right, it’s a threat. I mean it could be used by either side.
Pattie: Yeah…And some of these I’ve even done some to make use of some of the places that they’ve really, really damaged Gaia. I’ve actually made enclaves specifically that would fit in those fricking awful holes they made. You know? uh… like pit mines.
Aug: Right, right, right.
Pattie: Pit mine locations are perfect for building these things ay? Places like this, that where they’ve really done massive damage. A whole transit system as well uh… to go in between the enclaves and…and I’ve put this out to these people that are supposedly looking into doing it and uh…they’re not uh…they’re not responding.
Like anything else they’re…they want to do something that’s basically…uh…perpetuating them having a job. It pays the money. I’ve looked into all these transit systems out there. You can get the components to build the proper one, but none of the ones that they’re out there prototyping now not even…uh…what’s the name?…uh…that’s building the Tesla car? He’s doing an edition of this too, but he’s doing it again with profiteering. I mean the Tesla cars if you took one of those Unix motors and put it into a generator and installed…there’s a place in back of those cars you can install that paired up-never have to plug the car in again.
Aug: Right.
Pattie: And you can’t tell me that he doesn’t know.
Aug: Oh, he…he’s a part of uh…Ra. I’m not gonna say too much. He knows. Everyone in view of these types of technology has been briefed on the quote unquote situation on Earth.
Pattie: He’s behind SpaceX…uh…whose working with them and uh…matter of fact that launch of SpaceX that we took out. Um…yeah we’re trying to resupply the one uh…weapon that they still had with some nuclear capability although it was only zero point five kilotons and it was the old warheads from the Davey Crockets. And that’s the, the uh (“R”5:05:25) They managed to…that was the only nuke they managed to sneak down when they hit China. They put down six rods and only one of them had a warhead on it; and they missed the target. Because uh… the Chinese their Olympic pool where they uh…you know for the Olympics – if you look down on the bottom of there, there’s actually a doorway opens up and they had a space weapon there. And that was the whole point of the attack was to take out the space weapon. But because they took out the power system they did disable the weapon. But they missed: by uh… three quarters of a mile. That was a miss. Six rods and they still couldn’t get a bullseye. That’s pretty sad. And they were gonna – that SpaceX launch we blew up, they were gonna go up there and re(5:06:14) the rods and (5:06:15) That’s what was on board…
Aug: That’s part of what I recall as far as that being a movement for weaponization. And uh…to set up part of this situation. And I was shown …I was given-I’m just gonna put this out there. I, we’re basically putting it out there. I’ll just say to put it out there as well, Elon was there and he’s been briefed. And he knows what’s going on. I was given a ride along on the craft that detonated his rocket. I literally watched it vaporize in front of my eyes at a very, very high rate of speed to the point where they had to go back and point it out because I was like flabbergasted as well. I’d just been through a friggin battle getting killed…
Pattie: It didn’t take a whole lot. A single magnetic pulse in the right spot is all it takes: Boom.
Aug: I wasn’t violating that. However, I was there for it. Which is, and I’m not saying I did anything. But they showed me to say “Look, this is what we’re doing. This is happening.” And I’m assuming so that I stamp this into the…the time spectrum, the collective unconscious so that people know. Basically, so I’d deliver it to the public. And I, that’s not all that I’ve seen as far as flybys and things like that. That’s just the most uh… one of the technically the most recent but that’s something that I was shown. I mean technically I was there because it wasn’t a visual that I was shown. I was transported to the craft and we flew by at a very, very high rate of speed. And at the corner of my eye, this ocular viewing lens that we have a glitter of bright something jettisoned out. Which is not, I was not piloting. And I was not managing the, the weapons. Um, but I have before on a different craft. But that’s what happened at a very high rate of speed. I know the guy that operated it. I talked to him afterwards. ‘Cause they explained it to me. So, strange stuff. But, I guess this is all coming out now it’s gonna go to the next layer. This information coming out is going to push things to the next layer because they were gonna make a move to try and do something about it and that’s what there is supposed to happen and it’s the bait for them to make that move.
Pattie: They’re actually crippled by their own deception.
Aug: Exactly.
Pattie: Because they can’t put up technology that could get past that thing without admitting to the level of technology they have.
Aug: That would trigger everything.
Pattie: I mean I’ve pointed out, you know, how much of a fraud NASA is and all that.
Aug: They’re a part of this whole thing.
Pattie: And uh… I’ve even raided their server and put out the (“____ “) on you know uh… proper engine designs and things like that that they’ve got and uh…I mean…I don’t know how people can even believe that NASA is real at this point anyway. Matter of fact NASA personnel had a rude awakening a couple of years ago. That’s why they let go sixty thousand individuals. And they scared the bejesus out of ‘em…and what did they do? They all went to Northern hard bedrock locations and built underground bunker houses. Which scared even the people even more.
Aug: Oh, I remember that: the big bugout.
Pattie: Yeah.
Aug: I remember that.
Patti: But even the people that are left there: seventy or so percent don’t have a clue. They’re still working blind. To the fact that the whole thing’s a fraud. That’s sad.
Aug: More of less… A lot of them are into the whole ritual entrainment. Basically, they’re plugged into the hive. That’s usually the running game for a lot of these, these front industries.
Patti: Either that or they get the leverage of uh… you say anything you don’t get to take a ride off earth ever again.
Aug: Well that’s the other. There’s two folds of that of we are you know gonna survive this and we’re the resistance but screw everyone else and we’re getting out of here. Or there’s the idea of that they don’t, they, they want to help(5:10:18) but they don’t want to permit the technology to get out into the public because they feel that that could be used against the public or that it would endanger the public. But the large majority is people selling out. And people… But there is also a complex where they’re basically in this kind of hive mind satanic overlord system where it’s more so they’re doing this for the preservation of themselves, and this you know sacrificing the majority of the community is just how it has to be. But that’s part of that hive mind illusion. It doesn’t have to be that way. That’s actually what’s making it that way.
Pattie: Yeah. Remember when they uh…they put that poor girl up and tried to tell her she had to put the information out without telling them about the return from the white satellite? How, and they were asking her key questions and she did very good at not saying what she wasn’t supposed to be saying but said it anyway?… about what was up there?
Aug: I’m not sure.
Pattie: And said they weren’t gonna re…the Y satellite: WISE all the bodies moving around and stuff up there?…And they did the press release and all that and they put that poor girl up there, who said uh… you gotta…you know explain this without telling them anything. And she told them without telling them.
Aug: I’m getting a little bit of some memory of some explanation here but more than that it would be basically contrived.
Pattie: That there’s some bodies out there…that uh…you know…her wording I mean she tried. But it was all for naught because the data she said that it would take them years to analyze and everything… umm… I went and grabbed it and released it the next day to the public. That’s what the white satellite picked up. All the extra exoplanets and everything. It’s just —- and everything and uh… the ships moving around and stuff. So, it was like uh…that was just a joke. It’s like you should’ve just gave it to ‘em and said you know, we don’t know what to make of this. Because you would’ve been better off than trying to sham them the way you did with that press release. Especially when you know you got somebody like me in your system ‘cause I built it and I put etheric stuff in there. So, there’s no way they can decouple my stuff or, or avoid me getting in there to get it. And I’m gonna post it the next day and I did. So, that’s what they couldn’t show.
Aug: I do recall that event. I’m fairly certain this was brought up and even individuals possibly I’m pretty certain they were brought up. And uh… there was some joking basically about how they kind of gave her the…the…that scenario that you outlined.
Pattie: Yeah.
Aug: Which is gonna sound like I kind of like made that up or agreed with you but that’s kind of how these are, these are not extremely necessary memories for me. So, they’re literally like an aside file system in my memory.
Pattie: I, I put myself in her shoes looking at this and I says I mean how’s she gonna tell? They put her in an impossible situation. Especially when you got public there that were starting to wake up and ask the really critical questions. Because this was uh… when the whole thing about Nibiru was coming out and all that. It was like, how do you answer that? You can’t give them the data. First of all, this thing: You made this big thing about “Oh, we’re getting the data in and everything,” and then the data comes in and you see this, and you can’t give it to ‘em.
Aug: Right this is gonna make people wonder here. But this is how it kinda works anyway. But I, all I remember is that they were joking about how she was afraid. And uh…she was basically tasked with “BS”-ing. There’s, there’s basically, it’s almost like a joke: that the person is basically on “BS” duty. Or, and it’s like a game. Just like tag around like who’s going up next so I got a person to do it. And then that person has to sell their ass off in the most dumbed down, edited, redacted, just moronic version of what’s actually going on. And they see it as a joke. And I specifically remember this individual didn’t have what it takes to completely “BS” and moronize the information in the public, and this became…this became a kind of like a scenario.
Pattie: It was an utter failure.
Aug: But the other aspect of that is that daily these people have just like – I don’t know how to describe it – like uh… like uh the funny nut mustache and uh…nose and glasses costume for disguise. And they’re basically they all they present is a moronic face to humanity in a complete you know… fraudulent illusion of what’s going on. And they see it as a joke that people actually buy this stuff.
Pattie: Yeah.


Aug: That was how that memory was recorded for me.

Pattie: Which was the sad thing. When I went in there to build a computer lab and everything…uh…you can’t do that kind of thing without having access to fricking everything. So, they were depending on my non-disclosure agreement and my security clearance from the military not to…not to spill anything.

Aug: Hmm…
Pattie: That’s like, because I didn’t work for NASA. I didn’t have a NASA ID. I had a NASA contractor’s ID. Beyond that I was ten ninety-nine, and I was running those computers toward Deltona, uh the company called Hoolihan Office Systems, got the contract to build the computer lab, and yet they didn’t have any employees who had a security clearance to actually go in there and do it. So, they had to hire me and then send me in.

Aug: I feel like I know something of that particular, let’s say conundrum.

Pattie: …back then I was doing debug stuff on Microsoft and yea well that was Windows 95 and that’s what I did. I went in there. I mean when I went in there they were running um… Novell 3.51 network with Windows 3.1.1. And I brought them kicking and screaming into the 21st century. The whole way. Yeah, I mean, you haven’t read up on the shuttle. Do you know what runs the shuttles?

Aug: Um… The one, maybe the one that I described as far as what was in operation with the SpaceX?

Pattie: No, I mean the actual space shuttles that they used to run.

Aug: Oh, ah… I guess not. I’m assuming they have some slight edition of the (5:17:12) ___ drive.

Pattie: Well now. But I mean the ones they were actually sending up to the (5:17:16). The actual control systems were running three Tandy Vic- 64’s. They tell me sometimes at least 2 or 3 had to agree before it could actually do anything. Four-bit computing that was what the avionics and the computer control systems inside those birds were. That’s how archaic NASA is in reality. And even now um…they’re still at Windows 95-

Aug: Wow.
Pattie: – on their computers.
Aug: It seems like a, a joke.
Pattie: It takes 4 years. Something has to be out of date by at least 4 years before the bid even goes in, and then… the whole bid process and all that and getting agreements and finding somebody to do it and everything takes another 4 years. So, by the time anybody actually goes in there to do anything, it’s at least 8 years out of date. That’s if they even decide to do anything about it. Because it’s a sham. So why throw money at it?

Aug: Alright. Well, that’s basically the explanation that I was given as far as that. That everything is cut corners, and …this is basically the, the kind of façade mustache and nose uh…example, metaphor where the whole thing is like you said a sham. And it, it’s also to give like a, a not plausible deniability but basically, if somebody looks close enough they’re going to realize that no one would actually run those space agencies in such a method. So, it’s obviously not happening. Plus, the uh…the so called- the shuttle has the lander, no not lander but the uh… the shuttle that returns. The craft, I can’t think of uh…the name. It has jet engines and, and uh…loud thrusters that were reversed and so on and so forth. They were supposed to be basically something that glides back.
Pattie: The shuttle didn’t have any engines.
Aug: Well the one uh…what’s the description?
Pattie: RCS, RCS, RCS thrusters, that’s it. And that was primarily used to don’t dump it overboard because you don’t wanna land with any of that uh…hydrazine on board. That’s why nobody directly approached the shuttle right after landing. ‘Cause it’s still venting uh…frozen hydrazine…from, that’s still on the nozzles: from dumping the rest of the RCS thruster material overboard on the way down. But it doesn’t actually have any uh…real actual control. It’s a flying brick. It has to be doing at least 250 miles an hour just to stay in the air. With no thrusters.
So yeah, they, the newer ones, the ones that don’t need tanks or boosters or anything to go up, they have EMF drives, but uh, yeah the one I rode in, it ain’t got no fricking engines. That’s a rough ass ride. And yeah, that’s what I mean 3 Tandy 64’s for the computer sets. Oh, you gotta be shittin’ me. And yet, it has uh…each one had 3 on board um…hydrogen fuel cells creating all the power. You know it’s like advanced tech with ancient controls. And B52 bomber avionics. You gotta be kidding me. But yeah, it’s that messed up.
They used everything they possibly could that was off the shelf: ancient shit that they couldn’t sell anymore. To build it with. Except for the power system. They had to have a power system. And the advantage of those hydrogen fuel cells. The end product you get is oxygen. So, that was a bonus.
So, yeah they were uh… And they could only take three G’s worth of uh…torque or you’d break her back.
So they were pretty fragile. If anything hit ‘em up at Norway they’d take the tiles right off. And then you’d get a burn through on reentry. And uh…there were quite a lot of burn throughs. Thankfully most of them were all small. That one that was supposedly blown up followed the Challenger. You know they beamed everybody off before that blew up? There wasn’t anybody on board. That was to deliberately give cause to shut down the program. ‘Cause they didn’t want to do it anymore.
TR3B’s, TR4Astras were already making the squad runs to the ISS. So, the shuttle was basically not even needed anymore. That other one that they launched up uh…the oddball, takeoff, which went east, northeast, uh…on launch: that had an actual weapon aboard in the cargo bay; that they were gonna do an attack on Russia’s ET prison. That’s what that was about. They shred- uh you know the forces of light shredded that thing in orbit. And went into the wreckage and took the weapon. So, they didn’t even get the weapon back.
And that wasn’t um…it was supposedly Columbia. That they blew up on reentry orbit. But it was actually blown up in space way up by uh…the ISS station ‘cause I got the video of it getting shredded.
Um…It wasn’t actually the Columbia. And that’s why they couldn’t do a rescue because actually they painted Atlantis on the side of the Columbia and uh…and Columbia on the side of the Atlantis. So, the one with the arm and the, the EDO package which is extended duration orbit, um…which could’ve done a rescue which was the Atlantis which was supposedly down on 39th B, that was actually the Columbia on 39 B, and it was Atlantis that was destroyed.
Even though it said Discovery on the side, there’s a way you can tell. On the port side rear of the Atlantis and it’s the only craft that has it: the NASA’s round blue logo is after the United States. On that side. That’s the only craft that has that. And yet, the one on the pad didn’t have it. And it was supposed to be Atlantis. So, that the one that went upstairs and got destroyed had both the EDO pallet and the Canada arm, and everything to support that weapon’s platform in the bay. And that’s the one that got destroyed.
Delta said Enterprise never went upstairs. It did. And, and coincidentally they had to go through all this add on, the escape hatch and everything on all the ones that actually did go upstairs. So, um…gee uh…why does the Enterprise have it? That was a $380,000 modification. And they did that to a craft that was never, never went into orbit, never going into orbit? I don’t think so.
But I actually chased down all their hulls…using their uh… actual hull number. And all that and I, yeah 14 of them. And they only acknowledge having 6. And I rode in the military edition, the military build edition of the Indebitor. Which wasn’t a 6 person. It was only a 3 person. Uh…which they did a …sort of a layout copy of the original Enterprise. Uh…which was a 3 person uh… military launch. It had a much bigger payload bay uh…and could lift more. But it said Endeavor on the side.
And even though when I went up in that Endeavor, the real Endeavor was out in California being serviced. It landed out there at uh…Edwards. It was being serviced. And the launch was like 1:30 in the morning. I got a recording of the launch, but it’s not on the paperwork. It’s not on the listing anywhere. ‘Cause they couldn’t acknowledge that Endeavor went up. Hah! When it’s out in California.
Aug: Very interesting. This was also-some of this I didn’t pay attention to as far as what they were telling me. And so, this is like I’m in a fuzzy area of comprehension. Uh…cause there’s basically, I didn’t know how much of this type of information coming from them was relevant. And uh…and of course it leads into Area 51, the early space race, the development of the craft, the weaponization, and….
Pattie: This is a big mystery too. When they shut down the shuttle program, there was 4 more hulls parked in the hangar there at NASA Kennedy space center. That nobody saw them leave. They did not go out on boats. They did not go out on planes. But they’re not in the hangar. Hah! They just vanished.
Aug: Three things that you said: from the beaming out the astronauts I vaguely remember, to the subtle clues with the logo switching and things like that, being basically possible signs to, to wake people up.
And, I vaguely remember what you just said about the equipment, the shuttle being in the hangar, but never being recorded having left, or having been moved out in any fashion. But not basically being there anymore.
Pattie: Four of ‘em.
Aug: Right. And so, uh…these are just little “huhs?”
Pattie: They put EDO drives on ‘em…and just ran ‘em up the flight strip into (5:27:45). Ran ‘em up into space. Because the EDO ones don’t need to feel, think that they need boots. They don’t need anything. And, I’ve got, I’ve got video footage of a taken from a (5:27:58) edition with an EDO drive, operating out at Saturn, and he’s holding a camera out the portal, uh…and you can see an American shuttle with an EDO drive uh… flying between him and Titan. Oh, yeah. I know where they are; or where they were. Because I destroyed them all. When I blew Mimas. I pissed off uh…both Obama and Putin. ‘Cause Putin actually had more uh…flying hardware and, and personnel out there than we did. That was what that uh…Norway portal was about. They were transferring ships and personnel out to Mimas, which was I mean operating base and a battle platform to do mining of the rings and things for exotic materials; to build more tech. Materials that don’t exist on Earth.
Aug: I can recall…I recall a little bit of EOD drives and, they were, the people you mentioned were both there as well.
I know of mining operations and, and exotic material mining operations that were ongoing and are basically various factions fighting over rights to various locales and how it’s all playing out. But um…they were both there, and so, this is all part of it. It’s all actually connected to these. The cloning situation and what are known as cloning stations and the information basically uh… regarding that. Which is just a simple…that has nothing, you know…the cloning stations are, if anybody listens to this entire recording, they’ll understand that the cloning stations are a single page in the book of what’s going on.
Pattie: Yeah. Most of the uh…android ones are on Mars, but the cloning stations-they’re doing those all over the place.
Aug: Right.
Pattie: Yeah, I mean I can give you a whole thing of images where you can watch all their bus (5:30:18) walking by the uh… camera that’s normally on the…uh…what moon is it? …uh… Dione. Yeah, all the stuff I killed was that was uh…you know parked at Mimas.


Pattie: Course flying past, if you walk through the frames, you can watch the ship debris dead in its face, tumbling past. And here’s the sad part: the Ringmakers of Saturn. That’s another group of ET’s with the long tube ships, went and did a rescue operation on them, and you know, recovered them from their dead ships, and damaged ships; and when they brought them aboard they hijacked a bunch of ‘em. These idiots -these folks were out there to help them, and when they came aboard, they hijacked the ships. That’s the way these folks are. So now they got a bunch of (___ships). Which we see operating in Earth orbit now. Where they never came anywhere near us before. And now they’re run by the Cabal members. They just hijack anything.
Aug: Right, that’s their whole game. I vaguely remember something about that: a rescue mission where then that was overtaken by the so-called pirates -these Cabal groups, the dark factions basically. I vaguely remember. And it’s funny because this entire span was around meeting you and that was in a different aspect of the basic environment that I was in for this event; and every memory you’ve been conjuring up from these…your words, your information, keeps bringing me back to that location.
Pattie: And that’s one I don’t remember ‘cause I was upstairs so…and I don’t remember anything I do up there. But I mean I do so much of the really hard core stuff while I’m awake. And all these operations when I took out a missile I do that stuff while I’m awake so- I don’t really know what I’m doing upstairs. I know I’m doing something ‘cause all the people tell me but – and I know my personality is totally different up there. I don’t know why that is but it is. And the Civil Legion members, when I’m dealing with them awake, hold that against me. And read me the riot act. You know when we go on joint missions: “This is not your mission, you’re not in command, you don’t tell us what to do.” All that, I mean they really climb in my shit. It’s like I don’t remember when I did this you know; what I did upstairs. So please don’t hold that against me. That’s not my personality down here.
Aug: I’m getting a crazy flashback here of the individuals you seem to be mentioning. ‘Cause I recall the same type of scenario and the imprint of the individuals who basically are the ones you’re talking about. Like I’m getting their soul imprint. And these are memories that are for the most part quieted too for the whole security purpose. So, I don’t know how deeply I’ll want to invoke those however, we may be going to another phase here so we’ll see how that, how that works. However, I’m pretty sure these are some of the individuals that I met that were working for the human resistance that are outside of the so-called time matrix that are removed. Meaning if, say humanity was to die, they would, nothing would happen to them, they wouldn’t suffer in any way. And they were basically in command of these on goings. And I remember their soul. I remember looking into their eyes and perceiving the soul of a person who was not “effed” in the head. And I specifically recall that. And that was around the time, right after meeting you and Karen and the others. And before that it was the craziest shit (excuse my language.) But I remember that. And I kept that kind of memory away. You seem to have awakened it. To the point where once I finish recalling what we agreed upon, either I’m going to die, or this is going to go into the next layer where it can go; or some combination therein.
Pattie: Stick with me or work with me. I’ll keep you alive. Because this is ____going one way. And like I said, my authority and abilities will rise to the level of what’s needful. And it comes from the very top of the real tree. That’s my authority level down here. “Do whatever you gotta do.” And with Gaia being the only one that’s allowed to reign me in. And she’s pretty pissed and fed up. And she’s already stated categorically “If I have to, I’m gonna put all you everybody, all my kids, to Eden, wipe this shit out entirely and bring you back.” You know, just toss everybody off. She doesn’t want to have to do that. But she can.
Aug: Well that’s why this is happening: because everyone wants to avoid that.
Pattie: Yeah. There’s too many of her kids that … if she’s portered them instantly through the gate to Eden, ‘cause there’s 3 gates that can’t be disconnected; the way she did this: she tied Eves moon around Eden through 3 of the gates that alto counterbalanced the ties to our moon exactly where it is-in its orbit; which is why the balance point of gravity is actually only 10 miles deep into the surface of Earth; or the moon, to keep it in orbit. It’s a weird balance. And those are the 3 gates. The primaries that even the Draco’s couldn’t close. ‘Cause they did try to close all of ‘em. And that didn’t work. So, yeah, those gates are always open and she can do that. And they know she can do that. I told ‘em they can do that. I’ve even designed portal gates to put in my enclaves. So, you don’t even need a transit system…with pads outside each of the residences. And they kind of global network. And that one ties into the sun gate. And you can go anywhere. This is how the things tie together. Eden and Earth. And those 3 gates can’t be closed. So, yeah, she can do that anytime. And just say “Screw you!”: Take us off, wipe ‘em.
And there’s more tricks she aint even played yet. She’s holding other cards in her hand which nobody knows she’s even got. And bear in mind, that group that’s sitting upstairs on their hands with their heads up their butt- she had a hand with raising them here. She’s got stuff implanted in them that they don’t even know about. She can do correct shit on the fly with them too. If need be. But that of course would freak them out too. She doesn’t want to let her hand really be shown ‘cause she’s got so many more tricks in her bag yet.
But once out, that information’s gonna be out. And at the end of the day, when this is all straightened out, if she has to go to that extent, it’s gonna create even more animosity for humans throughout the Milky Way. So, she’s trying to do this, letting as little bit of her capabilities out as she possibly can and get the job done. But she can pull out all the stops and make it happen. Even without us, our helping. That’s why I’m playing the advocate and her playing the bad guy to get the job done, without her releasing all her tricks.
So, the whole thing of winning or losing or any possibility of losing: this is time line zero-we aint losing. There aint no way we can lose. I’ll just put it that way.
Aug: Right. It’s dimensionally …
Pattie: I’m supposed to put in as much effort and…you know, go at this as hard as I possibly can to make it look good: to make it show that we did it. We, as humans did it. But if we as humans can’t do it, it’s gonna get done anyway. So, no worries on that point. But we’ve got to make a good show of it.
Aug: Oh, yeah.
Pattie: So, that’s why yeah…I can play the hard ass, but I also keep a sense of humor throughout the whole thing.
Aug: Yeah, usually I do too.
Pattie: And the high dimensional saying I aint doing enough. And I, yeah, I can do more and they’re always you know…ribbing me. Which is why I’m going to do this Tiamat thing. Bring it back and all its moons because I’ve never tried anything that big before but they said I could do it. So, okay, I’ll believe ya; enough to get it done. And they ain’t going to let it fail either. They aint going to let any of us getting clear of this fail either. To the point where they tell jokes all the time we’re working together. You know what I mean? That’s the level of seriousness that’s going on. They are practical jokers. And these are like you know…7, 8, 12, 15, whatever yeah. Way up there but they always lend a hand and lend energy. And cracking jokes all the time they’re doing it.
So, yeah…people gotta stop this doom and gloom. Stop believing the propaganda that these folks are putting out. ‘Cause it’s just you know…it’s porn. And have a good time. You know… kick in and do the right thing; for yourself and your neighbors and whatever. You’re supposed to enjoy being down here. Stop sucking up to the doom and gloom.
Aug: Yeah.
Pattie: That’s my opinion. It’s a serious subject. But in another respect, it really isn’t. It’s fun and games. But I gotta do my job and make it look really nasty. And I do get really nasty. I can play really nasty. ‘Cause for me doing this is like playing a video game. And yet, beyond that a lot of the Civil Legion members are treating it like it’s actually a really serious video game. Like Dungeons and Dragons where they got the guild and you can’t make any move without discussing it and planning and all of this and that and nothing serious enough to require immediate action. It’s like screw that. I see something that’s wrong I’m gonna go fix it- right now. And that’s my…the way I tackle things. And that yeah…so I guess in that regard possibly when I’m upstairs I may be a hard ass. Because that’s the role I’m supposed to play.
And believe me I mean I know how serious it is. And you know…every year these incarnates are bitching at me because of how it impacts their life, and the aches and pains and the damages and what not. And I just…you aint been through shit. I’m a disabled vet. You know…grenade eleven out on Desert Shield. They’ve run me over with cars. And fractured my pelvis and left me there. And I had to get up and walk a quarter of a mile to the nearest house with a fractured pelvis. All the cartilage in my knee crushed, my shoulder messed up, and glass and everything embedded in my skull. You know…rip half my face off. They can’t tell me-you know. And they’ve done that more than once. But this isn’t your body. It’s your avatar. So, get over it. And that, that just goes over most people’s heads. This isn’t you. It’s your avatar. Get over it.
Aug: Right.
Pattie: You’re not suffering. That meat bag you’re driving is in rough shape. But it aint you. That’s why I was really surprised that they even had that movie released: The Avatar. I think, because the information they released in there had no strategic value from their side. Nor were they making use of anything that went down in that movie. I’m surprised they even let that air.
Aug: It’s kind of like a wakeup call.


Pattie: Yeah. That’s really what it was. And I don’t know how Cameron got away with doing it;
how they let him do that.
Aug: Most likely part of the resistance. Because the previously mentioned media entrainment dimensional programming system that that was one of the first breaks in that as part of the complete damnation they the subjugation of humanity and that the was the first actual movie in a long time which was showing people the truth without actually trying to get them to subconsciously operate onto these agreements.
Pattie: Not only about who and what they really are but also what Earth originally looked like before the progenitors stripped it and left it behind.
Aug: Right.
Pattie: that’s kinda…I mean there’s so many of…that’s the real hard core facts in that. It’s mind boggling. Also, the height difference: the higher you go up in the energy density level, the taller you get. This is another really basic fact that people don’t even get. If you go to someplace like Sturbridge Village up here in Massachusetts, back from the days when the folks from England first came over here, the average height of the tallest male even as little time back as that was 4 foot 10. And all the buildings are built like that. In fact, even to this day there’s some holdovers from that. That’s why bathtubs are only 5 feet long. Because the tallest male was only 4 foot 10. But as you move up the energy gradient to the energy level density you get taller. That’s a neat little tidbit fact.
Aug: Alright this was explained to me and I don’t really understand it. But this was, I was informed of and it kinda explains, it tells about the previous civilizations and however to talk about something real quick …I really don’t have anything else to say I’m kind of like just like in a…Well, I’m that but I’m also like in this awe. In awe is kind of a bad word ‘cause it means like I’m stupefied. That kind of is accurate. But I’m just like soaking in everything that’s been said. However, I have memories of the original whatever you want to call it, environment which would be like the Avatar type environment where everything is basically conscious and alive like it’s a native society. Which is kind of a… it’s just you know is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever experienced. It’s what I consider Heaven. But a whole, a part of it…you know-a physical counterpart to that. But as well it’s like what’s going on here is a…is a spiritual degradation that’s beyond belief. Basically, people here cannot imagine what life could be. I mean they, they can’t.
Pattie: Before the Europeans come over, the American continent all the tribes still lived like that as if they were on Pandora.
Aug: Which is the pain…another painful aspect of it because that ties in to the rightful ownership; the ownership of the land in it. Not ownership, but the right to live basically: the connection to the original and how it’s been stripped away. But that they’re still here. All that that their rightfulship, their owner (excuse my vocabulary) is still valid. In that, it’s just the craziest situation we’re in that they can nullify the banks, the false government, this corporate rule: they can nullify it all. And as well the people from the original Earth can.
Pattie: This is some of the hidden facts where I try to explain why we had to get…it had to be Trump that was put in office. Because he’s not one of the Cabal and this goes all the way back to (I don’t know if you know about this) the stardust that’s here. That is the contract between the first of the Tudor group line and the last 13th clan mother that was signed in 640 BCE; where they agreed that the Tudor group could do their own thing in their own little space, do their own thing…but here the whole point was, it wasn’t supposed to impact any other groups.
Aug: Right.
Pattie: …or any of that. And basically, the Tudor group ignored the contract they signed. And not only that, they violated every tenant and created some new ones including killing off tribes. But here’s the thing: that contract ended September 2013.
Aug: That’s…yeah.
Pattie: So, the whole legal system and all that and the courts and corporate and all that.
Aug: It’s all defunct.
Pattie: As of September, and before we preempted it. August 8th 2013, Karen served notice on Queen Elizabeth and she immediately bugged out, ran from England and hid out in her palace at the D (5:50:36.) Because she knew her CEO couldn’t, wouldn’t arrest her. But here’s the thing, and this is the whole political bullshit that came up at this point when it came to September: under the rules that governed at that point in time, if these assholes could get 65% of the public to vote for them, therefore voting in the majority to keep the system in play, then they were good to go. That’s why putting Trump in cancelled all that out. Even that last ditch effort of having 65% wanting to keep their system in control, not really wanting to keep it in control, but voting to keep it in control despite themselves. If they lost that, they lost everything. And that’s not just here in the United States. That’s around the entire globe. That’s why the breakup of the EU and I mean they’re not even in control of England anymore. And that’s their home turf. As originally granted to ‘em by the clan mother. They don’t own anything anymore. So, this is just playing out that at this point. As it turns out I mean they’re all the Cabal folks. Um…yeah, it’s gonna be a hard take down. ‘Cause they don’t want to relinquish even though they know they lost. And that was the whole point in Trump being the only one we could put in office. I mean his wife, his wife’s the reincarnation of Cleopatra but because of the Christians they put in the White House she can’t live there. And when the inauguration (this is another funny story,) the inauguration went down they had to actually send a clone of her in there with Trump and Trump tried it on with a clone and his wife found out and got really pissed with him; almost tossed his ass out. But, I mean Trump’s…you know…he’s Arcturian. And that’s the way they are: “just get over it.”
Aug: So, the queen was there and involved in all this, and this was explained as the process that was playing out; that they lost ownership and that little rock that I was highly insultive of when they showed me, was an original contract signed as some type of star contract basically. This part of the right to come to learn here and essentially live here. And was supposed to be an agreement to not engage. Which they completely overran. They broke the contract. But as well that, this is connected to the Luciferian rebellion and takeover. And that it ends or it ended and their rule as well as their legal ownership in all which is fraudulent anyway. But even in that fraudulent system they have no authority to continue.
Pattie: Right. Yeah, that was the whole other issue. The actual stone to prove the people who could carry that treaty out, is a fake. Because the real one got taken by Scotland. So, it was a fake stone. And here’s the funny thing: somebody attempted to steal the fake stone, dropped it, and broke it. And that still ended up going to Scotland. So, Scotland ended up with both the real one and the fake one.
Aug: Interesting. I heard something about that.
Pattie: And they made a big deal of giving it back to ‘em. That’s the stone that was under Queen Elizabeth’s throne. And I’m the one that did the decrypting of that contract and lined it up with the star dates and determined exactly when that contract ended.
Aug: Right.
Pattie: So, ‘cause if you hold that star disc up at arm’s length away from you at the right time it lines up to the stars. And there was different symbology and everything back then. But yeah… I did it all the way back to 640 BCE. And now this is BCE and this is not…it was the comparison. There was several different ways I did it. Some of them look …are easier to decipher. On the matchup if you go… (let me open this up, it’s hard to see when it’s the little ones.) When you go to the Az… was it the Aztec? The one I did that was easiest? Yeah. This is end of the contract. This is using different symbology. And this is the start of the contract. Entering the marketplace. Basically, the line from us to Galactic center, enter the marketplace, and the-the new fire and all that: they all line back up again. At the end of the contract. You’re done. So, yeah a lot of work went into that deciphering the star symbology from then to now and how they’ve changed it. That was another whole thing that they did. You still there? Did we lose you?
Aug: No, sorry. Somebody being a… ignoramus on my Facebook.
Pattie: that’s the difference between the way they did star patterns back then and now. And the decrypting of that and then winding it up and that’s what the seal is on Karen’s seal. That’s the star disc.
Aug: Right. I’m gonna stop here but all the royalty was there. This is part of what was explained. And so, we have to, we’re gonna have to basically act on this.
Pattie: Yup. And that’s why when they came over here they killed off all the clan mothers and then they forced the chiefs to sign treaties but guess what? No chief has the authority to sign any treaties. So, none of ‘em are valid. Not a one. ‘Cause the chiefs never had, never will have that kind of authority to sign away anything. Ever. And I only get the authority I have because I was born intergendered. I’m a two-spirit Shaman. And I’m full blood Mi’Kmaq. And even on my dad’s side: my great- great grandmother was a fern mother for France. She helped out an actual clan such that when he died he gave his heraldic shield to her. And that’s how she managed to get out of there alive. She took her family and everything over to England, and then to Ireland, and then to Nova Scotia. But during the Halifax disaster when that big blow up happened she was the only survivor. She lost her whole family. So, she married into the Brassard lineage. But even the Brassards were the protectors of the clan mother since the get go. And if you look at my heraldic shield on my dad’s side, that shows blatantly again protectors of the clan mother. Uh…I don’t know if you’ve ever seen my heraldic, my coat of arms. Even that’s got the clan mother on one side and the 13th clan mother on the other, the protector of the tribes, which is the wolf, and the eagle with the rabbit over it. That’s the keeper of the peace unless war is needed. That’s the whole thing. And my great-great grandmother whose name was Fojeur which is a made-up name, if you decrypt that, it means fern mother. And this was her flag. And that’s the difference. I don’t take no honors, really. ‘Cause that’s why there’s nothing over the helm. That was hers when she got married to my great, my grandfather. So even on that side it’s tribe. And my mothers of course is…you know…this. That ties me to Karen because part of our thing was partially bear clan. And Karen’s bear clan.


Pattie: But Karen is…Karen’s load she was never raised to handle and she’s clan. But she does have a little bit of tribe in her. And she’s you know…who the last holder of all the paperwork and the mantle. She was the last of the bloodline. So, she you know…got handed it. And her daughter’s been-was captured and modified by the Cabals. So, she’s it. They take her out, there’s nobody to replace her. That’s what makes her such a key piece in this puzzle.

Aug: It’s a similar situation I’m in. Uh…as far as…it’s also what enables the powers to the point where we don’t exist unless we succeed. And, as well we’re kind of time stamped; in that the future realm where the success has been achieved and so by putting us in this situation the only thing that can happen is that we increase the chances of humanity succeeding. Which is a painful way to…to look at it.

Pattie: In a manner that wakes up more people.

Aug: Right.

Pattie: From the dream: the false dream. Which is why well, I mean I originally I thought that was the best way of doing it and I which is why I did a bunch of videos and everything trying to wake people up to the truth. And now, it’s-now the fight is more important take these idiots down. Take the false realities down. And that actually forces more people to wake up quicker: already started doing that. So, then trying to do like Corey Goode and uh…David Wilcox and all that who were working for the Cabal and putting out really, really edited and slanted information. I can’t compete with them. I’m not a media personality and I’m not a really even a very good teacher. I can tell the story of how we got here and everything way back before even, even Gaia came here to the Milky Way. And tell you how you know…everything that’s gone on. I can tell a story pretty well but I’m not a teacher. And to get the whole story out takes like 6 months of long days and just talking and putting people to sleep. I mean if I do- I tried doing it one long talk trying to rush through everything: took 6 hours and I got bitched at because you know-nobody wanted to listen that long. And I don’t have a whole lifetime to do 45 minute to 1 hour classes; not and get any actual combat done. So, that’s the crux of it. Do I actually get work done or do I you know… make these recordings? So, that’s why I like every once in a while, I’ll have a talk with someone like you: who will record this and then put it out. Because that’s the best way to doing it. You know, break it up into segments where people won’t go to sleep.
I did a bunch of stuff on Project Intention and again that’s where we figured out really anything more than an hour people don’t want to watch. They look at the time and they say “Forget it. It’s too long.” So, a lot of people because of the mindset won’t even look into taking on board the data because uh…it’s too long. And they…short, you know…their attention spans are so bloody short. Even if it’s vital data that is critical to their own life. They can’t spare the time.

Aug: It’s the 30 second clip has gone down to 10 seconds for news. I have a few thousand followers. And there’s a few-I’ll get a few thousand hits on this within at least a few days. However, with it being so much information, I don’t know how I’m gonna release this. But this information is basically going directly to the public as long as the recording works when I finish the recording file. Um…and ah, so yeah this is going to go public now. And some changes are going to have to occur from this information being released into the collective unconscious. People will understand a little bit more how deep this works, how the contracts existed, the scenarios we’re kind of in, this legal spiritual structure, the interdimensional aspects, the advanced technology, the ability to mind operate. Human mind operating is the technology used to basically provide a role for the human resistance. Everything else you’ve said is basically in line with what I’ve learned. Including the ones mentioned in a certain aspect of that. It’s all part of what I learned.

Pattie: Gaia played about time. Even though the seed to make the clans and the tribes didn’t happen until right before she made us and after the class 15 graduated. She played about in time when she figured we weren’t gonna have oversight. And she actually took the tribes and put them all the way back at the beginning such that we’ve been the grounds keepers for Earth through all 16 classes. ‘Cause we-this is the 16th class. I know I mean the Mayans recorded when the starseed went down and all that. Um…but yeah, the tribes have been here the whole time. And we weren’t even biologically designed to interbreed with the clans. The actual class that were not ascended beings and meant to be raised to the point of ascension: to energy beings. That’s another thing that all these ET’s screwed up because originally tribes weren’t meant to breed with the clans. They have. So, I mean the mess up really goes really, really deep. The…the…and whole branches of the tree of the tribes have been wiped out entirely. All the European tribes are wiped out entirely except for what is called the…um…there’s one group that’s made it through. They call ‘em the Clovis People. That’s actually your gypsies. But they are actually tribe. The remains of the tribe. That banded together you know…the survivors from the multiple tribes that got wiped off the European continent entirely. It’s sad.
And they made, they got part of the genetic screw up with Anunnaki and all those breeding programs went down such that now they…we can interbreed, but that wasn’t how it was meant to be either. We were never meant to breed with them. And this is you know the rest…you know we lost of the 12 tribes that were removed only 2 tribes…portions of 2 tribes made it ashore to North America. A portion of 1 tribe made it ashore to South America. And the rest of those tribes that were removed are gone.

And then when the Spanish came over and hit Florida and worked all the way up into the Florida pan handle all the way over to Mississippi, we lost entire 2 other bloodlines there. It’s like they were just wiping us out. And they put a stop to the rituals and everything because it was the tribes that went back to the days of the Roman legions and shut them down and said “You’re either gonna surrender, or we’re gonna turn you into a pillar of salt.” That’s why when they came over here they hit the tribes so hard. They shut down and basically wouldn’t let them practice their so-called religion which was the time workers. You know…teaching of the time workers. ‘Cause we could go back and you know shut this stuff down and literally take them apart at a molecular level and…turn them into a pillar of salt. And I have tools now that I do that again today.

Aug: Right.

Pattie: …to big groups of people all by myself. So, that’s a bit of history and like I said: the tribes don’t want the planet with the groundskeepers. Keeper of the Peace, and Keeper of Treaties and Agreements. That’s it. We wanna put the Earth back the way Gaia designed it. And the____ biosphere. That’s our obligation. And we will do it. We, and, and there was 13 tribe mothers, 13 clan mothers, the original 26. And there’s a statue that’s still underwater, all female, all standing in a circle. They got a gold belt that links ‘em at the waist. They’re all holding hands, all looking out. Those are the original rulers of Earth as far as what you could and couldn’t do. As far as anything else, in your breeding and what you wanted to do for a living, they didn’t care. Just don’t mess up my garden. That’s what it came down to. You could do anything you want just don’t mess up the garden. And that’s the way we’re gonna put it back. So…

Aug: Send me any pictures you want me to put up with this information given this does work out: the file, and say anything else you wanna say.

Pattie: On this one I’m called you know…I’m of the tribe Mi’Kmaq. Again, that’s perversion of the real names. You know… the Mi’Kmaq tribe is actually the mixer who are actually of the same bloodlines as the Mayans and all the rest. And, some of the folks from…that they…the Clovis People, they’re what you call the gypsies now. Some of those were Mayan bloodlines too. That’s what I mean. I’ve been putting a bunch of stuff in the chat bar. The Mayans weren’t even from you know…the middle or South America originally. Even though you see a lot of their temples down there. Mayan blue: there’s only 1 place on the planet you can get Mayan blue. And the components to make it: that’s Georgia. And people don’t…I mean so much stuff they give you in the history books is just bogus. I mean…it’s not real. And they just make it up as they go along to try and hide the facts.

Now the real Mayans um…there’s another group called the Rumay. And funny thing is if you watch tv and you saw the whole thing with the cone heads: the original cone heads are actually Rumay. When the Martian Lumerian sunk Atlantis, the Rumay saw these groups coming and picked up the Mayans and took them into space. I’ve got a picture of the Rumay too here somewhere. And they’re on the way back here too to bring the Mayans back. —I’m not worried about how many tribe people are gone because samples of all the tribes went with the Rumay. So, we’re gonna get our bloodlines restored too because they took backups. In order to do so. Even that really isn’t a concern there either. Not that it matters because duplicates of every 1 of the 12 original clans and the 12 original tribes on the island on Eden which everybody knows is Avalon. You know…so nothing is lost. And nothing even of the plants and animals that are lost are truly lost because they’re backed up everywhere. Not only on here in Eden, there’s a whole group of ET’s that do nothing but go around and collect samples of everything and keep tons of breeds of ‘em. So, everything can be restored. I mean literally everything can be restored.

So, everybody has such a grim outlook. And when we restored her original abilities we can transmute matter. So even the radiation stuff – it’s not really a concern because we look at it and transform it into something that you know…we need. It’s that simple when you really, really get into it. So, try not to worry so much folks.

Aug: Well it is about frequencies and so we don’t need to worry: that helps the problem. We don’t need to be falsely secure and basically fall into these agendas of happily, being slap happy with the parasite. And the invasion- this infection and basically if not that, just subjugation by these other races. But it’s about you know…increasing our frequencies to the point where we have higher, higher awareness, that also does not feed into the “BS” basically and does not feed into these vague and like extravagant emotions which are…is another form of loosh feeding. And so but that is what it’s about. The goal here is not to be depressed and low and think like “This is what they’re telling us and it’s like wow, we’re screwed.” We would not be here to say that if that’s the situation. Every…it always reverses that because no matter how bad the information we’re delivering is, it means that it’s not that bad because we are here to deliver that bad news. Which means obviously, we’ve overcome that aspect at least to get to this point. And there is a whole lot as far as the original ark devices, the original starships, Bethlehem, Jerusalem, the retaining DNA, and having the ability to basically transfer the human race into a secure zone and so on and so forth. And it’s funny – a group from one of the original interventionist teams showed me a…what was it…a yellow book or blue book which was all their versions of potential alien races. They have their little pictures just like this Rumay is on the front- was one of the pictures.



Well, I mean, for instance, the members of the Council of 12 made it successfully past this point, the level 5 and above energy density. The level 5 energy density, where you graduate off of planetary classroom to space, is like the most critical one you have to pass. And then, they, a lot of these races, like once they get out into space, they think they’re clear, they don’t have anymore class, and that is a mistake. And see that is why they are actually worse off than us, because they ought to know better, having graduated past the level we are going through right now. They passed it seamlessly, and thought they were clear, and they are not.

And that’s one of the lessons that the (Soliray?) Grey learned very very hard. They made it two levels above us, and lost their ability to reproduce and everything and really got bogged down. And they are a very very old race and they’re only now doing corrective action. Because they got so bogged down in it, until we came along, there really wasn’t even a way for them to get back in the class system. So, they gotta like borrow from us, and start over at level 5 energy density, even though they are level 7 and above, they got to go back to level 5, and go through those other levels all over again.

And basically, love is what accelerates the whole process, the whole situation. The compassionate unified selflessness, in other words it’s not a dissolution of the self, it’s an expansion of the self in unison with the whole, the larger system. It nullifies the distortions, the disharmonies, the set-backs, and it accelerates the delays, to quicken them, to reduce them.

Love is not cut in half by sharing it out.

Right. And you know, that is the most powerful version of it. Not just like, putting some funky music on and putting some facebook notes out saying you know, ‘peace everybody’. It’s literally looking at the situation, literally of people eating other people’s babies, and being able to overcome that darkness, and putting it behind us, and either dealing with that situation however we will, but still not allowing ourselves to be dimensionally, frequency-wise drained, or collectively inhibited by that, and overcoming, cause that’s the realm we are in, with these guys running the show. And so the beings who can love in that, in themselves, and eventually to these others beings even if they are what they are, and they are not going to be allowed to persist anymore ever again.

Then one basically reduces… the oils runs off of them like water off a duck’s back, to the point where they don’t get dragged down by that system. Because that’s all that is; people who failed trying to fail everyone else around them, like a big joke, class clowns.

It’s an interesting thing, it’s an interesting analogy to that; being a parent. I can say this, I have never hit my kids, I’ve never had a reason to hit my kids, and my kids are not a spoiled brat like the kids that grow up these days either. I knew how to punish them in a way that was non-violent and taught them the lesson they needed to learn. And yet you have a lot of these parents who get mad at their children, they lash out and hit ’em, and all they are doing is training their kids to hit their kids.

I was hit as a kid, yet I knew not to repeat that, because that is wrong. And that’s sort of a micro-scale version of this whole thing where we humanity now need to learn to behave appropriately to graduate.

Precisely. A vicious cycle of violence and degradation that has to be stopped and stemmed.

Yup, and you know, and you are not going to get out of it by being violent. No, I mean, I’m and what I am doing in this battle, I am getting violent, but then again I am already graduated from here, and we’re on a time crunch. There are not enough people doing what needs to be done, so, those like me who came back here to do this other job have to make up the difference. And I do it in a way that doesn’t damage me, because I can take a few steps back, see what’s necessary and do what is necessary. Even if that happens to be violent, and take these folks out, I do what I have to do to get the job done. That’s it, there’s nothing, there’s really no pathological attachment to that.

I learned that from being in the military for 7 years. After I got out, because that was part of my covert finding out what was going on, it took me like a good 2 years to like strangle that personality, that I had to become to do that part of the job. I had to strangle it, put it away before I ever had kids. Because I knew it was wrong, but I had to behave that way in order to do that part of the job. That’s the same thing I am doing now, I have to behave the way I do to do the job as it needs to be done. I am not letting it climb inside and change who I am or the way I normally am. Even that it reflects, as you’ve made note of, how I behave when I am upstairs and how I behave down here, that’s two different me’s, each to the level of what is required, and no more than that.

Which, a lot of people don’t understand. A lot of people in the Silver Legion who are incarnated down here, they have only been here a short time, they weren’t born into these bodies, and so they have a skewered view of things. Even though they exist on 12 dimensions simultaneously, they are still in this level of reality. I’ve been to others above this, and eventually graduated right out of the time-stream, so I do have a wider perspective. They tend to ignore things I tell them, and I am telling them from the heart because I know, but they can’t see it and they are not going to listen to somebody who is technically level 5 energy density at the lowest bottom class there is, who they think is inferior to them. So, that’s the dilemma. The people who take on challenges like I did, coming back down here and doing this sort of stuff.

Right. So, it wouldn’t be happening if there wasn’t extreme oversight putting the right people in the right places, knowing what the outcome was most likely to be, it’s not going to mess up. Kinda confusing, not complicated. I had to make a note here. I’ve had some experiences with some of these other beings that I am going to end up doing a video on sooner or later.

I hope you had a nice nap Karen.

You know, it’s wonderful to go to sleep and hear your voices and then wake up, not at all and get enlightened and still hear it in the (?)… I’ve done that and went, oh my gosh!

The origin of sleep learning.

…I wasn’t awake, I was like totally…(?) here. I can tell when you’ve pulled an all-nighter.

Well this has kind of just gotten into a back and forth philosophical, which I hope people will pay attention. Actually I think having conversations like this are a lot more instructive as the recording than the ones that I try and plan out and do, where I try to rush through things.

That’s kind of why I wanted to hit the record, because something happens when the possibilities are aligned, and the first time those possibilities are unleashed, like a supernova of information happens, and that’s pretty much what this was.

Yeah, (?)… spirits

The whole stream of talk that he and I have been doing has no commonality to the ones I tried to do from just a standing talk point. I think really more information actually comes out in a rational, easy to take on board way, this way.

It’s weird, it’s like the information is meant to be organically, you know, outpoured from the system, the mind, the vessel. And when you try and put it, because I get the same problem, in a linear format with the charts and diagrams, and a structure and hierarchy, it begins to sound like gibberish, and it has no flow to it and, for me, it feels like there is no where to start from. But once there is a genuine connection made, where actual experiences and memories and intelligences are at play, it all flows forward from there.

I mean, I have tried putting together powerpoints, and I get to a certain point where, ‘oh this isn’t going to make any sense’, you know? I even tried using visio and making an object type flow chart, from beginning to end through this whole mess. By the time I even got even a quarter of the way through, I’ve had to make everything so small that you can’t capture it as a picture because you can’t read the lettering anymore.

There’s that paradox, the angle of view and complexity.

Because it gets too complex, everything shrinks down that you can’t do it.

I can tell the depth of what Pattie wanted to, you can imagine, Aug, after like close to being with Pattie for like 4 years, I can see where we were talking about the star disc, so you literally went through from the beings, to the creation, to what we are dealing with now, to what we are faced with, and trying to, the hope of putting a facility together that’s radiation proof.

Irregardless we are going to win.


That’s not even in doubt. it’s how brutal are we going to be about it to get within that time frame.

I even just had a minor flashback of replaying the words you said just now Karen, and seeing the images that are on the screen, knowing that there is this 8 hour conversation, and we went through everything that occurred, back in 2010, where all of this was unveiled. I just hit like a time-loop replay there, for some reason your exact words, I can see where you went through and all that, it triggered it. And I have been getting flashbacks from everything Pattie has been telling me.

Yeah, we talked about a lot of things above and outside this experience down here and how it all connects together and it’s all like a grand plan. He’s met with people, I mean, the highest I have ever conversed with was a level 14, and he’s met with people even above that, and they’ll even tell you the same, when you really try and consider the truly miraculous thing, the grand thing, the grand creator Sophia created in all its totality, it’s literally mind blowing. You can’t even encompass it in your thought matrix. I don’t care how big your brain is, you can’t. You’ll break your brain.

I knew you would really enjoy that. I could really feel something when I was talking with Aug. …(?) you’re amazing. I was trying to explain a little bit to Pattie and I said, no, I think you gotta hear this.

When you talk to, when you hear these ministers, you know, ‘God’s gonna punish you!’, when it’s like, do you know how ridiculous you sound?? Because, guess what? The grand creator doesn’t get involved down here. Now, Gaia might be upset with you for raving like that, but that’s about as far as that is going to go. Your fake god upstairs might scold you for failing in your task of brainwashing these folks, but that’s as far as that goes.

Part of the false god, ‘g-a-u-d’ mind-controller, archontic control system, religious authority.

Yeah and that’s another problem which they just do to contribute, because,’Oh, will god help me?’, ‘I praised him, and he came and did this for me’, and it’s like, yeah, you gotta an ET in his space ship and who happened to be listening and said, ‘ok, give it to him’, you know? That complicates matters. Because they make it seem like the BS they are being taught is real and it functions. They do just barely enough to make it seem like it actually is true, when it isn’t.

Yup. Reality entrainment, as well as a little bit of confirmation bias, psychology. But there is more reality entrainment going on of beings that are playing this off like confirmation bias than there is confirmation bias. Because there’s this whole leech system happening, which is the crazy aspect of it, but it also means that the creative potential and power beyond both the creative, the bias and these parasites is that the real god is within, in that harmony to create, that frequency.

Some of the subterfuge they throw at you, anybody who saw the movie Independence Day. Now they portrayed that as one alien species that was invading, but it had two appearances, one inside the bio-suit and one outside the bio-suit. That was actually two different races, who had the ability, the capability, and the willingness to come down here and help humanity, who they portrayed as the bad guys in that movie, so that if they did come down, humanity would shoot them. That’s the reverse psychology that they pull on people. Both those races were willing to come down and help us.


I’ve met one of them. They basically have a wide-skull look and they are basically holographic. They generate the Amun-Ra fractals from this Egyptian system, and they are basically, there is this old war going on between all the rulers, and the weird crap that was going on back then. They put me up with them to basically try and fight them. Obviously I couldn’t do anything. They are big fractal god beings. You kind of get swept away in a river of undulating fractal geometric information. They were doing some wierd mind control stuff, trying to get me angry with them, and then they were kind of having fun seeing my reactivity. Strange stuff.

But those beings, it’s hilarious, these wide headed beings, they exist, they have ships. There are images I have found, randomly, of the exact situation and its basically like the Egyptian altars, with the sphinx’s and the columns that go in a row and then it leads up to a pyramid and then there’s a portal opening basically up at the top, and there’s like the beginning of a fractal geometric, I don’t know how to describe it, it’s a weird… it’s like some of these artistic expressions. I’m not doing a good job of describing it, I am going to have to find a picture of it.

Some of it has to do with these AI control systems. Basically, there are replicant AI systems that possibly could have been what they were showing me. It was just really weird.

The interesting thing about the movie is the way we took the aliens down was by putting in an infection.

Right. That was the whole catch for the movie. That was the pinnacle of the disclosure.

Yup, so they were telling you about the infection they put in, so they could do all this awful stuff. That’s their game. They don’t really do anything bad without actually slapping you in the face with it. They know you are not going to recognize it and then they laugh at you. That is their modus operandi, as it were. That is also their way of testing how well they have tricked you. That’s like their negative feedback, gauging how well they are doing it.

Right, like a machine learning, if you will, AI system to gauge what they can get away with, and a painfully, like a probing process. Very, very strange. You are bringing up weird ass pictures typing in fractal Egyptian god search terms.

Hang on, I’ll give you this ARB book, they are in it, tells you all about them.

Oh the book. What’s the bigger version of it.

Yeah, I have the full version of it. ARB pdf.

The Alien Book.


With the various races? They showed me that and were like, ‘Here, now it is your turn’ and had me flip through it. I really could only go so far. I also didn’t know what to believe. They were like, these are the original, one of the ‘G’ ones, they are kinda like a big grey, that’s not the word, not the golem or gorem or something like that, they were like a vampire race, kind of like bug, grey-looking, tall things, which came from supposedly Orion and all that. And I’m just like, Go F* yourself, after all this I don’t know what to believe.

In the movie, the whole thing of Orion, the Orion gerys, and they are bad guys, even those folks are not from Orion. Again that is just another reverse psychology crap that they give you. I’ll give you that and Look through that at your leisure. That one has of their craft and all that as well. I think I could scan down pretty quick and find what their names were, right now. Kylli… no that is not them, grabbed the wrong one… where is it now…

The ones in the suit on the ground which they had was those aliens supposedly in the suits, that’s the Rak, with all of the tentacles out of the back like the, that he pulled out of the crashed ship. That’s the Rak. They have only visited 5 times. The last time they were here was 712 AD, and this was like, they returned and they were willing to help. That is why they painted them as the bad guys. Let’s see where’s the other ones. I hate PDF files, cause they never want to behave.

The other race that is working with us is the Lang and they are just here because its the right thing to do. Everybody thinks they are the pixie fairies, and they are not. When the Martians came and corrupted the Lemurians and broke the space-time continuum, put that crack up there, the Lang were the first ones to ever visit us, once the (?) was busted. They are only about 3 feet tall, blue skin. They look like little fairies, kinda like.

Oh come on, you’re not going to make me go through this whole book again are you? You can never find the one you want when you go looking for it, thats like a golden rule or something.

This longer version is much more amazing, it has much more detail in it… on each one…

And there’s others, there’s another race that’s sort of invisible. All you can do is smell them. We don’t even know what their deal is because we ain’t never been able to talk to em. The so-called Builder races from this edition, of creation, not the original builders but the builders of this epoch, that’s the El Grok. They sort of look like frogs. They are the ones who do the retrofitting on the El stuff. They call them the builders but they’re not the actual builders.

Which part? This is the book that they showed me but, what did you just say?

The El Grok, they are the builders of this epoch, and they do all the retrofitting on the ancient El’s equipment and build outs and stuff, to fit these new smaller beings, even though they are way taller than us, they are way smaller than the original builders. They do all the retro-fitting, down from the 100 ft tall down to these 20, 30, 40 foot types.

This is actually like a new version where a lot of this was here. They originally showed me a hand written book by one of the agents, and this is from one of the original interventionist teams. But this was like the secondary, like here we put it all in a file.

Yeah, this is a bigger and expanded version of the SMERCH book. My source for this stuff actually expanded even on this to the point where its actually 4 entire videos, the full data. And even that doesn’t encompass all 214 that we know about. You can make a study of this, in and of itself, of just other races, and not even get close, because there is another 300 and something that humanity has met up with since they got off Earth and went out in space, and that’s not all of em. And that doesn’t even include the 6 races currently camped out on Mars either, that’s just met in space.

The Matrax, they are not even aggressive, they only live up to 400 years. I’ll do a capture and post it. That’s their name. I thought I had already done this but I guess not. They come from Delphis.

Ok, yeah, so that’s the, which was this…

That’s the wide-brimmed skull…

That’s them. Those are the guys. Very strange. That is all I can say.

But they do have ships sort of like that but that’s not the only time they have painted them like that though. There’s been some other movies they’ve released using them as the bad guys again and they are not. That’s them right there. They have been visiting Earth for at least 4000 years. They were around here quite a bit back in the 19th century. Last confirmed sighting was in Marseilles, France in ’96. That’s the last time they were not just met up in space, they actually came down on the planet which got the Cabal panicked. I’ll be right back.


So, how are you holding up after being at this for about 8 hours now?

Uh, pretty good. This is what we went through. This is basically The Awakening. Its the strangest thing. I don’t really know how to say it, all I can do is just make this public, and go from there. I would have never been able to get all this information out within a few years, let alone one single night, and a large portion of it I was shying away from, and as well, I have a feeling was a subjugation ritual if you will, because I was reminded of this conversation; how the looking glass was disabled because it would have created a time loop. If it is enabled again, and this system is not brought into some type of harmony, that it would have basically created, uh, its not going to work. We have to make a change here and now, more or less.

It’s huge when you take everything what we are talking about and it just encompasses so much, but its doable, to make a change and alter, strive to bring things forward or bring it through, for people to just learn the basics of this, I mean, its doable. People have got to make real changes. They have got to be cleaned out. They have got to bring themselves into harmony and to that inner peace and not be violating these proclamations and international treaties that we have either. So, what do you do with that? The rock, put it on the rock.

Boy, there’s that beautiful Paleidian woman. Ya I know, even up here in Saskatoon, what we see, when I went up to a (tachykoop?) you know in the star nations, with the Indians, now become natives, being run basically by the native mafia there, that are actually RH-, you see it all up here.

That was the race that Will Smith has that scene where; dragging you by your bloody dread locks across the dessert, and then turns around kicks him, saying what is that smell?! That’s supposed to be the other one in a bio-suit. That movie actually has 2 different races put out there in it, even though they portrayed it as only being one.

If in this image, if you look at just the eyes, excluding the body beneath, and the upper kind of crystalline structure portion, this is how on their craft they appeared basically, as a type of fractal being, I don’t know how to describe it. Big wide head, and the angles of their head, it radiated out energy, and this is part or because kind of being on the craft everything kind of goes into a plasma containment field, it turns into energy, it turns into pure information, which is what the generators do as they envelope the genetic information of whatever being basically merges with the craft.

For some reason, you know a lot of this, in realizing, I’m realizing the Cabal was effing with me pretty hard, for some reason they wanted to throw me onto one of these craft in 2010, which wasn’t too bad, but I realized they were gently playing around, fooling with me, having fun, so that I help them destroy the human race without realizing it. And play around in 2017 when I probably would not have realized that its true what you said, that the looking glass is disabled, I have even spoken of that, but that it comes back online at the end of ’17, and if they still have the majority of control, they are going to try and destroy this civilization. So, we’re in a time crunch here.

And that’s why when these sites too, you know, Justin Trudeau was here, you know, we got up to his entourage in the RCMP and he said he was here to check his loosh and the loosh economy, and it was like, yes, I did hear that, we got it taped properly. I told him as a clan mother they weren’t welcome here, they weren’t friendly, they were hostile and they had to stand down and they better start understanding … (?)…

I met him.

And she actually physically threatened him, she said you are going to stand down or I am going to come get you. Me, she siced me on him.

I said this is force commander Pattie Brussard and they told all the RCMP around there… (?)

I will come get you

Yeah, that is exactly what I did say because the thing too is that LHC is here, which is a large hadron collider and we have a slow poke, so we have a double nuclear facility and he said he was going to go ahead with Branch 3 (?) just like the Dakota pipeline, he was going to put underneath there, and he said specifically he wanted to use all the nuclear power he could on the people. Take out one escalan, you know, and these people are wanting to extend the ring, you know, take it past, which would destroy all the tribal clan lands in our medicine wheel here

Those are all the primaries.

He never threatened my children. They have already done stuff to, you know, Alison and Alex, that has been a struggle in itself, but you know, the people here are fluoridated. This is one of the few cities still with fluoridation.

Those are the primary cyclotrons but around the planet there are around 140+ of them

Yeah, that we have found With the LH units its called light source (signatrons?). So almost every city’s got an underground facility ready to take them out, once they get totally operational online. Hopefully there’s been enough stuff that they can’t communicate anymore but..

Now, Brookhaven has a time-forward and reverse stepping and that’s how they do the data transmission to these alternates. That’s the machine that they are doing it with is Brookhaven, Long Island.


They’re rigged for doing that. That’s why, if anything, at this point, I want to take Brookhaven down, because that stops them from being able to, in a manner of speaking, fill out these realities. I mean, that would make my job easier. We tried hitting it before I had the tools that I have now. I got nowhere. Back then I was working with (Lauber ?) and whatnot. They have heat dissipation pipes in both the inner channel there and out in the ocean, to dump heat attacks out into the water, and you get nowhere. That’s been a bit of a challenge.

There’s a plan to boil the oceans, and one of the parallels where they try everything they can. They have technology where they could evaporate all of the water instantly.

I mean, if they win, which they can’t, we are not going to let them, but I mean, what their next game plan was was to build a space going one as well. This was taken from their own files. There is no end to this with them. They would literally keep pushing until they literally destroyed this whole level of creation.



They just don’t care. And I don’t know if you know this, the Anunnaki are not even from this level of creation. The reason why they were in such bad shape when they arrived here is because they blew up their home system entirely. That planetoid they drive around on was their lab, and they were playing with gate-transit network technology, and they managed to accidentally connect the black hole in the middle of the universe to the black hole that is down below the level of the atom in their local system, they somehow connected it to, destroyed their whole system, and squeezed themselves out. They came out the black hole that is at the center of Sol system Procyon and Sirius, and our brown dwarf actually go out and do a loop around and come back, they came out of that black hole, they tagged along with our brown dwarf as it came back here, and they were such a wreck when they got down here that they basically sifted through our oceans for monoatomic gold to heal themselves with, and then they wanted the physical gold mined from the Earth to build that reverse dyson’s sphere around their little planetoid.

So, they are not even from this level of creation and nobody in the Milky Way galaxy will even so much as give them a planet, ’cause they all know how bad they are. That’s how sad they are. They brought a corrupted edition of the plasma AI, from their original point of origin, here, which is why we have two plasma AIs, and one wants complete control and get rid of all living life, while the one they brought with them wants the 65% technology implantation, so it can run them.


There’s two different agendas there.

Basically automation.

Yeah, that’s the transhumanist agenda. Again you got portions of multiple Cabals who bind up different agendas, and there is no honor among thieves. Things have already gotten to the point in this fight where its everybody for themselves, which has made things a little easier, in a manner of speaking, because there is no honor among these thieves.

Well, the unstable systems can only basically decay and begin to collapse and fall apart from there. Only the necessary systems that are meant to be here will remain.

A lot of the stuff that came out in the public on main stream media, which is controlled by the (?), is actually back-stabbing each other.

Right, they are trying to cut one another out.


Yup, which actually works… because a lot of truths came out with that. Here’s a screenshot from the.. CERN in Geneva. Brookhaven I can get inside and can look at what they’re doing. This actually, screenshots of the sending and receiving to these alternate time-lines, of the actual data to flesh them out, taken from this one.

They tried to do one big project really, really big though, and it required a portal that was too big for the equipment to handle, and the machine hit a hundred billion amps and shorted everything out. It was down for two weeks. The funny thing is, you know what they call that network that all links all the cyclotrons together? Its the Karen network! These people have no shame. They got little gold pins, what level up the hierarchy in this stupid set-up you are.

I remember that day, Pattie said you are not going to be happy that they’ve named an entire network after you, and it was like, What?

The cyclotronic control network, its the Karen network

Yeah, out of New Zealand, which interconnects the interfaces.

Yeah, that little oops when they tried to do a major portal opening, to break the ex-gods out of Saturn, they found out that the network that they used to link all these together and control that sort of thing, basically the primary control was Brookhaven, you can’t do data and control at the same time. That’s why they built the Karen network, so that the actual data goes through this new Karen network. The one that I have already given you the picture from, the CERN Atlantic, is the control network, because you can’t put both over at once. They actually put so much stuff in there they were getting major power feedbacks and everything. Coincidentally, the HAARP network is on the same setup, so when they blew it, they actually took HAARP down and everything, blew out power supplies in (the Raks?) and everything else. The whole thing went down with the feedback. Whoops…

They were explaining how… and I remember the gold pin, I seen that one before, the one on the right. One of them might have been wearing it, or somebody there. They were telling me how HAARP is used to put basically holographic code into the environment and the population, which then is kind of like the enhanced media system where that then propagates itself and generates into reality systems. Its basically an interdimensional emitter, if you like, I can’t think of the word…

And all of their operatives, clones, humbrids, hybrids, and all that, there’s a primary server and the back-up server on where they are at. If those people think that China has got their own agenda- wrong. Because, guess what, that is where all the data is.

Yup, they own it all.

And people think that Russia and USA don’t get along, but guess what? And from monitoring all the ISS stuff and everything, even the secret data for the Secret Space Program’s interactions and everything that goes up there that comes from the space station, goes to Russia. That’s where the downlink is, all the data goes to Russia and gets distributed from there, even secret stuff for the US goes to Russia. I mean, a lot of this stuff, its, and I tell people, Stop paying attention to the dog and pony show, you know? ‘Cause that’s all it is, it’s a dog and pony show, it’s entertainment, and not for you either, it’s entertainment for them.

So that people will react.

Yeah I’ve gotten all the way down, got these, all their server IP addresses, all that kind of stuff. Eventually we want to take all that stuff out too. Not enough hours in the day, not enough personnel. I’m trying to scrape together the other members of the (civil legion?) who’re actively engaged, who I don’t have to train. They can hit the ground running and backfill up my strike team. We are getting tired. I either got to get more people working on it, on taking these things out, or I got to get really really mean, to make the deadline.

Maybe a little of both. I really hope this file (?) out.

What program are you using to record it? It would be interesting if it actually worked that long.

I’m on Ubuntu Linux. This is skype call recorder.

Yeah, we have that for this but we had all kinds of glitches and issues. Most of the time it would not work right, wouldn’t do the audio right…

Well, we’ll see with this one.

Yeah there’s been so many problems, we’d go to upload and all of a sudden all the audio’s missing, that happened, or the people have put, you know, what we have tried to give them for information and then all of a sudden it doesn’t take 20-30 minutes it takes like 4-5 hours. There’s one that we did where it actually everyone’s was intact but they just actually edited out my 10 minutes. We were doing huan circle at work or a few things at Project Incension or, actually most of the ones with the Leak Project with (Russ Spear?), I had one that was ok but, that was back in May…

Yeah, I once tried to do a live connection with Miles when he was doing one of the bases ones, and showed them what’s really out there in space in real time, and he couldn’t get the audio to work or it wouldn’t switch to the big screen. In the end I got to talk to him for about 2 minutes.

We did a couple days actually Sergeant (Gener Mcfall?) and myself, and Pattie, with (Alfred Lamanount Webber?) (his dad’s in?) politics, and every time we started going to talk, he said he was being targeted, his head was just like his ears were running, he couldn’t take the frequencies, the scrambling, that they were sending to him as a direct energy weapon. It’s interesting. He never did air that but we spent 2 full days doing this with him.

I think the wildest thing, Oh Aug, you should have been there when I was up at the (Tachykoop?) at the local reserves, it means ‘star blanket’, Jimmy Church, all of a sudden I just found this email that just happened to show up a year later in my file, and it was Jimmy Church from Fade to Black on Coast to Coast. I said we have been trying to get you for a year or so, no well, we’ll just do it now. And so, while on the reserve at (Peekeekoot’s ?) place, but then what happened after 45 minutes Pattie, all of a sudden there was 2 alien abductees which was Sylvia McAdam’s parents right on the moor, and she gave me this abductees being taken by greys, we had 12 ft people, we had ghosts, we had, I saw several craft while I was up there. You know, strange sounds like direct energy weapons, long distance acoustic things going on, ogopogos, I mean, there wasn’t anything you could think of, you know, Sasquatch sightings, portals, buffalo disappearing, UFOs coming in and out and everyone had an abduction story. There wasn’t anyone I didn’t talk to that didn’t have something to talk about, you know. And then we could see from up top the bases actually around there, and the HAARP towers and the genocide of the people, you know.

That’s another interesting thing, the Christian church has been buying up tribal land, building these big cross statues in the middle of nowhere, hooked to hydrogen power systems, which are either buried in the ground or they build a little building beside it. Plus solar grids, and they are nothing but cross-shaped broadcast towers on tribal land. If you go and look and find them all, they are all in grid patterns to brainwash even the tribes.


Yeah, you know it was funny, we were under such heavy targeting there, that when Andrew went to, and we did, we heard them at Project Insencion. You know you could actually see the screen look like (?) in the 1960s, just like just so pixelated, I was like, I don’t think I can handle it much here, I mean, I’m feeling like someone’s putting me under a microwave here, which they are.

Even in Saskatoon today, I mean, every time they’re flying over our airspace, I mean, my whole thing for the last month I was telling you about was that planefinder.net and flight radar 24, anyone can go to but you could actually see them trafficking, and, you know, escorting, and they’re unregistered. There will be actually TR4s and stuff above our head here, circling, like sitting on my head for like 2 hours, and yet you can’t find some of this stuff on the radar tracks, but we can see ’em and hear ’em and they just hover between here and the University of Saskatchewan. So, Obviously they’re trafficking, you know, and like I said, Trudeau doesn’t just show up, you know. He’s loosh collecting here.

Especially at the University of Saskatchewan with their royal blood bank and stuff, you know. Trying to educate people, just trying to get in spring water. So we are hauling in water ourselves now, you know, so we can get these facilities hopefully developed and started and that’s where we are going to require so much assistance here.

Yeah, we tracked some of these things, and I mean, I am also a pilot. No aircraft known to man can travel at 20 mph and stay in the air. Nor can the craft that it claims to be, like a Cessna 310 or something, travel the miles they were traveling, as well as all the chemicals on board to lay down the chemtrail coverage that they did, without running out of fuel before they even get an eighth of the way in, much less, because of traveling where they left from, and starting this grid pattern, by the time they get the coverage done, um, that’s not an airplane. It’d have to be a 747, the size to carry enough fuel to fly that far. SO, yeah, they do holograms and fake beacons and all kinds of stuff.

Yeah, those are electro-gravitic craft that are cloaked in a hologram, they switched over

There are some that I have actually caught them changing the information in the radar systems database in real time and wiping out the trail. Actually doing live editing on the data in the radar tracking at the station, remotely, wiping out the trail. And doing many what we call ‘skip jumps’, from one place to another with no travel in between. SO, yeah, stuff like that.

And we point this out and they get mad at us, because we put this stuff where people can go to watch and get a real hard-core solid proof of what is going on, undeniable, watch it with your own eyes, you know. I mean, the morning before the election, they were spraying lithium over Washington The entire day of Trump’s election they were spraying lithium, putting Washington to sleep.

That’s the one I’m looking for, right now I just sent the one that was over Saskatoon. I mean, that’s no commercial flight and that’s no passenger flight, and no one in their right mind would get on that flight pattern for an hour and a half. This is common almost every night here and now it’s stepped up during the day. I just looked at the (?) and its chemtrailed up here. That’s why I don’t sleep a lot so, sorry about that but I took advantage of those 3-4 hours, just collapsing on my amethyst bed here.


There’s that kind of thing and then the changes they wanna do, genetically, Rev1 bugs with the little injector needles. You could tell that they were artificial bugs. That’s an artificial mosquito with a little, rather than sucking blood it’s an injector. They have actually improved that now so it actually looks like a bug.


And they are not pleasant. I woke up, when was that, close to September and I had 4 injections there plus on the abdomen and, I mean, they lasted for close to about 2 months. I used frankincense and I alkalized them up on the amethyst bed and I picked up a lot of this stuff on the biofeedback, so my tox scan returned back, we had like (erutuse?) snake venom and I mean, we don’t have those kind of things up here but yet I pick it up on a lot of people, a lot of targeted or military lab or milabs and stuff. This is an unusual, this could be the kind of stuff say like we went through with Max Spiers and stuff. Things can be injected into people. Our doctor Rudy (Kildare?) out of Finland that was killed (could have been this?). But that’s the whole point of having those oils, I tell you. It’s my saving grace.

The Zika virus, which was helped along by Bill Gates, yeah they have designed a whole new mosquito specifically for carrying and delivering the Zika virus to populations. These people are just…

Right. They’re selling out. He was there too. I don’t know. It’s weird. I remember a specific long conversation about a laptop, in some (?) that I was going to get, where he was basically giving advice as well as playing with me to basically get me to figure it out on my own. It’s difficult but some of this is like, we’re doing this to try and test the population so that only the strong survive, because without that it’s basically just going to be over for everyone. But, regardless, you know, a lot of crazy eugenics plans.

Well, I think I am reaching the end of my ability to sit up in a chair. I think I am going to have to take a nap.

Ok, yeah, I have been kinda of like having an out of body, out of mind mind experience here.

What I did send you two though, is just briefly, is that the frequency of the essential oils, that’s why we use them. I’m on the same committee with the Standards Coalitions where the International (planet life?) with Dr. Gary Young and Dr. Len Horowitz and stuff and we all came together.

A lot of these viruses or bacteria that are (recombinant?) in vaccines, aerosols, weapons, geoengineering, and chemtrails are basically frequency based and that’s why on the biofeedback I can actually identify them. I just put through here just to show you a lot of these are low (vibing?) cell frequencies, even with the antennas and stuff. That’s why the oils can be very very powerful.

Actually one of the funniest things is putting them on that vag steam and steaming, because I am finding that the oils and the herbs are more powerful actually sitting on a steaming, because they actually open up into the root chakra, if there has been sexual trauma, you know, abductions, or things like that. This is huge thing so I just sent you those frequency things. Again, if you are on spring water it makes a difference too. That was like my saving grace, that and having that (skeeo?) machine that I have here that people can be put on, ’cause it only takes about half an hour to an hour to run a scan, and fix it, like isolate what that toxin agent is or whatever, and remove it.

One thing I should let you know, I don’t know if I told you, we had all of a sudden these maple june bugs or elder box bugs show up and actually what I did is I started putting some diatomaceous earth and boron around, because that’s the natural way to get rid of them. What I found was like alien, like when you talked about being taken over by the vril or hosting or whatever, is that little these bugs opened up their chest after I had, you know, got them, and I’m still collecting a few of them but almost four or five hundred of them are gone now. It opened up in the chest and this wire, gelatinous wire, like a worm, came out, like a larvae splitting, you know how it goes through its pupae stage. It came out of the chest of these bugs, and like a Morgellons fiber was an antenna seeking for its next host, which was not going to be me. Then I did this study and you know where they were like, connected to the University of Saskatchewan in 2015.

Again so people don’t realize that these aren’t just these bugs or drones, these things are delivering deadly viruses and bacteria, and they are getting on everyone’s food, it’s no different than smallpox in the blankets. There’s a lot to be said for diatomaceous earth. It penetrates into them, gets into the shell and it immobilizes them, which is why if we take that diatomic earth and the silica, David Wolfe was totally correct. There’s a lot to be said for those things (?) and stuff.

Yeah, the (Reisling?) did their own investigation. There were cells 10 months alone all, you know, out there. There was at least one there all the time, a lot of times as many as seven of them in its cell suit, just investigating what they were doing at the University of Saskatoon. Their investigation took 10 months, they were there the whole time, in cell suits. The (Lang?) do all their own investigations.

The little buggers are debugged. Anyway, yeah, that was my combination in there. Literally they can’t take the silica, because the diatomaceous earth and the boron… That’s everything everyone is missing, by the way, is copper and boron, when I usually test them, so they replace it back with these simple things like half a teaspoon of baking soda to alkalize and a little bit of salt water, natural salt water everyday, a couple enemas, or steam, or whatever, colonics, that’s the end of these guys.

They showed me this picture of Pattie, but keep going Karen.

No, I was going to interject this is actually what they look like, it is the University of Saskatchewan at Saskatoon, so we are just about halfway between Calgary and Winnipeg which are two jump-centers too, as well there. So this is the kind of stuff that we are seeing here at the University of Saskatchewan, everything is being tested here, this is chemicals headquarters, it’s like Nazi eugenics, Cameron did all the psychiatric SSRIs and, you know, everything was developed in here, this is the LSD capital you know, for a while. This is actually, and again the Queen came and made her power plant here on her (sicatron?) here on the Royal University Hospital, you know, so you know there is a lot going on here.

Those areas were outlined, or at least the names you mentioned, namely the Royal Hospital.

Yeah, I was a nurse there at neo-natal for 15 years. I was over the Nursing Advisory Committee and the union nursing reps. I have seen some of it but this is not what people think here, not even close. Especially when we know we have such a power point here and like the most healing waters just about on the continent are here, so this is where they obviously dug into, (this is also where to get at them, so?)


Yeah, we watched them over the course of 10 months, even when there was functions going on, and a wedding and everything else, they were still out there. They would move out of the way, and they were in these holographic cell suits. At the end of 10 months the ship came along and picked them up.

That’s the explanation I was given, I was shown, the picture. I can’t say if I believed them at that point in time, because I had really no reason to. I didn’t not believe that it was possible. I saw men do that very thing in the event, I seen it in my life, the ability to phase in and out. However, if there’s investigations by aliens against the corruption against the human race, I basically didn’t believe there was any help for us.

The Lang are the ones that did the attack on area 51 and the taking out of S4, and that beast in Texas, all those explosions and everything, and no sound. It was perfectly silent. They are in the process of building and even bigger cyclotron at Geneva, to add to the one they have already got.

That was the story.

Oh, it’s not just a story, I actually got where they want to build it, and all the locations of where the axis points are already in place and they are already in the process of building the new bigger ring. Oh, where is it, right here, the white one is the original and the yellow is the new one. I mean, the Goddard tunnel that they built over there, did you know they actually built an Atlas, an Alice, and a CMS in the tunnel? They were planning on using that as a high-speed transit between dimensions.

Right. I actually mentioned a little bit of that. I wrote four chapters in a kind of online book with some of the information. Future plans to make an interdimensional highway through there

Oh I got the actual build plans. They don’t show people this. There’s your loops. I actually got a shot of the control board inside that whole (train?) thing too. And that ain’t built to have regular trains. That whole setup, the whole design of the rail system, is designed to come out really easily and put in electromagnetic trains. From what I understand they are going to upgrade some other systems they already got, and take the whole magnetic setup and put it into this tunnel. That’s a whole network that they are putting together there. If you really look at it, it goes all the way from England all the way through Rome. When they opened that tunnel, that whole ritual that they did, on the Italy side is the rads, ridiculous, I mean, phenomenally ridiculous rads. And even on the France side, it was grody on that side too, nowhere near the Italy side, but…

I mean, this isn’t livable in some of those areas. I’ve got different biofeedback and (scalar or rife?) clients in those areas and they are literally losing their hair, they are losing their memories, everything. I said, you are basically getting chemo and radiation right?

Yeah, I was going to say…

I mean when they opened that tunnel, I thought we had a ship crash with a core exposed. I actually called folks down from upstairs to do a cleanup because I really thought something had crashed there, and there was an open core sitting there. It was like, Holy shit!

Yeah, it was at like 53 billion or something like that…

28 trillion, the rads were at 28 trillion cpm, that’s like insta-death.

Which is what happened at Geneva CERN there briefly. I mean that is the other thing that has been such a cover-up. I don’t know how much you covered on that but…

Oh we didn’t even get into that, all the quonset huts they set up on top of the parking garage to put all the dead bodies, and the radioactive ones went down in underground. I got pictures of all that.

Yeah, Dan, Pattie and I were the ones on that, we were the only ones that were actually reporting it, you know, killing a quarter million people, like the size of this city, which is what, exactly the same duplicate setup that they planned for.

And then add insult to injury, the archons borrowed CERN as soon as they thought they had it back together, and over-amped it and used it to boost themselves up to a higher dimensional level, and 6 people from the control room simply vanished when they did that, just disintegrated, just not there no more. And the funny thing was the higher dimensional folks found them in less than a day, and two days later the portal they had opened opened back up from the other side and they tossed the archons back without their ship. We caught that on camera too. Funny stuff.

Did you show anything to Aug live, just opening up a camera or satellite at random?


A lot of people go, oh these are just pictures, or they want to do the little shill thing or the doubt, but these, again, are taken from live satellites and Pattie can…

Or live cameras on the ground or…

… live cameras on the ground that, you know, at any random person who wants to go up and say, can you read that plate I can’t quite read it off the bench, look at it, you know, read your newspaper, your book, where they could read along with you from the satellite, so virtually if they are using one, Pattie can use one of the other four thousand and some. Just to give people an idea because I think that is really important. This is on the spot, open a camera, so that you know that we know, that we are all on the same satellite page.

For instance, that op I was on the the other night, they were taunting us to come and get them. This is on the Horn of Africa. They took a body, threw it out there on the ground and let it pool in a thing of blood. This is the kind of games they play. They are sick. It’s like you know, flipping me the finger, saying I dare you to come in here and take us out. We did. We did go in there and took them all out, except for one. There was one member in there that the guardians wanted a piece of and they had me put him in a cage that they could handle and took him. I don’t know, what camera do you wanna…

Let Aug pick which one he wants to look at

Look around the universe type of thing or, I mean, I can patch into the cameras in the ISS and that kind of stuff too but, I mean, I have given snapshots which are obviously from over Earth.

Well, just so they can’t say that it is photoshopped, or CGI, you know

live screen capturing I could do that but I want to try and finalize this recording file and possibly open up another one.

And I am tired

Right, as well I am pretty exhausted. Now I am like going into other worlds.

But I mean here’s, I don’t know if the screenshare is even working but…

It is

It’s not for me for some reason. That happened earlier. I am also on linux which sometimes doesn’t work properly

Oh you don’t have the latest skype, that ain’t going to work

I have to restart and go into windows

Another day. I can go through all, a bunch of live systems

And I can screencapture that, so that will be a little bit better.

Ok, thank you very much Aug, thank you very much Pattie. I really appreciate everyone’s over and above. Sometimes a strict let’s just download and brief for a day

That was a good 9 hours 15 minutes

What was Sergeant (McBullens?) 26 hours?


That’s ok, I slept through that one for a while, just let me know when you are done.

So I have been up for what, 27 hours now

You got to get some rest. Yeah I have a backwards system which tends to happen from time to time and so I would be going to bed in a few hours anyway at this point.

I gotta rest up because like it or not I gotta switch out a hot water tank tomorrow. Happy happy joy joy

I got clients, a bunch of biofeedback clients to do.

I’m going to try and finalize the recording and I guess I want to say thank you while we are still, if this does work on the air, not technically on the air, but live, or not live but public. And so yeah, thank you.

Thank you, its been interesting because, especially when there’s a second person, you know you get two perspectives and it’s not something that is coming out of one person’s head. And this is the first time I have met you so they can’t even claim that we talked about this ahead of time.

And as well, if anybody wants to say that I am kind oflike playing in the false memory thing, of just like, yeah yeah that happened too, I have 500 pages on my blog that I have written and that is just the book, ok, some of those links, 500 links, are 10-20 pages, so there is probably near 1000 pages I have written on this, and what I wrote is nowhere near what we talked about, and what we talked about is still just a fraction of what is actually going on.

I think its really impressive what I gave to Lisa and to Pattie before we started this. I said I think you need to look at this, because I’ve gone through your blog and your videos and you and I talk and we’ve done some distance, remote and (askield?) but this is the kind of technology that we are dealing with. I mean we can use it for our benevolent purposes too, good stuff, how absolutely so thank you. Get a wonderful sleep, sweet dreams and we can reconvene a little bit later.

Sure thing

Adjourn for today, thank you

2 thoughts on “(will be added to)Transcript for Galactic History of Earth and Humanity Discussion: Sgt. Pattie Brassard, Karen MacDonald and Aug Tellez

  1. Thanks you once again for your transparency and wealth of information. Aug, at the end of this chat you guys talked about Winnipeg and Calgary (both cities are part of the Jumproom programs). Well I live in Calgary, and my family and I cannot take the low vibrational energy and frequency of this city. We are wanting to move away, I know you have stated in the past to keep away from coast lines for this time, so is there any safe havens within this holographic construct? Much peace and love, JG


  2. Gratitude just does not seem to convey the feeling I hold as I hear/feel the Truth you share. I deeeply appreciate your inspiration In Be-ing the change you want to See in the world.


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