Beware of the False-Light, Artificial Time-Dimensional Construct

Be aware of the holographic matrix that we are in, this is an artificial time-dimension construct. This is made, engineered through advanced machinery to mimic the true universe.

All beings claiming to be from “elsewhere” are liable to be frauds attempting a deception for the own personal energetic harvesting agendas.

Be aware of the artificial ascension agenda, the savior races, the hive mind AI, and other agendas.

Technically, I am not condoning anything with this text, I am telling you that this is what I was shown and this is what is possible through advanced technology. The future is what we make of our own energies and creative capacity, I hold no intentions towards technological ascension,ascension of any kind, the true physical creators (instead of the ONE SUPREME CREATOR – A Force of Compassion, Creation, and Strength), I do not condone the harming of any souls however I do condone the protection of innocent life at all costs to ensure that innocent life is not harmed by predatory intelligences or intentions.

3 thoughts on “Beware of the False-Light, Artificial Time-Dimensional Construct

  1. Inner conversation
    Some thoughts on the matter of Angelic Beings/Consciousness.

    As far as I understand now..they are the primal energetic collective of individualised Divine Beings in absolute connection and service (no ‘Free Will’) to Prime Creator.

    Were they created before the creation of Human Beings?


    What purpose do they serve?

    Angelical Service includes service to Prime Creators Original Intent to create materialised (higher and lower density) Original/Sovereign Creator Beings/Consciousness.

    With Free Will.

    Human Beings?


    Were all Angelic Beings given the opportunity to join into the new creation of Beings with Free Will?


    Did the Angelic participation in this creative process of Prime Creators Intent for creating/acquiring an individually conscious state of becoming a sovereign Creator Being (and thus acquiring ‘Free Will’), depend in part on a voluntary choice by the Angel to become part of the service to the collective of materialising Creator Beings, Human Beings?

    Yes. To their shocked surprise this possibility occurred to them. In a Moment.

    Is this Angelic participation solely in service to the greater collective of individualised Original Creator Beings?

    No. Their service includes their service to that collective but is in greater service to Prime Creators Original Intent.

    Is their absolute connection to the Original non vibrational State of All That Is and their service to Prime Creator ever lost? For example by incarnating and merging into Human form/Consciousness?

    No, a ‘Soul’ will be created as a temporary vehicle for them to be able to experience an illusion of separation. Consequently a reality of Space and Time will be created to be in service to that Soul experience.

    And this Soul acquires Free Will?

    By using their acquired Soul Power of (human) Free Will ‘Angelic’ Consciousness will then be able to converge with ‘Human’ Consciousness.

    What went wrong?


    The first Human energetical and materialised collective of Creator Beings originally and organically manifested direct knowledge of Original Intent for becoming sovereign Creator Beings.

    As all this was intended by its own Prime Creator?

    Their Free Will gave them the freedom to choose to disconnect themselves (and their creations) from Original Intent.


    Some did this by replacing it with a Self serving Intent for becoming an individual and independent Creator Being.

    But others didn’t?

    Some combined the two Intentions.

    What happened to the collective of Self Serving ‘Angelic’ Humans?

    Their organical creations became artificial ‘soulless’ constructions. Only Original Intent serves the creation of Soul vehicles.

    And the Original Truth of Wholeness was forgotten?

    Yes. To manifest control over their constructions they cut themselves off from the Original stream of Creational Intent. The Powers of unconditional (supportive) Love and Truth became weapons of conditional Control and Illusion.

    Did Love for the total of Creation become Lust for the fragmented being of artificial Self/Selves?

    Yes. The inner Light of Divine Awareness coming from Origin became an endless pile of mirrors, and external Mirrored Shadows. A labyrinth from which their artificially constructed lifeforms could not escape, let alone ascend. Lost in Space and Time. Clueless about their origin.

    Now what will happen?

    Unless the individualised (or collective of) once connected Creator Being(s) acknowledges/realises its own situation and is then able to take responsibility for the causes of their memory loss (of an aware connection to Original Intent) a Self inflicted quarantine keeps naturally manifesting. Until the appropriate level of awareness of this situation is reached and consequently the Original creational frequencies are activated, the artificial construction of fragmented parts of soulles Lifeforms/Self/Selves will remain isolated from the Original Powers of Love, Truth and Light.

    Will these lifeforms not be able to free themselves?

    Yes and no. The moment their makers combine their Intent to serve themselves with the Original Intent to serve All, energetical gateways leading to Original Truth will manifest instantly. And consequently the Self constructed quarantine field will dissolve. Their ‘offspring’ will be able to experience the same Love.

    Will Prime Creator reconnect with them?

    Yes. So will all the other powers that serve the whole organic creation of the Original Universe.

    Well.. Your thoughts are appreciated.

    I will initiate and manifest this process.



  2. Agree, I had to learn to follow only my higher self. Observing what others say and doing gut check. I am my own CEO, priest, and president of my own life so to speak. How to live with this mindset but function day to day with humility and tolerance for other’s level of understanding is a goal I have.


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