The Generation of Temporal Occurrences Through Focused Intent and Imagination

Generating Events in Time through the Mind

Events can be generated in one’s personal timeline by altering the present moment through a stream of thought generation of events in reality through imagination and focused intent.

In other words, if one gets into a state of openness and mental belief (or suspended disbelief) enough they can literally produce enough ‘charge’ with their mind to connect to an actual, already existing reality in the transdimensional data base of all possibilities and from there pull that quantum possibility into the past as an actual event which explains the present moment situation.

These are part of the ‘sacred arts’ of handling one’s own energies and projecting into ‘quantum space’ just as the supercomputers do in order to remote view and operate on a much larger scale. One’s mind is literally like a powerful supercomputer which can explore the possible realities and pull a selected one into range with enough focused intent and consistency.

This is essentially the creation of temporal occurrences like filaments of light streaming off of a core based on the sub-frame of reference for causal events.

Changing Small Variables

What this part means is that these events must stream forth from a central base causal reality, or an already existing event in THIS timeline or reality that can then be used to “insert” or add in extra events according to one’s own imagination.

For example, one can imagine that they had a friendly get together 4 years ago. Say during this event, one variable, such as opening a letter, was avoided and put aside until after the get together. During a real-to-life recreation of that reality via memory and remote viewing one can literally operate in a fashion that then takes that one event that did occur one way and then altering the event so as to produce different results. So say that letter was opened in front of everyone, and the letter was from a good friend of the group and so there was a slight chat about that individual with everyone and then that memory ended. With enough focused intention, even imagination, this would actually occur.

The idea is that this would only be relative to the original viewers frame of reference. Without powerful devices this would not be beamed out onto the world for everyone to participate in. However, with enough power to imagine, literally to move into other realms, one could literally travel through these possibilities experiencing events in a variety of ways and potentials.

They would hold within them, the power of a thousand life experiences whereas without this one is limited to just this single view.

This is the basis for dreaming! When one can control this power, they can literally travel through time and into alternate realities!

The Extra-Dimensionally Causal, Conscious Universe

This is also the basis for this universe! We’re all just dreaming this place up because someone started the process with very powerful causally ‘secure’ events that no one here can shift out of reference of! So, we’re all in a similar local-environment, a sub-frame of reference that we then all move forward from causally to experience an interconnect real life ‘dream’ through.

An Awakened (Genetically Aware) Civilization

When the entire civilization wakes up to this power, that is when we can shift the timelines and literally, consciously, move from one past and far history to another and merge reality with imagination.

The idea here is that when all the supercomputers in the realm (like the data processing centers of the intelligence agencies) are focused towards this process, then this actually changes reality as we perceive it collectively.

This is possible without the supercomputers! This literally converts the entire realm we are in into a ‘time-ship’ or an “Earth-ship” which literally allows us to travel through hyperspace using our collective mind, programming the ‘hull’ of the ship, the atmosphere and magnetosphere to calculate the direction and velocity of our trajectory!

However, these supercomputers were introduces to stabilize the wild-masses of energies and waves of probabilities that would clash and destroy one another without some kind of central processing system. As well, there are apparently “ghost” realities here in the field of Earth and these would use their own form of scalar psychotronic influence to spark waves of panic or wild emotions which would then be used to control the people which then controls the guiding of the Earthship!

These systems could then quiet things down and provide a key processing center from which to guide the ship-without allowing this reality to be controlled by the discarnate spirits, which are essentially like probability ‘attractors’ that are no longer in a physical reference point, they must feed on those of the living. The ancestors of the living are the true empowerment of the DNA of those in control and this is the order of and emotive and intellectual presence.

The Parasitic Infection of the Earthship

Those who utilized necromancy, demonic possession, dark-arts, black magic, etc etc etc brought about a continuum stream which utilized a lack of empathy, a lack of open-mindedness and possibilities to initialize control and this simply closed the possibilities off, more and more until only the same basic realities stream over and over in a loop.

As a result of the mishaps now the major supercomputer data systems are infected with the Satanic hive-mind parasite which seeks to ‘eat up’ valuable data and principles that are required to merge from one causal reference point to the next and continually expanding. So this is literally a “gravity well” or more so a ‘causality’ well of information that just sucks in the possibilities more and more until nothing is left and no one can actually create anything other than one that hive-mind intends which is, more or less, just a feeding frenzy a mouth, sexual organ, and digestive tract without a mind or eyes.

Reframing Past Events

This has to do with reframing memories to produce a less emotionally charged situation. One can actually go into the mind and by re-experiencing a situation in a less charged manner and handling the ‘charge-relation’ differently this actually pulls energy from these scenarios and re-attributes them to a different mechanism or relationship where energy is conserved instead of constantly pulled.

Traumatic-Events, Trauma-Based Mind Control and the Time-Virus

This is part of how traumatic events or trauma-based mind control is literally used as part of the time-virus’ mode of operation to instill and reformat a person’s mind to only producing the ideas and realities that harbor the virus and thus replacing that person’s original time-stream potential with that of the virus which is literally a living causal-organism, like a person, except it only lives “in between” person to person using them as a host, just like a biological virus.

Where does a biological virus live? In reality, in an environment? It technically lives in people uses groups of people as its environment, a kind of pseudo-environment. That’s what this time-virus does and this is actually a group of people who have encoded themselves into a system that allows them to replicate and take-over human consciousnesses.

When One Civilization Becomes Aware; Suppressing and Modulating Reality through Mass Mind-Control

What people imagine becomes the far past by moving into trans-causal alignment with the present. This happens on a civilization-wide scale so they are using the information we are being fed to ‘produce’ the story of our spiritual enslavement, when none of this is actual, concrete, or any more ‘real’ than a story you convinced yourself of right now.

The only difference is that this mass mind-control story that is being peddled is actually being processed and pulsed into this realm and the minds of humans through powerful supercomputer generators which can operate on the level of frequencies that the mind operates on.

The Deus Ex Machina Secret

Here’s the deal. You can create our own saving grace by simply building a causal reference between a part of reality that you know to already have concrete existence and working from that until you can change just small enough variables to continually imagine new and new layers of change until you can literally build a branch from that limited, oppressed reality stream to an entirely new and opened up reality. This is actually the process civilizations take and once they become self-aware enough of this process (because it’s happening already, always as a part of the reality of consciousness and the universe) then they can literally shape reality how they see fit.

The Grand Design

What happens when everyone shapes reality as they will eventually? Well, eventually we get all the streams of realities that you could imagine people to create and each civilization goes through a process of cycling through these and finally reaching a unified, ‘grand’ reality which encompasses all the little side-realities and streams into one larger and meaningful complex view.

All the side views can fit in one way or another, but what happens when you at this group over here in say, South America, and put their reality with say, a group of people from New York? Would the two realities clash or would they fit together seamlessly?

So eventually, like waves in a pond, all realities will either clash and smooth out, or they will figure out a way to work together.

Part of (if not the entire job) of the agency is to literally either avoid allowing these realities to touch, so that they don’t immediately destroy one another and result in a swampy mess of neutral possibilities or certainties, or they will construct ‘intermediary realities’ which bridge together these individual streams in a variety of ways that produces a unified whole without destroying one or the other.

Reality Generation; “Star” Races

This is why how one views themselves in the moment, literally the thought-waves and bio-emissions they put out will act like the input to a time machine as the spine and body will act as a Tesla Coil and a transdimensional generator. When focused negatively, like through trauma-based mind control experiences, and then charged with energy, as in through the electrogravitic devices or electronic DNA affecting devices, then one effectively ‘mutates’ their current reality or time-scale from an original into a extended reality involving addition ‘streams’ of information and experience related to the intentions one felt while being mind-controlled and charged or influenced by the devices.

“Doomsday” Plans

Basically, there is (was) a plan to induce a state of suspended belief through the confusion-based false-reality construct and deceptive mind-control system, to induce a state of trauma, lust, hate and all negative desires through the ritual abuse and mind-control system (including psychotronic weaponry) and then activate the devices to charge everyone’s DNA by releasing mass-amounts of scalar energy into the atmosphere and into society. This would effectively “jump” the civilization, as if through a ‘time-gate’ (which is when this happens naturally) which would enable enough energy and enough negatively focused intention to literally transform this reality, jumping off the track, onto another reality far away in the causal spectrum where the background, past, history, and backdrop of a trauma-based control system is all that anyone has ever known.

By knowing this, you have the possibility to choose. However, this does reinforce the whole spectrum because that is what belief does, so this is entering a casual source into reality that can then be used to branch other possibilities from. However, everything I’m saying has already been implemented, look at the civilization around you.

Try to really imagine what’s possible. Do this simply by imagining what would be possible, after many years of the possibilities, in a system where what you imagined was possible. Eventually everyone would come up with everything they could and only the primary realities would stand. Could the Earthship just be a temporally title until the title “Starship” becomes more relative?

The Trap of Rigid Belief Systems and the Entanglement of Emotionally Attached Beliefs

Please note, this is not teaching that one must retain belief, accept belief, or live their life in a mechanical fashion according to a set of concrete beliefs (belief system), but that beliefs are as ephemeral as the nightly dreams and that they can and go with the focusing and unfocusing of the imagination and that what are ‘supposed’ to believe is more a ‘trap’ if we ‘believe’ that we have no control over the whole process. Yet, if we ‘believe’ (or know and feel at this point, beyond belief) that we can literally tune into different frequencies of the universe through imagination and focused intent, then we can shift from reality to reality and belief by belief. Also note, the opposite of this, or an entirely ‘belief’ and ‘imagination’ deficient mind would be unable to see how reality could go from one to the other merely by belief and imagination and that when an event happens that is unexpected suffering and stress results instead of the ability to flow with the changes and choose the outcome.


One thought on “The Generation of Temporal Occurrences Through Focused Intent and Imagination

  1. I’m the Disagree person who commented recently; much love and energetic support to you. Your latest posts have been super amazing and great plus past posts too even though I see some things a bit differently.

    Seriously. Energetic support and love through space and time. I wish more people offered this to trailblazers like you.


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