Cloning Stations, Uploaded Simulated Memories, Antarctica and Guiding The Earthship

The Volume Fluctuates Slightly Throughout

Three Phases of The Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge of the Ages of Humanity: The Secret Space Program

  • Most memories are inserted.
  • A neurological clone is operated within the supercomputer system.
  • This interaction is then uploaded to the mind through advanced scalar technology, the person has a moment upon waking or a snapping back and perceives this as a recall of everything that occurred.
  • Don’t believe everything you hear or read from people.
  • Most are agenda related.
  • There is a mind control operation to make people think they’re ruled by foreign intelligences.
  • The universe and holographic consciousness would make this so by bringing these possibilities into alignment with our past and thus the present reality.
  • This is how realities are merged and altered.
  • Supercomputer systems manage this information for the masses.
  • This is part of an attempt to mitigate chaotic reality disturbances.
  • People all believe something different so then only their common fears become the unified reality and they fight each other through this disparity of collective reality.
  • The soul holds the blueprint for all possible realities.
  • The physical body only holds the memory of one base reference reality.
  • Each moment is a closed timelime curve, the universe is one larger closed time like curve.
  • The media is used to guide the subconscious and thus guide the Earthship through dimensional space or possible futures.
  • Cloning stations moved or shut down somewhere near 2010 or a few years prior this Earth reality.
  • Antarctica is a nexus point for multiple realities.
  • There are underground generator systems that act as powerful scalar mind-links and initiate control of the Earthship.
  • There is also hidden life, hidden viruses and dangers in this area.
  • This is due to be released (because the events can’t be avoided only prepared for and mitigated) and begin to infection for this timeline.
  • Everything up to now was ‘practice’ or more so bleedthroughs from other periods due to the operation of transdimensional interactions which introduced factors that would only be present in the invasion timeline.
  • This is seen in the projects as the ‘introduction’ of the ‘invasion timeline’, which essentially refers to how these are possible probable timelines that have not yet occurred but are being introduced into this reality and thus  changing the future and past.

7 thoughts on “Cloning Stations, Uploaded Simulated Memories, Antarctica and Guiding The Earthship

  1. @ 1:09:50 . Quote: “These people who have been running these projects, if they go towards compassion now, they believe that it might kill them. “

    Why should enlightened arch villains, intentionally blow the ultimate thrill of harmonizing a cataclysmic planet? Or do they ignore supercomputer crash logs?


  2. Great video! you are in between incredible intel saying funny things. And yes i so want this to go faster. Im really on the path and feel changes but they arent stable. Fleeting glimpses of things, energy fields and information coming up. so Aug, we are in a holographic overlay frequency of the mind that is set up and maintained by these big quantum computers? So aligning ourselves with harmonious frequencies of the Earth and The unversal values soverignty and the creator gives all of us different gradations of experiencing this Construct. Dont worry you dont have to answer I think you have enouph to do. Thx.


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