Sci-fi is Soft-Disclosure, This World is a Techno-Spiritual Illusion

Here’s the deal, all the “sci-fi” TV shows, books and movies are all actually documentaries on the very secret operations that shaped ‘his-story’ and reality.

This world is an illusion achieved through a combination of spiritual knowledge and technology.

All the actors are briefed or one way or another involved with the background society, the secrecy or the true reality. Often, these very actors are operatives and agents themselves having participated in these missions. Some of the actors themselves are literally beings from other times or dimensions parading right in front of people’s vision.

Many people throughout history are just “actors”, but not “just” because that’s the deal, their “act” is the real thing, as real as this life.



One thought on “Sci-fi is Soft-Disclosure, This World is a Techno-Spiritual Illusion

  1. i had dreams about stuff i saw later in the tron animated series. one of this alien pastlifes invasion war dreams. really watch this, maybe you found something crazy too. i have tobsay the tron lightbike happend to me in the astral. and a crystaltech workshop with a feline lizard


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