Agendas, Legal Fiction and the Prevalence of Cloning and Genetic Engineering

If You Refuse to Bring The Truth In Harmony, What You Refuse to Bring Will Be Used Against You

If you refuse to show your truth in a harmonious manner then what you refuse to show will be used against you.

All the hate that can be projected onto another is what we’ve at one point felt projected at ourselves.

The worst thing a person can feel is unheard or intentionally misinterpreted.

I have said so much, and I feel I want to unsay more.

The 9 Layer Dimensional Veil of the Soul

We’re basically encased in a layer 9 of reality bubbles called “veils” which are each a kind of dimensional gateway for the soul.

The Parasite Mimics Ego To Reap the Benefits of That Identity (The Sustenance of the Life Energy)

The parasite mimics the true self in an attempt to draw sustenance away from the connection that the true self maintains. This functions in the same way ego does, some say that ego is either a tool of the parasite, or the parasite itself. Some say that the physical body is part of an alien environment and is foreign to the soul and the soul’s environment.

The Prevalence of Cloning

There are so many things that need to be said. For instance, if we stop cloning half the people in the current truth movement will go with it. Yes, I’m serious. Over 60% of this world is replicated. The “world population” is, that is. Kind of a play on words here, but that’s how the control system is managed.

The “World” and Reality

I feel there are many confusions here. Look at it this way. The “Worlds’ Population” of “7 Billion” is just numbers. This number is arbitrary and because no one will ever see or process the information of 7 Billion at once this is just a toss up. If one were to extrapolate then that there are only around 1 Billion people in all the cities of the world if that, one could say that 6 Billion people are “computer people” that don’t exist. Then there is the issue of cloning, replication, and the activation of the soul-level awareness in people who are considered to be non-human without that soul-presence.

The Expansion of Truth in the Presence of Agendas While Consciousness Creates Perspective

How to ‘be aware’ of the truth, when the truth may be harsh, and you are influencing reality with your observation and consciousness, without recreating the enslavement system? This is a delicate balance between seeing the truth and enabling yourself to be empowered through what you experience.

This is the learning process. How do go about being you in a place that inherently requires you to be someone else?

Another Unveiling: Genetic Engineering and Cybernetics

If we stop genetic engineering, that could be the end of the human race. This is kind of like a person who survives with air conditioning and refrigerators (along with a supermarket). This race is merging with technology. There is no two ways about it. Well, technically there is two ways. Those who will pass through the machine age as if their consciousness literally moved through the scanner input of a computer system and then came out the other end as a digital or holographic output with indefinite time and consciousness in between the perception of one world to the next. For operatives we are often in between universes for an indefinite period of time. Why did this happen to us? Because we were selected as children.

The other option for the human race? To pass through time away from the technological merge and in this way to avoid passing their genetics through this “beast” system which has been referred to as both the AI as well as a degraded DNA of some foreign entity.

How this works and what that will mean for either side, I’m not sure. The main issue here is no one is really going to have a clue about this unless they’ve already gotten to close.

Legal Fiction and Remedy

Here is another unveiling: There is a ‘remedy’ and this is just in the same way there is a ‘legal’ remedy of the strawman – legal name (legal fiction) system. One must ‘remedy’ the expectations of their account in the system (essentially close and balance their account through nullification) this is literally what we are all to be figuring out.

Sure, the emotional and mental balance is one thing, but these computer systems are powerful and they are literally creeping up on the civilization one big ass tower at a time, it’s so strange but that’s how it works.

What we create is what we get with our beliefs, but there is another portion to that, such as who created our bodies and this realm. There is a system that we are already a part of and so we have to do something about that or in reference to this, on the same plane.

Those who remedy cannot be ‘legally’ brought into the system and yes this is all “legal” it is literally a corporation that founded on the harvesting of human souls.

Finding the remedy to cancel our strawman which is essentially a life-time subscription to the AI is the answer here.

There is something that was said in the ancient texts about this. There is supposed to be a debt jubilee for this year and this means there is a legal window for everyone to provide remedy and nullify their debts. The whole system is a spiritual debt, enslavement system. That’s it.

This was spoken about in previous times, in all the ancient stories, it’s the same situation. And this whole place however is something else, it’s not what we think whether it’s a simulator or not, the very nature of this reality is something more than that which we perceive and see through the body. The whole false-reality system is based on this and relies on this.

Clear and Focus the Intentions of the Heart

Be good at heart, and carry that through.

The only way to wake a person up, is to show them that they are asleep. The person that woke up to a nightmare and chose to go back to sleep,  will get another chance. They will wake to the same situation or worse and they will have less energy to cope.


One thought on “Agendas, Legal Fiction and the Prevalence of Cloning and Genetic Engineering

  1. For as long as I can remember I’ve always had the sense that most people I encountered were not real in the same sense that I felt myself to be real. As a kid, this was a very weird and scary concept. Of course, I never told anyone this and to be honest, it took me a long time to fully believe the veracity of such a conclusion. And so it is satisfying in a way to hear others confirm my intuitive sense about the average person out there.

    The fact is most people express themselves in such “program driven” ways that clearly overriding their personal programming is, as far as I can tell, virtually impossible for them. Therefore, the numbers you quote for actual real people out there versus the clones, makes a whole lot of sense considering that over the past, almost 6 decades of my life, I’ve personally only encountered only one other person in my home town environment (a large city, by the way) who behaves and feels like a real person ought to. The rest are predictable background filler, in my opinion, moving through life on automatic, as they’ve been programmed to — even, and especially, over the Internet where “programming” is the order of the day.


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