On Time, Reality Generation, The Soul, Self-Awareness and the Conscious Universe

People Are Deliberately Placed In Your Life, There Are No Accidents

ANYONE taking your attention and replacing with fear is DELIBERATELY sent here to do that. Just as ANYONE who is here to neutralize fear with knowledge is also deliberately here to do that.

The Fundamental Polarity is Knowledge Based Free-Will or Desire-Based Automation, This is the Creative/Destructive Cycle of the Physical Universe (which many say is the labyrinth, some say it is the brain)

This is the difference between a free-will existence and a fear-based false-reality. Fear is the false-reality and it only exists on the physical Earth plane.

This is confusing at first actually means “Confusion must give way to clarity.”

You Are Not JUST Your Body’s Awareness and Your Body Is SELF-AWARE and SELF-Organizing

Self-Awareness is the solution. We are in a complex situation and we are a complex being. We are a mind, a soul, and we are connected to a living body that is SELF-AWARE. The body is a self-aware organism that learns through BIO-FEEDBACK. Yes, this organism will heal itself, crave the foods containing the nutrients that are desired etc. etc. etc. Don’t be fooled, you are not actually controlling the bodies functions to do that! You are simply the awareness riding the spark of life within the body during the experience within this dimension which is a linear progression of time that is actually a perceptual illusion.

Free-Will Marks the Awakened

If you navigate through fear and choose compassion and knowledge over ignorance through applying your free-will and creativity to light the way in the dark then you can enable soul-awareness within the body which introduces that larger aspect of yourself from beyond this plane into this reality and this body.

The “Short”-Body and the “Long”-Body

This large aspect is known as the “large cycle”, you are primarily in the “small” cycle which means that you are only aware of the immediate space and time directly around your perception of each moment. If you are still the you of the past, then what stops your perception from being there? Because “time” just is, because “you” are just “you” here? Ok, well none of those answers are actually cogent, IE: they literally don’t make sense and cannot be taken seriously by anyone who is honestly looking for the truth.

The Larger Unconscious Aspect of Self

So your unconscious or larger self, the part of you that you are not fully aware of at the moment, is actually containing all the possible experiences and information of what has been and what is to come. That is because your DNA is a transdimensional transceiver system and you are actually streaming in and out all the other aspects of your existence in all the other “present” moments ALL at the same time.

Transdimensional Awareness is the Basis

Meaning, allll the other moments you are aware, they are actually streaming through you right now, and always, as long as you’re alive. So how is it that you’re able to function? Because the job of your brain is to enable the conscious mind and through these biological functions a filtration method is achieved which shapes the unadulterated experience of all times and possibilities down to just one that is relatively entangled with the light coherence pattern, the “frame rate” or angular momentum of the bio-feedback of your living body.

A Soul Trap Recycle of Awareness (failing to rise out of the tides of automation and fear[animal-nature])

Through this system, you are contained from an enormous potential into a single living organism. The issue here is that you’ve been trapped in a near limitless feedback loop where that bio-mind energy, the soul, can be pulled from the body upon death and recycled through a clever use of magnetic fields and imagery.

Perceptual Reality is Virtual Reality

As well, we’re in a universe where reality is created out of perception IF there is no base-reference for reality in the immediate vicinity. Meaning, if you leave the body and leave the frequencies of this society, then what you experience will be up to what you create for yourself.

People create, kind of like an automated machine, and that is because they are not aware of the mind and this is largely due to the nature of fear to block out important signals and information and instigate a preprogrammed response that doesn’t actually serve to increase self-awareness or generate power over the flow of experience. So people end up creating these feedback loops of whatever they had lying around in the depths of their minds.

The Recycling Trap

Thus, the universe we are in, is a kind of time bubble that is literally populated with the dead psychic energy of those who have added to this whole process and even dissolved themselves to it. No one really dies, this just means they are evac’d out of this universe cannot enter again. This is seen as a kind of simulation in that sense. Some groups (factions, read up on the blog or watch the videos) who’s main priority is to knock people out of this universe, like a simulator or game so that they can maintain power and secure themselves.

The Ancient Teachers

The idea is that the ancients taught how to navigate the energetic realms by being able to navigate the self within and orient one’s self within the larger spectrum of energies and reasoning.

People are either motivated by fear, automation and ignorance, or self-awareness, free-will and compassion.

Discerning the Illusory, Lower-Identity and the True Self

We are to gain control over our reactions, patterns, habits, cycles, energies, thoughts, beliefs, behavior and all the patterns that make up the small cycle that the conscious mind as direct control over down to the breathing, the thoughts-brainwaves, and thus the heartbeat and how relaxed we are and how the neuro-chemicals are flowing.

Standing Temporal Waves Permitting Forwards and Backwards Transfer of Energy-Information-Awareness Across Moments (backwards)

That’s the framework. That if one is in the moment, harmonized, extending out waves of balance, free-will, and self-awareness, then this creates a feedback loop of actually tapping into the future state of that individual as if a standing wave is extending outward into time the more intense and consistent their focus is until they reach a larger ‘scope’ of this reality based upon how many ‘moments’ they are able to comprehend at once. Eventually language and thinking moves to a new format which utilizes different areas of the brain and begins to jump-start certain features while short-circuiting others. This is literally rewiring the brain to work on a long-scale format and through this the larger intelligence that is the soul begins to open and awaken as the person realizes where they are, what they’ve been doing, and who they are, simply because all of this is literally recorded within you energetically.

The interesting part here, which is a kind of disclosure. Is that by moving into this peaceful state of harmony and self-guided control, you are vibrating out these waves like a tuning fork into reality, through your mind but your whole body, and this generates a transfer of energy from each moment to the next, and then when that keeps going that wave of energy builds momentum and begins to roll over itself into the next moment and the next. But I don’t mean only that now from one moment to the next you feel relaxed and it then gets easier to be relaxed, I mean the future state of you that doesn’t exist yet begins to interact with the you in that state that does exist. That is because both “nows” exist, all nows exist, that is the point, but it is your awareness that is the key, the limiter to what one can be aware of in the body. So you can send a wave forwards into time and this creates a causal-feedback which begins to expound and cause you to become aware because you must realize, you can see everything you’re going to do or think or experience in this calm, secluded, self-aware and free-willed state, that’s because everything that is happening is literally just what’s in your mind!

The Ability to Change the Past, Collectively and Individually (perceptually-emotionally through what we are attached to energetically)

So imagine seeing what you’re seeing and creating that loop and then looking further down the line and seeing what you’re going to be seeing based upon what you’re seeing now. That actually interacts in time and this interaction is possible both ways into time as one can ‘change’ their perception of the past and this knowledge has been kept from the public for many years.

The truth is the when the collective mind utilizes this, we can jump to whatever reality we want. This has been abused by those in power to create a literal hell and a false-reality paradigm which in my opinion is entirely a mind-game of a trick that we can simply snap out of if we want however the body is an anchor and is a multi-dimensional recording and viewing system.


One thought on “On Time, Reality Generation, The Soul, Self-Awareness and the Conscious Universe

  1. Now in light of that, consider this quote by George Gurdjieff the famous spiritual teacher from early last century , over 100 years ago..as he talks about what increase of consciousness does:

    “Now this light of consciousness is shed also into the past, into the time-body, and from what we are conscious of now we can see as having having misled us, simply because we were accepting ourselves and our minds as we were brought up, without even thinking who we were or where we were going. Remember that every stage of slightly increased consciousness begins to alter us and the past. The past is living in us. It is all around us – not a long way off. What ever you do now alters the past, as well as the future. What ever you cease rightly to mind now will change the past – all those past similar mindings. What ever new insight you gain now will give you insight in your past and change it. Consciousness is the force that can save us. This is a good thing to think about because it means that in recurrence you will meet your more conscious self, as it is now, much earlier, even perhaps at school, and feel there is someone showing you something, someone speaking to you. It is yourself.”

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