People are Looking For An Easy Fix to Not Having To Think For Themselves, The Is the Mass Mind-Control

The Scapegoats and the Truly Powerful

The people who are in power, are so powerful, who they want us to hate are people who act as a distraction. Either that or good is truly in control. Say one or the other but don’t say you know who’s really doing this because then they’re not all powerful if they can’t hide the simple fact from people on the outside.

If they’re not all powerful then they’re not really holding you back. This is the mass mind-control nonsense that people are caught up. They would rather point fingers at one another than figure out how they are being caught in spiritual Chinese finger trap that is tightening closer and closer the more and more they instigate suffering upon themselves and one another.

Mass Mind-Control Programming

They don’t realize those thoughts are literally programs doled out by a complicated supercomputer system that influences on a brainwave pattern through the airwaves and ‘forces’ their belief-system into a narrow bandwidth where the possible outcomes are a specific set of circumstances that those ‘in power’ desire.

Break that patterning, truly think for yourself, and to do this truly see for yourself who and what you are. You are not what you are taught you are and you are not in a place that you are taught you are in. Everything has been rewritten. This whole place is literally a construct just because what you believe determines the way you perceive reality. What you know determines who you are because of your scope of reality and the amount of information you can take in within a single moment.

The Reality of the Human Soul

This is connected with the reality of the human soul. People think this is all a joke and that there’s literally nothing else out here other than what they’re told. THAT’s the mass-mind control indoctrination program, how could it really be that difficult to see?

All A Choice

Why? It’s difficult because it’s not an enslavement system! That’s the whole point! It’s a choice! This all comes down to a choice! Whether you will think for yourself and choose who you are based on your own internal work or whether you will make the choice to allow someone else to do that so you fit into their narrative and their storyline thus taking your power away. That’s it! That’s the secret. You’re in control if you accept that, but the mass mind-control is so delicately and carefully designed that it doesn’t force people into accepting, it literally simply tempts them with an easier way of existence by simply allowing something else to do the thinking for people under the pretense of ‘being aware’. THAT is the AI agenda and assimilation. If your thoughts are no longer yours and are being pumped out of a machine, then who are you? You are then the machine, not you, but you are temporally floating in a null-space until your physical existence becomes 60% motivated by the machine and the deal is done.

Free-Will, Compassion and Self-Awareness or Automation, Fear and Ignorance

As long as you are here you have a chance to change things and activate your free-will, that is the whole point. This is all about a choice, a choice to live in fear, ignorance and automation based upon becoming the robot that the control system wants you to be in or becoming a true self-aware, compassion, free-willed individual that you can be. You choose either way, there is no being forced to feel and think a certain way. How is that possible? Someone walked inside your head and knocked on the little door and said, “Excuse me, believe this and act like this.” ??? No, it’s impossible, this is all about a choice and temptation to let someone or something else think for you or not. Is the alien, the brain or the ego? We will see. Notice the difference in concept between mass-mind control and mass mind-control.

Negativity Is Like a Detrimental Infection of the Sous

Stay away from negativity. This is from others who have not done the proper self-awareness work and are looking to simply find the quick fix of projecting their fears and delusions onto others. This is also part of the mass mind-control.


3 thoughts on “People are Looking For An Easy Fix to Not Having To Think For Themselves, The Is the Mass Mind-Control

  1. Vere very good! Someone said if we ‘sin’ against our conviction and will then it is not us but the ‘sin’ and when we realise this we don’t wallow in guilt but stand against it and reject it in principle and by choice. The ‘computer’ causes us to feel that we desire or lust and it feels very much like us but it remains foreign until we choose to submit and accept. It’s amazing though how it loses power when we realize what it is and ‘exposing’ it by knowing and rejecting. The difficult part is that it activates our biology as we entertain it and it becomes harder. They often prepare us in dreams to get some kind of acceptance in the subconscious before tempting us in the waking state.


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