The Hero’s Journey: Conquering the False-Self Parasite, Knowing the Self

This society is going through an awakening where the sociopathic parasitic aspects are being exposed for what they are. People will defend their natures like a emotionally damaged person clinging to the victim role and defending their wounds.

This is only natural addict behavior and this is partly related to the effect of stockholme syndrome by those who perceive themselves as victims in this society and have been conditioned to treat their oppressors as their lords and saviors.

Then there is the actual addiction to power, lust, greed, violence, aggression, all these imbalanced aspects of an unawakened individual which came to fruition when people with the reptilian complex activated over their higher-brain functions came into advanced technology which allowed them to replicate themselves into technological immortality and overlordship.

When this all comes to the public, this whole false-paradigm, forwards and backwards, comes to an end and that is the “End of Days”.

The True Labyrinth

= The Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge and the Secret Space Program First Chapters


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