What if this Civilization is a Test by Two Civilizations?

What if I told you that this was all a test by a more advanced version of the human race who managed immortality through technological and spiritual means and that there are two ultimate factions however either side is testing this civilization to see who will come forth and choose for themselves or turn on each other in the presence of such a stress-factor or threat.

What if the next layer of civilization is one where this reality can literally be controlled through advanced technology and the mind and the people who are capable of comprehending this are capable of existing there but those who are also incapable of avoiding the merge with machines become temporally entangled with a transdimensional computer system that contains their consciousness within a dimensional matrix.

Everything is much more interesting yet much more expanse than we first thought. The one civilization may be doomed to repeat history over and over and the other may be destined to release from the dimensional trap.

Maybe they are both each other on different timelines in the universe as one becomes the force of destruction and the other creation.

Maybe those two polarities themselves are just another aspect of the dimensional veil system. Then what is the true reality? Are either of these beings in the true reality? Apparently they are, however then would polarization still be relevant?


3 thoughts on “What if this Civilization is a Test by Two Civilizations?

  1. The only and final outcome is division between ‘light’ and ‘darkness’. The light has to and will prevail but darkness has a natural drive to overwhelm although it cannot, so it all boils down to a definite division eventually. Darkness self destructs into a polarized unit in itself? The ‘lake of fire’? I think there is one faction that is purging itself.


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