Frequency, Anger and Emotion

Emotions are often two-fold and either constructive or destructive. The constructive aspect are avoided by these controller beings and processes and the destructive aspect is desired and sought through programming and manipulation.

I am undecided on how is best to present this viewpoint. I will place the original post below. I removed the majority of the post because I felt anger is a deception.

The truth is, at times I have been tricked and defeated through anger, at other times I am brave and strong enough to mentally overcome those who want to destroy humanity and all life.

Original post:

This is also taken from the post: Hijacking Reality Streams, Causality and Perception; Interdimensional Parasites

Anger is a destructive yet powerful emotion which can free one from bondage if directed properly and so sadness or fear is desired instead by programmers who use this system to take power from others (literally as a harvesting system).

Anger and Emotional Reactivity

Anger, when utilized to initiate change based on self-awareness and creativity is constructive and when turned against knowledge and self-awareness is destructive. Emotions are often two-fold and either constructive or destructive. The constructive aspect are avoided by these controller beings and processes and the destructive aspect is desired and sought through programming and manipulation. However, because of the destructive tendency of the lower-emotions, like anger, sadness, and fear, then these will degrade the over time because they are not complete and are the result of a sign of lacking or partiality which must give way to action, change, or alignment. These are energies which beckon one to achieve greater alignment and are like signals that change or further care is desired to heal or grow properly. Eventually, anger would not become a regular option because this would introduce the aspect that one has not learned to foresee what results may be likely to occur and through this that anger will be used over and over to feed the machines while that individual slowly degrades their biological structures through stress and encodes more of the same responses into their reality.

In other words, anger can be generated upon first site of the realization of this system. If this doesn’t lead to a harmonized application of energies, then this becomes a repetitive process which is actually one of the most viable forms of fuel for the machines and these spiritual energies next to depravity. This is because the source of the anger can become lost in the experience and at the maximal charge one can become destructive to themselves. If this is directed towards making change instead of self-destruction then this can be likened to an ensnared individual using this energy to break right through their chains and ties that hold them back from crossing the boundaries set for them.

In further elaboration, one will often be propelled through anger to walk right through the doors that are ‘off-limits’ by the controllers. However, if this is not the result, then this can be used to degrade and weaken and individual through that very nullification of the possibility of reaching liberation. One must channel their energy into a productive output and a void the same repetitive results that lead no where and recreate the same scenarios because this is one of the methods used to keep a person in an emotional-mental cage.

Remember, anger leads to the lower emotions and so this is either a response that acts as a ‘buffer’ to entering into that realm of reduced self-awareness or this is a gateway into manipulation. Anger is required in the projects that are designed to mind-control individuals because without that anger response then there is literally no energetic charge resulting from the introduction of psychologically manipulating variables and thus the programmer must start all over again and try to ‘catch’ that individual’s consciousness through another stream of data. So this emotional reaction is both the key to liberation as well as emotional entanglement with programming depending on the direction of the one guiding the energies. Repeated anger indicates that one has not learned how to avoid reactivity and energy harvesting. Initial anger means one has realized what is being attempted and through this can empower themselves to walk right (or rise through application of free-will choice over what they feel) out of the false-reality.

The main idea here is that there is a difference between refusing anger and accepting complacency with abuse. This is an illusion to connect the two. One does not have to become angry to avoid abuse and manipulation, however one who is repeatedly being abuse may use this anger to break right through the restraints that hold them back.

Another way to look at this is that it takes calm and collectedness to navigate to the proper reality and anger to completely tear away from the chains and barriers that hold one back. This can also be done in a calm and collected manner however some people will use manipulation to keep others ensnared and the power that comes from such powerful emotions can awaken those sleeping minds to seeing their own inner power.

Think of the warrior, fearlessly charging into battle knowing the enemy takes advantage of and nourishes itself on the suffering and submission of others. Anger, in this regard, is exactly the opposite of that submission that the enemy so truly desires. Controlling anger is important because without self-control and diligence one’s anger can be used to destroy a decoy misdirection which may actually be a friendly in disguise.

With this is mind, the roar of anger is synonymous with excitement, self-empowerment, joy and exaltation.

Free-Will and True Self Are Creative Aspects

On this spectrum of awareness within a list of possible actions or thoughts one can take (general possibilities in the present) there will be those choices that lead to increased self-awareness by nurturing the true self and this is through the expression of knowledge and compassion under free-will. This allows one’s reality-stream, the literal “trail” through time, which is all just possibilities and conscious perception, to be encoded based upon the previous information that was relative to and sourced from that continuing sense of self through self-awareness.


5 thoughts on “Frequency, Anger and Emotion

  1. hi aug,

    you say:

    “Controlling anger is important because without self-control and diligence one’s anger can be used to destroy a decoy misdirection which may actually be a friendly in disguise.”

    to this, i say:

    i agree. AND the friendly in disguise, then, must be able to withstand, understand & accept the treatment they receive from their unwitting target……who views them as an unfriendly……because they appear as such……again & again & again.

    i say such with peace & harmony.



  2. I am practicing cons uring my inner essence with my own system not any others as that it has to be a completey fool proof internal process. but I have found that my essence is like a perfume i can cultivate it and literally wear it but another thing has occurred and that is that intense emotion is also my true essence, its just we dont have space for that in society and daily life but i think people need to get in touch with their inner passion, their inner fire that burns and wants to be released. Of course at the right time and not in a reaction to any one thing but rather as an unfolding.


  3. Aug how do you know so much? you are covering every aspect of this process! Fantastic advice once again. The anger is huge but I too am noticing how used in a focused way it can actually be like an arrow piercing the veils.


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