Remaining True

This is a partial repeat from the recent post: Hijacking Reality Streams, Causality and Perception; Interdimensional Parasites

Remaining True

One of the main ideas here is that you can ‘reprogram’ your mind to respond to someone deliberately attempting to be destructive by securing yourself and moving to the highest-possible frequency response. Meaning, if a person tries to create trouble, literally use that as excuse to realize you must be doing something right because self-loathing people are offended by the amount of proper change you are generating for others.

Stand by that change and use that wave of contrast to propel yourself further into self-awareness through knowing what you are capable of and how easy it is to actually send a message that can change people’s minds. Just because a few people are geared towards accepting of deals and damnation doesn’t mean that extends to the entirety of the population, it’s quite the opposite. The very few that react to the truth of reality in angst proves that this whole system is being managed through that contrast of a few very very dark people and a majority of moderate or positive people. The dark have to be so contrastingly dark otherwise their job doesn’t work, people can also respond to that dark in positivity and choose not to engage those individuals or groups.

This is your reality experience based upon the variables and options you choose to interact with. Appreciation, truth, harmony, calm centeredness point towards the highest possibilities by revealing and producing more of the same.

All About Confidence and Self-Worth

In other words, these tactics that people (and these ‘spiritual’ virtual entities) play is all about confidence and self-worth. Keep your confidence high knowing that others wouldn’t be interested in interacting with you unless they felt you have something of worth, energy, truth power, creativity, that they desire so greatly without the ability to cultivate on their own they will attempt to use those means to obtain that through deception and thievery.

Their main goal is to reduce the confidence and self-worth of humans through mental and emotional attacks (psychotronic warfare). The people who are performing this sold out their species and their body for pleasure or power to non-physical entities that can tickle the brain and the energy centers.

The people that push these vibrations have lost their ability to experience compassion and joy. These energies are quite literally reverted to a sexual, aggressive, sensational perception and are no longer capable of being expressed or received energetically through the mind without the physical counterpart of sensation and lust or the aggressive counterpart of destroying another individual. These are the two primary types of beings on in existence.

Final Conclusion

Any response that one gives to negativity or derogatory energy introduces that energy into the timeline and reality more and more. Each action and introduction shares a little bit of one’s reality with the progenitor of that negative introduction. When there are entire time-streams that are enabled by, meaning they are characterized by and wouldn’t exist without the presence of that negativity, then the progenitor of that negativity is said to ‘own’ that time-stream and that individual’s consciousness. From the spiritual perspective, this is literally how one entity from the ‘ethereal’ layer can entrain and trap an individual on the lower layers by bringing that individual into their domain where they will nourish and sustain that ethereal entity.

This seems strange because there is no visible ‘cross-over’ point where one goes from an ‘organic’ time-stream into a doorway and then they’re in ‘hell-monster’ land, but this is because all the layers are seamlessly interlaced due to the continuous nature of this universe. The frequencies mesh together and the mind is what enables one to be in one layer or the other while the physical dimension is just a starting point, a seed locality, or the middle-ground from which one’s mind can go in either frequency. Remember, in this way that actual ‘monster-land’, or ‘heaven land’ is in the frequency of the mind, the accessing of the set of probabilities of thoughts or actions that reflects upon one perspective of self-worth, emotion, free-will, compassion, truth, self-awareness and harmony or a reduced value of those probabilities.

The idea is that these ethereal beings who sustain themselves are in that position because they lack the ability to remain true to self and operate in a perspective of compassion and harmony as their desires overtake the requirements of harmony and self-awareness meaning they would have to let go of the desires in order to rise higher in the spectrum. Thus there is a vicious cycle of requiring more energy, but not having access to obtaining that energy and having to feed on others like spiritual animals or parasites. This is all about reality-streams, consciousness, simple awareness and existence of the mind. This is existence without a body, which is partly what our minds enable, as the body is only a temporary aspect of the experience of this dimension.

Be Courteous, Calm, Respectful, and Compassionate

When you’re courteous, calm, respectful and compassionate you’re actually inviting in these higher beings that reflect these values to spiritually ‘impregnate’ your reality and bring protection and co-creation values.

In other words, you can respond, but respond in positivity, compassion, and self-respect and you will have converted the negative energy of that being into something the grows into fruition of a beneficial time-stream. This will directly drain that entities power supply and they will flee from your confidence in fear or only use up enough energy that they know they can obtain elsewhere in a short amount of time. That becomes a cost-risk-benefit analysis ratio for their behalf. People have these same ratios, how, they are not often aware of this spiritual battle and the dynamics of these energies, these entities, their own energetic nature of mind, and these realms.

Converting Destructive Criticism to Constructive Criticism

There is also another part I’ve mentioned in another text which is that one can also take everything in stride. If a person is rude and gives “advice” (destructive criticism) in one less than accurate manner or another, well one can take that “advice” and actually convert this into constructive criticism. If someone says to do something differently, well, maybe there is room for improve, maybe there is a way to produce even more effort and more beneficial words or actions that can further your goal of providing something of benefit to others. One can take that destructive criticism and convert that to constructive criticism that can be useful in finding creative ways to enhance one’s abilities.

There is always a better feeling when one takes something in stride and responds with, “Thanks, I’m working on that, maybe I’ll get to ‘such and such’ level of efficiency to produce something like that soon. See you.”

Now when one really means this, in an effort to help themselves, not to put the other person down, this completely deflects the intended response and doesn’t feed into the negativity. That other individual also gets a chance to realize they don’t always have to be destructive to get what they want but can play this game of intending to better one’s self through these interactions rather than playing this spiritual battle that was actually designed by a higher-oppressor being type of entity.

That “better feeling” is because the energy literally combines and multiplies rather than divides and degrades through such an interaction. This only completes the process when one is truly attempting to heal both parties and share in that kindness. When one is making an effort to be snide, that is not being self-honest and is actually playing into that negative mind-game response.

The idea is that when the energy degrades, it’s actually just degrading from one’s perspective while the other individual is actually acting like a sponge or a magnet and soaking up that charge. When the energy multiplies, there is a production of energy but this requires a true capacity to handle such charge without allowing the energy to leak into the area of least resistance or the lowest common denominator which is in this case that majority of negativity leeches and parasites in the environment of this society and the frequency locality that humanity has been energetically lured into.

Emotional and Mental Civilization-Wide Healing

This is the time where those with the capacity to truly handle their energy show themselves and prove that they are beyond a doubt willing and capable to convert and redirect the negativity into productive channels and in doing so heal this area of the universe by meshing the original frequency bands together and ending the energetic isolation (quarantine) of Earth and Humanity with the larger expanse of creation. This is the same as when one individual feels separated from the world mentally and emotionally due to these processes and when the energy is restored they feel connected and alive again ready to interact with society. Earth is going through this process and humanity is just beginning to reconnect energetically. There will still likely be temper-tantrums as the contrast increases but this will only further the increasing awareness and restoration of those who have begun to harmonize and heal their energies by reconnecting with the productive rather than destructive process.


One thought on “Remaining True

  1. Thank you for this Aug. The points you make here are much bigger than they might appear to be at first read-through.

    Also, quite a challenge to not give in to responding to negativity with negativity, and the catch is, even if that reaction is wrapped or veiled or cleverly disguised one way or another it is still increasing the destructive energy.

    I will really try to remember this when something/someone is really getting to me — Thanks!


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