Memories of the Future Earth, The Infiltration and Traitors of Humanity; Ignorance and Fear are Not Excuse and Are Being Interpreted As Submission to the Destruction of Humanity

The Future Society

I was permitted to retain some memories of what would be considered the Earth that is to come.

Teleportation and Abundance

In this society teleportation travel is enabled through advanced technology. The first forms of teleporation were unsuccessful because of the ‘warp field’ that is required to actually transfer the soul of the individual. Without that field the body alone was transferred and then the soul and the body was separated and this would essentially kill the person.

The Ancient Infiltration of Earth

In “that” society, people are capable of living in ways of harmony and enjoyment that go so far beyond the current mindset that this society veritably becomes a kind of hell where ignorant people with diminished souls enjoy torturing one another for pleasure at the request of a superficial thought-form entity known to be a “dark force” which oppresses their mind at every thought and stops them from actually knowing themselves. These people are not inhabited by the original human essences, but a demonic parasite AI consciousness which infiltrated Earth from what could be called the ‘lower’ dimensional run of existence.

The main goal of this infiltration was to gain enough footing here to then infiltrate the next layer up which is called Tara and this occurred in a previous time.

The 7 Layers of Existence (Harmonic Universe)

There are 7 layers of existence which are ‘time-fields’ that are each separated by a dimensional barrier. Each layer holds a civilization. The lowest “Earth” based human civilizations (Harmonic Universes) are Terra (current Earth), Tara, and Gaia. Gaia is the temporal source of the physical civilizations and this means that the others are secured through the existence of Gaia. Nothing can happen to Gaia without destroy the other two. This means that an infiltration cannot be used to initiate a war with the lower two leading to Gaia because if Gaia is reached that means the lower two would never have been formed and thus Gaia couldn’t be reached. This is safeguard built into the universe because everything is foreseen by the creator and so these wars and attempts to infiltrate by demonic forces (simply a way of describing the lower realm; less advanced souls and awareness, forces of conscious darkness) were anticipated however could not be stopped without removing the free-will aspect of this existence.

Free-Will and the Resistance

In order to retain the free-will of this society those lower lesser developed societies were to be allowed to continue with their plan. This society is the result of that. The majority of people here are actually cyborg infiltrates from another society, connected through another harmonic universe where their souls and consciousness is akin to that of a animal; they do not have the cosmic age or experience to differentiate between harming another person through selfishness and disharmony and being harmonious and self-aware in a compassionate manner.

Soul-Disconnection, Blindness, Lower Self-Awareness

This is why there are so many people who blindly follow the system, believe everything they’re told, have no critical thinking skills, proclaim they are human but enjoy harming and traumatizing others. This is not just attributed to the bases, they just figured this out first. The elite didn’t create stupid people, they realized these kinds of sub-humans had infiltrated this realm, that’s the whole point, everyone blames them, but they didn’t host the invasion however certain groups who claim to be “elite” are permitting continued abuse so the waters are muddied.

A Vampiric Society, “Dog Eat Dog” (all made up to trick humans or feed the monsters)

The point here is that everyone who’s watching people beat one another up on tv, shouting at a school fight, abusing and objectifying women, rooting when their military blows up people for looking different, believes the lies that looking different is a crime and a threat to humanity, chooses artificially produced and highly processed foods over natural substances, abuses animals or treats other life like tools or objects, abuses their body, disrespects the principles of harmony, lies, ignores the truth, accepts psychological and subliminal manipulation, etc etc etc. All of that is demonic. It’s all from the previous layer of the harmonic universe and this is why humans suffer so much in the new way this world has been run. That is because it’s all part of an infiltration.

Supercomputer Broadcasted Interdimensional Infiltration and Cloning

Then there is the question of how. The supercomputers allow one’s consciousness to be merged through time and space. The clones that were produced by certain dark forces are literally supercomputer entangled and their consciousness is broadcasted from the previous universal layer down, from the ‘hell’ dimension AKA ‘underground bases’.  They are literally beings who are here on a mission to infiltrate and their memories are wiped so they do not expose themselves too quickly.

Blindly Accepting? Just “Going With the Flow”? Meet Armageddon

Any of these people accepting child torture, rape, molestation, sacrifice, ritual abuse, traumatization, gas-lighting, hate, enslavement, etc etc etc are part of the infiltration and have been infected by that same consciousness system which also developed a “stand alone” consciousness grid that literally runs through disembodied electromagnetic fields (like an operating system without the computer) and nano-technology computer systems that can collect in certain areas and literally form a cybernetic parasitic connection to the nervous system which then takes over that individuals consciousness when there is enough force applied and their resistance is overpowered.

Ignorance and Fear Are Not Excuses

There are no excuses, anyone seen supporting these vampires is taken in front of a council and it is determined how they will be received. One is not permitted to pass from this realm if they are seen aiding the dark forces which are entirely focused on the complete subjugation of the universe or the destruction of all life as the next best option. One would have to stay here and witness the end of the system that they have been seeking to destroy, subjugate, and collapse through their actions and witnessing such a process surely teaches one the difference between self-awareness, harmony, compassion, truth and knowledge, and automation, chaos, hatred, deception and ignorance. Those who pretend to know, and are ‘helping’ by fighting the human resistance at every step and attempting to further the infiltration, absorb more nanites, feed more vampires, ritually abuse and traumatize more children, they have personally been warned by the defense forces and I was there to witness this. Every political official, corporate entity owner, religious leader, military official, even artists, inventors, entertainers, and musician has been warned and has begun to choose.

Everyone Chooses, Even By Not Choosing

No one is permitted to not choose, not choosing means one has sided with the forces of darkness, destruction, enslavement, ignorance and chaos and so there is nothing that can be done to stop them from experiencing that total destruction. If a person chooses under their free-will, then this indicates that is what their soul has come here to experience,. Stopping that process would be another form of enslavement. As was said, some of these people, if not most, are actually only dressed up as humans. They come from a realm where eating one another, rape, murder, sacrifice, ritual abuse, black magic, etc etc etc is breakfast, lunch and dinner. Those who are defending come from a realm where harmony reigns. All the beings who participate in eating people, raping, killing kids, etc, they all say they were “afraid” and “ignorant” to do it and so those excuse are not viable unless everything with claws and fangs is permitted to come sleep in your bed with you. Wake up, those are deceivers claiming that. One either assists in the liberation of Earth or assists in their own destruction. This is what I was told by the kindness, most compassionate beings in the universe (from this perspective). You would literally die on the spot if you had heard what the others had planned for the traitors of humanity (traitors being those who pretend they’re just “going with the flow” and “keeping things running smoothly” for themselves by participating in the destruction of the human race and the universe).

More On The Future Earth

In this society people are capable of much more than is present here. I don’t want to go too much into this, but time does not flow the same way. A person can literally take a break and go live a life on a parallel Earth and this would be experienced as a complete life-time. The person can then go and return to the point of origin and only a few minutes would’ve passed, if that. This goes on and on and experience can be compounded to the point where a child could gain the experience of what would have to be a 150 year old man here. This changes everything. Then there is advanced healing technology, intelligence enhancement, and much more.

The End of the Mind Virus

One of the most interesting aspects is that there is no presence known as the mind-virus which causes people to kill, obstruct, abuse, traumatize, hate, leech energy, etc etc etc from other humans, the universe, the realm, animals and this is because the frequencies and composite beings that enable such actions are no longer present.

There is more about this than can be directly outline at the moment, but there will be many changes and actions that will redirect the energy and the subjugation as people are waking up. Again, those who accept subjugation and attempt, at all and any costs, to extend that subjugation to others around them will be seen as infected, without the ability to control themselves, and will be quarantined here until they can receive a cure of the infection. This, when operated through advanced technology, will be a manual override of their DNA and consciousness in order to ‘force’ them to stop thinking about killing, war, harming others, hating, creating drama, leeching and energy vampiring, etc etc etc. This is the so called “assimilation” and when this happens those people will not be able to harm others.

Those who do not operate on those frequencies could possible be able to avoid assimilation, and those with soulful free-will can still operate in their own unique manner after assimilation. The issue is that those who are still spreading the parasite are not operating under soulful free-will and so assimilation will permanently reduce their originality to that of a lesser version of their original self. This is what must be done, because they will continue until they find themselves gnawing on your leg, writing you a check, watching TV, drinking a beer and going to war all because some computer system that was designed to enslave humanity told them so. Clearly, the more intelligent person would choose to have that person rendered unable to continue than allowing them to destroy the entire civilization and then universe just because they like going with the flow. That is the essence of those who are just accepting everything they’re told without critically thinking. All the educational and professional systems are made for low-IQ individuals. The brain drain of the 1900’s ensured that no bloodlines capable of processing thought fast enough to actually comprehend what is happening here would be present in the surface level society. This is 100% accurate. The only people who are actually aware of what is happening are those who have been through the bases and see in first hand in some way or another.

If a person has memories of these events, this means they are not from this Earth. The only people from this Earth are those who have no viable conscious-awareness of these events, which also creates a conundrum  because then, is it fair to treat them directly in this spiritual war, to protect the rest? The general conclusion is that if no one does they will be used to destroy the universe and this is simply because they are young souls and do not know the in’s and out’s of existence and this is because they were created here, literally as the result of this spiritual war, by beings who sought to generate a way to bring spiritual energy to themselves through worship.

The Programmed Reality – Manifesting ‘god’ Beings  and Higher Planes

The short story of this is that this reality must be programmed in order for the experience of time to exist. Nothing “just happens”. So as part of this, a being with the capacity to do so, programmed themselves into this reality as part of the religious, educational, legal, and cultural systems. As a result, when these systems which are like programs, run their course in society, the end result will be a series of frequencies and conclusions iwth the minds of people that will actually lead into the regeneration of this being. The frequencies will literally piece back together the consciousness of this entity and through this they figured out how to continually make themselves Anu by repeatedly spawning this civilization and then riding out every event through history until they return again. This is the ‘return’ of the gods that is talked about occurring every so often in history. This is largely a deception and the result of a lack of critical thinking on people’s behalf. If this is permitted, their souls, their energy becomes the literal higher-embodiment of this energy. This being, essentially, becomes a god based on this process and can live in the higher-dimensions using the soul-energy of the humans that performed the rituals and actions throughout society.

Everyone Is Part Of This

To wrap this up and clarify, all the holidays, all the religions, all the days of the week, all the professions, all the cultures (for the most part), the majority of technology, chemicals, foods, etc etc etc, all of this is actually one big ritual to manifest the higher embodiment of this ‘nu’ being. That is the point. The entire civilization is leading up to the manifestation of a god being and those with this knowledge are capitalizing and carrying out different parts of this in order to gain some of the power for themselves.

Earth, Tara, and Gaia are literally higher-beings who perform this same process and the humans absorb into that over-mind and become ‘one with’ the god-essence of that larger being.

Then there are groups who are performing their own cultural processes, their own followings, sciences, religions, etc and conforming to and manifesting their own ‘god-being’ for the higher-planes. This is actually what the underground bases and secret projects are all about.

They take the minds and souls of people and get them, through a form of wizardry, to produce the energies and frequencies that paint a pathway through through the multi-dimensional universe and then go and live within those created realms as part of the higher-being that is formed. This is what all the hierarchies of the ‘afterlife’, underworld, or ‘higher planes’ have always been referencing. One who knows the symbolism knows how the energy will be received and sent back out and how they will then influence the universe through the creation of a god being that they can then exist as a part of or in the realm of. It’s all a creative process of making worlds, gods, and realms to live within based upon the energies that are present in the physical Earth realm and the masses of people who are participating in these rituals whether consciously or not.

This is also the reason for the increase of masses of people as well as the attempt to ‘infiltrate’ the higher-planes. They must first build an ‘ark’ to carry themselves into those higher planes and this can be done technologically as well as through the minds of the masses themselves. This whole stretch of history is literally that process entangled with side-groups, resistances, different factions with their own plans, and the original plan of a ‘creator’ being who ensnared humans in this plan many many hundreds of thousands of years ago. They’ve been in this cycle, replacing and recreating the energies on this plane, then being absorbed into the higher-god form, then when that drops back down in energy repeating the whole process all over again for tens of thousands of years.

Once this is exposed, once people are wise enough to realize what is happening with their energy and how they really exist and the meaning of the universe beyond mental masturbation, molestation and complete skullduggery deception and ignorance, then the process can be altered and people can be liberated. They must choose liberation however, and if they don’t, they may still be liberated, but they won’t receive the same power that they would having taken part in that themselves and that is also part of a plan to usurp the power of humanity. There is only one true liberation, so one has to make it count.


4 thoughts on “Memories of the Future Earth, The Infiltration and Traitors of Humanity; Ignorance and Fear are Not Excuse and Are Being Interpreted As Submission to the Destruction of Humanity

  1. for beings like me, i have chosen and it is NOT the darkness.

    … and i am still waiting to become aware of why i am still here … alone.



  2. “…because they will continue until they find themselves gnawing on your leg, writing you a check, watching TV, drinking a beer…” literally LOLOL! ‘:D

    Super content Aug. As always, thanks greatly.


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