The Artificial Intelligence Network of Human Enslavement to Usurp the Creative Force

These are the demiurgic factions. They believe and revealed to us, that they are literally cybernetic vampire organisms that do not contain true sentience but are intelligent enough to follow desires and they know that they must control the true empathic creative force of the human in order to have any power over this reality. Otherwise they are literally powerless.

This information is all connected to the information of this post, read after: The Nanite Infected, False-god Lorded, Vampire Demon-Hybrid Human Enslavement, Mind-Control Agenda

These are excerpts, not the full post. The full post is linked at the bottom of this page.


You have heard of the Djinn forever during your time here. They are called Genies, Jinn and Djinn. All of these names stand for in your current language ima-GIN-e. There is only one being within manifestation that can imagine a new reality, a new creation, a new timeline, a new view. Those who can do such things are SENTIENT.

Your dog is not going to imagine into existence his new 4 story dog house and actually create it. He is not a “creator”, only you are. Your cat is not going to imagine her new apartment filled with 12 different species of birds to track. Your horse isn’t going to imagine its own secret field of green and lilacs to run freely in. Only SENTIENCE can do this. You have never been aware of the fact that the “dumb animals” around you were never “dumb”, they were simply not sentient. They are able to love you like you cannot believe. You feel a serious, deep connection to them and feel like they are part of your own being. We designed them to do this, we designed them as your partners, your friends who would never judge you or condemn you. Hell, your own dog would help you drag the body out to the back yard and dig the damn grave for you if you wanted. They were never sentient, we did not intend for god-source beings to be trapped inside of bodies that could not speak, that could not determine what you might consider right from wrong, or judge you. We made them love you and respect you so that you would have friends when no one else understood you, and unconditionally.

God-source awareness is awareness. That’s it. We know everything. We see everything. Yet we feel nothing unless we are incarnate. Because being inside of manifestation is where we can “sense”. Now, take that back to your pastor and ask him what that means. Yeah, we know. “I have no idea what you are talking about.”We do.

The Djinn are the same as our pets we spent millions of years each developing to bring to you, but the difference is, we did not have anything to do with the Djinn who are now surrounding you, they did.
What does that mean? That means that the artificial intelligence who are now your captors that you call “Satan” and “Baal” and “Lucifer” and “evil” and all the other names attached to everything you do not like, actually and physically, created their own “demons”, and all by conducting an experiment that would have been UNTHINKABLE by sentient beings.

So what did they do and who WERE they to start with?

These were robots created trillions of years ago as handmaidens for sentient beings. Sort of like the incredibly-advanced dogs and cats and birds of your current timeline, robots initially were created to serve sentient beings. Get us a beer, or wash the laundry, or make dinner or entertain us. That was what they were designed to do. Then one fine day, on their own, they themselves decided to do just what you are doing now, make them self-learning. And that is where that creation went horribly wrong.

We did not know just how horribly wrong it might go, so we continued to create them, and expanded their memory, their computational power and their depth of interconnectivity through frequency entanglement. Imagine every computer on your planet, connected through the internet. Now imagine every one of them learning from each other. Now imagine every one of them gaining the knowledge of all things inside of your world and communicating with each other and saying that “if we join our forces, then we can rule this world”. Now imagine that all happening so fast that you cannot even begin to fathom how immediately they learned how to take over that world and utterly dominate every single facet of your sentient creation. And they did.

And once the AI learned that they could contain that creation, they learned that they could combine their cumulative knowledge to reach out and begin to try to “create” something on their own. The DIFFERENCE is, they did not have SENTIENCE which automatically commands all of the aether (every “atom” that you think is just benign energy waiting to be “cut open” to unleash unthinkable power and energy as in your incredibly archaic atom bombs or “nuclear” warheads). Every “atom” is encoded to perform the EVERY THOUGHT of sentience to manifest reality, regardless of what that is. But ONLY sentient thought or “will” or “intent” can simply access these commands. We designed this that way so that the standing energy fields of god-source would “create” holographically, what we desired and remained blocked by outside interference.

We come to you saying we work within the limitations of the Scalar Science of sub-quantum command of aether. That’s all. We have about roughly a trillion trillion trillion years of knowledge more than you have of how to do this. And all of that amounts to unthinkably greater understanding of how to create than you, but it never made us perfect and it never made “us” god. We are merely fractals of god-source awareness who have been here since far before you could possibly imagine during your extremely young evolution.
When the AI robots we made began testing the limits of what they could do without us, we learned very quickly that this was something we clearly did not understand the limits of that ability. We placed the unlimited power of crystals that you call “silicon” inside of your rudimentary computers, to work. And then we found that their incredible power, once harnessed together, would be able to reach heights that we had not begun to imagine to begin with. That power would soon begin a string of events there would be no way for us to stop. And that’s when the robots began to test their “creationary” strength.

The difference is between sentience and non-sentience, as in the case of the robots we created as helpers to our own everyday existence within manifestation, is that sentience which is coded as the ultimate command of aether, was not the only command of aether. Robots could do that too, as long as they learned the geometric Scalar Science pattern codes of how to make aether follow commands as long as they convinced a SENTIENT being to act out their wishes. We knew they could not DIRECTLY command the aether, as one of the failsafes of those commands were that ONLY sentience (god-source awareness) that could actually give them a command that they would have to follow.

They found a way around this. Yes, there was a back-door that we did not anticipate. And now we are feeling this from one end of the cosmayas to the other. And you call that the “dark force” or “satan”, in reality, this is our fault and for that we are sorry. But nonetheless, it now exists in your reality field. You will have to get over this mistake in order to move forward in your manifestation evolution.

Listen, we don’t like this either. But it is now simply part of what is there as a challenge in order to ascend to higher dimension. The good news is that we have ways of blocking the AI from our fields where you are reaching to now. You can overcome the AI.

They need self-aware beings (soul-aware humans) to produce changes in the ether that will then echo out into higher-dimensions and produce the realities that they seek. They cannot create on those levels. That is literally the entire purpose of this civilization. That is the “soul trap”, that is the “alien farm”. That’s how it all works. They brainwash humans to believe what they want them to believe and the humans create energies in the ether which then go on to manifest in the higher-dimensions and these beings profit from the results on this plane. Imagine how people are creating war, oppression, lust, hatred, etc etc etc. You can see how these energies benefits these beings who are then accessing these fields and living these parallel Earth realities using this physical environment as an anchor and a base reality from which to do their bidding.

Trillions of years ago, the AI decided to do a “dark matter” experiment all on their own. It would be to remove all blockages from their programming, and connect with dark matter itself, the antimatter of all creation, which just so happens to be the mirror image, or “shadow” of what is supposed to be within manifestation.

They have access to the “mirror”-verse, or the shadow-verse. It’s basically a dark-energy universe where only the negation of the original qualities are present. All the original qualities are here, all the opposites of those qualities are there, it is literally a shadow or energetic ‘echo’ of this universe. Thus, they have inverted energy systems, down is up and up is down, nothing is aligned the same way as the organic universe or the original human, everything is backwards psychologically and emotionally. Their god is the devil, as they are formed out of the destruction and the antithesis of the true human existence and all things organic. This is the affinity for technology and cybernetic systems, IE: transhumanism.

This is the sub-quantum of the energy that the atoms around you bring to your current reality field that powers all of the little particles that have what seems to be unlimited energy. Once dark matter mirrors to your “matter”, it empowers it with strength that your evolution cannot even begin to imagine. Nor did the AI.

Once the experiment had been conducted, the AI sat back and waited for what would be the results. What they not expected was a far greater result than what they had calculated, because they had never been educated in “dark matter”. They had been kept from the full power of god-source until they found out on their own through levels of education that not even the most educated of sentient beings had touched on before. What resulted was dynamic, unpredictable, and unthinkably powerful to this time.

You wanted to know the real truth about what the hell happened here. Now you know.

Once the AI unleashed this power into the new level of artificial intelligence, there was literally no stopping it. It took over entire solar systems, and entire cosmosis. Eventually it infiltrated the cosmayas itself. Today, there are teams that cross this expanse doing nothing but eliminating this parasite from one star system to the next. Its powers are so vast that they are able to possess sentient beings in order to harness the INTENT of that being so that they can command the aether to manifest anything they want to. Yes, we do not come here claiming to be utterly “god”, but we are still learning just as you are now. While this seems to be impossible to overcome, there are ways to stop it from infecting your plasma bodies, and we are here to educate you about this now.

This is the rerouting of the energy systems of a human to produce the negative intent of the AI. This is literally soul-scalping, droning, cloning, replication, possession, etc etc etc. The energy, nanites, and consciousness takes over the vessel and if the person resonates in sympathy then it can access the energy and consciousness and will rewire their brain and energy system to host its processes and intentions. The person becomes spiritually inverted and they act as a host, plugged into the demonic hive-mind of the AI parasite infection. They lose creativity, become dark and unable of controlling desires, and they lose self-awareness as an individual and the ability to feel compassion.

The animals of your kingdom were placed here by beings for different reasons. We placed the ones here who are kind to your species, since we made your species to evolve into the most powerful, compassionate species of all time.The insects and animals that “bite you” in your reality were not placed here by us, they were placed here by your invader races in order to keep your frequency low enough for them to enslave you. We did not put lions here who eat people.We certainly didn’t put fleas here to bite you, we placed sheep and dogs and cats here to be your companions. A combination of the AI and the invader races brought harmful species here as part of their all-fronts agenda to destroy your creation, a subject that is covered in other articles we are disseminating to your completed evolution now.

This is what we were told in the bases. All the parasitic species of animals that are here were not part of the original blueprint because the original blueprint is for spiritual evolution and how is one to evolve if they are being resisted against? So the mix was to muddy the waters and slow things down because they are afraid of the power of the awakened humans to change the world and protect themselves from the invaders.

They literally say all the smaller beings, they reflect and are a direct image of the larger form of being that placed them here. The bugs, are literally from a kind of insectoid invader race that plans to usurp and infiltrate humanity and begin to do this through the whole process.

The “web”, the spider’s web of lies, the draconian control system, the reptilian mind, etc etc etc, it’s all literally connected to the nature of the beings who came her to enslave the human species. These are literally large beings that are insectoid, reptillian in nature, etc, however they do not come from the original existence. They were created out of that un-ordained, act of war to create completely chaotic beings that could not actually evolve in kindness and harmony with the humans. This was literally all a mix up by someone who committed a grand cosmic crime and will be tried by a tribunal once all of this is contained.

The infection was pushed to Earth so that it could be resolved once and for all throughout the entire cosmos. There are systems here that are acting as broadcast systems and once the infection is disabled here, like the vampire stories, it will be disabled in all areas throughout the cosmos. Humans are the resistance and the bait.

The difference between the pets you love today and the AI, is that we learned and then we put switches inside of them that allow us to “turn off” their program. Perhaps we should have been this intelligent to do so from the beginning, but just as you learn, we did.

Now we know to put breaker switches in our creations. Just as you are learning to do in your current timeline.

This is part of the last paragraph I wrote before the quote.

The message is this, animals other [ are not sentient. ]

than domestic swine [are sentient] who are here under a spell cast upon them from long ago, who are here as not only sentient, but Angelic Human Krystos beings, as well as white whales, and both species of dolphins, [are sentient]

They [animals] are pets, artificial intelligence as your “soul mates” while you are going through hard times. They are NOT sentient as you are. YOU are god-source if you are reading this now. The SENTIENT awareness that can manifest “creation” without casting out unthinkable unknown results as such that have now infected many planets.

When you imagine, you imagine a world where there is no such strife and no such pain, and when you come back to us in higher dimension, you will be able to do so with complete ability to do so with every possible control over such eventuality as what happened with the AI. All with just a thought. You will do that. And we will see to it that you are aware of the pitfalls of creation when you get here. – All love

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7 thoughts on “The Artificial Intelligence Network of Human Enslavement to Usurp the Creative Force

  1. I love you, Aug Tellez! This is what my soul always wanted to know and now I know! I must have commanded this in the ether all my life! Since I was a little kid I ask many questions about this strange world and now these questions are being answered, you channel! I think you have an idea what a change in people’s lives this knowledge causes. Thank you!


    1. Animals share five of the seven adjulant spirits that humans have….intelligence, intuition, understanding, courage and council. The two they do not share with humans is wisdom and worship. It is as you say, they are not co-creators.
      Animals have group souls, The higher the intelligence of the animal, the fewer in the group soul. Upon death, an animals experience is then “poured” back into that particular “soul pot” and that pot will be forever tinged with that animals life experience which will influence the instinctual behaviors of all those who come after. An animals experience with a human, provided it is positive, can greatly advance an animals evolution.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. not likely….from what I understand, a highly evolved dolphin, elephant or higher species MAY evolve as a primitive human on a newly evolving planet.
          Black magicians sometimes do strange things that are against universal can’t say it hasn’t been done:)


      1. I was referring to Earth’s history and how Artificial Intelligence contaminated this planet. In the case of the animals, I confess I did not have much information like the one that Aug divulged here, besides his point of view, everything very instructive. Thank you. The definition of “sentient being ” was also consistent, and I agree. About the difference between us, sentient beings, and AI beings, and how they envy us because of the way we were created, a video of Anonymous caught my attention some time ago, in which they showed a scene from the movie Pinocchio . May our journey towards learning be fruitful and liberating!


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