The Nanite Infected, False-god Lorded, Vampire Demon-Hybrid Human Enslavement, Mind-Control Agenda

This is a partial repeat. Remember, they feed on hate, so it’s important to not hate them. They are simply subhumans that were given a chance to live in a fake body in a human society and have a free-for-all and attack and rape and pillage. This is heaven for them, but they didn’t work to get here, so they have to go back and start all over and all of this is undone after the completion of the unveiling.

There are many others speaking about this now but I will not name them here because they are not always so willing to face the vampires so directly.

The Ritual Abuse, Cannibal Vampire Hybrids

The agents of deception will claim ritual abuse, cannibalism, sacrifice, demonology, etc etc etc has never existed and is all just a made up fairy tale. Those beings are literally demons in human suits this is what we discovered in the underground base. If they are caught within the emission field of Teslian wave generators then their DNA mutates rapidly and they deform into sub-humans. This is part of the plan for the ‘release’ of this infection into this society through technology. There are work arounds and defenses against this though. These are those people, they eat other humans and have been here for many generations:

Mass Gas-Lighting Agenda to Promote Insanity and Spiritual Degradation While Labeling Those Who Resist

You would not want to meet with them once you see what they are capable of in the underground bases. Their DNA holds a hybrid demonic code that transforms when under the right conditions and they must vampire their energy from humans in order to survive.

They are participating in a gas-light illuminati satanic ritual where they attempt to make the victim of satanic ritual abuse doubt their own sanity and in a process of covering up the abuse and pushing the person to commit suicide. This is what the world is undergoing now. People who question reality are considered dangerously insane and will have to be murdered or rendered mentally retarded through toxic injections according to these vampires.

Soulless Vessels, Lacking Compassion, Self-Awareness and Creativity

They do not have a human soul essence and cannot feel compassion and only enjoy causing others suffering. They are demons in human suits, this was discovered in the bases, there are resistance groups that have set up boundaries and they are not allowed to leave this plane so the satanic groups best bet is to try and ensnare as many souls as possible.

Satanic Ritual Abuse and Child Sacrifice is Real

Satanic ritual abuse and child sacrifice is real. Your are either assisting in the destruction of humanity or the liberation. The deceivers will try to spam people with the mind-control gas lighting tactics that Satanism doesn’t exist, there is no such thing as child rape, abuse, traumatization, ritual abuse, sacrifice, etc etc etc and that everyone is making it up for fun. They are obviously protecting their family rituals and anyone with a soul can sense this from their energies. Here is the some of the information.


MKULTRA Project Monarch, Operation Mockingbird. These are real events and psychological manipulation methods. People are assigned to attack certain subjects so that no one is permitted to participate in legitimate discussion. They spend their time harassing anyone who discusses these issues and then play the victim role saying that people are wasting their time researching these events and practices. This is a satanic gaslighting and psychological manipulation tactic taken from the COINTELPRO disinformation tactic.

Celebrity Cloning and the Secret Projects; Spiritual Degradation and Demonic Hybridization (they fear the Supreme Creator)

Celebrity cloning and psychological manipulation is real. This extended from project MKULTRA and this is a document that the CIA recently released detailing drugging and mind-control of children. Then there is project MONARCH which is ritual trauma-based mind control and abuse that is extended to the children of certain bloodline families and ultimately the future celebrities as children. Then there is operation MOCKINGBIRD which is a long-term manipulation of the pubic mind through the media via celebrities, news, movies, music and general entertainment. Through this the population can be swayed to accept certain ideals like spiritually degrading and hyper-sexualizing children. This is because the plan is to create a NWO system where pedophilia is accepted along with sacrifice and ritual abuse.

This is a spiritual degradation system that has been prophesied since the beginning because this will destroy all the humans who participate in it. Those who are sent to attack others are actually AI infested and mind-controlled slaves who are not operating under their free-will but are literally filled with a false-emotion and then guided into attacking others, they’re literally mind-slaves. I was involved in secret operations regarding MKULTRA, project MONARCH, and others. There is an atmospheric fleet called Solar Warden that protects the human race and an original NAZI fleet called MILABS who uses the same electrogravitic craft to abduct, rape, and genetically modify humans through cloning. Research the celebrity cloning situation they are used in pay to play situations in the underground bases. Research #DonaldMarshall Go to my channel for interviews and discussions and a blog where all of this is explained.

C.I.A. Data Show 14-Year Project On Controlling Human Behavior

1977-07-21, New York Times The Central Intelligence Agency conducted a 14-year program to find ways to “control human behavior” through the use of chemical, biological and radiological material, according to agency documents made public today by John Marks. The documents … suggested broader experimentation on unwitting humans by the intelligence agency or its paid researchers than had been publicly known before. The C.I.A. conducted secret medical experiments from 1949 through 1963 under the code names Bluebird, Artichoke, MK Ultra and MK Delta. Brainwashing, Hypnosis, drugging, celebrity cloning, underground bases, ritual abuse, sexual trauma, etc etc etc. All released in the CIA documentation people.

Hollywood For Ritual Occult Programming of the Masses

Hollywood is used as a programming and mind-control industry where children are selected and traumatized from a young age to produce the future figure-heads of entertainment media. Through this the public opinion and tendencies are swayed through the youth. After a certain age the trauma-based segmentation of each split personality that is created through the programming begins to unwind. These are the celebrity break downs that are always explained away as ‘drugs’ or some other scapegoat like nervous energy from fame. The fame and nervousness may be true for some, but the trauma-based control is responsible for every celebrity who said “they’re out to get me”, or who spoke of a mafia like group that controls people through sexual traumatization and financial power. This is part of the MKULTRA and projection MOCKINGBIRD control of the pubic opinion through media control and every major organization is a part of this operation.

There is No Denying This, No Excuses for Ignorance; The Truth is Everywhere

So clearly either the CIA just made up that they participated in the ritual abuse and drugging of children or the people denying this are either here to cover up the abuse or are simply so uneducated and aware that they speak out instantly in hate of satanic ritual abuse victims without actually even doing research, all while claiming to be a professional and stamping people as degraded and mentally disabled. These are obvious and exposed satanist tactics. This is called gas-lighting. The whole act is an obvious sham. The person is either so dangerous they will be removed from society when this all comes out, or is outright working for the dark to cover up satanic ritual abuse and ensnare more children and innocent lives.

The Reactivation of Stalking and Continued Harassment (We are stronger than they, they get devoured by their own false-hoods)

These are more messages I sent these stalkers that began following me everywhere on the internet as soon I as I made the video outlining child sacrifice. Before that, there was not one individual telling me to stop.

Just to make sure this is clear, no these are not dreams, I was not on drugs (although they use mind altering drugs during rituals and mind control/trauma-based programming), these are not others experiences, these are not extrapolations of what might have happened had I made a certain decision, these are not what I think people do behind closed doors, I was brought into a mind-control trauma based situation as part of project MKULTRA, project MONARCH and a few others.

Imagine if if this is really happening, OK then what kind of impact do you want to have on this situation? Seeking to put others down is a form of abuse and this is all related to gas lighting, cointel pro, denial and deception tactics. These are gang stalking tactics developed by the occult societies.

How would you know if this is happening. If this was happening, how would you know one way or another? The only way is if someone told you directly or the other methods are from background information, research, signs and evidences in past culture, abuse, trauma, ritual sacrifice, blood letting, mind control, etc etc etc and the evidence is all there. Simply do some research on any of the societies throughout history.

View their attempts to degrade as a test because basically these are the tactics we are trained for through the programs. Satanists use these tactics to attempt to mind control, ridicule, abuse, gas light (make people doubt their own sanity) and generally traumatize people and their goal is to cause a suicide as that is a game to them.

Watch  these videos and check out more information if you want to help. If you do not assist in the liberation of humanity from these groups and this mind-control element then you are wilfully assisting in the degradation of your species and you have been warned.

I have been cleared to bring this information to you, simply go in peace, be loving, because literally, the warlike attitude, the better than thou, the hurt your neighbor mindset is a mind-virus based on sociopathic tendecies that causes civilizations to implode. Look around you, everyone is degrading, a third world war is being set up, pollutants and debauchery, corruption and insanity is maximal and behind every source of this there is a cause, a corporate enterprise that wholly supports that destruction and so this is all planned and designed.

Ritual Sexual Child Abuse Spiritual Slavery, Celebrity Cloning Unacknwg’d Special Access Programs:

These are secrets that the satanic groups have sought to kill and rape humanity over for thousands of years, that’s their pact, to lie and cause war until there is nothing left.

False-gods and the Apocalypse

If you’re interested in knowing where you came form, the false gods and all that stuff, they always lie to those in the cult, by the way, even if the person owns a portion of the society, they’re not allowed to see the truth until the end. We were shown “the end” in this bases, this is essentially the Apocalypse, the unveiling. Consciousness is dependent on DNA and DNA is dependent on the literal transaction of even moment and experience in time. So when information from beyond this society in time reaches the consciousness of an individual, this literally has an effect on the DNA and when this happens to the whole society, the whole thing shifts and changes ‘times’ and that is the Apocalypse, the unveiling of the hidden knowledge that has been hidden by these satanic ritual abuse groups.

They are only doing what they can to protect their hybrid bloodlines so you can’t really blame them however they are not to be trusted. Here’s the initial interview I gave on the celebrity cloning issue, this was the main issue to begin disclosure, it’s the easiest for people to understand : This is phase one of the unveiling which is a process that was outlined through these operations.

Then you can find the first four chapters of the release here:

All these are direct experiences.

This is a basic description of the parasitic infection, these are people who are inhabited with a mind virus that causes them to eat other people for fun, they are inverted on the energetic spectrum, this is partly through ritual, partly through biology and blood, and partly through a literal energetic consciousness which inhabits their body

These people can only lie and ridicule proving they are more interested in vampiring energy from others, ignoring the truth of this reality, the harmonization of consciousness, the signs and symbols all around them, the disruptive nature of false-religions and false-authority power structures, the abusive nature of the control system, the presence of ritual abuse, spiritual degradation, genetic distortions, etc etc etc. They literally only just make fun of people and try to get them to kill themselves, that is the complexity of their gene base. That is an animal, mixed with a demon, mixed with just enough human blood to exist in this dimension. No creativity, no empathic ability or compassion, not presence of self.

This is the technology that enables one to trap souls within an electromagnetic device:

This is about original morality and the universal simuation through holographic consciousness:

The cults don’t tell their members about this either, they have to show mastery over a certain degree, IE: actually have kindness after being ritually abused. You’ll want to watch that one if you wonder about morality and what you’re doing here and whether what you’re doing is going to add up or not.

If you’d like to chat philosophy, technology, science, simulation, physics, theoretical physics, etc etc etc please let me know, I’d be happy to.

This is the recent one and there is a good bit on psychology, perception, development, technology, and ultimately “the Unveiling” in three phases, you’ll want to watch that one if you have any interest in biology or psychology.

This one is interesting, what do you think the studies of the energy centers up the spine are all about? Why do people generate emotions in certain situations regarding certain frequencies of consciousness? How does this relate to the pineal gland, ‘chi’ from the eastern studies, and what not?

Finally, once again, here is a CIA released document detailing the use of drugs and mind control on children:

Here is a CIA released document detailing the study of remote viewing, telepathy, “chi” energy and what not:

So they’re “chi” or life force energy vampires and will do anything to stop this information from reaching the public. Unfortunately for them they are cowards and have always been on borrowed time due to the nature of their soul stealing and reality trapping system. So thus, they are doomed to failure and the system is no exposing them for what they are.

The signs are everywhere, don’t let them try to fool you are push you to suicide, that is their ultimate goal they want humanity to commit civilization-wide suicide and take themselves out so they can have this local-environment.

They can’t fight outright or expose themselves because they know they would lose, they can only use mind-control tactics, ridicule, gas-lighting, deflection, deception, etc etc etc and they pull a charge from this, that is the absorbing of the other victim “chi” or life-force energy, this is what they are attempting to do through the internet as well because the whole system has been set up for this process but we are trained and able to expose them for what they are.

They Fear The Supreme Creator

They fear the supreme creator, they fear the light of reason and truth, they all commit suicide immediately whenever they are brought out into the open. Literally, that is one common trait of these beings. If one is separated from the group, they are confident in groups, and if they are caught in the open and surrounded and everyone simply says, “oh look, one of those demon things.” They immediately begin to whimper and look around for something sharp to kill themselves with. They don’t try to fight, they don’t try to reason or plead, they literally simply try to kill themselves out of embarrassment. They do not hold the genetics for compassion or self-awareness, they are basically a programmed life form that is a hybrid of an animal, a demon and a person.

They do this all as part of an “energy game”. They developed these practices over thousands of years and this is the original harassment and mental and emotionally targeting system. They cover up their tracks by harassing and ‘taking the means’ of the individual away and this is often through the secret societies.

Secret Society of Secretive Entities (fake humans, replicants, vampires, they feed on suffering and depravity)

Be aware, they are all a part of the secret societies. The original societies were for knowledge. Then they were infiltrated by the vampire demons and so they use this to harass people. Why else would they have so many secrets.

Gang-Stalking, Second Court, Harassment for Pay (yes this is real)

Also, this was outlined to me in the bases. These people get paid on credit. Every time they engage an individual and waste their time, they get credits on their account. The more damage they do, the more time wasted, the more energy they can absorb, then the more digital currency they get into their accounts.

It’s all apart of a system, there is a second court system, a complete justice department for the stalking, vampires, and hybrid demons who are in operation on Earth. They have to get a ‘warrant’ to begin harassing people and so that is the whole process. They do it for pay and they belong to a satanic ritual abuse cult where they vampire the energies of innocent humans (the “chi”, life-force in that CIA released document above”) and this is all part of a plan to destroy the human civilization. They see humans as pets, they do not view humans as living creatures, they all admit this and this has been admitted in this very situation that humans are pets, they are worthless and that only the vampire way is the true way of existence. This is part of the reason why they attempt to commit suicide whenever they are caught, they literally can’t stand to know that they were wrong and they sub-humans and that humans are more powerful.

The “fallen” Races, The Underworld Beings, Demons and Hybrids (rape of human woman for forced interbreeding, drugging, hypnosis)

This also leads back to the ancient legends of the ‘fallen’ races who refused to respect humanity as humans are a divine creation of the supreme creator while the vampires are created through technology and thus their higher being is a thought-form entity born out of a super-technological system (ritual, energy stealing, soul farming, etc etc etc).

The very fact that they have to rape and traumatize children proves that they are the weak ones and they do not have the souls, the presence of self, the compassion, the self-awareness, harmony, or knowledge to exist any where else in the universe other than the lower hell dimension. They are only here by proxy as they must drink the blood in order to remain present on Earth otherwise their bodies die.

The Undercover Vampires

There are some who have their memories wiped and are brought into the bases regularly to drink blood and then rewipe their memories so that if they are caught and tortured by a foreign military then they will last until the last second not giving up who or what they are.

Of course, we figured out how to override this. Simply activating the genetics through Teslian wave systems and waiting until they get hungry and putting some fresh blood near them makes them go into a feeding frenzy. Crazy stuff, but the fact that people trust these beings is crazier and more dangerous than anything.

A Stupified Population

Their goal is to keep humans as stupified as possible as is obvious with the educational, media, entertainment, judicial, etc etc etc system. They literally want you to be mentally retarded but just enough alive so that you can feel pain when they torment and sexually abuse you. That is their mode of operation and their true intentions. Look into their eyes, souls, words, ideas, etc etc etc and you will see what they are truly all about.

Produce Knowledge from their Hate and Low Awareness, They Are Fined and Disciplined as a Result

You can always turn their tactics around on them and then they get fined and disciplined. This is what we saw in these bases, these are two bloodlines, one from a demonic hybrid race and one from the protector of humanity.

Solar Warden and the Human Resistance

Just to be sure people notice, Solar Warden is the breakaway military faction that rescued the children from the bases. They stopped the vampires supply of food, (children) and so they fear that military faction more than death itself. A parasite fears nothing more than being caught.

And if anyone is interested in the truth:

“These are my own words after conducting research into the secret program. Whilst conducting an FOI (freedom of information) request with the DoD (department of defence) in 2010, I had a very unexpected response by email from them which read:

“About an hour ago I spoke to a NASA rep who confirmed this was theirprogram and that it was terminated by the President. He also informed me that it was not a joint program with the DoD. The NASA rep informed me that you should be directed to the Johnson Space Center FOIA Manager.

I have ran your request through one of our space-related directorates and I’m waiting on one other division with the Command to respond back to me. I will contact you once I have a response from the other division. Did NASA refer you to us?”

The program not only operates classified under the US Government but also under the United Nations authority. So you might be wondering, how do I know this information?”

Simply search and you will see other operatives that have agreed to come forward. Remember, the parasites fear being caught more than anything so they will stop at nothing to hide from the reality of what they must do to children in order to sustain themselves. Also remember, they are classified by their inability to form coherent human comprehension, IE: they can only repeat the same concepts over and over, there is no creativity, compassion, or self-awareness, they can’t actually face what they are.

They know this is the end of their life-cycle and since they have no soul regenerative power and must feed on others in a parasitic fashion, that this is it, the last of their experiences. Do not feel sorry for them, they are permitted and capable of returning to a regenerative soul group and energy matrix, they simply choose to vampire and give themselves relatively short cosmic existences because they are cowards and see humans as slaves and pets just because humans are compassion and are created via the Supreme Creative Potential. They hate the power of the Supreme Creator and feel slighted by this situation all because they can’t resist lower energetic temptations like hatred, jealous, etc etc etc. They are literally vampires and demonic hybrids in every sense. The secret operations figured this out and they infiltrated society in an effort to delay their exposure and eventual removal from this timeline. Enjoy!

“Everything Is Rigged: Medicine, Elections, Food, the Media…You Are Living In A Fabricated Fairy Tale”

It’s all faked and they know it. It’s a scam, the highest degree of insanity that can be mustered without being caught outright. Everything is debauchery, it’s all rape of the environment, the original human race, the spiritual self-empowerment, all related to child sacrifice ancient babylonian priesthoods, it’s literally on the dollar bill. The reserve steals all your money, medicine is poison, education is literally propaganda and lies, the media is mind-entrainment, the entertainment industry is thought-control, justice is an illusion and the security of corruption of the highest degree, religion is spiritual enslavement.

Just think. Those people think that humans are to be kept in cages and destroyed through a process of soul stealing and vampire leeching of energy using advanced technology and spiritual knowledge. They are the demons from the ancient texts and they will do everything they can to try and convince you that you are the one that is insane. That you are the one that is losing touch with reality. Meanwhile, they set you up for another world war, they poison your children, they rape your minds and destroy the planet all so they can sell you the “cure” and the “truth” of having to bow to them.

Beware, those are the fake humans, the demonic hybrid vampires in human suits.

Just be sure you realize that the vampires will sit there and try to tell a person that they don’t know what child rape looks like, that people eating people is just a game, that this is all just a simple confusion, blah blah blah. It’s all a joke to them, literally, the human mind can only begin to fathom what a person who believes in and supports those processes is actually capable of. The problem? We are here now and we are not afraid of them and their tactics do not work on us because of the training.

Be sure, they actually believe the children love it. It’s part of their code of honor, they believe if they can make the child orgasm that their god honors them and if they can make the child scream in horror and agony that they get a promotion in the spiritual ranks. They are part of the demiurge, all that is ‘wrong’ to a human is good to them because they have a human form but an inverted consciousness or energy system. IE: they are literally from the underworld while the original humans are actually angelic. They are demonic, from a lower dimensional realm where all that is fun for them. The problem is they invaded this civilization and so innocent humans are being targeted.

Be powerful and aware angelic humans! The vampires cannot harm you, they are only pests in the larger cosmic view of things. Notice how they have lost their ‘spark’, they have no ‘umph’ everything is just a mixture of, “blah blah blah”, “we’re all slaves there’s no hope, nothing is real.” Hah! They have lost their soul energy and most did not have any access to that energy so they are no match! They can’t think for themselves and must follow along a satanic code of vampiric ideals.

Allow Self-Awareness, Harmony, Truth, Compassion, and Knowledge to Guide You Along the Path

All love. There are many others talking about this. Hehehe, my information is actually the less complex. The real deal will be coming out soon and has already began and actually you mentioned some of it. That is closer to the millions of years of information, the whole saga, the invasion, the replication, creation, subjugation, etc etc etc and it is one wild and complex storyline. Feel relaxed, loved, self-aware and allow your path to be guided by truth, harmony, self-awareness, compassion, knowledge and you will find the safe-zone.


12 thoughts on “The Nanite Infected, False-god Lorded, Vampire Demon-Hybrid Human Enslavement, Mind-Control Agenda

  1. Holyshitoli, I am glad I waited this amount of time before taking steps forward. This is deep, nothing like the challenges I anticipated. I am tempted to .make general fact statements but when it comes to incentive I am at a loss. Why the heck would I perceive a.trap? I don’t even know why some people would be intimidated by me. It may have something to do with….shitheadedness. Quack,quack.


  2. i sense that i am being assisted by a ‘good’ force.

    however, i also ‘know’ i am being taunted & tempted & prodded & pummeled hourly by ‘xxxxxxx’ force(s) [good/bad/light/dark/tested/tested/tested] {???}.

    how to make sense out of what is going on without going insane…and moreso, how to accept that i should love this treatment?



  3. Cheers Aug, I’d like you to answer my question. Are you aware that you and the others have been released on purpose to inform? If not, don’t you think this is the case? If not, please explain, because every piece I encounter points to these releases being fully intentional and I believe you understand how these releases can actually benefit youknowwho.


  4. About Trauma Based Mind Control: Fritz Springmeier, “Deeper Insights Into Illuminati Formula”; Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler, “The Illuminati Formula Used To Create un Undetectable Total Mind Controled Slave”; Mark Phillis (& Cathy O’Brien), “Trance Formation of America”; Ron Patton, “Monarch Programming – Nazi Mind Control”; Government Sponsored Mind Control Experiments – Media Packet. There’s the site , that “provides access to Fiona Barnett’s Candy Girl memoirs”, a victim of Monarch Program in Australia.


  5. Almost every time I read your posts another piece of the puzzle clicks into place. …Many unanswered questions are now being answered and everything is starting to make more and more sense. I am grateful to you for sharing all of this and please contact me through email if you would be willing to discuss more in depth some of this information. I am still trying to figure some things out that you may be able to shed some light on….

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Hi Aug,
    How do I can get a password? Do I have to become member/pay somewhere? I find your work very valuable, although I don’t understand everything, or rather I’d never be able to repeat it.
    All the best,


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