Meditation; The Mind is the Gateway to Other Worlds

For the record, meditation will help clear the mind. Yet, what I have spoken on before is that symbols, frequencies or vibrations, ideas, etc etc etc, these can turn into portals for higher or lower dimensional realms!

That is why certain processes are dangerous such as speaking to other entities outside yourself, or communicating with other beings, or focusing on certain symbols that others created.

Clearing the mind, balancing the energy and truly harnessing focus is one of the most benevolent actions especially with this stress. Imagine dreaming, that is the same process just to a different degree. If one can learn to ‘zone out’ and reach a ‘no thought’ thought zone then they are gaining more ability over the ‘mind chatter’.

There is more to say about this and the connection to the soul, basically reaching soul-awareness and I will post on this soon.

The mind is the gateway into other worlds.

Mind Chatter: Deduce over-analysis. One must learn how to repeatedly snap themselves out of mind-chatter until that action becomes second nature. At first there was clear mindedness or total mindfulness. Then there was the introduction of worries and over-analysis as one grows in this world. Then that becomes second nature. One must reduce that back down so they can be aware of when it is happening and “quit cold turkey”. Only focus on what you need to be focusing on in the moment. That is you. Everything else is part of the delusion.

Fasting and sun gazing: Fasting seems to be very helpful when done safely as this boosts the immune system, detoxifies, allows the body to heal and conserve energy while focusing the mind. Sun gazing seems to be helpful however the light we are receiving is changing as if there is a quartz or crystalline net around the planet and this is from the chemicals in the sky.

Bio-feedback and Hemi-sync: Bio-feedback, neural-training, and certain audio processes seem to be helpful. Remember, any audio can have frequencies programmed in. This is why singing bowls and chanting harmonies from the gut and throat are so powerful and clean, they are as clean and pure as you make them to be. Ultimately this is all harmonic resonance therapy. One creates pure vibrations and these vibrations are then matched in sympathy with the body and where there is resistance there is a sign of distortion, trauma, or injury.


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