Vampires Need Non-Vampires to Exist in Reality

Vampires need not only energy, but a paradox due to their abuse of time technology and if humans are no longer creating or causally permitting them they dissolve into the ether for a star dust return.

This is why they need people to acknowledge them. They need people to permit them into their reality fields. Their ultimate father is Lucifer. In other words, if everyone ignored them, they would all literally dissolve. They would go insane and wither from lack of energy, then they would literally disappear from not having a causal connection to this universe.

This is explained in the post below. They literally need attention, need creator beings to support their existence, because if not, they simply dissolve into the ether.

If they can’t get ‘worship’ from their false-god status from having the tech earlier on and tricking people in ancient times, then they have to traumatize and torment people, literally raping and injuring little kids. That energy, that literally causes them to “staple” into this dimension, as if they are a ghost with no way to actually cause themselves to form.

It’s all technological, soul-mechanical. If they wanted piece they would describe the situation to the world, not pretend it’s all just a free-for-all for them to destroy the whole civilization except for a few that they need to continue this process and restart civilization.
Essentially, if a person conforms to the external, destructive memes of another individual, that that individual played a part in the creation of that person. Do not feed into the energy games of these parasitic consciousnesses.

This is quizzical, I posted the “Hijacking Reality Streams” post, yet the link leads to the “A Balance of Emotions and Mentality” post, which is possibly a better choice to go right along with this concept! Great!

A Balance of Emotions and Mentality and The Physical Body and Spiritual Self

Hijacking Reality Streams, Causality and Perception; Interdimensional Parasites


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