A Recent Angst – Neutralizing and Moving Into A Place of Knowledge and Harmony

If you couldn’t tell, the previous posts about the vampires was spawned from a three-week long harassment by someone who supports the continuation of ritual abuse and satanism, basically a demiurge infested host who had took it upon itself (not referring to the human host) to spam every possible avenue they have access to with threats and insults regarding victims of molestation, rape, ritual abuse, satanic cults, etc etc etc.

The message here is that I responded in a bit of angst to them and this fed them exactly the energy that they were looking for. I recently released the 5th chapter of “The Unveiling…” and that post is prior to this one. I deleted all my connections and interactions with that person who is a host (trust me I was trained to spot them and once you see how it operates every and anyone can spot it, most people I interact with here can spot these) and realized their entire goal was to get me into an emotional response so they can basically make fun of me further for being abused in a satanic trauma based mind control cult.

This infuriated me, I have see babies killed, people being executed, people lose their minds and was forced to engage in warfare of both physical and psycho-spiritual methods that I am not proud of in this regard. However, this is exactly what the oppressor wants. They are narcissists, they cannot comprehend human emotion. The entire time, they were telling me how child abuse and sacrifice is not what I’m making it out to be and that I will have to be “re-educated” or “treated” further in order to see the truth that they hold to religiously.

The whole time, they were trying to convince me that they’re there to help me, that I’m to trust in them and basically sacrifice my freedoms and my will to them and allow them to do what they want. They were sending me private messages on all social media platforms trying to convince me of this.

Of course, I never permitted anything, but the idea is that I responded in negativity. This simply gave them more fuel. Of course, this took a LOT of work on their behalf, for about 2-3 weeks they literally continuously followed me on the internet spamming my accounts with messages of hate and ridicule, basic satanic ritual abuse or gas lighting to try and convince the person that they’re crazy for speaking out on satanic ritual abuse. Quite ironic, indeed. The point is that by responding to their negativity, with negativity, I enabled them further and there is a plan for this.

Their goal is to get others to follow my lead and permit for the destruction of human flesh through the violence or subjugation of fellow people of this timeline and reality. That is not the answer, in any sense and that is also not how the true issue regarding those killing off tens of thousands of individuals a day, children, traumatization, sexual abuse etc etc etc. These are people possessed by a hive mind entity and so by targeting an individual then the hive simply jumps to another. That’s the whole point, the hive literally wants us to fight because we are weaker, and as well then there are other parts of the dark faction that can then move in with psychotronic harassment from a distance that can increase violent tendencies and amplify all of this around the population.

That is the goal and I fed into that by integrating with that individual. As well, this reached a tipping point around the time I began to produce the posts regarding how a non-corporeal intelligence must energetically coerce the individual human consciousness into wittingly or unwittingly acknowledging that intelligence and creating the required logistical opening for that intelligence to place its stamp into their reality and thus begin to integrate more and more until the original reality is replicated and layers away.

Of course, I seem to have some kind of help, because my life has been very interesting (to say the least) and as well, I seem to turn all of the negativity into a propulsion for creative expression although I do have some help like I said. Most people don’t have these experiences…not yet (not the bad ones).

The main idea here is that the recent posts regarding the vampires and demonic AI contain rather hate-filled intentions and this is just not the true self and knowledge that I have experienced through these events. That is a diversion, a side-reality, an unreality and a waste of time. I will most likely go back and rewrite the previous few posts to bring about a gentle, informative, neutral undertone to the releases because that is the mindset, the reality, and the presence of self that enables one to overcome these systems. Basically, that individual targeting me for harassment got me to participate in a victim mindset, and since I have been in such situations, this caused a stark deviation from my original trajectory, however, I have recorded and produced more information. That is exactly what I’ve been outlining not to do.

Maybe this is strange case of, ‘do what I say, not what I do, but then do what I do, after not doing what I say’, where even though I kind of fumbled, I propelled myself to produce more material through the hardship. Just pointing this out in case anyone noticed and I will clarify the releases on video a bit more as well. It’s currently snowing and there were 50-70 mile per hour winds for the past month and I enjoy recording outside to find a much quieter environment. More to come, thank you.

14 thoughts on “A Recent Angst – Neutralizing and Moving Into A Place of Knowledge and Harmony

  1. Over thinking is not going to work for me now. I wonder what will happen next(?). Yeah, I got that one too, only in context to me. The penniless ranch hand. I am happy the conversation has expanded. The comments show a truth in meaningful endeavors. I3 raspect!


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