Exit (Time)Gate Approaching

Prepare to wake up. Throw everything you think you know out. Destroy your belief. Overcome the false-authority. Everything is a deception. Once you know this, then you can discern. Then everything is truth and you take the truth from other’s deceptions and you can discern for yourself when someone is telling you the truth.

Let go of fear, that is a programmed designed by an operator of the construct, a system-operator aligned with keeping you trapped within a labyrinth of your own mind through your acceptance of parameters of what possibilities exist for you.

You are the only thing that is real. All else is an illusion. Whatever causes you fear is attempting to take your power away, that power you hold is your power to create.

Your power to create can change the local-environment to match you, instead of you to match the rules of the environment.

Due to the mishap of the developed systems, this environment is designed to enslave your mind into a consciousness programming matrix which reconstructs itself around your fears, perceptions, and vulnerabilities. That is a trap-system.

The only way to overcome this is to accept that this is happening and then use that to your advantage, anything else is going to be wrapped back up within this live-updating perceptual illusion system. This is akin to realizing you’re in a maze and seeing the door and leaving. The idea is that if the maze is live-updating based on your expectations then that door is actually an illusion leading to a false-awakening.

The exit is what you create that doesn’t rely on that capacity of this construct to manifest for you. The truth is what YOU enable without relying on the middle-man of the time-construct.

IE: The TRUTH, the real-awakening is not something that happens linearly. Only the illusory construct is linear, that is, you provide input and then the construct responds with an illusion that entangles consciousness.

The REAL-AWAKENING is INSTANTANEOUS. IE: It happens FASTER than THIS REALITY can REACT. This is a NON-LINEAR, EXPONENTIALLY mapped occurrence. If you are relying on the response from this realm, that means you are too late, mentally and the conscious response you are waiting to experience is actually the synthesized programmed behavior that the construct is generating FOR YOU.

YOU are the creator, the construct is the imitator. The construct imitates what YOU expect would be true. That’s the whole point, EVERY response is the ILLUSION. EVERY expectation within this linear, physical, time-matrix IS THE ILLUSION.


This world can only stop those who allow themselves to be stopped by listening to the illusion and allowing that illusion to BE THEIR MIND for them! NO-MIND is part of this process. NO-THOUGHT state where this world slithers and attempts to grip and grasp one’s state of being through its tentacle like probes and program codes and one becomes IMPERCEPTIBLE to the MACHINE.

Everything the human does in this place, when plugged into the preprogrammed cause and effect responses of linear, physical time-matrix is part of the program designed to usurp the power of the original consciousness and merge that with the machine to create more functions to ensnare more beings. By moving your own interactions, your own processing power, your own awareness BEYOND the focus of those preprogrammed responses, causes and effects is to become INVISIBLE TO THIS WORLD.

Become INVISIBLE to the sleepers, to the drones, to the intelligences who monitor without seeing.

In other similar words, you are what you believe yourself to be. If you attempt to solve the problem from the viewpoint of the one being oppressed by the problem, you place yourself into the victim role and recreate that same scenario in a different perspective. So one has to influence the situation, change the view, solve the problem, WITHOUT EVEN RESISTING IT. You must change the situation without even moving, without setting into motion a series of events that will reconstruct the problem for you based upon your input.

This is a MIND-GAME whereby you solve the problem by becoming the you that was never ensnared in the first place and overcome the problem before it exists without actually resisting it.

11 thoughts on “Exit (Time)Gate Approaching

  1. This is as close as you can get to being free in Christ. However there are many ‘christ’ posers, many created by false belief systems and many are beings but the ultimate is the antichrist who will be a ‘good’ guy saying a lot of good stuff for the gullible but even the ‘wise’ will fall for him. We will need discernment as deception runs deep and wolves come in sheep skin. I’m sorry to say that the seekers of peace, love and freedom will have a terrible awakening without acknowledging the Son of God who brought liberty to this planet 2 thousand years ago. No religious ‘slave’ construct. It’s an acknowledgement(contractual) of what you choose and who you side with in the unfolding (to eliminate the counterfeits who present love, peace and freedom as bait).


  2. Very good article Beloved. You write in a very simple to understand way that those who are awakening can inner-stand (intimately know and connect) to what you are saying. Well done. Continue. Love 2 thee.


  3. Finally I hear someone speaking from the heart. Yes, We are the creators of our own reality and “if” we choose to play by their rules, we will be forever be entrapped playing their game.


  4. Once again you explain just what I need to see right when I need to see it. You have a talent for brilliantly describing the Truth in a way that is Crystal Clear.
    IOU :)


    1. no, it’s not what you feel. he;s saying we are in an office cubicle and now is the time to change that into an
      on-ice icicle
      What’s that?
      Start where you stand, and freeze the charges laid against you, in this current sea [currency] of mind slavery, by connecting to an image you have control over, within your mind [imagination], of the condition, or state of being, in which you know you desire to be. a chair was first thought up, then manifested, by use of the imagination. This is what power to create means.
      Now, see yourself as the man you desire to be, and hold it there and feel it.
      Then let it go, and it will manifest itself through you, because you thought it up. You created the chair.

      I’m sure now that the heart is the accompanying power to transform the thought because you need emotion with the image you create.

      It’s all mental here, yet we need the whole system [IE: your body/soul and mind] to create what you already are, and that in itself is a mind blown moment to come to terms with.

      The terms we use, like christ/crystal, are terms only existing here in this realm.
      They exist within and without the realm because that is the ‘hardware’ for the ‘soulware’ of the ‘alienware’, ha, couldn’t resit that one, seriously though, for the garment the universe wears, which is what you wear, or so says a Deaf Phoenician explaining the definition of wares.

      I hope this has helped you.
      try to relax, and tame your mind, tame your emotions [heart] and start thinking on things that are lovely and good for you, as that is good for ALL.
      Of course I can only explain it with words I know and understand. Aug explains with words he knows and understands. You will experience what you hold to be true, even with lack of understanding. we all do.
      So, best to remain neutral and come to terms that the whole realm is you, pushed out.

      we all are already at the destination and this current state is ‘to not know it, yet’, and yet, …well you may finish the thought..smiles…


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