Liberation of the Mind

People are afraid to let go of their illusions. They are afraid to let go of that which holds them back.

All that is familiar, to the prisoner, is the prison. The prison is of the mind through belief in expectations, conformity and the atrophy of creativity and free-will.

There is a muffling of the sound as there was another 40-70 mph wind storm and I had to treat the audio was well as use a makeshift wind-sock which ended up transferring a lot of bass to the recording. The next recording is even worse but the information is that much more relative. There is always an exchange…I will work to ensure that the recordings are clearer, thank you.

One thought on “Liberation of the Mind

  1. Exact tackly. You all ways nail it.
    Full on wisdom in plain and simple truth.
    Precisely what I needed to hear Now!!!
    I mage In that eh !!! ;-)
    Thanks Aug for the tools to find my way out of prison. It has been like trying to find the start of the packing tape with the edge of my fingernail. I Know that the bars are there but the mask was so close I could not see it as such… more like filaments of entanglement covering my Being. There is death by a thousand cuts. I feel this was like a prison of a million filaments.
    2 cents

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