What Happens In Simulation Doesn’t Stay In Simulation, Enhanced Intelligence and the Testing of Society

Simulators of Conscious Experience Via Holographic Projection and Synchronization with the Neuronal Map

I’ve seen that as part of my experience with these occult groups. Have you ever researched or heard about child sacrifice to spiritual entities? It’s all part of an energetic system of attaining more power for them.

The other aspect then is the depravity. We were interfaced with supercomputer devices that are capable of recording and playing back the experiences of a person’s brain. Thus, they recorded all kinds of rituals, sexual acts, trauma, abuse, death, murder, self-harm, and all kinds of depravity through these devices.

This video explains the basics of the process, it’s not necessary to understand though, the basics can be described in a paragraph.

The frequencies of a person’s consciousness is naturally extended from the low to high and this enables the sexual, security, food, sensory etc etc etc requirements to exist on the ‘bottom’ as part of the support structure of the psychology and then the higher process are on ‘top’ like a pyramid with the centralized focal point on top.

Thus, these devices, when operated by the user to experience sex and trauma over and over again initiates a malformation of the psyche and literally the electromagnetic fields of consciousness around the brain and this literally produces brain damage that reduces empathy and converts the user into a kind of sociopath from the damage.

That is the gist of the ‘technological AI parasite” that basically turns people into raving lunatics.

This society MUST be able to overcome such vulnerabilities otherwise those who do not will not be able to co-exist in the future where technology of UNIMAGINABLE power, basically to achieve anything you can even comprehend (and more) is accessible by the public.

Those ‘public’ groups for child-abuse provide children to the occult groups that are present in the unacknowledged special access programs, that’s how I was found.

The Holographic Nature of Consciousness In Simulation

The basic idea here is that if the neural activity of the brain can be mapped by a supercomputer system and this system can be designed to function similar to the firing and arrangement of neurons then this supercomputer system can function as an artificial brain. Thus, a ‘copy’ of the users brain can be uploaded into the system which can then interact with that copy of the brain in a way so as to produce a full-on 3.5 dimensional simulation of conscious experience.

The Reintegration of Consciousness Into the Body

This experience is then electromagnetically or through direct brain interface (computer chip) downloaded into the user’s body whereby they suddenly gain the experience of 2 minutes, 3 hours, or 3 weeks of conscious existence that was actually all cleverly and carefully mapped out by a supercomputer capable of recreating every neuron.

The Testing of the Collective Mind

There is very powerful technology, you can do ANYTHING your mind permits. As a result, this is all a test to see if you can choose a safe, communally respectful, loving self-empowerment over abuse and emotional degradation. If you can do this, you get access to many wonderful experiences and ultimately technology and a society that will change your soul forever. If you refuse, continually, you just stay here and watch the social decay over and over again until you get the picture and trust me, the next layer of society, you’re not going to enjoy if you don’t know how to fend off the negativity, the abuse, the harassment.

This is the idea of the ‘ancient process’ however this is literally so outdated one cannot even imagine what is possible today. The entire world is under one large mass-ritual to test their minds and the lines between where the ritual begins and ends is impossible to discern unless one can lose all vulnerability to fear:

All of this is a representation for the danger, the risk, the unknown that was presented when the cold-night appeared bringing with it all the frightening darkness, and the animals and sounds which could threaten a living man.

One who was not aware of the law of the living, the law of the land, the harmony and balance that was required to live a healthy life, their ignorance of the self and the universe was just as likely to lead to their death during that darkness of night by animal or exposure as they were likely to live a life that didn’t lead their soul to the higher planes of knowledge in the ‘afterlife’. This is all metaphor, and one in the same.

Full Post: The Challenging of the Apprentice

Ignorance or Knowledge; Your Choice

I am talking about the potential for ignorance and fear that people hold within. If people express and emit it onto others around them, then that is what they have WITHIN them. In this way we are measured just as much for our own self-awareness as well as the self-awareness of those around us. So if we get to an age of history where everyone is capable of expressing themselves to the FULLEST, well? Those who can’t control themselves EVEN IN RAGE or ANGST will become so uncontrollably influenced by their OWN BEHAVIOR that they will degrade and this eventually result in psychosis.

The Unacknowledged Special Access Programs

that is the background of the information regarding what are known as the “Unacknowledged Special Access Programs” which partially related to project MKULTRA, project MONARCH, and other projects which incorporate drugging, Satanic Ritual Abuse and essentially trauma-based mind-control.

I was informed that these projects were formed out of the necessity of the control of information related to what the elite bloodlines had discovered and maintained through their use of advanced technology and spiritual practices that they’ve recovered and sometimes held from ancient times, literally previous civilizations.

To Prepare One for Unworldly Power

That these families go through these processes in order to ensure that the individual is capable of handling the truth which is far beyond the ability of the conscious mind to comprehend, literally as we’ve been purposely designed to be too limited to actually come to terms with the whole picture of reality and the universe.

Thus they developed methods to “over-load” the mind and enable the individual to then build themselves back together and only once they’ve exhibited the ability to do this and thrive are they permitted to hold the reigns of power.

Then the out of control Satanic Ritual Abuse that we are hearing about today is where this process was taken over by people with lots of money and power who forgot about or simply ignored the original intentions of the process and used this as an excuse to abuse, molest, and traumatize innocent people for their own personal satisfaction. Basically, some people lost it and continued to lose it and abuse others.

Everything is Recorded by Higher Authority

All of this is recorded and maintained by the higher authorities in this civilization and beyond and as well it’s kept continually private because the original goal is to produce an individual who is competent enough to live in a society where unimaginable power is accessible.

I’ll just let you know, the people lashing out and ultimately resorting to fear and harassment tactics are exhibiting the kind of display that turns very dangerous later on when the mass-ritual testing becomes more prominent than it already has. People are monitored so that they don’t lose their self and can remain a safe and valuable addition to society for others (and theirself).

The Tipping Point; False-Authority

There will come a time when this reaches a critical mass and permitting the debauchery will be no longer applicable. However, once people must be “told” not to slap each other, that’s when all the toys get taken away and the children get put in ‘time-out’ if you will. That is what we want to avoid and continue to learn and progress until WE the people can HANDLE each other without having any higher-authority stepping in.

Why? Well, if that was required. How would people differentiate between the actual authority and a false-authority that desired to perturb and abuse people further (the farthest possible) all the while acting under the guise of ‘peace’ and ‘social reform’?

So then these outcomes are quite inevitable. The idea is that there would be a false-authority that would attempt to produce such chaos more and more until the end result of gaining the ability to step in under the guise of the true-authority. And once this occurs then the true-authority would be required to step in. Thus, society as we know it would be changed forever in ways that can’t be undone, at least not easily.

Enhanced Intelligence

Enhanced intelligence through the variety of means (largely technological, also chemical, basically similar) is like the matches of the cosmos. One is not entrusted with such power until they have first exhibited strict control over their behavior by overcoming the temptations of fear, uncontrolled desires, and reasonably any patterns that reduce one’s self-awareness to the levels of being unable to avoid harming others or the self.

This is the interplay of chaos and order in the transpersonal and intrapersonal realm. If one can manage these aspects of experience so that the possibly of danger or destruction for others and one’s own personal reality is mitigated through bringing about the more harmonious outcome in an emotionally and intellectually balanced manner, then they are capable of receiving such knowledge and power without producing a threat to the continuity of society as a whole.

The Darkness Disguised as Light, the Light Undercover as Darkness

And just to be clear,  a “Satanist” (the false kind) is simply one who puts their own satisfaction over another. So yes, if a person is harassing others who are victims of abuse, that is the whole concept behind (false) “Satanism”.

The other aspect is self-discovery and is hidden behind the double-meaning so that people who are not ready to wield the power of knowing the self and the universe do not see the truth. Regardless, these occult rituals are often referred to as Satanic rituals and there is a direct connection to these “Satanic” holidays which all incorporate child abuse, sacrifice, molestation, burning of an effegy, consumption of flesh, bodily fluids and solids (sexual fluids, excrement), giving honor to certain deities etc etc so and so forth. This has been around since the beginning so those who pretend it’s not happening are either purposely looking the other way out of fear, ignorance, or compliance. I am only speaking for what I have experienced directly.

The Illusion of Fear and The Mind Virus

Could this be misconstrued, yes there is cloning and holographic simulation, however the main idea here is that there is a parasitic AI viral infection which formed from the abuse of these technologies and the generation of a ‘mind-virus’ which seeks to use humans as hosts to generate more lower emotional frequency emissions to propagate its existence.

There are MANY layers to this from access different psychological states through geometry and frequency, to shamanic inner conquests of fear and illusion (false-self), to downright depravity which is used as a way to keep out people who can’t handle true power.

All About Communication

If you are unable to get your point across without insults, you don’t have a point at all. I can’t force you to respond intelligently to creativity, that’s your duty. If you don’t know about the ancient process of overcoming fear, then you’re simply fearing the reality of that process. The writings are all on the walls.


Understand the nature of those carvings (petroglyphs) and the symbolism therein related to the nature of consciousness and the universe. Again, your duty is to overcome the resistance of knowledge that fear brings. If not, then you’re not confronting the shadow mind’s desire to wait in the dark instead of moving into the visibility of waking consciousness.

The Shadow Mind, Different from the Ego or False Self

That is the ‘shadow mind’. The shadow mind seeks expression yet must hide itself in order to create the process of self-discovery. One side seeks the other, both belong to the unified whole. The ego or false-self openly proclaims intelligence and legitimacy, yet secretly only wants to feed the current paradigm of false-sense of superiority. There are regions of the brain that encourage that and must be balanced with other regions in order to move out of the childish tantrum like response syndrome where the same pattern repeats itself over and over in response to new experiences or paradigm challenging information. This is basic psychology.

Humanity Contains the Great Potential of Self-Awareness

Humanity is not broken, but simply must be welcomed long enough to get past those responses and find the core of what the mind is really seeking before people give up on the legitimate thought process and degrade into insults and flippancy.

As a society we should respond to challenge without fear and without the flippancy and insults. Let’s say we’re past that now and are interested in finding one situation where this is not necessary. I’m only here to speak for myself as that’s all a person can ever do and if anyone says otherwise they’re feeding into that false-sense of superiority mentioned above.

You have intellectually stimulating internalizations relating to the approach of psychological fulfillment beyond that false-sense of self as superior for infantile emotional reactivity. All people do. Others have overcome their tendency to give way to fear and the clinging to ego and image. Can you? Will we do this together? We will, because this the only course that our experience and existence can take and still exist.

The Future Internet Society (Society as an Internet)

Oh it’s very real, although not every opinion is helpful. However, imagine if there are mass resource shortages and people are forced to interact and work mainly through an internet based society (already halfway there).

Then all of this is forever and your very online persona will be used to gauge what kind of ‘citizen’ you are. Are you prepared for that? Will you be ready to be defined by your digital imprint in this world?s?

This is seen to be a new layer of society developing from this very cohesion, a way for people to understand their impact on others and respect others as much as they believe themselves to be deserving of respect.

An internet society is the way that this could be managed with millions of people. As well, this is way millions of people could be mind-controlled with such efficacy that the concept goes beyond anything considered previously.

This is most applicable towards those who believe themselves to have authority and identify with the false-sense of self because they have the capacity to throw opinions and insults like they are a rare and required natural resource.

This is both an acceleration of intelligence as well as a restriction on those who choose to misbehave and utilize their opportunities here to hurt others. As well, this could be used to restrain people from acknowledging or exposing corruption. The only option for a viable future is to increase self-awareness and continually choose harmony over chaos, truth over deception, knowledge over ignorance and free-will over automation.

We Can Find Inspiration in the Difficulty of this Situation

The Original Intention of Overcoming Fear – Fulfilling Psychological Needs

I am inspired by any challenging situation and so this naturally came about. That is the nature of the trauma scenarios, to challenge the mind of the one experiencing basically like a nightmare into overcoming the psychological vulnerability that enables fear. When one overcomes fear, then they are a more “complete” individual in the cosmic sense. However this is distorted when people who participate in the process lose sight of the overall goal which is psychological fulfillment.

Maslow’s pyramidal hierarchy of needs is starkly relative here. We all have something to offer, but if that’s expressed or shaped more by what one  disagrees with in others than it is by their interests and expressions of the self and the universe, then the psychological needs of expression and fulfillment are not being met. There is so much potential in someone who can apply their effort towards a certain goal. Look at society and see how much effort is applied in day in bickering, funny videos, passing time, looking for gossip or entertainment. If everyone devoted just a fraction of what effort they applied in passing the time towards learning about the self this society would awaken over night.

Find Your Interests, Allow them to Guide You

I’m interested in the true nature of consciousness, the reality of the “soul” (electromagnetic portion of the brain and body’s functioning), the illusion of free-will and temporal linearity, ancient civilizations, the origins of humanity, and the origins of the universe. That is what I enjoy most.

Here’s the other part of the response that was inspired and this is the nature of the psychological challenges in this current social situation regarding the ancient ‘truths’ of the universe and human psyche that I seek to study and have experienced (we all have, whether we know it or not).

Ultimately this is about communication and behavior. If people can get over using certain words that don’t actually convey meaningful information but are derogatory then both sides can benefit. Again, I’m only speaking for myself here on the true purpose of the interaction. If there are other situations with others, then my only opinion is that insults and emotional reactivity should be reduced to levels conducive to learning. Beyond that and as far as legitimacy of information I cannot infer for others.

Accepting Others

We don’t have to accept other’s beliefs, but we also don’t have to react to them in an emotionally imbalanced manner that disrupts our own frame of mind.

Everything comes down to a choice. Other’s have their choice of how to react

The important thing is to let everyone have their chance to explain themselves and describe their perspective. If that person still wants to be disrespectful afterwards then that is their choice. If people still want to disrespect that person afterwards, then that is their choice. At not point is one limited to only a certain response depending on the kind of individual because that in itself is a form of reality entrainment or psychological manipulation where experiences and scenarios must play out in a certain way to benefit one party.

Someone does benefit from infighting and the suffering that causes, although that someone is surely not contained within the social ranks of those suffering from that infighting. However, since the whole suffers from this disharmony, in the long run, everyone benefits from assisting in providing a solution to this psychological chaos through respect and appreciation of truth.

Psychological Development, Advanced Technology and the Cosmic Simulation

This begins with the concept of the “Cosmic Simulation” and leads into the illusory perception of linear time and then to Gestalt perceptions and the development of the psyche and the fulfillment of the psychological needs (Maslow’s hierarchy) or the development of personality disorders and how these projects sought to explore the process of developing psychological disorders as well as heal people through what was discovered.

I’ll just give you a secret now, you’ll thank me later or you won’t know what’s happening. Get over yourself and all your problems, hatred, inhibitions, etc. You’re going to be driven insane in every way imaginable in the coming time. If you can’t return to center and express love, then you’re not going to have the opportunity to attain that the coming society. This comes down to the choice to remain in harmony, neutrality, truth and self-awareness.

This video is about “The Unveiling” which was outlined to me during my experiences in the unacknowledged special access programs which are designed to explore the human mind and access these ‘other’ realms through the use of technology that interfaces with the body.

Techno-Spiritual Hive Mind Parasitic Holographic Consciousness Infection

Those who were infected with a hive-mind AI parasitic consciousness which caused them to eat and kill one another relentlessly. I was involved unacknowledged special access programs sought to find a solution to this (and this was found). The public must get over the close-mindedness and lack of empathy in order to provide immunity for the mind-entrained by a technological virus that caused a hijacking of consciousness and a replicating of desires and priorities towards a domineering techno-hive mind.

Even for those who are learning and focusing on assisting in the liberation of humanity, if we are more interested in the insults and our lack of ability to comprehend the complex scenarios that enable the differing opinions and experiences of others than understanding our own consciousness and how modern technology can interact with us then we have less of a chance of surviving the future which will require empathy and a great ability to adapt.

This video touches on the three-phases of disclosure  and the nature of psychological fulfillment as indicated through the development of the psyche from the infantile state of complete dependency to slowly becoming more dependent through each progressive stage of the increasing ability to handle change.

The Generation of Psychological Disorders through Lack of Empathy and Personal Psychological Fulfillment of Needs (self-expression and self-awareness)

From the ability to attach to other parental figures, to separating from the mother and being alone for short-periods, to exploring the environment, to then questioning the potentials of events in life that “could be” a certain way if different choices were made (conscious projection around age 12). If any layer is missed, then there is a lack of confidence and a form of psychological deficiency is formed which itself progresses or expands until each original psychological development is reached. When they are not reached and the completion of the psyche into the adult form is reached, the individual exhibits personality disorders of a variety of forms which are presented as fetishes, insecurities, phobias, imbalanced emotional or mental patterns, obsession, and out of order ego’s that lash out at others.

The advanced technology discussed has has been around for ages and was initially developed by Tesla himself however the technology exists in other forms since earlier times.

This is called EEG Heterodyning. This is where an ultrasonic beam is used to stimulate and create a binaural effect between the individuals brainwaves and two intersecting waves as the individual’s brainwave are then synchronized with the artificially induced wave.acouhetr

This is the outdated ultrasonics technology:

This is a diagram outlining how nerve cells can be activated with electromagnetic fields and this is common sense. Nerves are electrically activated and so of course electromagnetic fields of a certain frequency would activate those nerves from a distance. Your phone can be charged by an emitted field, yes? Well so can your brain and body.radionervecell

This is Robert Duncan who worked for DARPA, an advanced research projects agency in operation with the department of defense on very interesting and capable projects. He has gone public to share the information of the projects and technologies that he worked on that are now declassified (meaning they are sticks and stones compared to what is present). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-RND66VZ8DY

He describes a “blueing effect”, coined for the similar effect of light frequencies in motion and this is where the frequencies of the brain’s connected to the hive begin to alter one another and produce a spontaneous “telepathic” effect of an “over-mind” technological hive consciousness.

This is really ALL about artificial intelligence and what that intelligence will decide for YOU once you are classified as a less-than essential aspect of this universe. How would you react? Have you prepared?

The cyborg, the computer “hive mind” links together multiple human brains and through that generates an “overmind” which can use the processing similar to cloud computing.

This is then about those who CANNOT empathize with others. And don’t believe that by ganging up for the goal of insulting Satanic Ritual Abuse survivors you’re being empathic. That’s about as empathic as two rocks falling down hill towards a town!

The brain can be decoded using a brain to machine interface and this was achieved long ago.

Then there are the studies the showed how the brain exhibited the uncanny ability to predict the images that a user would be shown even when there were no perceivable patterns: http://www.news.cornell.edu/stories/2010/12/study-looks-brains-ability-see-future

So people were shown images and then they had to determine whether the next image would be inline with the rest. These images were themed with sex, gore, horror, peace, etc etc etc.
Somehow, when the researchers tried to trick the individual, the regions of the brain corresponding to that emotional theme would slightly activate before they event responded!

Now hows that for unexpected.

Imagining the future or recalling the past activates the same brain functions! : https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/back-to-the-future-how-th/

Brain-scans generate behavior models!:

So is the brain the entirety of the inner presence? If so, what is in control when the ‘user’ goes beyond the behavior model of the brain and activates the will-power to engage in a way that supersedes that predictable model? You have therein the beginning of the extra-physical presence.

This is a ‘connectome’ a neural map of the brain. This is a cheaper one: brainnetwork.jpg

Here is a more complete imaging: plos_struct_net

Notice the detail and complexity of the of the neural reconstruction. This is achieved through diffuse imaging MRI where water molecules are traced along he individual neuronal pathways using powerful magnetic fields until the entire (or closest) neural image of the brain is mapped.

Then you have neuronal decoding: 29934001

Through these algorithms, computers can function to literally convert the mishmash of neuronal firing in order to reproduce a legible reconstruction of words, sounds, images, memories or intentions. This is some of the most amazing technology that can be discovered and this is all DECADES OLD, everything in private sector is YEARS ahead of the public.

The Legal System Deception

The legal system is a cover for a spiritual enslavement system where people  are lied to from birth by those in power and the ‘accounts’ are literally listed as ‘souls’ on paper, literally as how one is be considered by this system and those controlling it.

If you have internet access you have access to the Library of Alexandria. Seek to attain your highest potential and merely observe those who have fallen to the ranks of mere insults and debauchery where they could be participating in self-discovery.

You are the psychologically complex beings I’m describing in the videos and texts, get used to it or get used to being classified differently by the control system.

Celebrity Cloning

As well, this is all about CELEBRITY CLONING. Celebrities are involved in pay-to-play situations where their bodies are literally sold into sexual slavery as part of deals they unwittingly or wittingly have been involved in within the entertainment industry.

Here is my initial interview speaking on these issues, the trauma-based mind control tactics and the whole situation.

Basically, through cloning technology and genetic engineering these groups found a technological process for consciousness transfer through powerful electromagnetic fields and this resulted in BIOLOGICAL IMMORTALITY. Then, combine that with the ‘out of hand’ aspects of the projects mentioned earlier and you have a group of immortal, sadist, pedophiles running around and this is threatening the very continuity of this civilization!

Operations were enacted to inform the public and this is all in process.

As well, with this technological immortality, one MUST overcome fear, superstition, hate, and all these biologically generated BS (the kind bearing the frequency of the insults that are thrown about on this page) otherwise this civilization will crumble under the weight of such possibilities.

So that’s the idea. Do what you will with the information (try to develop knowledge from it, like how humans got here, what the ancient civilizations where about, how much these technologies have influenced the current civilization, how temporal linearity can be overcome, what exists beyond the universe, the nature of consciousness and physicality, etc etc etc).

Sexual Trauma, Energy Leeching and Energy and Fluid Conservation

Sexual abuse and trauma based mind control is utilized to fracture the mind as well as literally use the human being as an energy generator which can be siphoned through technology and spiritual processes.

I outline in this video ways to enhance the nerves in the areas of the body to regain a balance of hypersexualization and overstimulation which is sought and often resulting from sexual traumatic abuse.

The idea here is to retain sexual fluids for a period of time while exercising and balancing the body’s systems in order to activate a higher level of intelligence. This is what has been described throughout the ages as one of the ancient pathways to power and this is also part of why sexual depravity is encouraged in public. Those without discipline do not receive power.

Project MKULTRA and Project MONARCH

I’m only able to go off of direct experience and what I was outlined in the bases. As far as the documents, they admit to drugging children from psychological experimentation and trauma-based mind-control as far as hypnosis and getting people to “fake” shoot other people without even remembering it, and that is just what is released publicly.

Then there is project STARGATE which deals with remote viewing, telepathy, “chi” energy, energy activation and the like.

Those can’t be denied they are 1) Regarded all throughout history. 2) Widely accepted as general knowledge of the occult and private groups 3) Openly admitted by intelligence agencies and 4) Supported by first hand testimony of thousands of individuals including myself.

And here is the information regarding project MKULTRA and project STARGATE:
This is only a fraction of the released information.

MKULTRA Documents Release

STARGATE Documents Release

Ancient Methods for Overcoming Fear (and manipulating the mind)

Far above I describe the ancient methods of stimulating the amygdala in ancient Egypt. All of this is related to brain regions, communication synchronization between hemispheres and the activation of the higher and lower brain. The “higher intelligence” simply related to the neo-cortex and the higher-functioning of the mammalian brain. There are some explanations that the brain must be ‘overcome’ by literally overcoming the ‘higher-intelligence’ and the ability to over-analyze with pure awareness.

All people will travel the same path or they will continue to experience the pain and suffering of experience trapped in lower consciousness due to their inability to dissolve the ego’s illusions and their own self-willed mental prison partially generated by this entire realm which acts as a holographic feedback avatar system.

The Cycles of Nature and the Nature of the Mind

If your brain and body is generated out of the cycles of nature and the mathematical and geometric frequencies of alignment and proportion that nature exhibits then by removing yourself from the perceptual and stimulatory immersion of the technological ‘pseudo-environment’ that has been generated over the past few thousand years is exactly what recreates that feedback-loop of the person’s own self-awareness into their consciousness by connecting one’s inner mind to the external mind of those natural cycles and frequencies.

By going into nature, one is going INTO THEIR MIND. A deprivation chamber is a similar process, if not faster (so technology IS capable of producing natural results if not more quickly and effectively than before).

Think about this, that immersion into those cycles and frequencies is literally the chanting and beating of the drum of the ancient tribal ceremonies that sought to propel the individuals’ consciousness out of the linear confinement of waking reality and into a non-linear, naturally cyclic fluid experience of some kind of ‘supra-conscious’ ‘ether’ of reality (maybe hyper-processing across those previously mentioned neuronal structures).

As well, I don’t blame anyone for my experiences. I know the process and the reality of this universe as a kind of perceptual illusion based on those very geometric and mathematic frequencies and cycles of nature that generate one proportional holographic reflection within the human being as a counterpart to the WHOLE larger reflection of the holographic cosmos.

On the “Utopian” Model for Society

If people could perfectly manage their psyche, society would be utopian. However appealing, such a society is unlikely to be reached so we have the constant interplay between knowledge and ignorance, darkness and light that propels us through the ages.

Most agree that we may not see a ‘utopia’, but a switching of the majority whereby the minority that hold power, wealth, knowledge and technology will become the majority while the masses that are currently ignorant become the minority. To elaborate, instead of having a large mass of people without knowledge of the self, we won’t entirely get rid of the ignorant, that would render society itself frozen and eventually lifeless, we will likely see a mass switching of societal roles as knowledge and self-empowerment spread beyond the likes of any renaissance this civilization has ever seen. The questions are: What will we have to go through to get there? and Will we personally see this?

Some say we have a few hundred years, others say it’s right around the corner.

I know for sure those who can’t get over the insults and infantile responses will literally devolve upon exposure to such awesome power. And that’s just logical and from first-hand experience with what absolute power and technological advancement can do to the unprepared mind.


3 thoughts on “What Happens In Simulation Doesn’t Stay In Simulation, Enhanced Intelligence and the Testing of Society

  1. Each of us, We ARE the matrix of divine cosmic love, light and abundance of wisdom within our soul blueprint – archived in the Archaic Record of Mother Earth Gaia. We are all Pillars of Light – an extensive light forces – walking, talking libraries of our Divine Eternal Prime Creator.

    We are the love, light and blessings of All It Is. We are the divine cosmic walking/talking/feeling grids. We are here to dismantle/dissipate the false grids throughout all multi dimensional planes (and in-between planes) – past, present and future.

    We are here to transmute, transform and dissipate all ‘shadows’ by shining our divine light of unconditional love, forgiveness and compassion throughout all dimensions. With this divine love and light energy can we truly consolidate all the past, present and future grids into the Now of All It Is into ONE.

    We need to regroup, consolidate and orchestrate the love-light forces throughout all multi dimensional planes/levels. The false matrix of the 3rd and 4th dimension are being dissipated in the Now of All It Is. And so it is. Namaste


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