The Center of Self

This is an exercise that allows one to focus their awareness inward and visualize and ‘experience’ the motion of reducing their perceptual engagement with the physical reality in order to align with the true-self which is non-physical in nature ( as well as physical, as will be discussed).

The Human destiny is to know the self and find the truth of reality.

The exact moment of one moment transitioning to the next is imperceptible by the conscious mind. This is an allegory for the conscious and the subconscious experience and observation of reality and the self. We are not one, or the other, but both simultaneously through clever system.


4 thoughts on “The Center of Self

  1. I just gave a session where I defined my work in the process of addressing the other person’s concerns and it sounded just like this.
    I would say that if people want to DO this work that you outline here they have to start with “where they are”; what is the current state of your energy field, heart, gut and brain. Much work usually needs to be done to clear your resistances so that you don’t just overlay an idea onto what’s actually there. Looking forward to the next video.


  2. simpler terms Aug please…very few have the ability to perceive as you. Important info but too technical for the masses to grasp and time is short. Thank you for your love based commitment to humanity!


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