The Control System is Designed to Control Those Who Choose Ignorance over Self-Awareness

See how when parents cannot guide their children into constructive expression of energy they become destructive and there is no comprehension of the organizational structure of the universe and experience. Thus, everything is done for them, and the learning process is neglected. This is abuse.

Later they will be faced with responsibilities in life and without having the proper coping mechanisms for accepting that all of society is not here just for their pleasure, they will react in a destructive manner which will cause the most suffering and pain for themselves and those around them. We are seeing this in the form of adolescent and adult emotional vampires who are willing to provide more effort towards leeching off of or criticizing others than they are in correcting their own behavior or admitting imbalance and accepting self-responsibility. So people who teach children how to live without the awareness of the nature of consciousness and the process of psychological development and disorder will essentially be running a ‘fun-house’, or possibly a side-show where they are the producers, funders, and participants in an act that will undoubtedly eventually create suffering for society as a whole.

That is the idea behind the changes that are being implemented regarding the public and the process of society, family, and development thus far. I’m not speaking about the degeneration of society and family, that’s the *other* plan.

The plans to protect society as a whole from those who cannot produce anything but pain and suffering for others through their lack of awareness and care for their own interactivity with the larger social sphere and the true nature of this universe are based upon the idea that if people continue to allow each generation to develop primarily through neglect of the inner awareness and self-discipline then there will not be a viable society to complain about, protest, or be ‘taken over’.

Yes, one can view this as part of a plan to destabilize *in order* to produce a populace that cannot resist or think critically but that is another way of seeing it.

What if those people wold never think critically in the first place? Is everyone destined to be as self-aware as is maximally capable? Is it safe to offer the same power level or access to technology to the person who has realized themselves as a truly cosmic self, and to the person who has no idea what’s going on and simply follows whatever the first memetic idea scrolls across their conceptual vision of reality?

The idea here, harsh as it may be, is that if people are accepting of being coerced, through deception, into letting their children develop without self-awareness and to live their own lives in subservience to ignorance and lack of harmony then THAT is the act of destruction regardless of whether this is encouraged externally or not.

Why? Because the outcome is the same. Whether people complain about a system that offers them the option of smacking their toe with a hammer all day, or whether they find a hammer and do it regardless, the outcome is still the same and those people are incapable of using tools, walking around, or communicating effectively regarding the proper functions of their own mind, their self-awareness and reality.

Yes, the idea is that there IS a scheme being played. But the whole point is, that CHANGES NOTHING. People are STILL not SUPPOSED to allow themselves to be tricked just because people are offering them that choice!

What kind of sense does that make! “People are not allowed to smack themselves in the face with a slab of concrete.”

And WE MUST have this law right? So that people don’t slap themselves with concrete and spend all their time and energy growing stronger to find a bigger and bigger piece of concrete?

That’s their TRICK and it’s already taken place to the point of this entire society being primarily shaped around that fact of the masses not having the ability to think critically or control themselves.

REGARDLESS, if this was a scheme leading up to a central control system, now, if people are not contained, they will produce suffering, panic, ignorance, and fear on such levels, through the introduction of such generations that have never seen any other system that this society WOULD fail if there were no other plans.

Of course, there are plans, and as long as everyone who is CAPABLE of resisting the panic, the mass ignorance, the deception aligns their will with harmony, truth, self-awareness, compassion, and creativity through free-will then that system will not oppress upon us.

Sure, one could say the current system that is all connected to this is oppressing on us and everyone else equally but the truth behind that is that those who choose to allow the system to think for them are INFINITELY more oppressed than those who are awake enough to struggle against that system and act under their own free-will.

The idea is that if you know you are oppressed you are free, and those who have no awareness of this are truly enslaved.

Do what you will with this perspective, your reality is a reflection of what’s within you, the energies and choices. However, we must also remain realists and see how the masses will tend to lean or react to the situations that are faced what is likely to occur from that.

The system is not designed to ensnare self-aware people, it’s designed to stop those who choose ignorance from having the power that could destroy everything.

Are we running a side-show without discipline and an abundance of disrespect and disorder coupled with external projection of responsibility and blame while simultaneously complaining about oppression, or are we taking self-responsibility, knowing the important information regarding the true self, the fundamental laws of the universe, the ACTUAL occurrence of reality beyond what people are drowned within through the media and social trends while looking on in horror of what the masses are becoming?

Well, the horror doesn’t have to last forever. There may be a stark exposure where there is a maximal realization of this situation across all levels in the people who are asleep and that may be more shocking than a mass of people who are sleeping while operating within an entire advanced society, however this only has to last long enough to actually determine who is willing to choose self-responsibility, self-awareness, compassion, truth, harmony, and creativity through free-will and who will simply give their power away and complain about it while literally being the conduit used to oppress and destroy the whole of society.


3 thoughts on “The Control System is Designed to Control Those Who Choose Ignorance over Self-Awareness

  1. Beautifully put. What is the solution? Blogs are these are only understood by those who are well along their own paths, choosing to become aware. But it is an option. I wrote a book with that in mind, touching upon similar topics. Perhaps Pluto in Aquarius, about seven years from now, will wake humanity up?


  2. Well said…..
    This ” Society ” IS Failing in the large.
    I see not much way for it to be called anything else than a total and utter failure on this level and any so called higher dimensional level that has a hand in it.



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