The Solution to the Holo-fractal Infection of this Universe

The primary layers of the wholeness of the higher dimensional geometries are the key to resolving the holographic fractal infection paradox of this universe.

Instead of looping endlessly from one ‘fractal-layer’ to another, one must recreate the entire image within themselves and then place themselves within that image. This is how one orients within the larger universe and escapes the endless repeating labyrinth of the fractal-holographic construct which has been programmed into this reality via the brainwaves, the DNA and the scalar waves generated by powerful devices.

Through this, the ‘center’ of the universe ‘centers’ around YOU, the observer and generator of the parameters.

By placing awareness on ANYTHING else, conceptually, we are literally the donkey with the carrot on the stick chasing the ‘truth of reason’ which will always extend itself one more measure of experience away the more we move outward attempting to attain it.

This is because the universe is generated out of your observation, therefore the center is centered around your center of observation and when you place yourself in the center you then harmonize all the differing and contrasting layers around you into a unified field with a clearly observable “entry” point, “exit”, “beginning” and “end”, all just concepts to be utilized for the alignment and orientation of one’s self within the larger system. Each cycle becomes organized relative to itself and the larger cycle and there is harmony between the layers. Without that, it’s just like a series of entanglements or a maze with no beginning or end, no ultimate higher or lower order.


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