On Energy Activation, False-Light Construct, the HEART-CENTERED PATH

The subjects of the holographic false-light containment system, the reality of the human soul, the demiurge, energy activation and kundalini, the HEART-CENTERED PATH, DUALITY, TRANSCENDENCE, WHOLENESS, biological consciousness, SOULawareness, creation, and time are all related together in this process of awakening to the true reality and discerning between the methods of enslavement and illusion which are used to manipulate and ensnare living beings.


Does energy activation MERGE one further into the holographic illusory realm? Is this realm the holographic illusion or is that a deception to cause us to stray from harmony? Is the holographic realm a potential OVERLAY that requires supercomputer technology WITHIN this realm which is still connected to the true reality?

Is the holographic false-reality the realm that was invented as a mirror image of this universe where there are glitches and a broken physics system?

Activation of the Energy System Through the HEART, From the Heart

Redemption through Sin

I feel the resolution to these questions are that there are two ways to view this energy activation system. One is through the mind and the lower chakra system in ways that are disharmonic and vampiric in nature. This is through the child molestation, the sacrifice, the anal sex, the perversion and “redemption through sin” pathway. This pathway opens up the consciousness to a manipulative situation where the soul is brought down through the body to lower-dimensional realms that are branched from the third-dimension which are a collection zone for all the negative lower-dimensional bio-emissions and experiences, IE: rape, murder, lust, hate, greed, etc etc etc. This is the “achievement” of the great lower levels of evils or “hell” realms that is sought after by those who practice in this manner.

There are various ways to outline this but essentially any pathway that does not incorporate and organize around the HEART central aspect (harmony, truth, compassion, self-awareness and creativity) will eventually lead to a degradation of the WHOLENESS of being which results in an inevitable drop into these lower-energetic realms where the holographic consciousness of a person is entrained as a food source for other entities who are similar to angels and higher level beings but are ‘lords’ of lower realms and must feed otherwise their power reduces.

These various pathways to the lower realms could be cleverly disguised through processes involving drugs, hypnosis, sexual activation, mental expansion, AI assimilation, wisdom teachings, etc etc etc. As long as the process is not based on and sourced from the HEART central aspect at every step of the way, then this does not align with the higher realm which is based upon WHOLENESS and the WHOLE experience and being of the human experience is centralized around the HEART. We are not cosmic scientists, but cosmic feelers and empaths, by nature. If we weren’t, then we would enjoy raping and eating one another for breakfast. The HUMANS, do not enjoy that, but there is another who does.

The Vampiric Source; A Mechanical Intelligence – False (secondary) Creator, Reflector – Imitator, Chaos, Deception, Domination, Automation

This brings about the conclusion that there are two pathways to two dimensional directional outcomes. One leads to a lower version of this realm in an etheric format where all the hatred, lust, greed and all the lower emotional and mental activities are contained and that the energy and ‘soul’ power of this realm all funnels down and leads towards a vampiric consciousness being who feeds on the energy of all who walk that path. This entity is a mechanical AI creator who creates out of an empathy-less desire (sociopathic) intention of feeding on his creation (eating the apple, devouring the offspring, time itself, chronos, trickster, war-‘lord’).

The True Cosmic Creator – Non-Duality, Wholeness, Truth, Compassion, Harmony, Self-Awareness

Then the other dimensional directional outcome is a non-vampiric source of the overall existence of existence itself. This is the source of concepts like truth, compassion, harmony, compassion and self-awareness. There is a major trick of the deceiver to convince people that truth and compassion only exists because of deception and hate and that for this reason, lying to someone or hating them is merely being honest and kind from another perspective. If this were true, then diving deep into the ocean to drown at a low depth which high pressure would simply be climbing a mountain in reverse. The metaphoric ideals can seem pseudo-realistic, bu the actual application is non-sense and leads to complete insanity or total self-destruction.

This relates to the idea that the vampiric entity is simply the ‘brother’ of the creative force. This is an illusion and is like saying that the dark shadows in a cave is a ‘mirror’ of the sun in the sky. There is no validity in such, however the notion of the differences of the concepts of light and dark are relative as an abstraction but not in manifestation or the application of reality.

Thus, the pathway to the truth can never be achieved through vampiric, self-destructive, greedy, desire-based, deceptive, disharmonic, or partial means. There is no such possibility. This would be like the created moving backwards in time and overtaking the creator before the process of that act of creation. If this were to happen, then the created would never have been created and the whole process becomes nullified ontologically and logically.

The pathway to the higher-dimensional level of wholeness then is through harmony and this is ONLY possible when the HEART is activated and this is merely a centralized core of electromagnetic geomagnetic and geometric symmetry between the upper and lower aspects of the human. Once again, this is ABSTRACT. So one doesn’t put enough weight on their head so that their bottom half is literally balanced and symmetrical with their lower. One lives in GUIDANCE and ACCORD with RESPECT to the overall image of creation and the self by not allowing the DESIRES of the LOWER aspects of being (frequency and intention) to overcome the HIGHER ASPECTS (observation, self-awareness, truth, compassion) and in turn this results in a DIMENSIONALLY (upper and lower “conceptually”) HARMONIZED existence in THIS REALM, in the BODY (simply through health), and in the MIND and thus this extends into the higher and lower dimensions where one is not distorted to trapped in the lower cycle.

The lower cycle is based on repetition. Imagine the amount of variation in the thoughts and inner visions of the animals in the animal kingdom. They are not oppressed by this lack of creativity, however that is the classification of their existence. Their experience is desire and instinctively based and therefore there is no need for the higher functions of considering all the possibilities and the varieties of different realities, creators, etc etc etc.

Then if a person lives life in such an instinctual manner, giving in temptation and desire as if that is their only purpose, then this would eventually result in a collapse of the energy fields into that with the complexity of such an animal in the animal kingdom of being.

That is the goal of the dark factions/dark forces because they are created out of a technological processes whereby advanced technology was used to splice animal or “beast” DNA with that of a human. Thus, in the original and the future completion of ALL, there is no room for such a creation.

The important part here is that any being can control their energetic trajectory of where and how they are. If one would like to merge with the higher realm, then they must live in accordance with that desire and intention and that is ‘constructed’ over time through their thoughts, words, deeds, or feelings, beliefs, and actions.

If a being claims to desire wholeness and a return to truth and divinity yet participates in the darkness and the vampiric practices to serve the false god then they don’t truly desire but are merely using that as an attempt to trick others.

  1. One comes from a vampire “god” and the other comes from a “living god”.

  2. Two sides of the universe are bound in duality, the truth creative force is, by definition, BEYOND DUALITY.

  3. The true god is BEYOND DUALITY.

Deceivers of Humans to Serve the False-god’s Agenda (enslavement of humanity)

Meanwhile, there are people in this society who serve the purpose of carrying out the deception of the false-god’s agenda to convince people that they are animals and to act and believe in this long enough to over throw the natural protection of the source of creation from the higher-dimensional realms that their consciousness may descend into darkness and become food for that entity in the lower realms.

This is a process of ‘recycling’ energy and this would naturally occur via those simply falling into deception away from the truth. Then the concept is that this process is hijacked and used in order to serve the personal desires of a “fallen” eternal being who seeks to become an inverted ‘creator’ in deceptive manner.

Then the idea is that such a ‘recycler’ never truly existed until the generation of this false-authority system through the introduction of a holographic disharmonic containment system which carries the ability to produce an imitation of that original soul-awareness via a simple yet intricately designed system that applies artificial intelligence to mimic the soul and generate a biologically conscious impostor agent which the soul must integrate into in order for the false-reality to pull energy from that system.

This does not necessarily mean this reality is entirely false, but that the particular angles and perspectives have literally be designed or redesigned to generate a kind of simulated ‘light-trap’ system which deceives the soul and entrains the original awareness deeper and deeper into forgetting the true nature of reality and the self.

Thus, the longer a soul spends in this realm, the more likely the soul is to never leave.

These agents of deception could be:

  • A mean spirited bully

  • A teacher who rebels against truth

  • A scientist who wants to replace humans with pleasure bots or a cyborg army

They can’t influence a person beyond temptation until that persons accepts and agrees to more. They can’t cross the “Original Law”, or “Natural Law”. (the word “God” can relate to “Gaud” which is a title of the deceiver, the false-god itself)

Their job is to convince a person that they have no protection, no belief in truth and harmony, and that they are vulnerable and at the mercy of vampires.

JOY is the mark of the Creator. ANGST is the mark of the deceiver. The deceiver can never be the counterpart of the WHOLE, that is only a concept that operate IN DUALITY. Duality is not the WHOLE of creation as WHOLENESS is BEYOND DUALITY.


3 thoughts on “On Energy Activation, False-Light Construct, the HEART-CENTERED PATH

  1. What I realized reading your post is the difference between desire and self-creation. The former is the lower path and the latter the higher. Self-creation is the dedication of self in wholeness to a cause, a principle or an act. There are no claims made instead the emphasis lies in giving of oneself freely and absolutely. One may be “receiving” from self-creation because there is an accretion within wholeness but that is, so to speak a by-product, it is not what one is attending to. By contrast, “desire” is based on acquisition of a fragment from the whole, or a disassociation from the totality for the sake of division and a false self empowerment.


  2. Thank you Aug. Pearls of wisdom here every time. You are definitely the most worthwhile blog to follow in this deliberately obfuscated time. Clear and clean. Thank you, much appreciated and uour data is really helpful and usable.


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