Method of Generating Projected Realities and Overcoming the Holographic Feedback System


Utilizing the Holographic Temporal Feedback Construct to Produce Viable Realities

This is comparable to the knowledge regarding the techniques of using possible future realities through a holographic simulation system to generate information and methods that can then be retrieved from those systems and applied to the present.

Probable and Possible Timeline Viewing Technology and Reality Projection Methods

The method described in this post is similar however is the next dimensional level upward in advancement and possibly the highest a human can go.

In this model the feedback of consciousness to reality is taken advantage of and there is a direct extrapolation of one’s energies and focused intent with the possible projected realities through an advanced technology mind link system.

What the mind focuses on and provides the outline for is then extrapolated and found through the projection system and this can actually be merged with to produce viable results which can then be utilized in the present reality.

All Realities Exist

The easiest way to comprehend this is to understand that all potential realities exist. Some are more likely than others. Imagine, then, if you have a system that can connect with any reality that you can imagine.

Eventually you would imagine the realities that offer you resources and opportunities to produce the tools, situations, information or otherwise advantageous to your goals.

Now, imagine this. All the end-goal realities relative to those tools that enable opportunities that are focused towards your overall goal, they already exist. The tools help to get you there, but the completed reality where all the right choices have been made and all the ‘hard-work’ of providing the effort of manifesting the changes and the long-term results already exists.

This seems impossible or fantastical at best, however this is the way that some of the systems that have been developed have been procured. Someone imagined, through these advanced technology systems, the best possible outcome where a certain degree of technological achievement was attained. Then, they traveled to those realities, interacted with the technological systems and returned with the knowledge about how to reproduce them in this reality.

This seems like ‘cheating’, and possibly there are some side-effects (such as the ethereal ‘time-loop’ situation that developed from other similar temporally unorthodox methods), however this has been used to jump ahead many years in work and to allow for the generation of some of the most advanced technology systems that go beyond anything we have presently.

Battle of the Deus Ex Machinas

There have been training scenarios where one is placed within an artificial realm with another individual and the two are to come up with the most impressive devices, realities, artificial intelligences, systems, etc etc etc, in order to knock the other individual out of the “game”.

In this event each individual can simply think of an advantage and that manifests into the realm as an aspect of the “game”. Whatever the individual can think of becomes a reality. This is not a holographic projection system where one combats the other individual using the power of their mind, that is another system.

This system is literally where one imagines a certain reality and then attains that ‘outcome’ of the game and that realm containment area becomes that reality. So if the one person imagines that they are winning and the other individual is sat on the ground with their hands underneath them then that begins to form into a reality. As this begins to manifest, the other individual will feel this beginning to happen and have an amount of time (depending on the intensity of intention, detail or focus) to ‘redirect’ the energy and information of that projection and align that outcome with one that leans the advantage into his or her domain. Thus, that individual may imagine that as the other creates the outcome of him or her being sat down on the ground that a screen is actually present in front of the ‘actor’ which is merely generating the perceptual illusion that his or her projection has been attained. Meanwhile, the real person begins to run around the side of the screen ready to throw a rope ‘around’ the other in order to detain them from moving out of range.

This continues, expands, alters, and amplifies until both people are imagining complete entanglement systems 3 steps ahead of the other person always ready to drop the plan in motion as a ‘decoy’ for the other to tangle with while the secondary and third plan is being pushed into action as multiple layers of strategy, physics, inventiveness, mechanical production and literally realm engineering comes into play.

This is touched on very lightly in the movie “Inception” where this kind of technology is presented in a much more toned down manner.

This is not to entice you, this is to inform you that the holographic nature of this realm has been taken advantage of in the process of finding new methods, technologies, and literally completing end-goals before the work has even begun.

The Civilization-Wide Deus Ex Machina

When humanity focuses their intention and focus on one unified outcome, then the way this realm operates is that this reality will begin to automatically ‘snap’ into manifestation.

This is the confusing aspect of the whole situation, similar to how if one person imagines one thing, then another person can move faster to automatically disable or nullify that movement and redirect the energy. The realm does this automatically to contain and limit the experience to a specific ‘sphere’ of possibilities that are currently centralized around a control system and this is partly due to the abuse of technology as well as the knowledge of these kinds of realm dynamics.

If we are in a containment system that relies on conscious projections to build the next layer of reality, how would we produce an outcome reality, through our focused intention projection capacity, that overcomes and “out-matches” the built-in barriers to this reality perception system?

Overcoming Perceptual Illusions and Belief-Systems (expectation)

There are two ideas here. One way is to go around perception, to go around biological consciousness. This could be done by designing a programmed system that will take into account the system’s ability to redirect and counter each intention and manifestation at every step, while programming in (before-hand) multiple layers of redirects, refocuses, parallel manifestations and decoys to entangle the system and ultimately bring about the desired results. Some questions that come into play here is, what are the processing limitations of this system? Can the redirects and multiple layers go indefinitely? To our own awareness capacity? To some kind of overall power-limitation for the universe? Could we, in fact, max out the universe’s capacity for holding multiple layers of reality simultaneously? In other words, could every creator in this civilization begin to project focused intentions on nullifying the containment system and overload the universe’s capacity to contain those intentions? Would that result in some kind of partitioning or threading of the workload into, possibly, multiple parallel realities?

Nullifying the Projection Feedback System

The second idea is, if the realm relies on our projected biological consciousness, the perceptual system of a very illusory and consciously limited nature, would stopping conscious projection altogether for a period of time drain the system of the required power to keep the construct going? Would the construct be disabled through such an event? Some questions here are, how many people are in this civilization? What happens if all the creators reach a state of complete clear-mindedness or no-thought, and there are projected individuals running the projections of the previously projected consciousness streams (akin to RAM on a computer system)? Would those individuals suddenly lose focus as their projected (illusory) consciousness no longer has the required contextual backing to continue seamlessly streaming the projected background information to enable such a construct to harbor the projection of a functioning society?

A  Winding-Down of the Projected Reality Construct

What would it look like if the projection began to shut down? Would the frequency of events drop to a minimum, would the creativity of events become entirely predictable and repetitive? What would that look like? Would people and world events drop to the likelihood of the lowest common denominator in terms of what would be accepted as a mass-projection reducing complexity and creativity down to just the bare minimums. What is the lowest common denominator of what people accept as society? What does everyone expect and think of (project) when they think of ‘society’ as a whole, the control system, the civilization and life on Earth?

If this is relevant, than we may be witnessing the beginning of this process as the repetitive nature of events cycle around a kind of probability ‘drain’ where the same processes and events repeat over and over in tighter cycles until all exposed as a charade. Previously, these charades were covered and stitched together so as to hide the process.

This may be the time where the charades are seen for what they are and all involved are willing to use their own knowledge and intentions to overcome the awareness restriction system and produce a reality that is outside of all the parameters of the programmed construct. This is the trickiness of the whole situation. How does one produce a reality, from inside the construct, that operates on parameters that relate to outside that constructed reality? How do we see the parameters and how do we act on them?

Enabling True Creativity; Self-Awareness

The idea I offer here is that only self-awareness offers the required focus and intentions that enable enough creativity to overcome the cycle of that feedback system. When you are focused on self-observation enough, then that perceptual loopback system becomes secondary to the one you’re creating within.

If people are constantly reacting to and engaging with parameters and triggers that are presented to the masses then how is their energy being used and where is their awareness of what is taking place within their own self?

The externalization of that observation seems to be the requirement for the projection system to enable a continuous feedback loop of the reality of the masses so that the next temporal step is further and further entrained in the continually narrowing set of parameters and possible futures.

If people turn their focus inward to their self-observation then they not only become aware of themselves directly but they also can see, the direct effect of the presented realities in the world around them indirectly by seeing the effect on their awareness.

This seems confusing but it is more simple than being lost in the world because there are a variety of identities and perspectives to choose from with not one of them being one’s own.

If we are (or our chest contains) like a kind of glass ball magnifying  glass and we can look down and see that glass then we can see directly the swirling of energies, emotions, the general awareness of exactly what is taking place within us. As well, because this is often directly reflective of what is taking place in the word (even if we are remaining focused and centered) then we can simultaneously be aware of where we are “walking” in daily life.

To put it simply, one can view the world and use what they observe in an effort to try and make sense of what is taking place within. Or one can view within, and use what they observe to try and build a reference of what is taking place in the world.

One path gives both realities and maximum knowledge and the other path only gives one reality which is largely controlled and illusory and thus there actually no knowledge or awareness at all. The awareness that is placed in the world alone is reducing and illusory until there is nothing there but illusion. The only truth in that charade is the energy we give it! The only truth in the illusion is the observation and attention we give it for validation! Without that, it just looks like a puppet show that has no bearing on reality!

The Perceptual Game

So the idea is, just like the game I described above, as soon as one comes up with a ‘method’ for an advantage, an expert opponent will automatically begin working up counter-moves, secondary nullifications, redirections, mirrors, parallel attempts, and all possible avenues of usurping the power that can be imagined.

The social situation is no different. As soon as people begin to see the possibilities and imagine an “exit” from the situation, the same reality-stream will be detected coming into view and a redirection will be introduces that will influence mass amounts of people focused on these artificial ‘seeds’ through media and other means so that the resolution reality-stream becomes usurped and redirected away into another result that matches the requirements for the continuation of the construct (the same, repetitive outcome that only serves to further the narrowing of possibilities and creativity through artificially intelligent generation of events).

So as more people awaken, more people will be noticing events that are geared towards outlining that the system itself is unstable as this is the most daunting and challenging perceptual system to overcome. As liberation nears, the system will use fear, deception, and threats of control to interject reality-streams that distract people and overlay the genuine, freely willed projected realities that contain advantages and new information which expands the possibilities.

As more people awaken, the system can only use so much based upon the same repeating cycles. As these cycles narrow and collapse, the charades become obvious. As they become obvious, they attempt to use brute-force methods to maintain trajectory with the intended outcome.

This is the ancient description of Armageddon, which is when the construct system itself collapses as the parameters for a clever illusion become too thin to keep up in a clever display of pseudo-reality.

If this is the time where people are ready for truth, then that very series of events and cycling of repetitive artificial intelligence guided decisions will only serve to further intensify the awakening.

The main idea here is that people must be prepared to work together to assist in the liberation of humanity. That is the only requirement. If people still want to fight over petty ideals, resources, etc etc etc, then that will be used against the people and the same kind of scarcity, aggression, and collapse scenarios will be applied that have been applied in the past.

The information must spread and more so the knowledge regarding consciousness, the corruption, advanced technology, the repeating cycles of history, the depth of the AI mind and reality control systems, the power of focused intention, the plans to avoid a complete collapse, the plans to utilize a “collapse” (of a ‘false construct’) and how none of that is possible unless people respond and buy into the charades by wittingly or unwittingly offering more observational energy to the variables (triggers, media, buzz words, circumstances, world ‘events’ etc) that are the seeds of the next stream of events in the construct, than they are offering observational energy to their own inner experience and the true-self beyond the physically limited world.

Starve the Feedback System

This is rather repetitive in itself, everyone has always said, “look within, that’s where the answers are”, or “if people focus on their self, then humanity wakes up”, but this is the truth. The system required outward attention focused on reacting to certain ideals and projected variables to produce each layer inward of the spiral of the narrowing construct. Each layer that people turn inwards produces a complete glitch in the design of the program and every layer from there on must be reprogrammed in respect to the new information.

So every time people focus within as a group, the entire construct must be reformatted in order to appropriate the new information and generate a new schedule. Each time this happens at a ‘maximum’ level in history has been called “Armageddon” in the past, and the time that this happens and the people finally awaken and move beyond the parameters is called “The Apocalypse”.

Know the Methods of Entrainment

Therein lies the answer. How do people go beyond the parameters? Overcome what the machine will throw at them. What will the machine throw at them? Every single conceptual, perceptual, energetic, consciousness based (and physical if we allow it) distortion, threat, harassment, projection, illusion, fear, or false-reality that we could entangle with (“fall for”).

So how do people go beyond that. By realizing the entire gig of this system that as soon as people wake up, the system tries to throw world changing, reality altering, attention breaking events that are more intense the more people that are waking up. Thus, when we can focus on this and see that the projected wars, fears, collapses, and all of that is literally a projection of the system that we can overcome and change from the inside out, using focus, then we are in control. This may seemingly contradict the guideline of not expecting or projecting the possible realities and thus entangling our awareness with that outcome, however by being aware of the methods and focusing on our power we reverse that. The idea is, are you not aware of the so-called “threat” of war, scarcity, civil unrest, etc etc etc? These ideas are ALREADY displayed ALL OVER, it’s AUTOMATIC. So by knowing that this is the game, we’re not buying into the projection, expectation process, we’re OVERCOMING that.

This works similar to the personal level of harassment, entanglement, reality projection and entrainment, and general ‘interdimensional manipulation’ that some people have seen when waking up to this system. If we buy more and more into the reactive role, then the circumstances continue and become more and more pronounces, almost as if an automated system is carrying out all the operations. If we focus on the self and see how the self is energetically influenced one way or another through the experiences and maintain that focus without engaging in the external illusions no matter how inviting, then that problem begins to phase-out of reality. This is not an exaction, however this seems to be the general idea. What we interact with and react to we become sensitive to experiencing more of. This is literally a kind of ‘perceptual’ selective reality entanglement where that reality automatically becomes more pronounced, more powerful, and more influential in our lives.

If we observe our self and witness what is taking place without reacting or becoming personally attached to the methods then they lose their effectiveness.

This is what has to take place on a civilization-wide scale or groups of individuals can carry out the required operations to overthrow the half-awake reality streams of the numbers of individuals.

That is the advantage. If the system requires sleepers, then those sleepers only have power in numbers. If the more the system has entrained people, the more unaware and incapable of controlling reality they become, then those who wake up are the one’s who contain the most power over this collective reality. That is the whole idea.

This takes dedication and some have already begun to see this process through.

15 thoughts on “Method of Generating Projected Realities and Overcoming the Holographic Feedback System

  1. Hi Just replying to your request.

    It seems to me you use enough words to clarify confusing topics. I am able to keep the concepts presented in mind and add to them as required. I think you do well and I like what you are doing. If you think you can be more concise, I guess you should be, to try and make the articles shorter. Otherwise just try and make sure to clarify your positives and negatives. I also think you should finish with the positive side of the article. (The action to improve the situation.) I hope this made sense.

    Thanks again


    Sent from Richard Malcolm Turnbull


  2. Thank you. Informative and not too verbose, Some subjects need more explanations to bring it into a format that the average person can understand . I love your written posts. I would suggest however to try keep the vids to shorter time lengths, I have found most people don’t want to watch videos that are an hour long/er.


  3. Hi all, I follow your posts and your videos. I find that I am able to keep up with them even though they do get very complex. I have not read this one yet but I would say the one before this I had to put aside I could just couldn’t keep up with it it was too verbose for me. This oneI intend to read later in the day or tomorrow when I have time busy now. I’m not an intellectual but I am aware enough to understand what you’re telling us and I am extremely grateful for your work. All is well be happy! Sent from my iPhone



  4. 1) Not too long, very helpful, brilliant data, and yes, please keep going, this is invaluable!
    2) My tiny url version: “To the intruders: No thanks, not playing your game, not interested, I am busy creating my own, and working on improving myself”.
    3) A good supporting reference article which validates much of what you say here,- “How we’re all being manipulated by the crisis of the NOW”


  5. Dear Aug, I can certainly appreciate that you have a great deal of information to share. But as a star seed that has come here to help humanity and Terra evolve, my experience has taught me that if you want to serve a wider range of people, a more straightforward approach would be helpful. It is obvious that your audience is highly intelligent and for the most part understands what you share. I must admit that I have enjoyed reading your work and anticipate each new post. We are ravenous for truth in this fake reality. Consequently, if you would keep in mind that to serve your purpose to inform, a larger group of seekers could take advantage of your knowledge, if you possibly aimed for a target group that is more main stream.


  6. I love love love the way you write, I think like that in turbo and it’s hard to catch up with my own thoughts, but reading your explanations flow like a river to me. English is not my native language but I understand every intention and explanation you’ve put here, because it’s a fast read that flows like thoughts! I cannot complement you enough for that! Not to mention the knowledge you have about this stuff! I’m an instant fan and leaner of your material! Thank you so much for the clarity and the amount of knowledge! Let’s wake the sleepers!


  7. Concise and well articulated; an immense amount of information and the clarity is appreciated. Examples are also given which helps point the way to self real eyesation. Thank You.


  8. Regarding the verbosity, I think it’s great and helpful in understanding more fully. Yes, some will find the lengthy posts too much to chew on, but many of us are perfectly happy with that. But since you asked, I might like to suggest that some more commas would be helpful in those longer sentences. I mentally insert them as I go, and it helps very much. Whatever you do, just keep going, and thank you so much for all of it.


  9. Aug, I don’t think you are being too verbose. What you are attempting to explain is very convoluted and therefore requires many angles of explanation. If you only say it in one way (if only to keep the wordage at a minimum) then only a small percentage of your readers will grasp the vast image of intent you are trying to convey at any given time. But each additional angle and nuance you bring to your explanation, allows you to reach more and more readers precisely because each angle appeals to the unique vantage point of the many other percentages of readers. So instead of just offering up a “rough sketch” made up of a minimum of words, what I see is that you present a “multidimensional painting” that more people can discern, and this naturally requires a more in-depth intellectual-process involvement. Of course you are free to change your approach, especially if it is too time consuming for you, but It is my opinion that your present approach is actually reaching more people than not. Thanks, Aug.


  10. You have a brilliant, technical mind and your posts are fascinating to say the least. I enjoy them very much. They may be difficult reading for some.
    What I took in summary was… thoughts become manifest, collective energy can change outcomes and every soul reaches it’s highest potential through personal desire, determination and self mastery.
    My personal belief: The all out assault to hinder humanity’s soul evolution is unprecedented but the cosmic bulls#@! card has been thrown. Divine intervention has been decreed to prevent AI takeover of human genome and humans will not become cyborgs.
    Ours is the showdown planet…the firewall planet…the buck stops here:)
    Human things must be known to be loved…Divine things must be loved to be known


  11. The method described in this post is similar however is the next dimensional level upward in advancement and possibly the highest a human can go.

    This sentence isn’t clear. I just started and have to reread.


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