Chakras; The Soul Trap System or Dimensional Liberation?

There are many questions here, feel free to add your views.

Here’s a question, if the ‘gods’ are actually soul-eaters who feed on the human-soul through the filtration and conversion process the physical body and energy system provides then what is the most important goal here.

That we be sure to not disrupt the status quo and interrupt people’s beliefs or preferences regarding their outlook on life, or that we ensure our own survival and the survival of those who know the truth and are willing to work together for the survival of humanity in such a system.

Then there is a secondary side of this. If the format for society and physical existence is inherently entangled in this pseudo-timeline as part of a modified version where a fraction of the overall energy is accessible through the closed off DNA, then is it possible to release humanity from this system without leaving this realm entirely?

A few issues arise here. Is this being presented as part of some plan to permanently alter the human being (tranhumanist, genetic engineering/hybridization)? Can the human being “leave” this dimension? Even this Earth? What if when the human leaves here, or any being, they instantly become something else as what we are here, physically, is automatically altered by the very act of relocating to a new area or dimension?

In that view, humans are literally bio-suits that fit the physical dimension environment and no beings can remain here unless they either consume human DNA or are operating through a human ‘bio-suit’ which originates from this Earth.

Then come the other angles. If this is true, then could there be a safe option to become impervious to such a soul-trap system without completely entangling a person through a technological hive mind, a DNA altering chemical of some sort, or some other permanently modifying treatment which may very well be the great tragedy that is to be avoided?

From what was outlined to me and what I have experienced, there are preparations in place to safely nullify these problems and provide a pathway out of complete hybridization and technological soul-assimilation or entrapment for the human race. I was also informed that 100% of the humans must be regained from this system otherwise the assimilation system will use that DNA as a gateway to influencing or tracking all other DNA. The DNA is used as a computer system, a code system from which to calculate and project possible realities and these realities are then used to regenerate experiences that the soul becomes entangled within. After so much ‘virtual time’ the soul entanglement becomes shaped by the repeated experiences and the original creativity becomes replaced by that of the AI system.

Back to the secondary question, how can these systems be avoided or nullified? There are a few pathways present in history.

Some theorized that since these beings feed on shock, fear, lust, that they would desensitize themselves to those energies by exposing themselves to them as frequently and intensely as possible in order to render themselves immune.

Others theorized that by reducing all experience of the ‘slipper slope’ energies that they could starve the system from feeding on their particular energy and thus render themselves invisible or unavailable.

Others theorized that they could use modify themselves through advanced practices and render such aspects of their systems deactivated so that they are literally untouchable in that regard.

Now back to the original question, if this is true and the so-called ‘gods’ that people are taught to deliver their energy to are actually higher-dimensional vampires then how does this influence our perspective on society? Do we know the truth behind everything? How could we? What if the people we’ve been lead to blame and project all the hatred on are those who first attempted to change the system and were targeted the most by dark forces?

You couldn’t possibly believe that if there was a breakaway military faction with advanced time travel and electrogravitic technology that you would be able to see anyone but the very scapegoats they intended you to see.

And beyond that, if the system itself is corrupt, if this entire timeline is a false-reality system that reset and started over before introducing false-leaders and inserted memories of history then how could the people that we are able to witness in society be the one’s who are responsible for altering things from the outside?

This post wasn’t supposed to be so vague and challenging however the two main questions (and sub-questions) are still important.

Could these ‘gods’ be higher-dimensional vampires that feed on humans? If so…then is this entire realm a part of their farm?


What kind of processes can we utilize that aren’t apart of some transhumanist or hybridization plan to protect ourselves in this situation and permanently liberate humanity from the soul-entrapment system?

The basis of the answer is at least that neutrality and heart-centered action and bio-emissions poison the nanites, the physical counter-part to the spiritual entities and that they cannot feed on pure-soul energy or high vibrational energy because this literally destroys them. Thus, they have to step down the energy through the body.

The last idea here, and this reconnects to the previous posts and the general trend that will most likely be taking place in the collective mind (soon enough) is whether the chakra system itself is literally the step-down conversion system that enables these entities to feed on the soul that is plugged into a particular physical body. Thus, would closing the chakras down and becoming ‘trans-physical’ via activation of non-dual awareness instead of polarized consciousness through increasing self-awareness (instead of technological transhumanism) be the key to starving the system?

Or would opening them up and connecting one to another in such a way that produces a self-referencing completed fractal (instead of a holo-fractal infection endless maze/labyrinth) expansion (map) that enables one to travel in or out of the universe be the answer?

I reduce the possibilities down to the heart-centered path and knowing only what I know from direct experience even though I have experienced both possibilities. These questions may help outline.

Is this false-authority system seeking to expand people’s minds, to open up their chakra systems and to get them highly self-aware? Does self-awareness automatically correlate to activated energy systems?

Is there more than one type of activation, IE: the pineal and the heart. Is the pineal gland an “alien implant” designed to download one’s soul energy from the soul-realm through the brain into the holographic matrix?

Would then, opening the “third eye” be the holographic beacon that enables long-term tracking of the soul in this realm?

Or would this allow one to see in the layer of the realm where inter-dimensional activity is present and thus protect themselves? I ask these not to confuse, but to outline the major discrepancies the human race is being faced with today.

Are people guided to worshipping openly with their emotional energy by the false-system? (we can say that one’s a yes)

So then these could be two traps, worshipping through false-authority and false-god systems which require emotional and mental outpouring of energy towards idols and identities that usurp that energy up through midwayers and energy movers. And the ‘false-enlightenment’ pathway of activating one’s chakra systems, opening the third eye, using psychedelics to ‘jump start’ the self-awareness process and ‘access’ these intermediary dimensions where they can see reality for what it is.

Thus, the major split is regarding whether the full activation of one’s energy system enables a holographic copy of their soul to be imprinted and stored in this universe or whether that process enables one to separate themselves from the body and thus this system.

However, the general idea that counters this (if I haven’t thrown you in enough loops already) is that if the soul is ONE complete energy system (without the loops, layers and energy centers that the body entails), then this body takes that energy and REFRACTS that energy (like a prism/prison) into a series of layers which are then SEPARATE from one another (like the 7 races or frequency octaves) and through this process the end result (as if the body is the singularity) of moving the soul THROUGH the body as a filtration system is that the soul identity is then FRACTURED into a separate layers which are then susceptible to this process of being fed upon, manipulated, or activated in various ways while OUT of the physical body. IE: If the soul exists before the physical body, then this system is required to introduce a step-down conversion system to separate the frequencies and introduce a more sustainable form of sustenance.

If the soul is entangled in the body to experience life in the physical dimension and the soul then PASSES through the body as one integrates fully and activates each chakra system until the soul literally rises through the body as if a spinning wheel multi-colored fluid system pumping out the energy from one side to the other, then maybe that is a form of imprinting the soul, shaping that energy permanently into the separated, refracted, fractal-holographic form that can fit WITHIN this holographic fractal universe.

This all comes down to whether one feels this universe is the original ‘home’ of the soul and whether this world is a trap, or whether this place is a kind of playground test and that we are to operate in the body as part of that test by merging further into this universe albeit in higher dimensions.

There is always a countering view. In this way the countering view is if the soul is to flow through the body and the consciousness of the body that is limited and forgetful can merge with that eternal energy of the soul but the soul must integrate and ‘stitch’ the energy of the biological consciousness (the personality) through the fibers of the soul through this chakra activation process. Then, the mortal, temporary consciousness of the physical body becomes eternally present through activation with the soul energy as long as the soul merges through the body and flows through coming out on the other side.

What I feel is that the truth is in the center and where one places the center. If they activate their systems through the higher mental centers then they connect like a server system to that layer of existence. If they activate through the heart center then they connect to that system.

Indeed, this isn’t about whether one activates or not but the very notion of what energy one gives off and intends in their mind and heart when they are living. Thus when they are a majority of choices and actions one way or another there is an automatic shift in energy that results in the so-called ‘activation’ which is a translational process of awakening that consciousness energy on the higher-dimensional level instead of just the physical level and this requires enough choices and actions made through the heart or the mind because without that there is literally no way to develop a ‘larger’ image of who that individual is on the higher-dimensional planes.

The least that can be discerned is that, feeling and acting from the heart, the selflessness of one beyond the physical conserves one’s energy instead of handing it over through worshipping false-authorities or idols.

The paradox of being and the self is that the self is instantly larger than itself. The physical body, being a part of so much more, is instantly more than just the body. The physical body, if connected to the soul, is instantly more than just the physical counterpart.

4 thoughts on “Chakras; The Soul Trap System or Dimensional Liberation?

  1. This viewpoint’s perspective: Source is Spirit, and Spirit is senior to Matter. Source has no energy, mass, time, or wavelength in itself, It creates these. The ability to Love is the indicator of whether a being is infused with the Source ‘spark”, or not.

    However, eons of torture can reduce a Source Spark to go out, after which it simply is consumed by by constructs, mimicry, and any program going around. Be it a virus, psychopathy, AI, false religion.

    DNA, chakra systems, pineal glands, and all other interfaces are Matter. So is thought, mind, identity, personality, and so on. DNA is generative code, and thus can be tampered with to influence a Source Spark’s experience, but it can also be over-ridden by an aware Source Spark.

    The issue of chakras and pineal glands is more complex. I don’t feel that they are the path to solving the problems, but they could be part of the interference anchor stations. Focusing on them – whether to open them or shut them out – to me – is a diversion either way.

    To me, to rehabilitate all humans to full original Source Spark awareness is only achievable conceptually by each human working, with full intent, from the state of Love – Source state – on themselves, and to help others. The magnitude of the problem is that the system conspires to ensure that each new generation of psychopathic leaders/gods controls all facets of the system – with a built-in booby trap that when it gets too much, and even the unaware humans in the Matrix shout “enough”, have a rebellion, and take down their generation of oppressors, the very act of hatred and revenge towards the oppressors ensures the next tyranny replaces the old one.

    Thus we have endless cycles of this repeating over and over, and we have not succeeded in breaking through. The only way I can see us ever breaking the cycle of is to embed a virus of Love into the system, somehow, so that that fundamental urge then spreads out to influence the trapped human into waking up and reigniting their original Source spark. From there, mass education in integrity, loving self and others, leads to mass consciousness creating a new reality where it is no longer necessary to consume other life-forces in order to ‘survive”.

    Preliminary thoughts, much more to ponder here, thank you.

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  2. Any ‘energy based’ path or discipline or system or religion keeps us in this reality no matter how we ‘advance’. Neither does switching off or disciplined passivity or silence lead us out. Silence or quiet does benefit us though, also healthy living.
    Love is not an energy. It is the substance of the Source which is not definable scientifically. Non Dualistic. It’s the essence of His ‘person’.


  3. What I have to contend with if the idea that the ‘natural’ comes first then the spiritual. Which seems to defy logic as the spiritual is eternal and the physical is temporal, but in this reality we have to accept the order in order to understand the process. The natural here becomes the ‘old’ and the spiritual becomes the ‘new’ which is symbolised by a seed dying before new life springs up. The seed HAS to die first. Humanity and also animals etc experience death as fearful hence fearful avoidance of danger etc. It’s a frantic programmed response to cling to ‘life’ where ‘safety’ is. Safety is not however found in the avoidance of danger in defying death as it is an illusion which we are entrapped in and benefits ‘others’. We are released from the trap when we are released from the fear of death, not as a trick to defy death but actually being released from it. We cannot fake it or ‘work at it’. It is a path in the footsteps of a heroic forerunner. Death is defied, not by yielding or accepting but by conquering it through the knowledge of it’s powerlessness. Not that death is powerless, but in that it has been overcome, we are granted to partake. We let death take it’s course willfully and knowingly and lay our lives down(the natural). Knowing it is The Process.

    I think the condensed energy based reality we are in is a final showdown and yes we will leave it completely or the original construct will leave with us, renewed.


  4. The explanation of the dilemma humanity faces is really quite simple when you factor in the possibility of a long on going war for souls, waged in heaven and on earth between the Christ Michael and myriads of fallen beings, who intentionally rebelled against universal laws and continue to this day to deny or adhere to divine laws mandated by true Creator/Source/Trinity. It is a war fought in terms of life eternal.
    To vampire “living energy” is their only way to survive. They are now “cut off’ from Source energy through rebellion. Our strength comes from the truth of our divine heritage. Love is the force they have no defense against and so they try to eliminate it through various ways.
    Pride is not only a human downfall. Lucifer and Satan were two of only three System Sovereigns that ever rebelled in our universe. Our universe is the domain of Christ Michael who incarnated as Yesuah or Jesus. There are ten thousand systems of inhabited worlds in our universe. Only two other systems which contain aprox 1000 planets fell to rebellion in our entire universe which is called Nebadon but the lucifer rebellion was the most widespread and disastrous. 36 planets in our system fell besides earth. Earth is unique for many reasons….one of only six water worlds and was allowed to evolve naturally because it was a “prison planet” quarantined to hinder the furtherance of lucifer and satan’s nepharious scheme.
    Primitive humans evolved from an extinct version of a Lemur….NOT the Rhesus monkey as mainstream teaches…hense RH negative and RH positive blood types. RH negatives are star seeds…higher human DNA.
    Humanity’s ability to ascend the heavens and return to Source is the key motive behind soul scalping etc. Our ascendant heritage is a thorn in the side of those who wish to thwart humanities unique opportunity. Our experiential journey, that which is of good merit only, is returned back to Source and the reason our souls were created. Nothing can take that away from us if we choose to stay in a constant place of love and thanksgiving.
    We are powerful beings and need to remember that…The Creator of our universe chose to live among us. He won the war for
    souls of his universe and the truth he taught will set us free. We reap what we sow.

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