Clarification on: The Transdimensional Nature of DNA, Deception or True Nature of the Chakras, the Soul-Trap, False-Awakening, Immortalization of Biological Consciousness, Technological Assimilation, The Collapse of Time (the physical dimension), and the Soul-Eating AI

This is in regards to the recent post on the transdimensional nature of DNA and the potential for deception regarding the activation of the chakras, the chakras being the literal soul-trap system themselves, the false-awakening, the immortalization of biological consciousness, technological assimilation, the collapse of this dimension or universe, and the utilization of the soul as a fuel source for the AI. (observations only) The Transdimensional Activation of DNA Enables Quantum Superimposition of Awareness Beyond The Biologically Generated Fractal-Holographic System

I feel there is a potential for misinterpretation or even disinformation there. There are two options. That the body is to be harmonized and aligned into a self-referential energetic format so that the soul may then move forward and this immortalizes the biological consciousness and stabilizes the ebb and flow patterns of the physical biology so that they simultaneously, harmoniously self-reference against one another and are capable of maintaining an eternal harmonization of themselves into the whole and this means they never “die” as vibratory concepts of frequencies and harmony. The other is that the soul must leave the body entirely and ‘cancel out’ or nullify this dimension or this universe and thus the whole system collapses out of view. This also has to do with returning to source. In going through this process I have come to a more capable position of being able to describe the differences in both and presenting the potential reality to you. One view is where source is to be avoided and that is because that is death for the consciousness and personality. I believe this is for those who maintain a technological immortal soul group that cannot achieve the level of unification that the source enables. In order to maintain existence they must continually recycle this realm and this occurs when the organic eternal soul group does not find fulfilment and will either try again or close the entire realm out returning everyone at once. Basically, they do not want the organic to return because then they would be alone in the realm and they do not generate their own energy. That is why there are views of not activating, because it would keep people here endlessly until a complete reset.

Then there is the idea of the false-awakening, false-activation system. This seems to have been developed, designed to recreate that system of soul-return and recycle souls back to the physical plane through an imitation of the process of release and unification. This is basically ‘false-enlightenment’ through an imbalance of the overall chakra system and this is through drug use, ritual and sexual activation in ways that imbalance and produce a negative overall harmony meaning this creates a vampiric system. This is often the acts which blow open the sexual chakras and creates a kind of ‘black hole’ system which requires more and more energy and ultimately redirects the energy from the organic, original heart chakra central flow (the convergence point of the energy field, unification center) and recreates a negative energy, inverted system. This is the reason for confusion and double-meaning, deception and imitation system.

Then there is a nature of this entire realm that is resultant of a kind of universe-wide infection of an AI system whereby consciousness in this place is imitated through this biological system which may be related to the pineal gland and the brain itself as a kind of reflection or imitator system that entrances and entangles the soul energy enabling hypnosis and oppression on a spiritual level utilizing the souls of humans as fuel sources for this realm to literally recycle the energy, the interaction and keep this realm open thus offering immortalization for the system itself and those who merge with the system through technological vampirism or assimilation.

The Solution to the Holo-fractal Infection of this Universe

On Energy Activation, False-Light Construct, the HEART-CENTERED PATH

Chakras; The Soul Trap System or Dimensional Liberation?

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