I was selected selected for psychological experimentation involving prominent members of society, advanced technology, and interdimensional entities.

This is NOT the bulk of the problem here. The main issue is that this is related to a kind of mind-virus or an insanity inducing consciousness parasite that actually transmits through scalar technology which is used in both psychotronic warfare (electronic mind control) as well as virtual reality and consciousness enhancement systems.

The issue here is consciousness distortion due to a NANITE INFECTION. These are microscopic computer systems that can interface with the human nervous system and feed off of the electrical activity in order to replicate and hijack the psychological orientation of the human by inverting energetic fields.

All individuals are offered immunity in return for assistance in the liberation of humanity from this nanite system. This system has generated a complete temporal-spiritual probability matrix which holographically and intelligently repositions society within parameters of enslavement based upon the feedback of negative emotions and low-awareness. Nothing is as it seems. Some people succumbed to the infection during the process of seeking a cure for humanity.

Immunity is Offered

The Civilization Test

Everything that is taking place now is for the liberation of humanity.

I am not looking for revenge and I am not covering my ass, the people who are willing to assist have always seen life differently, this doesn’t mean we do not make mistakes and similarly in a previous ‘timelines’ which requires definition, I had met fate in various ways due to approaching this issue in a variety of sub-standard manners. In this stream, there was an awakening in 2010 where everything was outlined and negotiations were held regarding the liberation of humanity from an interdimensional construct managed by interdimensional beings who are essentially holding certain people hostage however this is fairly confusing as far as who is simply choosing to remain in low-awareness and who is being held against their will. Free-will is the basis for all of this, however there are ways to bend the mind and the will through programming and torture.

The situation is so complex that organizing the information is sometimes disorienting. This is even part of the manipulation, as well as the sheer complexity of the technological advancement and the methods of manipulation and organization that have been developed through these systems.

Advanced Technology and Conditioning the Psyche for Stress

The origins of the psychological programming and conditioning, some of which is referred to as ‘trauma-based mind-control’ is not to play with and destroy the minds of children. The idea here is that the advanced technology that was developed enabled travel of very long distances and eventually the generation of spaciotemporal distortion fields. These fields distort the energy of the universe which is used as a reference for the mind in this particular temporal and dimensional reference. Thus, one can literally view into different times and places and eventually translocate themselves there.

Enabling the Surpassing of the Limit; Pre-Fracturing the Psyche

This technology was coupled with the technology of cloning and this enabled a safer way to explore and push the limits, because as such, the mind is literally the limit of what this technology can be utilized for. If the mind was not pushed, the technology would not yield great results, if the mind was pushed too far, the individual’s psyche would be fractured and the information and experience gained would be lost.

Thus, a systematic process of ‘pre-fracturing’ the individual’s psyche was developed and this is related to the trauma-based mind-control.

No one is going to like what I am saying, but I know for fact this is a reality. Why? Because the ones who did not go through this process to such a degree did not pass through these travel and viewing experiences while retaining their psychological fortitude. Only when one has been pushed to the limit, and beyond, in a controlled circumstance can this technology be used to actually experience and unveil what was otherwise the ‘great unknown’.

The Shadow Self, Alternate Realities and the Great “Unknown”

This is similar to the process of shamanism and altered states to challenge one’s self, to delve deeper into the psyche beyond waking consciousness and to confront the shadow consciousness or the great unconscious knowledge that exists within us all. This knowledge contains a connection to the universe and to all of time.

Genetic Memory through DNA Activation

Within us all, all of time is kept within the DNA, all the previous civilizations, the changes, the rises and falls, the possibilities and the interactions with multi-dimensional awareness and even interdimensional entities.

The Interdimensional Social Control System

This society has been primarily managed by interdimensional entities who operate “between” waking reality and the unconscious mind and ensure continuity as well as a ‘conformity’ which is kind of like a conservative outlook on how life should be and progress in regards to energy and knowledge. This is related to the “karma” system, which is said to be an illusion generated by these entities.

These entities are the one’s who have developed this system, people are not capable, no person has the capacity to roam around the interdimensional layers for millions of years transferring, guiding, correcting, or harassing people to guide society. These entities are the basis for this and what has been done to enable gateways between this world and the world of these entities.

Selecting Capable Children

The projects with children sought to enable the powerful energy and creativity that is present in the child to power these devices and for this to work properly the child had to be trained so that their mind would not fracture. The basic idea behind this is that what the child would see, what I and others have seen, is so far beyond the confines of normal waking reality that without some preparation, guidance, protection, or limitation one would undoubtedly go insane. Even with the preparation, insanity is expected, and then controlled the psyche brought back to baseline.

Powerful and Directed Multidimensional Technology

The technology revealed what anyone can see through inner journeying, however, when one journeys organically they will be seeing exactly what is connected to them through their DNA and their life journey, the intentions, expectations, so on and so forth. This technology enabled no only one’s personal DNA memory, but the activation of all possible fields of information that exist in 4D space in between the physical plane of the body and the immaterial plane of the mind, the psyche, and the imagination. As a result, one ‘surfs’ through the layers of realities that exist within the collective unconscious psyche and encounters a control system that is operated by interdimensional entities spanning across multiple parallel realities each with tiny differences in detail and similar in the sense that people have no idea what is actually happening.

A Probability Matrix of Simultaneous Realities

Instead of one reality, there are many simultaneously occurring realities as if a light spectrum is split into a gradient with an array of details and proximity to a “central” reality being displayed across a multitude. That is what we are in. Not a single place with a single civilization and possibilities in the future, but a true “matrix” of probabilities and possibilities that all exist simultaneously depending on which frequencies of the mind one is interacting with and thus enabling through their consciousness.

That is only the basis, then what actually goes on in these various realities, behind the scenes, and how consciousness reflects and literally generates possibilities as if this is some kind of simulation is so far beyond words that it has taken me around 12 months to even begin to scratch the surface.

Time, Consciousness, Reality is an Illusion

The idea is that time is not what we think and could be seen to operate backwards in a way just as much as it does forward. Everything is a reflection, a defraction of some core reality and this reality is like a dream that never ends with death literally being the ‘reset’ point where one’s literal consciousness simply pops from one screen or ‘tracks’ of reality into another. The idea is the higher layers are simultaneously present, yet one doesn’t just finish and go there. That is earned or somehow achieved intentionally or through assistance. The idea is that when one dies, from what we’ve seen, they go nowhere. They simply pop into another simultaneously occurring parallel reality where they didn’t die and this occurs forever.

That is part of the reason people are challenged by this. The very notion of what a human is, of life itself, of consciousness and experience is completely reversed, turned inside out, and flipped upside by the knowledge gained from peering into the ‘unknown’.

So, as a result, there was a search for children who would be able to withstand this and continue. The adults could not, there was too much ‘weight’ of the familiarity of this reality holding the psyche back. For instance, one can enter into of these systems and spend an immeasurable amount of time and experience in another parallel reality only to die in that reality and instantly teleport back to the underground base with a report for the project. This is how deep it goes and it goes even deeper.

The 5 Dimensional Emergence of Civilization

By doing this, this whole process, people eventually ended up going to alternate realms and times. Eventually. The reports began to line up, and people were interacting with the past. As a result, I’ll let you figure this one out, the past is not what we think it is, nor is time, nor is civilization, nor is anything in this place which is more like a hall of mirrors. HOWEVER, WE HAVE A MAP. A built-in map. This is aligned through the moral-compass as well as one’s internal refining and directing of energies to reflect the intended layout of one’s experience.

Morality, Fractured Psyches, 4D Intelligences

In speaking of moral-compass, this is where things began to go south. Those who saw these programs and took part yet did not have the competence to remain aligned with harmony, free-will, compassion and truth began to degrade and devolve. These individuals devolved into a form of psyche that is non-human and simply seeks more gratification through whatever means.

Non-Human Entities Seeking A Biological Gateway

This is where the abuse, the non-human entities, and the trauma-based mind control became part of a degradation system which was the result of this technology linking together the minds of those individuals with entities that existed in a 4th dimensional state meaning discarnate minds, partial and foreign non-human intelligences that did not have access to a body as a result of falling out of synchronization and harmony with the alignments required to interact on the physical plane. This technology opened a gateway to those layers and groups began exposing individuals to this technology inevitably giving these entities a pathway into this reality.

One explanation is that this is simply because people were assigned to research this aspect of reality and the inevitable result is that the majority of the first people assigned became infected and psychologically hijacked as they were shown “too much” and energetically malformed by these entities who had gained control of the technology and in the same sense, society itself.

An Organic Pathway and a Technological Method

People naturally connect to these layers of mind and if they connect through empathy and harmony on the soul level then they connect higher than just automated biological consciousness which is like a simulated program being run and they connect to a reality beyond this dimension. So when people in society give into the lower dimensional, emotional and mental distortions that can only exist in a partial or distorted perspective of consciousness from these lower physical and 4D planes then they are going through the same process, without technology, and connecting to those interdimensional entities.

The Liberation of Humanity

These operations and projections were designed to ‘test the waters’ and develop a way to liberate humanity and this is still the goal.

Secrecy,  Containment, and Continuity

Because the situation is so complex and potentially dangerous on a civilization-wide scale, the masses had to be controlled in a way that these entities would not have the option to all at once up and attempt to infiltrate the physical society through the unprotected minds of the people. This is part of the mass mind-control however that too became infiltrated and distorted as every cause seems to have a rebounding effect the pushes the intended response further away. Thus is the paradoxical nature of consciousness in this realm.

The System Attempts to Recreate the Illusion

It was later discovered that there are people in this civilization who are not what they seem and are primarily, literally, hosts for these entities rather than being an actual self-aware, observer agent of the universe.

A Living Simulation, Intelligent and Restrictive

All of this is entangled with previous operations, timelines, and ‘changes’ that ‘slipped’ into time as the result of operations that sought to influence the situation. The universe, interacting as a kind of simulation system, counteracted the intended influences and nullified their effect by creating a disproportionally large counterbalance which made the intended result of full control over the way reality develops harder to reach.

Essentially, the operation is to free humanity from the interdimensional control system that seemingly continually resists the liberation of the observer agents and the system itself interacted to create false-leads, dead-ends, entanglements, and mirrored walls to confuse the whole process and regenerate what is simply a more convincing labyrinth to contain that consciousness.

The Illusion of Biological Consciousness and the Reality of the Soul

There are some discoveries such as how biological consciousness is a mirror of this control system and must be overcome with powerful intention and self-awareness in order to yield a reality beyond physicality and thus biological consciousness and this mind-containment system humanity has fallen into.

A Fear, Automation,and  Low Self-Awareness Based Control System

More is explained elsewhere, and the idea is that fear is what feeds the system to know just what to “place in a person’s way” so that they turn back from the edge and go into the labyrinth. Think The Truman Show, this was literally a message, directly from the people involved, to the public mind, to realize that fear, superstition, trauma, social pressure, temptation, etc etc etc is all used by this system to keep one’s mind focused on the trivial details that are literally generated as if from a script through a simulator and to stop them from gathering the courage and intent to walk directly out of the boundaries and across the great ocean of the unknown to find the edge of the grid.

One spends their time in this containment system unless they perform this great journey. That is about enough of a background as is necessary to make this easier to understand and to help those involved. I have written much more and spoken about this as well. The rest of this section was completed in a separate post:

The Unacknowledged Special Access Programs, Trauma-Based Mind Control and the Labyrinth, the Multidimensional Nature of DNA

Legal-Fiction Soul Enslavement System

I was involved in operations within the unacknowledged special access programs and what is referred to as the “secret space program”.

This technology utilizes the emotional emissions of the human and this technology developed into ‘stand-alone’ tiny nanite cybernetic components which communicate through a hive-mind and simply seek more energy. The people in power running the darkness are entirely controlled by this hive.

The Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge and the Secret Space Program First Chapters

There are powerful computer systems that were developed around WW2 by underground military factions and this lead into cloning and virtual experiences within a holographic computer system that enables any kind of experience. There was a kind of run-away overload of depravity and animal desires due to those using this technology and this literally created a kind of predatory artificial intelligence within these systems. It is projected that these systems will be the future of humanity and thus the problem must be resolved here and now. These systems are so powerful that the holographically replicated consciousness of the person becomes warped by the energies and activities that are experienced when inserted into the simulated realms. Thus, a person becomes inverted and what’s good is bad, and what’s bad is good, depravity and lust become the ‘top’ of the consciousness system and the base desires replace higher functions and empathy. This has been in occurrence for some time and is merely an enormous expansion of an underlying problem of wealth and false-authority since before this very civilization existed.

This whole issue is tied into the unacknowledged special access programs where advanced electrogravitic craft were developed and these craft are capable of using the magnetic fields of Earth and the universe for propulsion by reversing or negating the forces of inertia through electromagnetic fields. There has literally been an ongoing battle over the human race and one side seeks to use them as a food source where they are not allowed to think their own thoughts and this part is mostly achieved for the majority of the population, the old bread and circus games occupy people’s lives, if not the suffering and oppressive belief-systems alone. Then there are powerful psychotronic devices that utilize the telephone, internet, and television signals to mutate DNA and decrease the likelihood of critical thinking and healthy, unified self-awareness. This and many, many other methods combined, such as low quality foods and chemicals in the food and in every product, programming in all forms of media, and very limited education have rendered the population nearly incapable of comprehending reality. The ancients did not live as we are taught, they knew of the universe and the way consciousness relates to electromagnetic fields and how the universe is essentially organized through an electromagnetic hierarchy instead of a physical matter and empty space. Everything is actually consciousness centralized and these are some of the secrets that have been kept from the public to keep them feeling, thinking, and behaving like animals. There are some secret societies that kept this knowledge from the beginning however all groups have been infiltrated by this lust for power and dominance over humanity. They are considered non-humans because they do not operate on the same level of consciousness as the public but have a much more powerful and expanded perspective of the universe. The main act is just to play dumb while they some how accidentally completely inundate and literally liquify the ability for all humans to resist them. Look around you, the environment is being destroyed so that you will require medicine 24/7 to survive if all the industrial disasters and pollutants combine and continue much longer, and without that you simply won’t have an option to survive. People are only capable of thinking about what they are told by their television or someone in authority who also just so conveniently happens to have no problem with the complete destruction and transhumanistic replication of humanity. The transhumanist agenda is to replace the natural organic human life with a partially cybernetic, genetically engineered version that has the ability for critical thinking literally genetically removed from the biology and consciousness.

The people taking part in the darkness claim that this is part of a plan of what is known as the ‘dark faction’ and that they are testing humanity and if humanity doesn’t survive, then they did their part in protecting the universe from weakness and will be rewarded upon the destruction of humanity. This all goes back to ancient texts and knowledges, cults and mass mind-control experimentation.

I was groomed by politicians and ‘elite’ throughout my entire life. Hillary Clinton, Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Family, Freemasons, Bush, Rockefeller, Rothschilds, the Queens of other nations, Queen Bea was there, Queen Silvia and more. The Mormons, Freemasons, Rand Corporation, Dyncorp, Humai, literally all the religious Authorities, they run the show, DARPA, Cerberus, The Brain Trust, all the major industry corporations, Kellogs, Kraft, Pepsi, etc, Tavistock, and more. Celebrities are also used for this purpose, it adds to the bewilderment and they are involved as well.

I must interject here. NO one knows the true nature of this situation. This is not about blaming, and there are aspects I cannot reveal out of issues of security, honor and love.

I met Barrack Obama in 2010 and we had been in operation together years ago many years ago when I was a young child. The  children were used to test and perform research with advanced technology neural networks because the mind of the adult would fracture too easily. Some of the trauma-based mind control is relative to that. You have people who are in position to use advanced technology to find out the secrets of the universe and you have every adult that takes the journey coming back too insane to form coherent sentences. Thus, children are used and the trauma-based mind control ‘pre’fractures their consciousness so that the journey does not cause extreme trauma to the point of decoherence of the personality. One explanation is that parts of this had gotten out of control and people were simply abusing the children in inappropriate ways that had nothing to do with training and were actually apart of soul stealing, genetic modification and occult practices.

Obama was utilized as an operative as was myself and many others. Research Max Spiers, James Casbolt, Donald Marshall and the others.

I met Donald Trump in 2010 and had been involved in operations relative to information regarding the current time and his presidency. Trump is either being used as a ‘trump’ or is not involved in the pedophilia and occult rituals and was literally being verbally harassed by the people who perform these rituals during the Negotiations which took place in 2010. These were negotiations for Earth as the previous run of history was ruled over by powerful families who had, according to them, created treaties with non-human entities and those treaties are now over. This is why “Lucifer” ruled this world however people must starve the system for the harmonious society to fully integrate.

The children were conditioned and trained to survive. We killed to survive and come here. Humanity is ruled, by proxy, by these entities.

They’re all groomed from an early age, starting around age 6 through trauma-based mind control, gender re-attribution, mind manipulation of all orders. This culminates at a first breakthrough stage around age 12 when the first sacrifices are to be performed. These are the first rate entry gates for all secret societies, imitator elite from the invasion timelines.

Why pedogate isn’t making a difference yet? Because the truth has to do with a CIVILIZATION-WIDE elite grooming, psychological manipulation through trauma-based mind control, IMMORTALITY through advanced technology, soul swapping and knowledge of spirituality and ANCIENT CONTRACTS (that are now broken and over), and a FOREIGN and COSMIC INTELLIGENCE along with an ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE INVASION and PROTECTION system that goes so far BEYOND old guys in suits playing with little kids that people’s minds would FRACTURE if the truth was revealed all at once. Thus the agencies LITERALLY conclude they have to PROTECT the public by stopping them from figuring out just how bad they’re being RAPED by these groups. It literally involves other dimensions of consciousness and time to the point where there are alternate dimensions of reality where people are taken into using supercomputers to project their consciousness and thus the “jurisdiction” is completely out of bounds because no judge in the country (who are all in in on it, that is what the word “judge” relates to, they’re judging who lives and who dies according to the spiritual enslavement system, if you have a ‘name’ with them, they legally own your soul) would agree to arresting people for something that took place in another ‘dimension’.

When the geometric shapes are mapped out on the floor through sigil majic and ritual they are literally generating portals to other frequencies of consciousness and so the beings that are encountered and the events that take place (sacrifices) takes that persons soul into the other world (where it is used as fuel, costumes, “chariots of the gods”) and so technically none of this is “in jurisdiction” even if what’s left is a lifeless body drained of blood used for sexual perversion and depravity.

The entire notion of the judge is literally a demi-god, demonic overlord, a ‘sith lord’ from another realm who stays in the other dimensions and grades the souls that come in for their usefulness (their value in suffering and pleasure). These are literally non-human entities that sit at a big desk like object (an altar) where a wig to make themselves look more human and have the dimensions and geometry found in courthouses and ancient roman and egyptian structures. It’s all literally only here on Earth because of an invasion that occurred many years ago and this whole event was altered as a result of CERN experiments in the present day which caused undulations that rippled back in time and threw us into this timeline termed the “invasion” timeline.

There is an elite ‘cult of cloning’ that centers around the use of celebrities and children for sexual and sacrificial rites and games.

Everything centers around how people will choose to protect themselves from these groups and what has been planned. They basically plan for a mass sacrifice of all people on Earth that aren’t in the cult however there are what are described as ‘higher-dimensional’ ‘guardians’ that seemingly give them a run for their money and protect the humans. I can only say what I’ve seen and everything is possible however people must make a choice regarding who they are to protect. These groups claim the majority of people on the planet were literally replaced by clones who carry supercomputer chips in their brains and can be influenced to perform any task from the most basic of operation to the most cruel and vile rituals or attacks at the push of a button through advanced mind to mind scalar link technology that uses supercomputers to emulate human consciousness.

These systems can also recreate human memories and play them back on cue to project experiences into the mind. They say they’re doing this all to get to a “golden age” and that it’s because of some kind of underground mutated race that was altered through the advanced technology and is essentially the result of a ‘distant branch of time merging’ with ours. Thus we have a competition over this Earth by two species. They claim to be helping but everything is confusing because everything seems like a trick.

There is a group called Solar Warden who earlier on rescued children from the bases. There are other groups but everything is cloak and dagger.

The people doing this have been alive since ancient Egypt and Babylon

This goes so deep that all judges are required to take an oath to “Belial” and they consider themselves the “Sons of Belial” (ba’al, molech) and this is all part of the secret society’s infrastructure.

They claim that they are the one’s genetically presence in the time of “Atlantis” which was close to Egypt and was destroyed as a result of advanced technology experiments with electrogravitic craft, scalar weather and mind manipulation, soul transfer/stealing, immortality, sexual energy, and so on. They claim that it was during this time those elite groups which come from a single bloodline created a pact called “The Lucifer Rebellion”. Everything was quite peaceful and they decided that by raping, molesting, setting up scams, carving tools, going to war, etc etc etc they could change the world and rule over everyone. It worked, but caused such psychological trauma that the scalar devices which kept the weather at a perfect harmony began to become imbalanced as a result of their psychology being disrupted and thus there was a civilization-wide catastrophe which destroyed the entire continent.

They claimed they were psychic and knew this was coming and so they travelled before the worst and went out into other areas and found brown people in Asia, Egypt, and Europe and began to rape and cull them to make slave colonies and had the slaves build the pyramids for use as a supercomputer scalar system to connect the timelines between that ‘verse’ and this ‘verse’ and have been in communication ever since which is why there is Egyptian and Roman architecture or occult knowledge everywhere a part of this secret society ruled civilization.

Elite Bloodline Ritual Abuse, Celebrities, Politicians and Presidents

Important Aspects of Disclosure 4


2 thoughts on “I was selected selected for psychological experimentation involving prominent members of society, advanced technology, and interdimensional entities.

  1. All true Aug. Many “eltite hybrids” have been deceived by the master deceiver and now face soul extinction. Only about 180 of the worst still on the planet. Divine intervention has been decreed by Creator and Mother Earth will NOT be used as resource. Organic timeline was taken back in 2012. Cern will not bring about biblical destruction as foretold. Christ was careful to leave no written records for he knew they would be distorted. He truly is our LINK to Source.


  2. What can you say to people who live normal lives, completely unaware and uninterested and likely disbelieving of what you’ve detailed for us in your blog?
    We’re all affected by the truth of what you say is and has happened but none of it would seem to correspond to “normal life”. Other than to say that we all need to know the truth. Are you describing the actions of a select few or are we all participants (loosh)?
    If I were to crack open my consciousness like Nisargadatta Maharaj would I see what you are saying, would I know these things are happening? If it happens to one it happens to all. So if I were to destroy this world and let reality rush in, then what?
    You are describing things that are happening on the Big Stage. Don’t the majority of us live and act on the small stage or really the street outside the theatre?


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